AR: Ch 90

 When I went downstairs? Hou Jiyi was still saying to his roommate: “I’ll wait a while? There are other things. I can’t have lunch with you today.” A

    few people just stepped out of the teaching building and suddenly rushed out. Five people, stop them.

    The tall and big boy standing in the middle is still holding a bunch of delicate red roses.

    Looking at this posture, I want to know him with my toes? I want to send flowers to confession. As for the goal-

    “Hello, Ji Xuemei? I am Wang Chuanyi from the second mechanical department.” Wang Chuanyi took a few steps forward and stood in front of Ji Yi. Pass out the flowers in your hand.

    Ji Yi took a step back holding the book, and tactfully refused, “Sorry, we are not very familiar.” But

    Wang Chuanyi did not shrink from this, and said vowedly: “Although we are not familiar now, as long as the school girl gives me a chance You will know me soon!”

    His brothers are still cheering on the side, “School girl, we, Wang Chuanyi, are so handsome and good at learning. We still love my girlfriend and promise him Not at all!”

    The person on the other side had already made clear his purpose, and Ji Yi could also rebuff it generously: “Senior, I have a boyfriend.” As

    soon as this word came out, Wang Chuanyi was shocked.

    But soon he? Then? shook his head and laughed, “Don’t use such old-fashioned excuses if the school girl wants to refuse. It’s been three months since school started, and everyone knows you are single.”

    A beauty like Ji Yi, a goddess, In school, anyone who has frequent contact with the opposite sex is likely to be? The last wave of forums is nothing more than beautiful girls are more eye-catching.

    However, more than three months after school started, there were almost no rumors or photos about which boy Ji Yi had close contacts with. Everyone liked the one with clean interpersonal relationship.

    People who are handsome, who study well, who have the capital at home, and who are brave, these people may come to confess. Ji Yi refused with this reason every time. At first he thought it was true, but later the family thought she was making excuses.

    “Oh…” She sighed slightly to herself, touched out the black mobile phone she had just gotten, unlocked the code lock, and dialed a number.

    As soon as she was connected over there, she said directly: “I’m downstairs in the teaching, if you don’t show up again, your girlfriend will be gone.” As

    soon as the voice fell, the person on the other end of the phone took the conversation without pause. “Look up!” The

    phone was still held to her ears, she looked up to the front, and a long figure strode away, and the familiar appearance gradually became clear in her eyes.

    The young man in a black jacket was sassy, ​​his cold face was covered with a layer of cold sunlight, and his dark pupils reflected many people. It was unpredictable.

    There were also paired girls because of him? They turned their heads for three times and talked in whispers. .

    But his unique temperament easily separates him from passing pedestrians. No one knows who he is, and no one knows what he is going to do.

    He just appeared in front of the teaching building so suddenly and entered the field of vision of the home. Those black trousers were so big? Long legs took a steady step, and finally stopped in front of… Ji Yi.

    The eyes of the two met in the air, as if only each other was left in their eyes.

    The boy hadn’t spoken yet, he just bent his hands up, pulled out a silver-black necklace from his neck, lowered his head slightly, and took it off.

    The person next to him didn’t understand him? What’s the meaning of such behavior, but clearly? Seeing? That strange boy put the necklace on the neck of their beautiful women.

    Not only did Tiehua not refuse, she also held the pendant in the middle of the necklace with her hand, and curled her mouth with a smile.

    Ji Yi raised his neck and saw his face clearly, with a little complaint in his words, “You are finally here.”

    The boy raised his hand high on the top of Tihua’s head, and gently rubbed it twice, his cold expression instantly softened, “Let you wait a long time.”

    This scene is simply more exciting than a romantic idol drama, and everyone sees it. stunned.

    Wang Chuanyi was even more unbelievable, and asked unwillingly, “Ji Xuemei? Is this really your boyfriend?”

    The brother next to him also questioned, ” Have you seen? Didn’t you come from our school?”

    Xu Yue directly asked Her own girl clung to her, clenched her hand, and swore her sovereignty, “Mechanical Department, Class One by One, Xu Yue.”


    Wang Chuanyi was dumbfounded when waiting for a group of brothers.

    When I took a closer look, I found that Xu Yue was real? A bit familiar.

    This is the first time that Xu Yue has seen him, but the name Xu Yue has long been famous in their Department of Mechanical Engineering!

    Every class in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is spreading that a freshman who won a national award was recommended to college B. Although he was still registered in the future school, the teachers always regarded him as the future pillar of the motherland. The awards that Xu Yue had won were released for them to see, encouraging everyone to learn from him.

    Ok? It’s not easy to muster up the courage to confess to the school girl, I didn’t expect to mention the iron plate this time.

    After that, Wang Chuanyi’s college career was crushed by someone who was jealous.


    Ji Yi took Xu Yue around the campus, and finally went to the milk tea shop to find a clean corner to sit down.

    The two are not face to face, but directly next to each other.

    I haven’t seen him for a few months. She stared at Xu Yue’s face for a long time, and she stretched out her hand to grab his cheek. Seeing him, his fair and clean skin was particularly envious, “Are you fine? Come to school late Month, no military training is required.”

