AR: Ch 93

When she walked down the stair railing, everyone except Xu Yue was stunned.

    Where did this girl come from!

    She was wearing a loose coat and cotton clothes wrapped her up. Although she could not see her slender waist, she knew that this person was absolutely slim.

    Jiang Zhou and Jiang Ying raised their heads together? Looking around, the other two people who heard the sound also ran over to watch.

    The girl with red lips and white teeth also looked at them with big black and bright eyes, with a gentle expression.

    Ji Yi knew that his friend would come, but he almost overslept so early?

    She just took a nap, her hair is not messy, but some are curled, hanging over her shoulders. The scattered hair sticks to the neck, making her feel uncomfortable, so she lifted her hand away.

    Xu Yue took a step forward and walked towards her. Behind her, put her long hair together with both hands, and combed it a few times with her fingers.

    The long, supple hair passed through his slender fingers, and the curled hair was all straightened. Xu Yue pulled a small black rubber band from her wrist to help her tie her hair up.

    So skilled? I don’t know how many times I have done it.

    Everyone was shocked.

    Xu Yue’s behavior made them feel incredible.

    Jiang Zhou: “Is this younger sister?”

    “My girlfriend, Ji Yi.” He stated his identity concisely, and specially emphasized, “She is not your younger sister.”

    After the hair was tied, she was also generous. He stood up and said hello to everyone, “Hello, I’m Ji Yi.” The

    girl had a smile on her face, like the warm winter sun, in stark contrast with the cold Xu Yue.

    “When did Xu Yue have a girlfriend, I never heard him say it.” Jiang Ying was also smiling, but her smile didn’t reach the bottom of her eyes.

    Ji Yi blinked.

    Although she is a bit slow in terms of emotions, she is quite good at observing words and colors in terms of IQ. Jiang Ying intended to point, she pretended not to know, and stretched out her hand not to hit the smiley person.

    Turning to look at Xu Yue’s glance, he replied, “We are together? Almost a year.”

    Xu Yue corrected seriously, “It was 364 days.” On the first day

    of the Lunar New Year last year, she promised to be his girlfriend. It’s a time he will never forget in his life.

    The scene was once awkward.

    Jiang Zhou held up the green onions and yelled, “Oh, it’s worth celebrating that Xu Yue has a girlfriend. Fortunately, let’s have a party today, hurry up, everyone is moving?”

    He stirred up like this, everyone started to each other. Perform its duties.

    When Jiang Zhou entered the kitchen, he also dragged Jiang Ying in by the way.

    The green onion in his hand hit Jiang Ying’s hand, Jiang Ying tried to break free, “Brother, you? Don’t drag me, I will go by myself.”

    Jiang Zhou pulled the person in and whispered, “You? Whatever you said just now. What are you talking about, in front of someone’s girlfriend!”

    Jiang Ying was not happy when he said this, “What did I say, I’m just curious to ask, Xu Yueben? I didn’t say myself. Have a girlfriend.”

    Jiang Zhou retorted: “You? You two have only seen each other a few times a year. Why do they tell you?”

    “You? It’s not my brother anymore!” Jiang Ying stepped on him, “I’m too lazy to follow You? Say.”

    “I’m too lazy to tell you?” “

    Jiang Ying is his cousin. She has been playing with their boys since she was a child, and everyone treats her as a sister. When I was in my teens, I was bullying Xu Yue with them. Afterwards, everyone reconciled. I didn’t expect that when I was in my 20s, I just fell in love with others.

    Fat water does not flow into the field of outsiders. Originally, he thought, if Jiang Ying could really get together with Xu Yue, he would be happy to see it. Later, I discovered that Xu Yue was just a working machine and had no interest in women at all.

    He thought Xu Yue hadn’t put his thoughts on the love of his children, and tried to persuade Jiang Ying several times in the middle, but Jiang Ying didn’t give up. He felt that just let the flow go.

    Unexpectedly, following along, Xu Yue, the workaholic demon, suddenly left everything from the Xu family and ran to become a college student. Bye-bye, they had already brought his girlfriend back.

    This person Jiang Zhou looks quite clear. Just relying on Xu Yue’s haircut to that girl just now, he knew that his cousin had nothing to do.


    Someone is cutting vegetables in the kitchen, and someone is setting up a venue outside?.

    Ji Yi rubbed his hands, “I’ll go to the kitchen to see? What can I do to help.”

    She was dragged back by Xu Yue as soon as she took a step, “No.”

    Ji Yi sighed lightly and patted the back of his hand. Two times, “Xu Yue, you? Don’t do this. Friends come to play at home. We should do it together and enjoy it together.”

    Her Xu Yue was too lonely, and she wanted to teach him to accept more warmth.

    Xu Yue coldly snorted, “They want to come by themselves, and I didn’t want them to come.”

    Ji Yi hooked his finger and continued to instill, “Then people come to play, you? Are you the master? Shaking the shopkeeper.”

    “…” The young man sullen his face, seemingly unhappy.

    The girl turned her head and looked around to make sure that no one was passing by, she clung to his neck with both hands, stood on her toe, and bit his lips lightly.

    “So, can you open up?”

    Sure enough, the cold-faced teenager raised his lips, raised his hand to pinch her chin, and gently rubbed the corner of her mouth with his fingers twice, “Our family is safe and sound. , Is really good at it?

    I am getting smarter and smarter. ” I know what tricks to use against him.


    He admits it.

    Ji Yi wanted to go to the kitchen to help, so he naturally followed.

