AR: Ch 89

  She also knew more or less about those things in the dormitory. Since the day Li Ruoqing dropped his shoelaces, Li Ruoqing had squeezed her out in the dormitory intentionally or unintentionally.

    But Ji Yi has a good temper, and the other two roommates are not fools, knowing who is right and who is wrong.

    Later, a quieter roommate asked her in private, “Does your tether have any special meaning? Me? I’m purely curious. If you don’t want to answer, you can leave it alone.”

    “There is nothing to say, that is. Between me and my boyfriend…Is it a token of love!” She used this term to describe every gift she allowed to be given to her.

    Because everything is given by the same one, no matter how big or small, it is of the same value in her heart.

    After this explanation, the roommate understood.

    Although they were roommates, they had only known each other for two or three days at that time, and only knew each other’s name. Who will? Would you like to give the token of love from your boyfriend to other people?

    Now that the tether suddenly disappeared, Ji Yi did not make any noise, but the expression on his face was absolutely ugly.

    She deliberately waited until all the people in the bedroom arrived before asking, “Excuse me, did you see the tether I hung on the jewelry rack?” The

    other two roommates shook their heads. Only Li Ruoqing was the most prominent. The thing is missing? Come and ask us what we want.”

    Ji Yi took up his hand, and the gentle smile on his face disappeared suddenly, “I’m the only one in the bedroom, and no one’s things are lost. Just me. The rope is missing? Don’t you think it’s too deliberate to do this?”

    “Who said that the dormitory is just me? How many people, there will be someone to check the hygiene this afternoon, who knows if it is too much?

    “Heh!” There is no silver three hundred taels here.

    She knows the procedures for checking the dormitory, but it is just to see if there is rubbish on the surface of the dormitory.

    Even if someone has dirty hands and feet and wants to go along, absolutely not? It is the tether that is worthless in the eyes of others.

    Don’t want to go in circles anymore? Ji Yi walked straight to the opposite bed, and reached out to ask for?, “Li Ruoqing, where are my stuff?”

    Li Ruoqing was startled suddenly, “You ask me? Me? How could it? Know you! Is something wrong?”

    Ji Yi gritted his teeth, “You don’t admit it, do you?”

    Li Ruoqing pushed the person away fiercely, “Acknowledge what, I? I didn’t take your things. You said this but you want to show evidence. Yes, otherwise I will sue you for slander!”

    “Everyone is in the same bedroom, there are some things I do? I don’t want to say too much, if you return things to me now? I will turn a blind eye to this matter. The eyes are gone.” Ji Yi finally couldn’t bear it, tearing up the last layer of mask, “I’m a very good talker, but if you don’t understand people, I? Don’t mind taking some extraordinary measures to let You know what it means to regret at the

    beginning !” Li Ruoqing refused to admit it, so small things, even if you check the corridor records, you can’t use video to prove that Li Ruoqing took it.

    The two almost quarreled, and their roommates came to persuade them to fight.

    That quiet roommate quietly said a few words in her ear: “Everyone rushed to class today. I found out that I had brought the wrong book and came back to get it. It seemed to see? Li Ruoqing took something by your table and left. It seems that I lost something in the trash can in the corridor…” After

    hearing this, Ji Yi closed his eyes.

    Some things actually don’t need evidence at all.

    Ji Yi questioned her again: “Li Ruoqing, me? Ask you one last time, where did you throw my stuff?”

    Li Ruoqing slapped the table, “I? Say it wasn’t what I took!”

    “I? Where is it?!” Ji Yi raised the volume again.

    Li Ruoqing snorted coldly, “Why are you so fierce? What if I lost it? I? Throw the hundred million? into the trash can. I have the ability to pick it up by myself!”

    This sentence corresponds to it.

    Ji Yi opened the door and ran to the trash can in the corridor to search. People passing by looked at her with weird eyes, but she couldn’t take care of it anymore.

    However, the trash bin had been cleaned up before that, no matter what she did, it was impossible to find it again.

    The girl’s eyes were red.

    Originally slender and tender hands and fingers were stained with stains, she returned to the bedroom and directly lifted Li Ruoqing’s white sneakers and threw them into the trash can outside.

    Li Ruoqing chased her out, and Ji Yi slammed her away.

    The red eyes revealed hatred and fierceness, “Li Ruoqing, you provoked me first! From now on, don’t think about getting better!”


    It didn’t take long for Ji Yi to get acquainted with the other two roommates in the dormitory. Going to school and eating are all three people.

    Li Ruoqing was isolated and couldn’t bear to go to Ji Yi to argue. Ji Yi didn’t get angry, but just smiled at her.

    On the second day, Li Ruoqing was invited to the office by the teacher and asked her to change the bedroom.

    Li Ruoqing angrily went to Ji Yi and asked, “Did you tell the teacher? I? I’m not in the same group? I’m making trouble in the dormitory? It’s clear that you let them isolate me?!”

    “Li Ruoqing, I was just asking you? Get back what belongs to me, and you won’t give it. So far, why are you telling me? Make sense?” Ji Yi kept a constant smile on his face, and every word really pierced Li Ruoqing’s heart. “If you really want to be blamed, then blame yourself for incompetence.”

    At first everyone felt that Ji Yi’s personality was soft and bullying.

