AR: Ch 52

 When Ji Guo Sheng and Zhao Shuyi took Ji Xin Fei home, it was very lively. Several people were carrying big bags of things in their hands.

    Ji Yi held a book and sat on the sofa to read. When Zhao Shuyi saw her, she hurriedly put the “bag in her hand” aside, took out two more bags from it, and walked towards her with a smile, “Xiao Yi, this? This is my mother.” Do you like the gift I bought for you.”

    Ji Yi put down the book and glanced over the few shopping bags.

    Many times she faced? Zhao Shuyi was in a weak state.

    It’s like Zhao Shuyi wants to be right with her daughter, but she always chooses to give in when encountering things, and hurt her daughter inadvertently.

    In the eyes of Zhao Shuyi’s expectation, Ji Yi sighed lightly, took the thing, “Thank you.”

    Putting the thing on the sofa, she stood up and said quietly, “I have something to follow. You say.”

    Zhao Shuyi quickly answered, “What? What?”

    Ji Yi glanced at? Ji Xin? Fei, then looked at? Ji Guo? Sheng, slowly said: “Ms. Nan Jia wants me to be her student. , I agreed.”

    “Boom——” Ji Xin? The bag in Fei’s hand? Dropped directly to the ground.

    Ji Guo Sheng looked over in

    shock and couldn’t believe it, “You, do you say it again?” With a panoramic view of their shocked reaction, Ji Yi raised the corners of his lips with satisfaction, and repeated: “Teacher Nan Jia is now It’s my music teacher.”

    Ji Guo Sheng pointed to her, “Nonsense! You…what do you do…”

    This time, I wanted to refute, but I didn’t feel as righteous as before.

    He began to hesitate, “Ms. Nan Jia obviously accepted his heart yesterday? As a student, why? He will accept you? And you have a piano…”

    Before receiving feedback from the music training class, Ji Yi’s piano is not tabletop at all, like Teacher Nan Jia has such a high level of vision, why would he accept Ji Yi as a student?

    What? It all sounds like lying.

    Ji heart? Fei smile on his face some embarrassing, originally carrying shopping bags gestures stiff in the air, “small pieces, you may not know, yesterday Namgyal teachers have? Take me as a student.”

    The implication No need to deceive everyone.

    Ji Yi pale eyes moved over, tone? High not low not dropped a heavy bomb, “You? A? Thing I know, it touches you do not know, Namgyal teacher today accept me as a student.”

    Ji Xin Fei asked softly: “Did you borrow it? I went to Teacher Nan Jia in my name? Although you are my sister, I will not allow you to do things that are not on the stage!”

    Ji Yi’s expression freezes. A few seconds.

    “Ji Xin? Fei, are you too self-confident?”

    If she hadn’t learned etiquette since childhood, she would like to curse: Are you in your head?

    “I know you may not believe it, so, answer the call.”

    Ji Yi called Nan Jia in front of them.

    “Teacher, good night.”

    “May need you to help me persuade my family.”

    This? The two have already discussed this matter, so when Ji Yi explained the reason, Nan Jia agreed to talk to her parents.

    They all saw that Ji Guo Sheng’s expression changed from questioning to surprise, and in the end, with joy, they once again invited Teacher Nan Jia to have a meal.

    Teacher Nan Jia also had to take two of them himself? The students were actually a family, so he didn’t shirk anymore.

    After the call, Ji Guo Sheng looked at Ji Yi in surprise, his eyes were like seeing a treasure.

    “Good girl, didn’t expect you to be like this? Ability!”

    “Dad, I will definitely train you!”

    Ji Guo? Sheng right? Ji Yi’s attitude directly turned a hundred and eighty degrees.

    The neglected Ji Xin? Standing aside, the blood on his face gradually disappeared.

    It’s over…

    Now Ji Yi is taking everything from her bit by bit!


    Teacher Nan Jia hasn’t left Yancheng, Ji Guo Sheng rushed to arrange a banquet.

    Teacher Nan Jia and Anna arrived early, which gave me a lot of face.

    “I really didn’t expect that the two students I took were still a pair of sisters.”

    Teacher Nan Jia didn’t know the grudges of the Ji family, and now they are right? The two of them? The fate is even more intimate.

    Ji Guo Sheng laughed loudly and echoed: “It shows that their sisters are related to Teacher Nan Jia.” The

    subsequent conversation naturally revolved around the two children.

    Ji Guo Sheng didn’t know why Nan Jia? Choosing Ji Yi, he laid the groundwork in advance, “My Xiao Yi is slightly lacking in music, and I hope the teacher will take care of it.” I

    didn’t expect that Nan Jia would not mind, but relaxed the request. .

    “It’s okay. Since she called me a teacher, I will use my heart to teach. And I told her before that she doesn’t need to be proficient. If she prefers dancing, I will give my full support.”

    “Really? Really? “

    Ji Guo Sheng did not expect that in this period of mentorship, Nan Jia turned out to favor Ji Yi more.

    “Xiao Yi, you have to study hard with Teacher Nan Jia in the future.”

    Because of Teacher Nan Jia’s arrival, Ji Guo must pretend to be right in his costumes? She is kind. Ji Yi feels comfortable after this meal.

    But Ji Xin was eating this sumptuous meal, which tasted like chewing wax.

    After sending away teacher Nan Jia, she made an excuse to say that she was going to the library, but in fact took a car to the city hospital.

