AR: Ch 95

 How could Ji Yi never expect that Ji Guosheng’s phone calls, and Zhao Shuyi’s voice on the phone? The tearful “missing” is to coax her back-a blind date?

    Mingwan is not called a blind date, just take advantage of a small banquet, let her get dressed, take her over, and introduce everyone to each other.

    Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi are worthy of being a husband and wife, and they cooperated tacitly to disclose their daughter’s outstanding performance to everyone, intentionally or unintentionally.

    Almost everyone in the upper circle of Yancheng knows that the two daughters of the Ji family are very good, not to mention that this one is still biological, and the gold content is higher.

    Ji Yi didn’t want to be used as a trading tool, and when they were not paying attention, he ran outside to breathe fresh air.

    A figure slowly leaned towards her, and a magnetic sound fell on top of her head. “It’s been a long time.”

    Sitting on the chair, Ji Yi suddenly turned her head and froze for a while before recognizing this person’s body. “Song Yanting?”

    Song Yanting laughed, and said jokingly: “I forgot about it for you.” Is

    it a high school classmate, or the person who competes with her for the first place every time, I won’t forget it in four years .

    Song Yanting sat on the lounge chair next to her, keeping a polite distance between the two.

    “I heard that after the college entrance examination, you took psychology as an elective course. You should graduate soon, right?”

    “Well, there are still internships? I will graduate this year.”

    This kind of short distance is very suitable for chatting, Ji Yi asked by the way the sentence: “? How about you,”

    “I ah ……” Song Yan Ting open palms, arms resting on the bench seat, looked up at the sky, “the family wants me to school finance, but I was ……”

    Speaking Here, he suddenly laughed?, “Yang Fengyin violated his willingness and ran to the police academy.”

    Song Yanting, who strictly abides by discipline when he goes to school, turned out to be an aspiring young man full of masculinity.

    It’s just that he is the only child in the family, such a freshman family business, he didn’t want to get rid of it.

    The pursuit of freedom in life has only been a few years, he has enjoyed it, and he should return to the original established line.

    Lamenting about his life, Ji Yi, who majored in psychology, has brewed a wave of spiritual chicken soup in his heart.

    Who knew that Song Yanting suddenly changed the question, and praised: “You’re pretty good.”

    Ji Yi stunned, “What?”

    Song Yanting lowered his eyes and asked: “Are you still with Xu Yue? right? “

    she nodded,” Yes. “

    front to? is now? in that order after? a will? straight yes.

    “He was really messy back then. He did everything that violated the school rules. I looked down on this kind of person at the time.” Song Yanting opened his heart to talk. Better than me?”

    Hearing this?, Ji Yi frowned and reminded, “Hey! Are you talking? Notice that Xu Yue is my boyfriend!” In

    front of her, she said that her boyfriend is a scumbag. See you too much.

    Song Yanting emphasized, “I mean back then!”

    “Since you suddenly seemed to have changed in your second year of high school, even Xu Yue has changed with it.”

    At that time, everyone was quite confused, like gossip and like to follow suit.

    But as I grow older, after I have seen more things, I think about the past, and I will have a new understanding.

    Later, Xu Yue put on a clean school uniform and started class, taking the exam seriously.

    When an accident happened on the way, the school thought about expelling him under pressure. However, this did not defeat Xu Yue. He embarked on a journey and had a brighter future than many others.

    The young hero has been tempered into steel after thousands of trials and hardships.

    It’s worthy of admiration.

    “It? Actually I am now? I am very curious, high school? After the summer vacation of that year, what have you experienced? Life is like hanging out? It’s reborn?” Song Yanting said with a chuckle, just as it was. Small talk, easy to ask.

    But this question stumped Ji Yi.

    She wanted to search for an answer in her mind, but she found that the memory was blank.

    I don’t know how it has developed to today.

    Facing Song Yanting’s puzzled gaze, Ji Yi shook her head with a distracted expression, “I… don’t know.”

    She forgot.


    Zhao Shuyi? Lu Xunren, and finally found Ji Yi, “Xiao Yi, why are you here?”

    At the same time, she also saw Song Yanting next to him, “This is the Song family young master?”

    This combination of handsome men and beautiful women, Zhao Shuyi was also overjoyed when she saw it, “You young people have something to talk about.” But

    as soon as her voice fell, Ji Yi stood up and said blankly: “I’m leaving now.” He

    didn’t even wait. Zhao Shuyi agreed, and she left.

    After leaving this soulless banquet, she went back to Ji’s house and simply packed up her things, and left the card she brought back at Ji’s house. She bought the ticket overnight and rushed back to City B.

    In the past few years, Xu Yue used his own money to rent a house outside and became the exclusive nest of the two.

    Back here, she will have a sense of belonging at home.

    Ji Yi put down the small suitcase, suddenly feeling tired, too lazy to pack his luggage, so he put the suitcase by the door.

    Before returning to the room, he deliberately walked to the door of Xu Yue’s room, opened the door and took a look. It’s dark inside, no lights on, and no popularity.

    Xu Yuezhi? Nearly one? He has been doing design research with the team members. Sometimes he comes back late, and sometimes he stays in the studio.

