AR: Ch 55

  Ji Yi lay in the room for a day.

    As long as? She is still awake, and her head is always thinking about how to escape.

    While Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi were not at home, she went to the living room again? Making several phone calls.

    On the phone, Aunt Su’s heart-warming advice, “Second Miss, don’t toss me.”

    Ji Yi softened his tone, “Aunt Su, I didn’t toss it on purpose, I just wanted you to come. Do me a favor.”

    Aunt Su’s heart screamed the alarm bell, “Second Miss, I really can’t let you out, otherwise I will be fired by my husband.”

    Ji Yi followed the words: “I know, so I don’t want to embarrass you. “

    Aunt Su really hesitated, “Then, the second lady, what do you need? What do I do?”

    Ji Yi: “I want to call my classmates and ask them to send me my homework and books.”

    “This… “Aunt Su frowned and couldn’t make up her mind for a while.

    Ji Yi showed a pitiful expression. Although people outside can’t see it, the expected effect is obvious. “It’s too boring to stay in the room. I just want to read and study to pass the time. I won’t go out.”

    Ji Guosheng is good. For the sake of face, this kind of thing will not be promoted everywhere, even the nanny at home, try to avoid it. So Aunt Su doesn’t even know why Ji Guosheng is? Guan Ji Yi, what she did was just performing tasks.

    Aunt Su sent a mobile phone to come up, and she stood in front of her and watched her, “Second Miss, you…”

    “Don’t worry? I will use the hands-free.”

    Ji Yi calculated the rest time for Song Yan. Can make a phone call, but it’s a pity that this girl didn’t know how to adjust, and no one answered the two calls.

    Fortunately, she has a good memory, and she still remembers He Xuxu’s phone call.

    He Xuxu was still eating when he received the call.


    Ji Yi breathed a sigh of relief when the phone was connected.

    “Xu Xu, I’m Ji Yi.”

    “Xiao Yi? Are you alright? Are you? How are you now? Did you call and send messages? No response.”

    “I’m alright?, I’m at home ?.” She took the time to communicate with He Xuxu, “That’s it. After school in the afternoon, can you give me a few books and test papers? I will tell you the address of my home, which is very close to the school, ten minutes. The way.”

    He Xuxu agreed without hesitation, “Yes. What do you want?”

    Ji Yi reported the name of the book and test paper.

    The whole conversation was under Aunt Su’s supervision. After hanging up, she smiled and returned the phone to Aunt Su, “Thank you Aunt Su.”

    Seeing her return to her usual peaceful appearance, Aunt Su breathed a sigh of relief and comforted. Said: “Although I don’t know why Mr. Why? Don’t let you go out, but the parents always think about their children. Don’t go back to them, the second lady. You will be the one who will suffer by then.”

    Ji Yi narrowed his eyes and whispered. Replied: “Well, I know.” In the

    afternoon, Aunt Su heard a knock on the door.

    Seeing two young female classmates from the cat’s eye, they asked for their names before they let them in.

    After receiving the call, He Xuxu told Song Yanke about this matter? Love? The two met and went together.

    They did not know, “It turns out that Xiao Yi is still a daughter.”

    Usually , she can’t see it at all.

    Aunt Su and he kindly led them to sit down in the living room, and brought fruit and pastries, “You are the second lady’s classmates, sit down and have some fruit.”

    Aunt Su saw the book in He Xuxu’s hand. He asked, “Is this something for the second lady?”

    He Xuxu nodded, “This is it.”

    Aunt Su tried to reach out and get it, but He Xuxu didn’t? Let it go.

    Song Yanke looked left and right, and asked curiously: “Where is Xiao Yi? Why didn’t you see her?”

    Aunt Su laughed dryly? A bit hesitated.

    She walked aside and received the phone call in Ji Yi’s room. “Second Miss, your two classmates have brought books to you.”

    “Then ask them to come up soon.”

    “This, but your room…”

    “Aunt Su, Dad wouldn’t let me out, didn’t you say he wouldn’t let my friends in.”

    Ji Yikou was smart, plus Aunt Su was kind to her, and soon achieved his goal.

    He Xuxu and Song Yanke were taken up and stood in front of the door, only to see Aunt Su take out the key to open the door.

    The two looked at each other and understood that it was not easy.

    When Aunt Su opened the door, they saw Ji Yi in the room, and they breathed a sigh of relief.

    Ji Yi coughed twice while covering his throat, “Aunt Su, thank you for bringing my classmate up. My throat is a little uncomfortable. Could you help me get some medicine?”

    ” Okay .”

    Aunt Su thought about the door. Ji Yi couldn’t go out if it was delivered.

    When Aunt Su left, Ji Yi waved to the two quickly, “The situation is urgent, to make a long story short…” When

    Aunt Su came back, I heard He Xuxu and Song Yanke flip through the books and papers, telling Ji Yi, “These two sets were taken for the exam yesterday. Take a look.”

    Aunt Su handed the lozenges to Ji Yi, “Second Miss, here are the medicines? You brought them.”

    “Okay, thank you.”

    Ji Yi eats While taking the medicine, he gave He Xuxu a look.

    He Xuxu and Song Yanke walked around behind Aunt Su, grabbing one arm, and tied Aunt Su with a tie.

    Aunt Su exclaimed, “What are you doing?”

    Ji Yi stood up, “Aunt Su, I’m sorry.”

    She had to get the key to open the door from Aunt Su.

    “Aunt Su, I won’t let you go now. When they see you tied up, they will only blame me for being too cunning.”

