AR: Ch 94

 When I was a semester, Xu Yueyong? Actual action tells everyone what is meant by husband singing and sing.

    Although the two majors are different, he has all reported all the elective courses that Ji Yi has signed up for.

    When other students started to download software online to brush elective courses, Xu Yue only looked forward to taking electives in the large classroom.

    He is not like other boys stepping on it, but will first help female friends occupy a good position.

    Xu Yue is not interested in these courses. Since the teacher lectures, he sleeps on his stomach.

    Ji Yi was very serious, and she was so foolish to learn more.

    Not only listen carefully, but also take notes, with a black pen as the background and a red pen as an indicator.

    Halfway through the writing, the red pen suddenly failed to write any words, and the sharp tip of the pen struck the paper, leaving only a shallow trace. She unscrewed the pen case and found that the red refill still accounted for one-half of the total length. Gently shook it twice, and there is still no ink.

    She turned the refill upside down, and the ink that was holding down the refill failed, and the ink in it dripped on the table.


    Ji Yi put down the pen refill in a hurry, and pulled out a paper towel to wipe the table.

    Just as she was doing this series of actions, Xu Yue didn’t know when she woke up, and opened her eyes to look at her.

    The corner of his mouth grinned slightly, bringing out a chuckle.

    The sound is not loud, but Ji Yi can hear it clearly.

    She turned her head and stared, then went to deal with the refill.

    Suddenly Xu Yue grabbed her wrist, took her hand away from the table, put it on her knee, and whispered: “Don’t move.”

    He was still laughing for one second, and the next second. But after all the efforts have been made, even the ink is not stupid? Let her be contaminated.

    When the broken pen refill was taken away from the desk, he wiped the desk twice with a paper towel, which allowed Ji Yi to continue attending the class.

    However, he was not spared when dealing with the pen refill, and a drop of red ink was stained on the upper part of the tiger’s mouth.

    Just about to wipe, Ji Yi suddenly grabbed his hand and pressed the back of his hand.

    Now, both of them left red marks on their hands.

    When I opened it, it seemed to have cleverly turned into a heart shape.

    In class, although she couldn’t talk, she didn’t hesitate to give a smile.

    But… in class? Showing affection is very risky.

    As she was about to continue taking notes, she was picked up by the teacher on the podium, “The female student in white clothes on the left of the sixth row, please answer this question.”

    Ji Yi looked up at the projector. The words, did not keep up? The teaching rhythm, confused.

    Xu Yue supported his face with one hand, his lips opened and closed.

    Ji Yi repeated what he said. Not only did the teacher fail to educate her, he also praised her for answering well.

    “Huh.” After sitting down, she patted her heart.

    The next three rows of Song Yan can use the pen to poked her cheeks, and exclaimed, “There is a schoolboy boyfriend, it’s amazing.”

    She and Ji Yi happen to have only one elective class the same, so it’s just right? A lemon fruit.

    Song Yan is not so serious. When taking elective courses, she likes to play with her mobile phone.

    She was playing with her mobile phone, she covered it with a book, and shot a boy obliquely in front from a small corner on the side.

    That boy was the white swan that Song Yanke was thinking about.

    The effect of candid photos is very bad, only half of the face is in profile, not even the neck is visible.

    “Hey…” She sighed, put her phone away, and continued to stare in a bored daze.

    The elective course is over.

    When Ji Yi left, he said hello to her, “Coco, let’s go now.”

    “Bye.” She raised her palm, shaking her fingers back and forth, just like waving.

    Song Yanke’s elective subjects are not exactly the same as the other three roommates? No one is with her in this elective.

    Although? Had a good time with Ji Yi, but his boyfriend was beside him, so it was not convenient to interrupt.

    It’s not foolish to squeeze people, so she waited until the people in the classroom were walking around at odds and ends before she started to pack things up.

    When he got up and walked, suddenly? Turning his head and looking diagonally forward, he found that the white swan was still sitting there steadily, not knowing what he was doing.

    Song Yanke smiled, lightly walking from behind? He walked around behind him, “Brother Lu~ have dinner together~” The

    ending sounded lightly, not a question at all.

    The full name of the white swan is Lu Liansheng.

    Song Yanke didn’t rant when he called him “Brother Lu”, but in a mocking tone.

    Lu Liansheng kept his things away without squinting, turned and left from the other direction.

    Song Yan Ke slightly sighed, shrugged helplessly, and was not disappointed, because this was the result that was already expected.

    After walking out of the large classroom, Song Yan took out his mobile phone, planning to ask? Where is the roommate going? For dinner.

    The roommate replied that she wanted to go out for a small stir-fry. When she heard it, she reported the name of a dish that was often ordered, “Help me first? Come on, I’ll come in a while.”

    Song Yanke and her roommate will be there for about half an hour. Come back from outside school after eating.

    On the way back to the bedroom, my roommate suddenly pointed at him and exclaimed, “Wow, cocoa look, that boy.”

    Everyone knows that Song Yan likes to watch handsome guys, now? Seeing someone with outstanding looks, but also a little excited.

    Song Yanke followed the direction of her roommate’s fingers…Why did she become more familiar with her?

    The boy looked over and seemed to recognize her as well, and walked towards her.

    “Wait…” She seemed to recognize?

    Song Yanke said a few words to his roommate, and the two of them talked silently and walked to the side.

    “Xiao Li? Why did you come to our school?”

    After graduating from high school, they? They haven’t seen each other for a long time.