    Later, Li Ruoqing learned that the last person to provoke was Ji Yi——

    Ji Yi didn’t play any tricks, but instead confronted her openly, stealing everything she wanted with her strength.

    Some people who seem indifferent and not easy to get angry are just because you haven’t touched her bottom line, but if you encounter something she cares about, then you will have to pay the price!


    National Day holiday is seven days, Ji Yi doesn’t want to go back to Ji’s house. Teacher Nan Jia also has other arrangements.

    Song Yanke said that her parents abandoned her to travel to the two-person world, and she simply stayed at school.

    The two found a milk tea shop outside the school to chat. Song Yan pointed to his tanned face, “I? I’m going back from military training in the past two months. I’m going to be so dark!”

    Because there are so many people in the school, it depends on the difference. The Department of Military Training in batches, and Song Yanke just returned from training for half a month. The sun in September was still a bit poisonous, so I got a little tan.

    Of course, it is not as exaggerated as she said.

    Ji Yi smiled and said: “Is someone recommended a whitening water cream before? I will return the hair link to you.”

    “Good sister! Forcing me to chop my hand again?!” Song Yanke held her right hand. His left hand, with an expression of breaking his wrist, was pitiful.

    Ji Yi broke her scene mercilessly, “You are not short of money.”

    She has always known that Song Yanke’s family is in good condition, not in business, but in politics.

    Song Yanke retracted his hand?, “By the way, what are you going to do in the next seven days?” The

    young lady clerk had brought two cups of milk tea to them. Ji Yi took over and pushed one of them to Song Yanke, tearing it apart by herself. The straw was inserted in and took a sip.

    He replied: “Ms. Nan Jia has arranged a study task for me? I have to go and find her.”

    “Ah? Isn’t that the only thing left for me? I’m bored by myself?” Song Yanke was almost desperate while holding the milk tea. “My roommates are all going home.”

    There is no play, and no play, how can her lively temperament stand her!

    “Want? Otherwise, take a look at any interesting places nearby? Take advantage of the National Day to go around?” Ji Yi suggested.

    Song Yanke shook his head, “But I’m still alone, even if I go to learn from other colleagues, I can’t play with people I don’t know well.”

    “That…” Ji Yi turned his eyes and saw one hanging in the store. Recruiting part-time job brand?: This shop recruits part-time job, which is closed daily and weekly, and the details are interviewed.

    She suggested: “Want? Don’t you try a part-time job?”

    Song Yanke shook his head, “No? Le, do you make milk tea here every day? It’s also very boring.”

    Although Song Yanke’s temperament is ridiculous, but She was also raised carefully at home, the kind that does not touch the water with her fingers. I have never made food before, and I don’t need to make money from this.

    Nevertheless, she glanced back.

    I was going to see Ji Yinian’s signboard advertisement, but I didn’t expect it to look past at this glance, it was incredible!

    The superb handsome man in the white shirt appeared again in his sight. Song Yanke was holding the milk tea cup in his hand? They were shaking, “White…white…white swan…”

    “What?” Ji Yi looked at it carefully again. At a glance.

    Song Yanke’s face changed in seconds, “Handsome guy…”

    “Is that the one you said last time?”

    ” Yeah !” Song Yanke gently put the milk tea cup down, stood up gently, and held her hand. The clothes lined up, “I’m going to rush!”

    Ji Yi remembered her bold words and ambitions when the school started, and reminded in a low voice, “This is a tea shop, you can relax.”

    Song Yan, who was bewildered by the beauty, could take it seriously. As I said before, I rushed directly to the counter, raised his hand? The machine, and asked: “Little brother! Do you have WeChat?” The

    boy immediately handed out a QR code, and Song Yan scanned it. It was a transfer payment. page.

    She twitched her head, staring at the handsome face of the boy, and asked idiotically: “How much money can I add to you?”

    White Swan: “…”


    Ji Yi, who had witnessed this scene with his own eyes, patted his forehead helplessly.

    It seems that Song Yan has really met her favorite type.


    Shortly after Ji Yilai’s school, her identity as an internet celebrity was gradually spread.

    Originally went to a photography agency to learn photography, but the president and deputy president both came to ask her to help take promotional pictures.

    She acts as a model and is photographed by others.

    This is also her own job. Ji Yi has a strong sense of lens, and her poses are also proficient and changeable. The photography agency will also publish her portrait and landscape photos in the next issue of the photography column.

    This morning’s class was over. She was waiting for her roommate to go to the cafeteria together. Suddenly someone stood at the door and shouted: “Ji Yi, your mobile phone.” Mobile phone


    Her mobile phone is clamped in her book.

    Ji Yi walked over curiously.

    ? Front of classmates explained, “someone just to handle machine progressive, that is your phone??.”

    Ji Yi watch a black hand cabinet, was about to say:? “This is not ……”

    that The student holding the mobile phone suddenly turned on the mobile phone screen, and the person next to him saw that the mobile phone screen saver was Ji Yi’s photo.

    That was a photo she took in the snow that she had never published on Weibo.

    Ji Yi raised his eyebrows and stretched out a slender hand. “Give it to me, thank you.”

    Everyone next to him saw the sign, and the school’s recognized Huaxiao smiled his eyebrows.

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