AR: Ch 53

Xu Yue finally took a serious look at her, with obvious ferocity, like a wild beast yelling at her with fangs, “What would she think of me? I don’t know? But you, you will definitely regret it!”

    Ji Xinfei Can not help taking a step back, the expression on his face gradually solidified.

    Later, she quietly followed behind and stopped speaking, and saw Xu Yue walking into the elevator with turns.

    When Ji Xinfei tried to step in? Xu Yue coldly warned: “Don’t follow me.”

    Ji Xinfei stepped in , “The elevator in the hospital is not your personal belongings, I can ride freely.

    ” Shit.”

    Xu Yue didn’t say more.

    He left the hospital and took a taxi.

    Ji Xinfei couldn’t catch up either.

    Xu Yue went to the old clinic.

    When the old doctor saw him, he stared at him for a long time wearing reading glasses, “Fighting again?”

    “I haven’t seen you in a long time”

    Xu Yue directly took out some red tickets from his bag and pressed them on the glass table cabinet. “Medicine.”

    Not surprising, the old doctor put down the things in his hand, pulled a plastic bag at the cash register, got up and took several medicine boxes in the cabinet.

    “Take it.”

    Xu Yue turned around while carrying something.

    The old doctor suddenly stopped him, “Wait.”

    Xu Yue stopped and turned sideways.

    “Every time you come to me, you are always hurt. Listen? My little grandson said that you have stopped fighting in school.” Looking at the thin and thin background, the old doctor sighed inaudibly. “Xu Yue, if you want to change yourself? You have to let go of the past completely.”

    Xu Yue narrowed his eyes.

    The old doctor thought he would not respond anymore, himself? Sitting down on the glass table and continuing with the things in his hands.

    But while he was playing with the balance, he suddenly heard Xu Yue say, “I will.” The

    old doctor shook his hands and almost turned the balance.

    He can also be regarded as watching this life-stricken child grow up. For so many years, Xu Yue has been torturing himself.

    The child never felt that the status quo could be changed, and almost gave up his own life, just to live for the grandfather’s last words and to make money to maintain another person’s life.

    After Xu Yue left, the old doctor took off his reading glasses and touched the tear marks on the folds of his eyes.

    “What’s it? Did you change… really good?”


    Xu Yue asked for leave again.

    But Ji Yi didn’t even bother to find the reason this time, because her video was uploaded on the Internet.

    When I took a photo of Hanfu for the merchant last time, Zhao Yingfeng casually recorded a video of playing 箜篌 for her. After editing, she and Zhao Yingfeng were very satisfied.

    Her video was updated on Weibo, but because of her relatively small reputation, not many people saw her except for her diehard fans.

    Unexpectedly, the merchant followed the ID and asked her if she could use the Honghu video as a publicity, and at the same time, she would pay a high fee.

    Ji Yi, who is devoted to making money, agreed.

    Well-known businesses have a fan base, and the videos they send out with their own traffic, suddenly become popular.

    The number of Ji Yi’s Weibo followers rose from four digits at the beginning of 1 to five digits overnight.

    Someone also reposted the video to the space, one pass ten, ten pass a hundred, and it spread among classmates.

    Good? Many people came to ask if the person on the video was her.

    At first, I could face it with a smile, but then I was really annoyed by the question, so I just unfolded the book and covered it directly on my head.

    It turned out to be famous? There are? There are advantages and disadvantages.

    “Ji Yi, this is really you on the Internet?”

    “Wow, I didn’t expect Ji Yi to wear ancient costumes so immortal!”

    “Isn’t she the number one in the last dance competition? Isn’t she still playing the 箜篌, too awesome? Forced!”

    “Our class is going to be an Internet celebrity.”

    Now that the network technology is advanced, as long as there is a search, you can find her information.

    The business pictures taken by Ji Yi are not private photos, even if someone reproduces them, it is understandable.

    Not only did those people start talking about her videos, but the boys began to hand her love letters to confess.

    The wx page news is about to explode.

    A good friend of her did not approve the application.

    As a tablemate, He Xuxu couldn’t stand it. “Xiao Yi, someone came to see you in our class.”

    Ji Yi buried his head in his arms and shook his head until the class bell rang. , To get quiet.

    “There’s been a bit of excitement in the class recently.”

    Teacher Jiang stood on the podium and tapped a few words.

    “The mid-term exam will be here soon. You two will give me your thoughts. If anyone loses his grades, then? Wait goodbye? Blame the teacher for increasing the study tasks!”

    After class, Ji Yi was called out. To the office.

    She followed Teacher Jiang into the office. Teacher Jiang put aside the textbook, and Ji Yi stood by the side cleverly, as if waiting to be trained.

    Teacher Jiang said: “Is this thing really? Has it been ordered? Recently, many people ran into our class, most of them came to you.”

    Ji Yi nodded, “Sorry, I didn’t expect things to turn out like this.”

    Teacher Jiang has always been tolerant of listening and studying. “No, I didn’t mean to blame you. You don’t do what you do. Breaking the law, no? Who can blame you, I’m worried that those things will affect your mood. It seems that the mid-term exam is about to be taken.” After

    hearing this, Ji Yi had a deep feeling in his heart, and then smiled slightly. “Teacher Jiang, don’t worry, I will grasp the results.”

    “That’s good?.”

    Calling her to the office deliberately, the main purpose is to help her ease her mood.

