AR: Ch 54

 in school.

    After Ji Yi was taken away, the school took control of the posts on the Internet. Once it was posted on the forum, the title of the post was deleted.

    But the mouth grows on human body, it is impossible to prevent this? from spreading in the school.

    The first group of people? See it with their own eyes? See Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi take Ji Yi away.

    Someone recognized that they were Ji Xinfei’s parents, and then thought of the last names of the two people, and suddenly guessed their relationship.

    “Ji Xinfei, are you and Ji Yi really? Sisters? Are you? Sister or? Sister?”

    “Why are you two sisters still being enemies at school, won’t they? It’s like the kind of drama in TV dramas!”

    “Sorry, this? It’s a private matter. It’s inconvenient to tell.”

    Ji Xinfei really realized that his parents are more interested in Ji Yi now.

    They would worry that Ji Yi would be disturbed by rumors at school, but they didn’t expect others to find out about her? After being sisters with Ji Yi, would they continue the problem to her.

    In addition to people who purely watched the show, He Xuxu and Song Yanke had come to see her together.

    What do they care about?, “If what they said is true, we would like to know if Ji Yi was taken back, would he be scolded?”

    “I saw that the uncle who took Ji Yi away was so fierce? , Won’t you punish her?”

    Ji Xinfei took a breath in her heart and glanced openly, “How do I know, don’t ask me?” All

    day long, Ji Xinfei has been frightened, afraid that others will risk others. What is wrong with her?.

    During the period, the same table Song Yanting also watched her several times.

    Is Ji Xinfei really? Can’t help it, turning his head? Asked: “Are you? Are you? Are you curious? I want to ask me what is the relationship with Ji Yi?”

    “It’s really interesting.” Song Yanting admitted frankly.

    But he quickly took the next sentence: “But? I know you don’t want to say, so I don’t ask.”

    Ji Xinfei’s heart jumped.

    “I can tell you, they did guess right.”

    She admitted her relationship with Ji Yi.

    Song Yan Ting has not only exposed the strange surprised look, but floating faint smile, “Everyone? Have their own secrets, no need to explain to everyone. Are you? Ji heart, do not have everything?-Related discipline recalls.”

    Yuki Xin Fei blinked and quickly avoided his sight.

    He lowered his head?, constricted his eyes and asked: “Don’t you think Ji Yi has surpassed me, and I was beaten by her? Was I defeated?”

    Song Yanting tapped on the test paper with the pen in his hand, and slowly spoke. “It’s a good thing to be competitive, it can arouse one’s fighting spirit. But if you regard defeating another person as the purpose of all your efforts, it would be too embarrassing for yourself.”

    He looked at Xiang Ji Xinfei, and said with a deep meaning. After a sentence, “Everyone is? Independent, to live for themselves.”

    From the first year of high school to the present, Ji Xinfei and Ji Yi have always been in a competitive mode.

    In his first year of high school, Ji Xinfei wins over Ji Yi.

    But now, Ji Yi surpasses Ji Xinfei, whether it’s a school or something else.

    No one can tell this kind of thing clearly, what two people compare is their strength.

    And one’s own strength, no one can take away.


    This day, Ji Yi is really uncomfortable.

    After she was taken home by Ji Guosheng, Ji Guosheng asked her not to interfere in this matter. She? Of course it is impossible to agree, so Ji Guosheng shut her up.

    The bedroom door was locked from the outside, the windows were welded with anti-theft iron nets, the mobile phones were seized, and the computers were not connected to the Internet.

    Zhao Shuyi brought in cakes and milk? Come in to comfort her?, “Xiao Yi, are you hungry? Mom prepared some food for you, do you like it or not.”

    “Why locked me up? Am I not? Prisoner. ! ” “

    we are not? going to put you up, just? your dad worry out those rumors may hurt you. “Zhao Shuyi softly explained,” we are? trying to protect you ah. ” “

    I was? an independent thinking People, you? Forcibly control my freedom!” She couldn’t help raising her voice.

    Zhao Shuyi frowned?, looking at her with a worried look?, “Xiao Yi, why are you doing this? What do you think, Mom and Dad really are? For your own good. You are still young, I don’t know what some rumors are? Will kill? Human! You have now won a city award and become a student of Teacher Nan Jia. You have a bright future. But why do you want to hide from us what online celebrity model?”

    “I make money by photography,” Also? It’s fair and honest, not as

    embarrassing as you said.” She? Remember when Ji Guosheng brought her back, saying that she? Those videos and photos were grandstanding.

    Zhao Shuyi couldn’t speak the sharp language of Ji Guosheng, and she didn’t want to argue with her daughter.

    “Okay, okay, don’t quarrel with your mother, okay? Have something to eat.”

    She pushed the pastry plate in front of Ji Yi. Ji Yi was getting angry, and she would ignore it.

    Zhao Shuyi sighed, got up and left, “Just make a call if you need anything, whether it is Aunt Su or? Mommy will receive the call? It will be delivered for you.” The


    Is there someone on her desk? The phone is just an internal line, you can only call it to the living room!

    Ji Guosheng really worked hard for her.

    Why are you afraid of implicating her? Isn’t it? Afraid of her? Ashamed.

    Obviously no one at the school knew about her? It was the daughter of the Ji family. It would be great. Ji Guosheng personally came to the school to take her back. Many people saw her.