    Originally? Ji Yi thought that everyone would cooperate to prepare the meat and vegetables. As a result, what she did, Xu Yue followed and rushed to do it.

    Wash a dish, he wants to wash it together.

    Cut a piece of meat, he will rush to cut it.

    Jiang Ying could not go down, and ran out angrily to do other things.

    Jiang Zhou looked back frequently? Looked at them several times.

    Ji Yi was so embarrassed to be stared at?, pushed twice, and expressly hinted, “You? Can? Do other things.”

    Xu Yue raised his eyebrows slightly and replied, “No, I will guard you?.”

    Jiang Zhou Almost spit out a mouthful of old blood.

    I’m here for barbecue, not for dog food!

    * After

    about two hours, everyone can finally sit together and start the barbecue.

    Because of the fever, Ji Yi took off his jacket, revealing the turtleneck sweater inside.

    Xu Yue raised her hand to help her roll down the sweater collar, her neck was exposed, so she wouldn’t cover her heat.

    Seeing this scene, Jiang Zhou couldn’t hold the chopsticks firmly, and the quail egg that had just been picked up slipped and fell into the plate.

    “I haven’t seen him for half a year, has Xu Yue become so caring…” The

    cold boy suddenly became a caring and warm man, which is too scary!

    Before putting on the apron, the sharp-eyed Jiang Ying spotted the necklace on her neck and smiled on her face. “The necklace that Miss Ji wears on her neck is quite interesting? It is rare for girls to wear this. “

    Girls usually wear finer accessories. Silver and black like this thick chain are completely opposite to Ji Yi’s style, and most of them are problematic.

    Hearing this, Ji Yi subconsciously lowered his head, took a look, grabbed the pendant of the necklace, and explained: “This necklace, this is originally from Xu Yue.”

    This necklace was when Xu Yue left? Xu from Nanyang City. Home, I only put it on when I returned to Rock City. Before returning to Nanyang City, he had already given it to Ji Yi, so Jiang Ying had never seen it before.

    This time I dug a hole and jumped in.

    Jiang Zhou opened a few bottles of wine, and everyone was drinking while eating meat.

    Originally? Prepared drinks for the two girls. Who knew Jiang Ying held it high? The cup said, “

    Pour me wine, everyone? Eat meat and drink to be fun!” Jiang Zhou smiled and poured her a glass.

    When it was Ji Yi’s turn, he asked by the way: “Miss Ji, do you want to drink or drink?”


    Ji Yizheng? To answer, Xu Yue took the lead, “She doesn’t drink.”

    By the way?, Pushing away? Jiang Zhou’s hand.

    Ji Yi covered his face with one hand, and quietly said in Xu Yue’s ear, “Actually, I can drink a little.”

    Xu Yue turned a deaf ear and put a large bottle of drink beside her.

    Jiang Ying stood up suddenly and drew everyone to a toast. Then she walked in front of Xu Yue and toasted alone, “Xu Yue, it’s been so many years since I knew you? It turns out that you still remember our old friends.”

    She deliberately mentioned the time, as if in this direction. It’s also an amazing thing that Noodles can surpass Ji Yi.

    Finally, she

    raised her wine glass, “Thank you? For generously lending the apartment to let us all get together?.” “Oh.” He replied faintly, instead of raising the wine glass, but looking towards him. Ji Yi beside him said to everyone, “My girlfriend asked me to do this, you? If you want to thank, thank her.”

    There is no one to answer such a straightforward…

    Ji Yi didn’t expect Xu Yue to say such a thing, quietly grabbed him, stood up, and touched Jiang Ying with his drink cup, so that she wouldn’t be too embarrassed.

    In fact, Jiang Ying’s face was green.

    When how many people were leaving? Jiang Ying was the last one, and asked at the door: “Xu Yue, don’t you? Don’t you give us away?”

    Xu Yue frowned.

    Didn’t wait? He answered, Ji Yi stood up and kept people behind?

    She treated people with a smile, “Excuse me? Ms. Jiang, my boyfriend drank alcohol. I’m afraid it’s not convenient. I’ll see you off.”

    Jiang Zhou turned around and called Jiang Ying.

    Jiang Ying stomped angrily.

    Ji Yi walked beside her and reminded calmly, “Miss Jiang, stop stomping, your feet should hurt for a while.”

    “It’s up to you? What’s the matter!” Jiang Ying said irritably.

    “It’s really none of my business, but I still want to remind Miss Jiang, don’t covet things that aren’t you, it’s good for everyone.”

    “You? It’s amazing to be Xu Yue’s girlfriend for yourself? Do you? Know him? Do you? How much do you know about him? Do you? Know the situation of his family?” Jiang Ying spit out a series of questions.

    Ji Yi still kept a faint smile, “I know him better than anyone. Of course, these? No need to explain to an outsider.”

    The driver is already waiting.

    As a winner, Ji Yi waved to Jiang Ying, “Miss Jiang, goodbye.” The

    car door closed, and the smile on Ji Yi’s face disappeared.

    When she turned her head, she saw Xu Yue standing not far away.

    The eyes of the two met in the air, and Ji Yi walked towards him calmly.

    Standing in front of Xu Yue, the girl who was originally gentle and generous changed instantly.

    With a bulging face and a gloomy look, “Someone forced me to eat something bad today.”

    Xu Yue jumped off the steps and asked, “What?”

    “Apple cider vinegar.”


    ” The one that doesn’t taste like apple…”

    Apple cider vinegar, if there is no apple flavor, then there is only vinegar!

    The author has something to say: The

    last paragraph is a chat record I saw

    on Douyin ~

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