AR: Ch 91

  Xu Yue made a fuss in psychology class? A joke, I don’t know who told this matter? Someone turned his photo into an emoticon package.

    Ji Yi received the news from Song Yanke for the first time, and the content was…Xu Yue’s exclusive emoji bag.

    Xu Yue’s handsome face? A few cat beards, even she thinks it is cute.

    When I was chatting with Xu Yue, I couldn’t help but send a message.

    Mr. Xu, who just received the news from his girlfriend, has a soft complexion and a smile in his eyes.

    After clicking on the message of his girlfriend, Mr. Xu, the corners of his mouth disappeared, and his face was covered with frost.

    He didn’t reply.

    Five minutes later, Ji Yi received a phone call from her boyfriend.

    She happily connected, and she heard her boyfriend’s dull? Tone, “Ji An’an, I’m downstairs in your dorm.”

    Without any sense of offense? Classmate Ji Yi put on his plush boots and rejoiced. Run downstairs, but was caught by her boyfriend? Braids.

    Xu Yue held the chat records of the two in front of her, “Ji An’an, explain.”

    Ji Yi had a guilty conscience at first, but the more I looked at the photos, the more I couldn’t help but want to laugh.

    She glanced at the photo, then glanced at Xu Yuezhen, her chest began to rise and fall, and finally she couldn’t help but laugh. Two hands were still holding his sweater coat neckline tightly, “Hahahaha, okay, so cute.”

    “Ji! Ann! Ann!” Someone’s face was all black and gritted his teeth? Called her out. name.

    Seeing that the situation was not right, Ji Yi wanted to run away, but found that the hat of his clothes was caught by someone and couldn’t escape at all.

    Forget it?, she gave up–

    “I didn’t mean to laugh at you? I just wanted to share this funny expression? Bag with you?”

    “Fun? What did I do for? Who, eh?”

    This unscrupulous? Little girl, is really annoying? Very?.

    Ji Yi finally had? So little sense of crisis.

    Remembering that Song Yan had said that acting like a baby is one of the nirvana of girls, she decided to give it a try at a time of crisis.

    He took up Xu Yue’s arm, and shook it, “Then, I really? Didn’t mean it? You? Forgive me, okay?” The

    girl’s crisp? The voice is so crispy. The child is soft.

    When Xu Yue lowered her head, she was also raising her face to look at him.

    This scene reminded him that a long time ago, he pressed the girl against the wall and deliberately teased her.

    At this moment, he tilted his head slightly and stared at the girl beside him, curled his lips, “Okay, kiss me?”

    Ji Yi wiped his palms, looked up and saw that there was no one around, and stood on tiptoes. , Kissed the corner of his lips.

    The boy’s Adam’s apple rolled and his chest was hot.

    Hearing the girl’s soft voice, coaxed, “Boyfriend, don’t be angry? Yeah.”

    He replied, “Well, I’m not angry.”

    Because I have never blamed her from beginning to end.

    But? I heard from her? When I heard from her, I couldn’t help but wonder what her expression would look like when I saw these photos. Then I found it for myself? An honest reason? Come to her for a reason, and then feel confident?… …Solicited? A kiss… nothing more.

    That’s it –


    Ji Yi went back, did Song Yanke “frighten” Song Yanke? After a while, “Cocoa, I showed him the emoji package, but he was very angry!”

    “Hahaha, you? Really? You sent the emoji bag to Mr. Xu, you? Didn’t you know him…hahahaha.” Upon learning this result, Song Yan did not find a way to remedy her. , And laughed a lot?

    Ji Yi heard her frantic laughter, so she didn’t get too fast? Add: “Yeah, I posted?, and said it was Song Yanke who shared it with me?.”

    “…” Song Yanke In a second, he became quiet and quiet within a second, “Xiao Yi, aren’t we three years of revolutionary friendship?”

    Ji Yi is a book? Serious?, “Friendship? Sincerity is precious, and the price of life is higher. “

    Song Yan can tsk? Two times, “Don’t show it? All right? I’m heartbroken, I’m going to find my? White swan?”

    Ji Yi hooked his finger to forget it? Forget it, still? I feel a little weird. “You? You actually like a boy this time? For more than four months!”

    Song Yanke smiled on the phone screen, “I am very dedicated? Okay? Please face it, you, dear. “Sister Song Yanke, is a very dedicated and long-lasting girl.”

    Ji Yi raised her hand and gave her a cheering gesture, “Okay, I remembered, you cheer.”

    Song Suddenly Yan Ke pulled out a bunch of gray woolen yarn from the side to the camera, “You don’t know, my fingers have been poked red to knit a scarf for him in the past two days?”

    Ji Yi: “Knitting a scarf? “

    Yeah, I think Song Yan can cross the rivers and lakes for so many years. Have you tried it on the white swan? One hundred and eight methods were unsuccessful. I decided to follow the public and go with a wave of conventions.” Song Yan can put the wool on. The group lifted up and shook, and deliberately used an ambiguous tone, “Enclose your body and warm my heart~”

    This behavior inspired Ji Yi’s inspiration. She went back to search for tutorials on the Internet and asked Song Yan Ke wants to link to buy it online? There are a lot of woolen yarns. When I have no class, I just sit in the dormitory and study.

    Song Yanke’s ingenuity has been poked, and Ji Yi is naturally not immune.

    Song Yanke sent the video of the finished product to Ji Yi. Ji Yi glanced at the gray scarf and the black scarf he was knitting, which was in stark contrast.

    After trying many times, Ji Yi finally smashed the ball of wool on the bed.