    Xiao Li is still that cold face, but now he has to speak again: “Do you know, where is Ji Yi?”

    “You come to Xiao Yi.” Song Yanke said frankly, “She may be in the book now. Library.”

    Listening to Ji Yi said, during the recent period, I have been in the library at night.

    “Thank you.”

    “It’s okay.”

    Song Yan Ke waved her hand and was about to leave.

    Suddenly Xiao Li? Turned his head, “Can you lead a way?”

    This place? It’s too big, and he was afraid that he didn’t find someone, so he lost it first.

    Song Yan was stunned, thinking about the friendship of classmates for a year, and took Xiao to the library for a trip.

    Song Yanke suggested, “Or? Give Xiao Yi a call first?”

    “No?” Xiao Li vetoed it.

    I don’t know what to say about them? Good luck or bad. It didn’t take long to walk in and I found the person I met, but she was not alone.

    Xu Yue sat next to Ji Yi, and the two seemed to be communicating.

    Ji Yi still hasn’t been able to completely? Get rid of the bad habit of biting the pen, Xu Yue will take the pen away.

    The two voices are very small, but their actions are very tacit.

    Seeing this scene, Xiao Li turned lonely.

    Seeing Xiao Li walking in the opposite direction, Song Yan asked more? “Aren’t you going to look for her?”

    “No.” There

    is no need to disturb her anymore.

    Xiao Li walked down the road in despair? Song Yanke watched him take two steps.


    Before she called her name, Xiao Li had already hit the pillar in front of her.


    Seeing it hurts for him.

    Song Yanke bared his teeth and decided to send him a ride with a kind heart, “Let’s go, let you go out of the school gate.”

    “No need?” Xiao Li indifferently refused, returning to his former cool posture.

    But he didn’t take a few steps. He looked at the wide campus and the all-encompassing intersections, and then backed back silently, “Song, please lead the way?”

    “Ah…” Song Yan almost didn’t suffocate a laugh.

    Don’t ask? Can’t find the way, ask? Ask? Passersby just walked out? Go, but Xiao Li’s character doesn’t even speak much to anyone he knows, so how can he ask? A stranger!

    Xiao Li’s legs are long and his steps are relatively fast. Song Yanke’s short legs can’t keep up?

    Song Yanke speeded up and ran in front of him. Suddenly, he stopped and said to him with a serious face: “The way forward, you go on.”

    Xiao Li thought this sentence sounded weird, “What? What do you mean?”

    Song Yanke pointed to the campus car parking area, and said solemnly: “I’ll take a taxi.”

    Xiao Li: “…” The

    two got in the car and scanned the code, found a place to sit down.

    After the car started, Lu Liansheng walked out from behind.

    From the library to here, I don’t know how I feel.

    The boy who was described as a white swan bowed his head, his eyes touched the ground, and the night wind rolled up the remaining leaves on the ground and rolled around, landing on the side of his pure white shoes.


    Ji Yi studied psychology and professional knowledge in school, while also taking into account music.

    Teacher Nan Jia was not foolish to push her to the altar, but he also had high hopes for her.

    Because of Nan Jia’s teacher, when she was studying, she occasionally met Ji Xinfei. But with the passage of time, she has less and less opportunities to meet Ji Xinfei.

    In the past two years, Ji Yi has been back to Yancheng several times. Sometimes I went home to process the information, sometimes I made an appointment with Zhao Yingfeng for a photo shoot, and by the way, I went back to Ji’s house to check in.

    When they were in their senior year, the school arranged for them to practice internships.

    Xu Yue suddenly became busy. He was not doing an internship, but learning more advanced professional knowledge.

    Ji Guosheng called Zhao Shuyi several times to tell her to go back. Ji Yi deposited the money he had earned in the past few years in the card and took it home together.

    This time, she met Ji Xinfei.

    Ji Xinfei is better at dressing up and has a more mature temperament than when he was in high school.

    Ji Xinfei seemed to have drunk and staggered when he came back.

    Aunt Su was not at home, so Ji Yi went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of hangover soup for her.

    “Drink some? It will make you feel better.”

    Ji Xinfei stared at the simple bowl of soup, then glanced at Ji Yi, Xuan Xuan was crying, “I apologize to you for those things back then.”

    “Actually, I didn’t. I’ve been stupid to hurt you. I was ignorant and scared. I always feel that if you become excellent, I will become the one who was abandoned…”

    “Ji Yi, don’t live like a puppet like me.” In the

    past few years like her, Ji Guosheng hasn’t graduated yet? After arranging her to interact with all the young talents, maybe it will wait for Ji Guosheng to make up his mind. If it is, it is possible to use her as a bargaining chip and send it to the right family for marriage.

    Feeling Ji Xinmei’s sadness, Ji Yi frowned, and suddenly asked: “Are you still in touch with Song Yanting?”

    “Song Yanting?” Ji Xinmei whispered? He was throbbing as he read the name. She was a teenager who was deeply in her heart during high school.

    She wondered, “Why? Why do you ask?”

    “I…” Ji Yiyu? wanted to answer, but found that her mind was empty.

    Suddenly, she was so stupid that she couldn’t get up. Why would Ji Xinfei and Song Yanting be linked together?

    She seems to have forgotten something.

    Ji Yi frowned deeply, “I… don’t remember…”

    The author has something to say: The

    White Swan finally has a name!

    The things between Xiao Li and Ji Xinfei have almost been explained.

    The end of this chapter is a pit.

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