    She picked up the phone and wanted to call him? When she turned to the dialing page, she began to hesitate again. She was afraid of disturbing him, so she put the phone away and went back to the house to wash and sleep.

    After twelve o’clock in the evening, the door started quietly.

    Xu Yue turned on the light and found the suitcase at the door when he changed his shoes. He was overjoyed in his heart. After changing the shoes, I washed my hands, went outside Ji Yi’s door, knocked softly twice, but didn’t get a response.

    He gently unscrewed the door lock and saw the night light on the bedside in the room. The person in the bed is already asleep and can still hear even breathing?

    He walked over with light footsteps, squatting on one knee beside the bed, and then the faintly bright night light saw her face clearly, and painted the familiar face in his heart.

    She seemed to be a little hot, and her hand got out of the bed.

    Xu Yue wanted to catch her and put her back. When he touched her finger, he suddenly changed his mind.

    He carefully separated her fingers, hooked her ring finger in a circle, stared at it carefully, and took notes silently.

    However, this little action woke up Ji Yi.

    She vaguely saw the person in front of her. Before she opened her eyes completely, she grumbled and complained, “How did you come back? I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

    This is something she never said when she was awake. ?.

    Xu Yue’s heart seemed to be pierced.

    He was really busy during this time, and he almost missed his girl.

    Ji Yi rubbed his eyes, and his thoughts gradually became clear.

    Xu Yue still squatted on the head of the bed, holding her one hand, “When did you come back? Why didn’t you tell me the time?”

    He should go to the airport to pick up people.

    And Ji Yi is not like that? Think.

    She lifted the quilt, sat up, turned on the light switch on the bedside, and the space became brighter.

    She turned her head slightly, and saw the black green in the corners of his eyes, and felt very distressed, “What can I tell you? It will delay time if you come to pick me up. If you go to work, you will come home very late.”

    Xu Yuejiang She put her hand in her palm and rubbed it, assuring her: “I will come back as soon as possible after the first.”

    “That’s the best? Good, but if you need it for work, you should follow your own plan.” She never Don’t want to be an obstacle to him.

    In the next few days, the classmates and colleagues who worked with Xu Yue all found that he was very efficient these days. Whether it was drawing design drawings or measuring mechanical data, Xu Yue’s speed suddenly increased, as if he was racing against time.

    He persisted like this for a whole month, and finally got two days off.

    Leaving a few other hard-working parties in the studio, they sighed and wailed, before Xu Yue had a holiday, they ran to beg, “Brother, Brother Xu! You can just stay for a long time to help us look at the data, it’s really bald. That’s it!”

    “No.” He sternly refused.

    To force the party members to kneel and hug their thighs, “Brother Xu, please, what are you doing in a hurry to go back, save the brothers.”

    “I want to go back with my girlfriend.”

    “Girlfriend? “Forcing the party to scratch their heads, their heads are filled with data and design drawings, and they didn’t pretend to be the “girlfriend” at all.

    Straight guy? Asked: “What can your girlfriend have to accompany?”

    Xu Yue sneered, and despised, “You don’t understand if you don’t have a girlfriend!”


    Ji Yi spent ten months as an intern in the place arranged by the school. When it was over, there was still one month left before receiving the graduation certificate.

    Several people in the dormitory discussed a small graduation tour.

    Ji Yi told Xu Yue about this. He gave Zhang Ka directly without saying anything. “Have fun.”

    “…” Ji Yi blinked. She didn’t come to ask for money.

    She affirmed: “I have money to save myself.” At

    this time, Xu Yue took her shoulders back and whispered in her ear, “An’an, I can’t accompany you, my money must accompany you.” “

    It’s really cool to have a generous boyfriend!

    Ji Yi and the people in the dormitory worked out a travel strategy. They ruled out the bustling and prosperous cities and chose scenic spots with a view.

    Domestic travel air tickets are not expensive, three digits, and everyone can afford it. Four people in a row got on the plane and flew to the long-awaited place.

    Traveling, for them, is a feeling of chasing freedom.

    Passing by the tourist spot, they passed the small pond in the park, looking at the calm water surface, a strange feeling rose in Ji Yi’s heart.

    At this time, an old man with gray hair rushed up and said, “Little girl, is this the book you dropped?”

    Ji Yi looked back subconsciously and saw that the old man was holding a book of Sujin cover novels with fireworks background in his hands. .

    “Book? We didn’t bring the book.” The

    old man handed the book to her fixedly, with a clear goal, “You dropped it, open it and have a look.”

    The firework cover made her feel a little familiar, Ji Yi stretched out his hand Take it.

    When she turned the page and saw the title of the catalog, she felt nervous for some reason.

    His slender fingers stayed at the corner of the book page, and went on to turn to the first chapter.

    When I saw those names, my heart beat violently.


    When the friend next to her came curiously, she suddenly closed the book.

    Ji Yi’s face was not very good, and when she looked up again to look for the old man, the old man was gone.

    The author has something to say:

    This chapter is full of details.

    In fact, I also want to have a boyfriend like Xu Yue, hahaha, it doesn’t matter if people accompany me or not, money can accompany me too!

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