AR: Ch 88

The hot summer has not passed yet? The September school season has arrived.

    On the playground outside the boulevard, different clubs move out every three meters. The table is put together to form a club, and the club’s signboard is hung in the front. There are also works related to the original club on the table to attract the big A freshman’s attention.

    “Student brother, do you want to

    join a club ?” “Senior girl, join our animation club!”

    As early as when the freshmen just started school, the president of each club took two or three members of the club to go with them? The various departments of the class? Propaganda, when it is really time to sign up, they are also trying their best to attract people to their own clubs.

    When Ji Yi walked across the boulevard, the person next to him said nothing, “Why don’t you go? Music club or dance club, maybe you will be the next president.”

    “That’s it .” What do I report? I actually don’t want to go to any club? I don’t want to go if it’s not for the school’s regulations to take club credits.”

    Ji Yi stretched out his hand back and took out a lollipop from his schoolbag. Turn around?

    Just poke the lollipop in the hand of the person next to him? “Coco, keep your voice away?!” Song Yanke, who was very obedient after eating the candy, calmed down for a second.

    When applying for the college entrance examination, Ji Yi did not take the path that others thought she was going to take. Instead, he reported to the Department of Psychology of B degree. Later, I think about it, she is the most suitable for her flat and gentle temperament and good insight into people’s hearts.

    And Song Yan, who has no clear goals for the future, can go to the first two volunteers? They filled in the school where Ji Yi is located and the school reported by He Xuxu. Unexpectedly, she was admitted with the B score line!

    Waiting for? Song Yan can calm down, Ji Yi did not perfuse her question, but clearly stated her own decision, “I don’t plan to go to the music club and dance club, I want to go to the photography club.”

    As far as she is concerned, Teacher Nan Jia will teach her more about music than she has learned in the club. But originally? Learning dance is not to chase dreams, she has always had a foundation in dancing, and she won the first place partly because of her creativity.

    When I was making an appointment with Zhao Yingfeng before, I saw myself in the camera, and occasionally wanted to take the camera to take pictures of other people and scenery.

    After listening to her decision, Song Yanke didn’t point fingers at all.

    What she admired most about Ji Yi is that she has an independent personality, which refers to independence in thinking.

    Ji Yi is a clear-thinking girl who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want to do.

    Song Yanke looked up at the blue sky, then looked down at the ground, and said casually: “Should I go to the English club? Anyway, it’s his profession, the two are interoperable.” After

    figuring it out, Song Yanke recovered again. With full vitality, he pulled Ji Yi and ran away.

    Ji Yi was suddenly dragged by her, and almost didn’t keep up?, “Coco, don’t you? Excited!”

    Song Yan laughed loudly, and the speed was slightly reduced, “Sign up, to add credits?”

    Two When people go to the playground and pass by, there are people from other clubs beckoning to them, and even an inch-headed senior stood up directly? He reached out and stopped them, “School girl, would the music club think about it?”

    “Thank you, no need.”

    “Thank you .” , No need.”

    Ji Yi and Song Yan said in unison.

    When passing by the dance club, there were three beautiful seniors sitting there, and one of them was wearing a thin, full-chested Hanfu.

    “School girl, the dance club is considering…Huh? School girl, are you so familiar?” The

    senior girl in a full-chested skirt suddenly stammered, “Please, are you Ji An’an?” Ji An’an is her Weibo ID , Is also the circle name she used after becoming a commercial model.

    Unexpectedly, he would be recognized as soon as school started. Ji Yi continued to smile and said, “Keep it secret.” The

    senior girl in Hanfu nodded her head with excitement. You took the

    photo !” Actually, there’s nothing to keep secret. She is now considered a commercial model among the Internet celebrities. She has taken photos of Hanfu and retro style. If it’s a woman who likes to buy this type of clothes online. Child, it is easy to recognize her.

    The so-called secrecy is just to not deliberately promote it when others do not know it.

    After the episode, Ji Yi finally came to the area of ​​the photography agency.

    Ji Yi filled in his name and the contact information of the campus card, and the senior raised his cell phone, “Two school girls, do you want to add WeChat to facilitate contact.”

    Song Yan But she put her head aside and spit out silently: “Ugly rejection.”

    She is absolutely face-controlling.

    Naturally, they didn’t join, but Ji Yi joined the official QQ group of the society in order to receive news notifications in time.

    Going to the English club where Song Yan Ke wants to report.

    Song Yanke bent down to write down her name and contact information. When she looked up, she suddenly saw a tall and thin boy in a white shirt passing by.

    The golden sunlight casts on his side face, and the shadow from the base of the nose outlines the contours of the facial features with excellent proportions. The chin goes down to the neckline, and a neck that seems to be shining light is exposed, with a prominent throat. ?.

    Absolute Yan control fell in one second!

    In my mind? Just jump out? Three words: white swan!

    “School girl.”

    “School girl?” The

    senior sister of the English Club yelled twice? There was no response. The scene was embarrassing for a while. Ji Yi hurriedly tugged her, “Coco, I’m calling you.”