    Ji Yi breathed a sigh of relief when he stepped out of the office door.

    In fact, there are many kind and rational people in this world.

    I thought that after a while, the heat of this matter would gradually decrease.

    However? On this day, Ji Yi received a strange call from the city.


    There was a moment of silence over there, reporting to     her family , “I am Lu Yi.”

    “Lu Yi?”

Her impression of Lu Yi is really bad?

    During the period of hesitation, Lu Yi’s voice came from the handset of the mobile phone, “Ji Yi, I once said that you will be hot, but I didn’t expect this day to come so quickly. If the future development goes well, you will become an excellent business model. “

    Lu Yi suddenly said these things to her, which sounded weird.

    Ji Yi frowned, and asked in confusion, “What the hell do you want to say?”

    “I want to remind you, don’t mess with Xu Yue’s uncleanness, he will ruin you.” Lu Yi There is a gloomy tone in his “reminder”.

    She pierced her ears and emphasized, “I said, he is my friend! He is very good?!”

    Lu Yi suddenly laughed slyly, “If you mix with him again, you will eventually regret it.”

    Ji Yi replied decisively, “I won’t.”

    Anyway?, she won’t be because of Xu Yue’s life experience. ? Give him up.

    Lu Yi’s threats and warnings only reminded her of the pain Xu Yue had suffered, and she felt even more distressed.

    Leaning on the chair tiredly, put down the phone, and pressed the corner of his eye.

    When he opened his eyes, he turned his eyes slightly and moved to the antler jewelry rack.

    The white tether was still fishing on it, did she selfishly return it to Xu Yue, but kept it away.

    Raising his hand and touching his head, he took off the rubber band.

    The cherry-like red beads and rubber bands were on the table, and her mood was inexplicably? Better? A lot.

    Lazily grabbed the phone back in his hand and called the number with the most calls.

    The phone rang for a long time, only the icy voice of customer service replied “The call you dialed is temporarily? No one answered?”.

    She couldn’t get through, so she simply sent a text message over.

    [Xu Yue, why haven’t you come to school in the past two days? School? 】

    【What happened? Did something happen? ]

    Promised more tired against the wall, staring unblinking eyes that light up the phone again and again, has repeatedly reached out, but when going to touch? Withdrew it.

    I don’t know? How long after speaking, the light finally dimmed, and the phone did not ring again.

    Later, he finally picked up the phone and saw the missed calls and text messages with deep concern on it. Finally, he returned a text message, telling her to feel relieved: [It’s okay, don’t worry? 】

    At this time? Hou Wanlai was all silent, the girl lying on the bed had entered a beautiful dreamland.

    When the screen of the mobile phone on the bedside turned on, a text message popped up.

    After a while, the screen automatically turned off.


    next morning, Ji Yi was woken up by the alarm clock.

    She rubbed her eyes, and when she took the phone to look at it, she found Xu Yue’s text message.

    It’s okay?

    Get up to dress up, eat, go to school in a hurry, and study early in school.

    She looked up and saw the desk in front of her with nothing but books, and she felt a little disappointed.

    In the morning, Song Yanke in the back row suddenly ran to the front, ignoring the boss’s seat, and sat down in Xu Yue’s position, facing Ji Yi, anxiously holding her mobile phone to her. “

    Something happened .” Ji Yi raised his eyes to see the black phone screen.

    “What’s the matter?” she asked.

    Song Yanke turned her phone to find that it had gone out. She hurriedly pressed the bright screen to unlock it, and put it in front of Ji Yi again. “It’s the boss that has something to do with you.”

    There was a message in the campus forum. New posts.

    The above stated Xu Yue’s life experience, the main point is that he was a wild species born by QJ, and his biological father became a murderer.

    3L: No wonder Xu Yue is so irritable. It turns out that he is the son of the murderer!

    4L: It’s terrible, isn’t that tantamount to pressing an irregular time? Does zha play by your side?

    5L: Still guilty, my God!

    No? People pity him, no? People worry about how much hardship he has suffered.

    Everyone caught his father’s sins and transferred all his anger to him, feeling that the children raised in that environment were unbearable!

    And? Song Yanke said that he had a relationship with her because the person who posted the topic connected her with Xu Yue.

    Someone used her fame to completely reveal Xu Yue’s life experience!

    In addition to cursing others, the latter words gradually began to unify.

    They even asked the school to expel Xu Yue.

    Song Yanke cautiously asked, “Is what’s written on this is true?”

    A drop of crystal tears fell on the screen of the phone and burst open.

    With tears in Ji Yi’s eyes, she shook her head, “It’s not like that, it’s not.”

    Song Yan was frightened by her reaction, and quickly coaxed: “Xiao Yi, don’t you cry? There must be a man-made rumor. Reported.”

    Someone hacked the post, but the content has already been saved by a screenshot of the person before sending it out.

    Ji Yi ran out of the classroom with his mobile phone in a panic, but was blocked by someone.

    Ji Guosheng, who rushed to school in a hurry, said with a black face, “Ji Yi, come home with me.”

    Because they were in school, they found out late. However, someone specially notified Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi long ago.

    He has always been dissatisfied with his daughter’s dealings with Xu Yue, and now that something like this broke out, he felt ashamed of himself.

    Ji Yi refused.

    Ji Guosheng used her father’s name to force her to take her home.

    “Give me her mobile phone!”

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