    She reached out and touched the bag on Aunt Su’s clothes, and she got a bunch of keys.

    She cast a glance at He Xuxu and Song Yanke, “Go.” The

    three ran downstairs, opened the door with what they wanted, and rushed out all the way.

    Breathing the fresh air outside, the three of them glanced at each other. Song Yan sighed, “It’s really exciting.”

    Ji Yi smiled from the bottom of his heart, “Thank you so much for trusting me so much.”

    “But I don’t? Time to explain to you, I want to know what happened to Xu Yue? What happened? Did he go to school?”

    He Xuxu replied: “The school got involved? Control the rumors, no? People dare to spread it on the Internet. But Xu Yue never came.”

    Ji Yi frowned, especially worried.

    “I see, is it convenient to borrow a mobile phone? My mobile phone has been collected.”

    ” Here it is .” Song Yan can pass her own mobile phone.

    Ji Yi nodded and thanked him, and used Song Yanke’s mobile phone to call Xu Yue, but the other party had turned off.

    She returned the phone to Song Yanke, “You two go back to school first.”

    “What about you?”

    “I still have something to do? Love?.”

    A lighted “empty car” drove in the distance . Taxi, Ji Yi stood on the side of the road and beckoned?

    She waved to the two friends?, “I’ll explain to you later, I’ll go first.” The

    taxi stopped by the side of the road, and Ji Yi bent over and got in.

    Get in the car and report directly to Xu Yue’s address.

    Long before she took it out, she had already had the cash and a key.

    I still remember when I received this key, Xu Yue once said, “If your house can’t get in, the door of my house will be opened for you at any time.”

    She felt that she would be fine at ordinary times? Wouldn’t she come knocking on the boy’s door? .

    I didn’t expect it to be used so soon.

    After the car stopped outside the complex and paid, she ran in directly.

    I didn’t care about knocking on the door and took out the key directly. My hands were shaking when I aligned the keyhole, and it took a while to insert it accurately.

    With a twist to the right, the door opened.

    A scent of smoke and alcohol mixed in.

    Ji Yi hurriedly covered his mouth and nose with his hands.

    This smell is really irritating!

    Standing at the door? Seeing the living room? Full of… a pile of garbage.

    Lots of wine bottles, cigarette butts, and some smashed things.

    Has Xu Yue’s house been turned over again?

    No… these things should be made by the people who live here?

    So much alcohol and cigarettes… It’s

    not because of the online speech, so it is greatly stimulated, is it?

    Inner? The grudge’s life experience was exposed and posted on the Internet to let everyone know that those people are more terrifying than the devil!

    Now, her heart is all up to her throat. He didn’t even care about changing his shoes, and walked in suffocated.

    “Xu Yue?”

    “Are you at home?”

    “Xu Yue!”

    Without discouragement, she knocked on the door and opened the bedroom directly.

    Xu Yue is not in the bedroom.

    She had never entered the middle room before, but she had seen Xu Yue come out through the leftmost door.

    Suddenly there was a strong hunch that he would be found!

    Ji Yi walked directly over the small room in the middle and unscrewed the door on the left.

    The curtains here were drawn up, and the whole room looked dim, only the edge of the windows let in the sunlight.

    Reached out tentatively? Touched the wall next to him, felt a square button, and pressed it directly.

    The eyes suddenly became bright.

    In the room is a large rectangular table, surrounded by transparent glass cabinets.

    There are various mechanical gadgets in the glass cabinet, and the table is scattered with white paper, with smear marks on it. There are also tool parts such as hammers, pliers, and batteries placed on it, out of order.

    “Xu Yue?”

    “Are you there?”

    She bent down to pick up the things at her feet and put them back on the long table.

    I fixed my eyes and saw a pair of feet!

    She walked around the long table, and saw herself lying on the ground, the young man who was trying so hard to find.

    Ji Yi hurried over and squatted beside him, smelling a strong smell of tobacco and alcohol.

    But she didn’t care about it at all.

    Seeing Xu Yue lying on the ground with her eyes tightly closed, the scars on her face were still obvious, her mind was confused.

    “Xu Yue.”

    “You wake up.” I

    want to call 120 before I think of myself. I don’t have a mobile phone at all.

    “Xu Yue! What’s the matter with you?” She was completely panicked, her eyes falling down with tears.

    She put her hands on the ground and said to herself, “No, I can’t cry, I’ll save you.”

    When Ji Yi wanted to stand up and go out to ask for help, her wrists were tightly clasped.

    Xu Yue endured the pain and slowly opened his eyes.


    The shadow that appeared in the dream? countless times appeared again, overlapping into a clear appearance.

    He sat up all of a sudden, stretched out carefully, wanting to touch her.

    But close at hand, he retracted suddenly.

    He was afraid of himself? One touch, even the illusion disappeared.

    “It’s great, you will show up again.”

    The person who didn’t dare to think about it…

Even if it makes myself? Battered and bruised, I can’t help but approach.

    I couldn’t find her when I was awake, so I got drunk and wanted to see her even through hallucinations, to see her most beautiful smile.

    Later, he was dissatisfied and forced himself to sleep, hoping to hear her voice in his dream.

    But he couldn’t sleep, his head hurts, and his heart hurts.

    But now, he finally dreamed of her.

    Ji Yi didn’t know that Xu Yue now dare not face the reality.

    Her eyes were tearful and hugged the person in front of her tightly, with a sobbing cry, “I finally found you…”

    The author has something to say:

    Happy Lantern Festival~

    Spoiler: Well…next chapter There is a kiss to

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