    Xu Yue chuckles, grabbing her finger, and tore off the little hand that was doing evil on her face, pressing it on her knee, and coaxing: “Military training is not difficult.”

    Listen? He? Such a relaxed tone, Ji Yijue. Not happy anymore.

    She smoothly pressed Xu Yue’s knees, bulging her cheeks, and vomiting aside the military training, “Why not difficult, you don’t know how hot and tired the instructor made us stand under the sun, every morning I got up at five o’clock to fold the quilt and had to run in the morning. At that time? How were we? It was terrible!”

    Before the National Day, Song Yanke complained. After returning from the National Day, it was their turn for the freshman military training, although everything is gone now. Now, she still wants to tell him these things? Listen?.

    Normally speaking to foreigners, I always say that there are three points left, because I am afraid of making mistakes, and I want to leave room for myself?

    However, in front of Xu Yue, there is no need to care about these. She has endless daily chores, and she is always precious to Xu Yue.

    The clerk brought the milk tea and snacks they ordered. Xu Yue reached out to pick it up. Ji Yi also raised his head and glanced at the white swan.

    The white swan is what Song Yanke calls the boy. As for the boy’s real name, she looks like Song Yanke said it before, but didn’t take it to heart.

    According to Song Yanke, she is still working hard, pursuing the white swan, and striving to eat swan meat one day in the future.

    Just thinking of this, Ji Yi glanced twice.

    The palm that had been generous and warm supported her chin and turned her head around.

    “Look at me.” Xu Yue burst out two words solemnly, as if giving orders.

    Ji Yi couldn’t hold back, he snorted? Laughed.

    Xu Yue sullenly, took out the straw and inserted it into the milk tea cup, and put the warm milk tea into the palm of her hand.

    Ji Yi held the milk tea and rubbed her face, feeling warm.

    She lifted the cup, and then put it on Xu Yue’s face for a while, “I’m back this time, are you still leaving?”

    “No more.” He shook his head.

    “Really?” Ji Yi immediately put down the milk tea cup in his hand, and embraced his arm in excitement, as if doing so, really grasped the person.

    “Well, stay here to accompany you to school.”

    Two years ago, Xu Cheng was ill and was misdiagnosed as terminally ill, so he desperately went to Rock City to find him, using his weakness to arouse his fighting spirit and let him? Willingly return to Xu’s home.

    Later, when Xu Cheng learned of the true condition of his body, he didn’t tell him the truth immediately, instead he chose to conceal it deliberately.

    Until he completely overthrew Qin Shan, he also verified Xu Cheng’s affairs, and he didn’t want to stay in Xu’s family to die.

    In the past few months, he has dealt with the mess that can’t be erased in Nanyang City, and now he can finally step into the university and school with ease and come to the city with her.


    The news of making a boyfriend in the Department of Psychology spread like wildfire, and the boys in the Department of Mechanical Engineering became famous on the forum for this reason.

    The Department of Mechanical Engineering has more men than women, ten out of eight are single, and the remaining two-tenths are almost all foreign girlfriends. And this time there were several handsome freshmen in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

    It’s a pity that the most famous young man is already famous.

    Moreover, looking at a very cold student who is still sticking to his girlfriend-in the

    psychology class, the teacher’s gaze swept the entire classroom, and I couldn’t stand it anymore!

    So the teacher suddenly took out the dusty roster list, knocked on the podium, “Now we will start the roll call, and the time will be deducted if it doesn’t arrive.”

    Hearing these news, everyone in the class took out their mobile phones. , Send messages to your roommates and good friends who are skipping classes.

    In winter, many people like to lie in bed, and some people even skip class because of luck, just to lie down on the bed for a while.

    This teacher usually does not call his name, even if he knows that he is missing a lot? How many people do not call his name? My family has gradually become more courageous. This time I missed a third of the eight o’clock in the morning.

    Ji Yi saw that there was no one in his bedroom.

    Since replacing Li Ruoqing, when she moved in, she was a lively and helpful little sister. She usually plays well in her big family.

    When the teacher called the name, Ji Yi glanced at Xu Yue, who was sleeping next to him, and scratched his wrist, “Get up and help me name it.”

    Xu Yue’s arm shrank, lazily. Open your eyes.

    He hasn’t reacted yet, the teacher has already clicked on the name of his roommate, “Su Xiaomiao.” A

    very girl’s name…

    Ji Yi pulled his elbow and asked him to raise his hand and pinch. In his voice, he reached the word “to”.

    I thought it would be fooled, but the teacher’s eyes were sharp, “Usually? There are four girls sitting there, today is this… a cross-dress?”

    Ji Yi’s face was hot, and she began to curl up.

    Xu Yue retracted his hand and replied calmly: “Teacher, you are right, my name is Su

    Xiaomiao .” “Hahaha!” Everyone roared with laughter.

    Ji Yi really has no face to look at.

    The real name of her roommate is actually called Su Xiaomiao.

    It’s just that the teacher has an accent, it sounds like “little meow”!

    The author has something to say:

    The plot of the necklace, which An An put on Xu Yue when he got on the police car (this is the plot that was later modified)

    Xu Yue: From today on, my name is Su Xiaomiao~

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