    “I really? Can’t do it…”

    Too difficult?

    Either the more weave gets smaller, the rectangular scarf almost becomes a long trapezoid; or the distance between each stitch is larger, and every knot hole is obvious after opening, and the situation is full of problems.

    She and Song Yanke said they would give up, and even planned to buy one online again.

    I don’t know where Xu Yue got the news. Before she threw away the ball of wool, she cut off the half-finished scarf?, “Ji An’an, didn’t you want to give it to me? Who allowed you to throw it away?”

    Ji Yi : “???”

    My heart snarled frantically: I bought this?! I knit it?!

    In fact the surface of counseling? Batch, “I know I hand disabled, weaving was not good-looking.”

    Xu stuck to their big brothers? Overlord principle, “good or bad is my?!”

    Semi-finished products? Scarves are male Friends so? Cherish, which girlfriend is unhappy?

    The sisters always love to share some daily routines. Did she tell this? Song Yanke.

    Song Yanke grinned in her voice? Reply: “Let me just say it, let alone you? Hand-knit it? Even if you send him a woolen thread, he will be careful? Collect it!”

    This sentence is sent After going out, Song Yanke turned off the phone and looked down at the dark coffee-colored packaging bag with a beautiful cover in his hand, which still contained the rejected feelings.

    Thinking of the clean boy like a white swan, he did not hesitate to refuse her gift and turned away indifferently.

    That back figure was deeply in her mind, and suddenly she felt that what she had done? Everything was quite boring.

    “No matter how good the weaving is? How is it? I don’t like you? People, even you? No matter how good he is? Gifts, he doesn’t like it.” Song Yanke whispered? A few words, passing by? Trash can Beside, waved the dark coffee-colored bag and threw it in with the contents.

    She went all the way forward, and did not look back.

    I don’t even know that the white swan that made her feel disheartened, and he has followed in silently to cherish that rare heart.


    Shortly after New Year’s Day, the exciting winter vacation finally arrived.

    Ji Yi still? Don’t want to go back to Ji’s house.

    As far as she is concerned, there is no warmth at home there, and Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi may not be at home for the rest of the year, so why should she go back.

    Compared to returning to Ji’s house to eat the indifferent New Year’s Eve dinner, she prefers to stay together more, because Xu Yue will learn the food she likes and cook for her by herself.

    Ben thought Xu Yue would take her back to that home in Yancheng, but he suddenly asked, “An’an, do you want to go to Nanyang City for fun?”

    Nanyang City?

    Isn’t that Xu Yuezhen’s righteous family?

    Xu Yue wouldn’t mention it casually, she probably guessed something and hesitated for a moment?

    Xu Yue seemed a little nervous, afraid that she would refuse, too? The steps were laid out in advance, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t go? It doesn’t matter, you? You can

    go to Nanyang City .” ” Just go to Nanyang City.” The girl smiled and talked. , Grinned slightly.

    The day before New Year’s Eve, they boarded the plane to Nanyang City.

    After Ji Yi got on the plane, she began to sleep, fearing that her head would be uncomfortable on her shoulders, so Xu Yue held her head with his hands. This position lasted for a long time.

    The young people in the same row with them? They were very envious. I didn’t expect to make a plane by myself? Can it be lemons or not mixed with water? That kind of acid!

    After getting off the plane, Xu Yue took her to an apartment.

    This apartment is also…specially simple.

    The layout inside is like Xu Yue’s room layout in the Yancheng community, except for the basic supplies, there is no extra furniture.

    Ji Yi complained that there was no one here, “You? Don’t you dress up?”

    Xu Yue didn’t care, “It’s just a place to sleep, there’s nothing to pretend?”


    It seems that this place is right. As far as Xu Yue is concerned, it is just a place to stay.

    Ji Yi waved his hand, “Are there no slippers.”

    “I’ve already been sent by someone? It’s almost here?.” The

    voice fell, and his phone rang? It turned out to be running errands. The delivery person.

    Now, slippers, etc.? Daily necessities, everything?.

    Xu Yue opened the box, Ji Yi began to pull the stuff inside, and found that these things were almost all in sets, “Wow, the lover’s money?”

    Xu Yue’s serious? explained, “Leave too long. , I too? Should I get a new one?.”

    “Puff.” She couldn’t help but laugh, “I? Didn’t say anything else? Why do you explain it to me like this.”

    Jiang Zhou heard that Xu Yue returned to Nanyang City, and tried his best to pull The upper friend invited him out to play.

    Xu Yue refused, on the grounds that he didn’t want to go to those noisy places.

    Did Jiang Zhou and his friends count it together? Suddenly in the group? Someone suggested, “Isn’t Xu Yue’s set very empty? Why don’t we borrow him? Let’s have a small party?”

    “Good idea, worthy of my sister.” When Jiang Zhou heard this, he felt that this idea was very good.

    When he gave Xu Yue a voice to go, Xu Yue didn’t evade, and Ji Yi heard it.

    “Is it you? A friend in Nanyang City?”

    “…Hmm.” That’s right, after all, Jiang Zhou has worked with him for a year.

    Other people also have some business dealings.

    “Do you? Friends want to invite you? Have fun, come to your house to have a party?”


    “This is very good.”

    She is really heartened? Hope that Xu Yue can make more friends so that she will not be alone.

    “Anyway, the house is deserted? It’s okay to have friends come to have fun? Okay, let’s just play at home, OK?”

    Xu Yue, who was about to indifferently reject Jiang Zhou, said: “…Okay.”

    The author has something to say:

    this time It is different from what I said back then~

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