AR: Ch 92

Originally, even if it was home in Nanyang City, it was no different from Yancheng.

    But they didn’t pay much attention to sleeping until night? Question…

    This? A deserted apartment, so? So many rooms? There are no spare rooms? !

    According to Xu Yue’s explanation, “No one is here, I’m too lazy to do it.”

    Usually he is too busy? Dimly , spends a lot of time lying on the bed? Very little, where is there to worry about preparing the guest room.

    Ji Yi stood at the door holding the pajamas that he had not had time to change, his little feet hidden in the plush slippers tilted up, and tentatively asked: “Then? How do we sleep tonight?”

    “Room? Here you are, I sleep.” Sofa.”

    “Oh.” A bed, someone must sleep on the sofa, and Xu Yue must not? Let her sleep on the sofa, there is nothing to argue about.

    Xu Yue unhurriedly unscrewed the doorknob.

    The door was pushed open, and the switch on the right side of the door was pressed. The bedroom suddenly became bright.

    Ji Yi glanced at the surrounding layout and found it familiar, because the layout here is almost the same as that on the side of Yancheng, they are all in the same color system, and only basic furniture is placed.

    Xu Yue took the quilt out of the closet, and the two of them worked together to make the bed again.

    Because Ji Yi is afraid of the cold, he must cover two quilts in winter. Blankets and quilts are indispensable.

    After she finished hugging it, she discovered that there was still a quilt left in the cupboard, which was still thin.

    Ji Yi was shocked, then opened the cabinet door next to the filming, and found that it was empty except for a few pieces of clothing.

    She turned her head back and asked: “Xu Yue, does your house still have a quilt?”

    “It’s all here, why? Still afraid of the cold?” He pinched the two layers of quilt spread on the bed, feeling that the thickness is already there. Some weight.

    “No…” Ji Yi pointed his finger at the closet, and said natly, “It seems that there is no quilt covered for you.”

    Xu Yue glanced at it, and then replied: “It’s okay? It’s all right.”

    Ji Yi was troubled. The color.

    When the weather is the coldest, even if the heater is turned on at home, a thin quilt is not enough.

    She walked back to the bed, opened the blanket, and held the blanket to him in accordance with the principle of “caring girlfriend”, “Or…you can take this blanket together.”

    Xu Yuewei was startled and refused. “…No need.”

    He didn’t say anything more, holding the remaining thin quilt in the closet and went out.

    How many cold winter days have I spent, when I was punished by my mother to stand outside the door at the coldest time? There was no heating, no quilts, only a thin coat of clothing.

    After Xu Yue went out, how could Ji Yi feel at ease.

    She was seriously thinking about a question: According to Xu Yue’s temperament, she would inevitably give the best to her and wrong herself. Three quilts are not enough no matter how divided.

    The mattress in the room is so soft and the quilt is so warm; the sofa in the room is so hard, and the quilt is so thin… I feel distressed to think about it.

    She struggled for a long time, and then came up with the best way to solve the problem in her mind, but-

    a little embarrassed.

    She stood at the door secretly looking outside, and saw Xu Yue sitting on the sofa holding the laptop, typing on the keyboard very seriously, as if there was still something unfinished.

    Ji Yi returned to the room, picked up her pajamas and went to the bathroom to take a hot shower. The warm water flows all over the body, as if a heater has been poured in from neck to toe. Moisture spread throughout the bathroom, and an extra layer of mist was covered on the glass windows.

    Turning off the shower, she quickly wiped off all the water stains on her body with a bath towel, and quickly put on a plush pajamas. After coming out of the bathroom, I feel that my whole body is warm.

    If she usually takes a shower in the dormitory, she must be the first time? She rushes into the bed and wraps herself up and covers her heat.

    But now, she was still thinking about who was on the sofa outside.

    She sorted out a set of lines in her heart, because “inviting” her boyfriend to sleep in the same bed with her is really too shy for her!

    The girl walked in a catwalk, slowly approaching step by step, holding her hands on the edge of the sofa, and slowly moving her little head over.


    Why is there no response?

    Xu Yue is very sensitive to the people and things around her, and her head is about to be in front of him, why there is no reaction at all.

    Ji Yi tilted his head and found that although he was holding the laptop with both hands, he had closed his eyes and fell asleep.

    She has seen the appearance of a teenager falling asleep many times, including now.

    His eyelashes are thick and dense, with a natural curl. The dark brown mole under the deep eye sockets seems to be the deepest mark, adding a distinctive appeal to his exquisite and three-dimensional features.

    Closing those dark eyes, the whole person is less chilly, looking calm and without attacking power.

    A little finger suddenly turned up, slowly…slowly approaching his eyes, and finally, gently touching the corners of his eyes.

    She always felt that Xu Yue’s mole of tears was a fatal temptation to her.

    Just… I like it very much, I really want to touch it when I look at it.

    However, just when she touched, Xu Yue suddenly opened his eyes, a pair of ink pupils were as deep as a secluded pool, locking her into the line of sight.

    “What are you doing?”

    “No, no, I didn’t do anything!” Like a thief who was caught for doing bad things? The thief who was right there, she jumped up from the sofa, feeling helpless.


    “Ah.” “What?

    Is not back to the room? Sleep? Wearing pajamas will? Cold.”