    Ji Yi tried to play the emotional card, but it was useless.

    She pretended to be soft and promised Ji Guosheng to ignore Xu Yue’s affairs.

    However, Ji Guosheng was particularly cautious and said: “Even if you really want to be tomorrow? You have to wait for this? After the matter, you can go out.”

    Anti-thief? Nothing for him?

    Zhao Shuyi completely obeyed Ji Guosheng’s arrangement, and Aunt Su did not dare to go against the master’s wishes.

    At every meal, Aunt Su will deliver her food on time.

    Ji Yi didn’t have trouble with his body, so he should eat what he should eat.

    I don’t want to be hungry when I go out.


    At night, she heard a knock on the door.

    The other three all knew she was locked inside. She guessed that it was Ji Xinfei who knocked on the door.

    “Don’t knock, I can’t open it.” As

    soon as the voice fell, Ji Xinfei pushed the door in.

    Just stand at the door.

    Ji Yi looked lazily? In the past, “Are you here? How to walk in grandiosely? Come, are you afraid that I will take the opportunity to run out?”

    Ji Xinfei was very sure, “You can’t run out, you can open the door? You can’t open it.

    ” Really? You guys even locked the door in order to close me?” Ji Yi gave her a heavy look, and sneered, “It’s a big sacrifice.”

    Ji Xinfei also? Not annoyed, Pi Xiaorou answered without a smile: “It’s just that you can’t open it, we naturally have the key.”


    Really? It’s annoying enough.

    She? With one hand? She held her cheeks on the table and pulled the corners of her mouth. “So what’s your purpose in coming here?”

    Ji Xinfei stared at her condescendingly, and slowly said: “I know you are locked here. Li will definitely worry about the rumors outside that are not conducive to Xu Yue.”

    Ji Yi: “…”

    “Xiao Yi, we are sisters after all, I’m here to find you, do you want to bring some news about Xu Yue? Yours.” While speaking, Ji Xinfei touched her hand machine.

    Ji Yi didn’t strongly reject the doubt, hand? pointed his chin, pretending to nod calmly?, “This? I am? Interested to listen.”

    She? Always? This? How unexpected.

    Ji Xinfei was stunned for a moment, “I thought you would say, don’t want to listen, don’t believe me.”

    Ji Yi let go?, and looked at her with a smile? , Sister Xin Fei? Isn’t this a kind person? Even a piece of news? You want to deceive me?”

    “Okay, I don’t want to play tricks with you. I can tell you that I met Xu on the day I feasted on Teacher Nan Jia. Yue, he was beaten so that he had no resistance.”

    Ji Xinfei opened his mobile phone and placed the photo of Xu Yue with a wound on his face before her eyes.

    Ji Yi’s breathing was stagnant.

    “You? You know, he has asked for leave since that day, because he is embarrassed to come to school because of his appearance.” Ji Xinfei knew that there were some things to stop.

    After talking about this, she retracted her mobile phone and turned to go out.

    “Let’s go first, Xiao Yi.”

    Ji Yi was still sitting at the table, holding both hands very tightly.

    In the middle of the night, the phone in the living room kept ringing.

    Aunt Su was awakened, and when she picked it up, she called it from Ji Yi’s room.

    “Su aunt, my, my stomach hurts.”

    This? This would not wake up in the middle of the night, an aunt Sue, they worry, “two? Miss are you? How, I’ll come.”

    Su aunt hanging After the call, she hurried to Ji Yi’s room and found that the lock at the door needs a key to open. She slapped her forehead to make herself more awake.

    It’s a special period, the husband told me that no matter what the second lady said, he should be contacted first.

    “Second? Miss, wait a minute, I’m going to inform the husband and the wife!”

    “Aunt Su, Aunt Su!”

    Ji Yi, who was lying weakly, sat up instantly and smashed the bed angrily.

    Ji Guosheng heard that she was ill, but unlike Aunt Su, he was not as helpless and asked Aunt Su to contact a private doctor. He would rather add more money than let her go out.

    The plan failed.


    On the other side, wine bottles are lying messily in the spacious and clean living room.

    Empty, full, and some smashed pieces.

    Those unsightly words and pictures in the mobile phone, like poison eroding his bone marrow, like a curse lingering in his mind, why can’t it be removed.

    “I said, this? No one in the world can accept your past.”

    “You shouldn’t have been alive.”

    “Now everything has been exposed. How about people who once said that they would not give up on you? Hahaha , You are destined to be abandoned by everyone!”

    “You are? The continuation of sin.”

    He tightly grasped the bottleneck of the wine bottle and slammed it on the ground angrily.

    The fragments flew and plunged into his bare feet.

    But at all? No pain.

    He was tired of hearing those words that were as poisonous as snakes and scorpions.

    Only the few words circling in my ears, anyway? Can’t forget.

    “You like Ji Yi, don’t you? But what you call like is basically? A joke, she? I can’t avoid you now.”

    “You ruined him, she? Will hate you, she? Hate you?”

    This ? Once, Lu Yi won.

    Ji Yi didn’t answer his call, nor did he send him another text message.

    It should have been known that someone like him would fall back into the quagmire sooner or later.

    Still thinking about some angels.

    The girl who was standing on the stage shining brightly shouldn’t have mixed with him.

    He was emotional and deserved to be in pain!

    But? An An…

    “But? An An, why, not even you? Don’t me…”

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