    She took the hairs of Ji Guo Sheng and Zhao Shuyi to make a paternity test with Ji Yi’s hair samples, but both results indicated that they were biologically confirmed.

    But when she got the result of the paternity test, she felt a little bit colder in her heart.

    What is she thinking?

    The one who has no blood relationship with the Ji family is clearly himself, so he still doubts Ji Yi’s identity because of the phrase “changed a person”.

    Ji Xin’s back leaned against the cold wall, tearing the appraisal report in his hand to shreds.

    Facts have proved that Ji Yi is really the biological daughter of Ji Guo Sheng and Zhao Shuyi, just like God’s help, changed his temper and personality, and has unique skills.

    Ji Xin Fei still remembers when she was adopted back to Ji’s house-

    at that time Ji Guo Sheng and Zhao Shuyi had a good relationship. After the child was lost, Zhao Shuyi cried all day and night, and Ji Guo Sheng thought about it. Adopt another child of the same age? to comfort his wife.

    At that time, she was the smartest child in the orphanage, so Ji Guo selected her.

    She knew this? It was her own opportunity, so she kept working hard at school to please Ji’s parents.

    Later, Ji Guo Sheng’s business grew bigger and bigger, and Zhao Shuyi stayed with him all the year round in order to stabilize her husband’s feelings.

    Ji Guo Sheng did not have any emotional derailment incidents, but after success, his temper became more and more uncontrollable, and his utilitarianism gradually became apparent.

    He can use it to train you and spend money on you, but you must show your own value.

    When she learned that her biological daughter had been recovered, she had also panicked, fearing that her rich life she now possessed would be in vain. Therefore, she studies harder, literary performance, music and dance, she must take care of it at the same time so as not to be given up!

    But she soon discovered that this biological daughter was not a threat to herself.

    Because Ji Guo? Sheng doesn’t like that kind of daughter who doesn’t know anything.

    No matter what Ji Yi robbed her for? Room, what? What? She was willing to let it out.

    Because Ji Yi robbed her of her things, Ji Guo Sheng and Zhao Shuyi would treat her better.

    And what Ji Xin Fei really possesses is the wealth that Ji Yi can’t take away!

    She originally thought that she would keep doing this forever.

    She will be the best student in No. 1, the most obedient daughter in the eyes of her parents, not the winner in the eyes of others.

    But now, everything has changed.

    Just because Ji Yi was better than hers, he took away the honor that belonged to her.

    What should she do?

    Ji Xin walked down the hospital corridor dejectedly.

    The doctors and nurses in white lab coats and blue masks are in a hurry. Each of them has its own goals, but she is not clear about her efforts to strive for this? All, what is the ultimate goal?

    Do you just stay in Ji’s house and get other people’s attention?

    Will never be hurt when people asked her all day learning will not be tired, danced feet grind bubble ……

    Ji heart? Fei heart? Thinking uncertain, waiting for her lift eye area to see signs of the time , Realized that I went up and down the stairs in the wrong direction.

    The hospital is very large and there are many divisions in the department. If you are not careful, you will lose your way.

    She walked forward while looking at the sign, and suddenly heard a chaotic sound.

    Ji Xin stood at the corner and looked over, and found a young man hitting another person against the wall.

    She was shocked, and went back the same way, when she happened to encounter a doctor and two people dressed as nurses.

    Ji Xin Fei hurriedly shouted, “Doctor, there are two people fighting over there.”

    Hearing this, the doctor’s expression immediately became serious, “Where? Take us there.”

    The job of a doctor is not just to treat patients.

    Ji Xin Fei hurried over with someone, but the two were still entangled.

    To be precise, it was a unilateral beating, because the person on the wall hardly resisted.

    “Stop! Stop!” The

    male doctor rushed to pull the two away.

    Ji Xin? Fei looked heartily? Frightened, but unexpectedly discovered that the boy with the color on his face turned out to be Xu Yue.

    Xu Yue, who dared to provoke no one at school, was beaten with no resistance?

    Lu Yi pulled the doctor and the vigorous nurse with both hands on the back, still kicking Xu Yue’s leg violently.

    Xu Yue’s legs trembled, and Ji Xin Fei could see it clearly.

    The boy’s hair was messy, his face was bruised, and there were obvious bloodstains at the corners of his mouth.

    My heart beats faster, I was frightened.

    Ji Xin took a few steps forward tentatively, “Xu Yue?”

    Hearing his name, Xu Yue raised his eyes and looked over, as if ice scum was caught in his eyes.

    Ji Xin was taken aback by his harsh eyes.

    But… Ji Yi can get along with Xu Yue like that? Well, she must be able to do it too!

    Ji Xin Fei ran over, trying to help him.

    But before he could get close to Xu Yue, he waved away his hand indifferently.

    “You are injured.”

    Xu Yue’s gaze fell on the ground in front, and he did not respond to her.

    I knew that Xu Yue was cold-tempered, and Ji Xinfei could still accept it.

    She said patiently, “You need to see a doctor now, let me accompany you.” The

    nurse also persuaded her.

    Lu Yi, who was frantically violent, had already been taken away by force, but the more people were not allowed to touch him, he refused to leave.

    They all thought that Xu Yue was greatly hurt.

    The cold-hearted boy wiped the blood from the corners of his lips, as if he hadn’t heard it, dragging his bruised body forward.

    Ji Xin? Fei chased it up, still holding the cell phone, “Xu Yue, you can not listen to me, but if I tell Ji Yi about this? What will she do?”

    Xu Yue really did. ? Stop moving forward.

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