    Just peep when squatting here did not think he was such a mention by now, all of a sudden you feel? Feel the cold wind is coming.

    She clasped her arms subconsciously.

    Xu Yue put the notebook aside, got up and hugged her, feeling that her fingers were a little cold, and wrapped her hands to warm her. Don’t forget to remind, “

    Go back to the room? ” Ji Yi said: “I’m here to tell you to go back to the room?…”

    “What did you say?” He didn’t hear clearly.

    Ji Yi pulled on the quilt and raised his head to look at him, “The quilt is not enough and the sofa is uncomfortable. Anyway, the bed in the room is big enough?

    Just sleep in the bed together.” When the voice fell, Xu Yue frowned. The expression on her face was strange, “Do you believe me too much?”

    Ji Yi: “Huh?”

    Seeing her reaction, she knew that there was nothing else in the girl’s mind.

    He laughed, “Don’t invite me, you are? Very? Dangerous.”

    “Danger?” Ji Yi’s mind popped up a few pictures, and asked: “Do you sleepwalk at night? Or do you not sleep honestly? “

    …” Xu Yue choked, “Two? Adult men and women live in the same room. Have you ever thought about the consequences?”

    Ji Yi understood when he asked.

    That? She hadn’t thought about these ambiguous things, but Xu Yue always knew how to keep a distance, so? She would? Then? Don’t worry.

    “Don’t make a joke…” She pushed Xu Yue’s hand, her head lowered, “I’m just afraid you will be cold.”

    The corners of the boy’s mouth raised slightly, and he picked up the girl’s hair and placed it on the palm, deliberately asking for an answer, “Do you

    care about me?” “Yeah!” She nodded without hesitation, with a serious expression.

    Xu Yue repeatedly confirmed, “Aren’t you afraid?”

    “…” She clasped her fingers, looking tangled, and didn’t answer.

    Xu Yue patted her on the shoulder twice and urged: “Okay, go back to sleep.”

    He was about to go, Ji Yi pressed his lips, raised his hand and grabbed the hem of his clothes, “The sofa is cold, you and Let me go to bed together…I, I’m not afraid.”

    “…” The

    fair-skinned, soft-bodied girlfriend said to him.

    This Nima, can he still refuse?

    “Wait for me.” He turned to go to the sofa and put away the notebook, quickly returned to her, and embraced her back to the house.

    Ji Yi got directly into the bed and felt warm by the bed.

    Xu Yue took his pajamas from the suitcase to wash, and when he came back, he found that the little girl was still scanning the photos with her mobile phone.

    He lifted the quilt and sat on the bed.

    This bed is so big that even if there is a person lying on one side, there is still a Chu River and Han boundary in the middle.

    But the girl didn’t have any sense of crisis. She leaned over, put her phone in front of him, and said, “I’m going to choose a set of photos for the photography agency to fix, but I like all these photos, and I can’t choose them. Yes, you can choose for me.”


    He picked up the phone and looked through the photos seriously.

    A set of photos refers to the selection of nine pictures, and this set of pictures took about fifty or sixty pictures, it is indeed very easy to die of choice difficulties.

    “Which one do you think? Good, just click the collection first.”

    “Yeah.” He answered.

    Most girls pay great attention to details, just like Xu Yue’s attitude in helping him choose photos, will make her feel: such a small matter is taken seriously, this boyfriend is really very dedicated.

    Xu Yue chose carefully.

    Ji Yi simply lay on his bent knees, squinting his eyes and waiting, but unexpectedly, in such a warm and comfortable environment, she fell asleep directly.

    Waiting for Xu Yue to choose nine pictures, and looking down, the girl lying on her feet was sleeping soundly with her eyes closed.

    The bloody young man: “…”

    Ambiguous is impossible.

    Why did his girlfriend only have learning?


    The next day of the appointment? How many people did Jiang Zhou call? The brothers prepared all the food and tools, put them in the car, and pulled them to the door of Xu Yue’s house.

    They made an appointment for dinner. Unexpectedly, Jiang Zhou would knock on the door with his brother at one o’clock in the afternoon.

    Jiang Zhou was carrying large and small bags of food in his left and right hands, “Xu Yue, come and help carry things.”

    Xu Yue stood at the door, without the master’s consciousness at all. I took his hands, lazy leaning to the side, “is that you take me home, but also my hands?”

    “Damn it, you know you are painting looks like it? Spanking?”


    Certain people suspected of straight, Still help them move in the things in the car one after another.

    Jiang Zhou tweeted. It was a miracle that he could still hold a party at Xu Yue’s house in his lifetime.

    When the door was about to be closed, a female voice suddenly appeared, “Halle? Am I late?”

    Xu Yue saw the visitor, released the door and let her in.

    “Xu Yue, long time no see.” The girl waved at him with a smile.

    Jiang Zhou, who had already put on his apron, walked out of the kitchen with an onion, “Yingying, come here just right, come and help in the kitchen.”

    “Brother, don’t hurry, I’m saying hello to Xu Yue, he hasn’t responded to me yet. “Jiang Ying smiled and waved.

    Jiang Zhou helplessly shook his head.

    However, Xu Yue opened his eyes coldly and refused to respond.

    Just at this time, Ji Yi, who had just slept for half an hour, woke up, stood at the corner of the stairs and saw a few more figures in the living room. He rubbed his eyes and asked, “Is your friend already here?”

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