    “Oh, oh… What?” Although she answered, her head hasn’t turned around yet.

    The elder sister pushed another drawing with a digital number and a QR code forward. “This is the QQ group of our club. You can add it to the QQ group. You will be notified of some things in it in the future.”

    Song Yan Can I take out my mobile phone and scan it to send the verification information.

    Waiting? He looked up again, the white swan in her eyes had already flown away…

    On the way back to the bedroom? Song Yanke took Ji Yi all the way and said, “Oh my god, why was I so stupid and motionless? Should I rush up? Go? Ask him for the contact information!”

    Ji Yi calmed her, “Everyone is in the same school, and will meet again if you are destined.”

    Because everything she has experienced in her own life makes her very incomparable. Believe that fate is wonderful.

    But Song Yan did not fully agree with that sentence. Compared with fate, she believed in her own efforts. “You are too buddha, fate must be won by yourself!”

    She thought, and clenched her fist. “If I meet again, I will never let him go!”

    After listening to her rhetoric, Ji Yi patted her shoulder with satisfaction, “Having my own persistence and goals, this is very good. Come on!”

    *When I

    returned to the bedroom, I found that the other three people were all there.

    In this hot day, I really don’t want to wander outside. If Song Yanke hadn’t taken her out for a meal appointment, she would probably also choose to go to the cafeteria with her roommate.

    At this moment, everyone is taking a lunch break in the dormitory, probably because they have not yet become familiar with each other, and they all keep quiet.

    Ji Yi set up a rocking chair under his bed, and now he was sitting on the top and flipping the phone. It’s not about watching dramas or watching interesting passages, but by clicking on a special album, and sliding to see each photo seriously.

    Once He Xuxu wanted to see a photo of her and Xu Yue out of curiosity. After watching five photos, He Xuxu said, “I found? Most of the photos, he is looking at you.”

    Yes, there are not many pictures of her and Xu Yue, but there are about nine of the ten, and his eyes are on himself.

    They finally fulfilled the original agreement and were admitted to the same university, but now she came here alone.

    She turned over, covered her mouth and yawned, put her phone aside, and fell asleep on the table.

    It’s best to take a nap in this weather. When she wakes up, she sees everyone is packing up, ready to go to the afternoon class.

    Li Ruoqing, the roommate on the opposite bed, just climbed down and went to the balcony to fetch things in his slippers. After a while, he ran back in a panic, “It’s over, the laces I washed at noon were not fastened, and one dropped.”

    Behind their balcony. It’s hard to get by, and the things that fall are basically impossible to pick up.

    Li Ruoqing put the shoes on the corner of the bed, very distressed, “Oh, what should I do, I just wore this pair of shoes, originally planned to go out? I bought them.”

    Originally? I didn’t want to bring too many salutes, so I only brought them. The slippers and the pair worn on the feet were taken out and washed separately because the upper was dirty. The weather is good at noon. I thought I could put it on directly for a while, but I didn’t expect such a small accident to happen.

    Hearing what she said, everyone looked for their own things to see if they could help. But this has just moved in, and it seems that there are no small things to use.

    Li Ruoqing looked around in distress, and suddenly pointed to Ji Yi’s table? The jewelry frame said: “Hey, Ji Yi is on your table? Is that white rope shoelace?”

    Ji Yi glanced back and knew what she was referring to. , I could only shook his head and replied: “Sorry, no.” When it

    is almost time for class, Li Ruoqing is a little anxious, “I think it’s about the same size, can I borrow it first?”

    Ji Yi still shook his head, “Excuse me, this It’s not shoelaces, I can’t lend you.”

    Li Ruoqing thought she was reluctant to bear things, “Don’t worry, I’ll go out? Buy new ones and return them to you.”

    “You misunderstood, I’m not worried about those, but because this thing has a different meaning to me, so I can’t borrow.” Ji Yi raised his hand, took off the drawer key, and said patiently: “If you need it I can lend you shoes first.”

    Li Ruoqing asked, “How big are you wearing?”

    “35.” She replied.

    When the voice fell, Li Ruoqing’s expression changed, and her brows wrinkled, “Ji Yi, even if you don’t want to help, don’t bury me like that.”


    Ji Yi was puzzled, and she only found out when she looked at the shoe size. Small wear 35. And Li Ruoqing-39 yards.

    This is definitely a big misunderstanding.

    Fortunately, there is a roommate who wears 38 in the dormitory, which rounded out the embarrassment, “My 38 size sandals, you try.”

    Li Ruoqing finally has a pair of shoes that can be worn out.

    Ji Yi also breathed a sigh of relief.

    Just came to school and didn’t want to cause trouble. She didn’t care about this thing or something outside, but the tie was the hair rope that Xu Yue gave her, and it had an extraordinary meaning. When she moved from Ji’s house, she never forgot to put a tether on? How could she be willing to let people wear it on her feet?

    She thought that this thing had just passed, until one day later, when she came back from class, she found that the tether hanging on the jewelry rack suddenly disappeared.

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