AR: Ch 51

   After meeting Teacher Nan Jia, Ji Yi’s mood was obviously more happy.

    When Xu Yue called, she was holding a blue and white ocarina in her hand.

    Originally, it was to accompany her to get up today, but when the school was over at noon, I received a call and left, and came to her after the matter was resolved.

    Everyone has their own private space. When Xu Yue seems to have no special emotional changes, she will not ask.

    Xu Yue found it according to the map, and stood by the side of the road and secretly recorded the portrait.

    The little girl in his eyes, wearing a simple ponytail, wearing a light pink round-neck chiffon dress and a bare-toed veil, slammed into his heart when she looked back.

    Ji Yi waved at him, and ran over happily.

    When she approached, Xu Yue deliberately speeded up and pulled in the distance between the two, causing Ji Yi to bump into his hand and arm without any protection.

    With his long hands and arms bent, he circled the person in a half circle, and it looked like she was plunged into his embrace.

    The beating words floated into her ears, “Ji An’an, you are so obedient, you bump into my arms every time.” The

    calculated Ji Yi: “!!!”

    “It’s obviously you who cheated me.” “

    How could I cheat you.” The big man refused to admit it, and was cheeky when he was shameless.

    When Ji Yi walked over with Xu Yue, the group of people saw that the two of them stood side by side, with another expression of “we all understand”.

    Brother He Jia was very enthusiastic, “Hey, handsome guy, what would you not order?”

    Xu Yue faced? The stranger still had an indifferent expression, “No.”

    Ji Yi contributed the folding stool when he was resting. Guy, but the boss refused.

    Xu Yue asked her back, “Do you think I am the kind of person who only cares about my own enjoyment?”

    Ji Yi broke off his hands and fingers, “I didn’t think so.”

    “Then you just sit down.” Xu Yue put his hand on her shoulders, pressed the person down, and sat down firmly.

    Ji Yi blinked his eyes twice, “But I’m going to stand up and perform…” The

    big man: “…”

    He bends over silently, stretches out his hand? He picked up the person and stood firm.

    “Then you have to wait for me for a while.”


    She has something she wants to do, he can wait silently.

    Suddenly Xu Yue stretched out his hand and touched the loose ponytail on top of her head, hanging softly on the neck of her neck, reminding: “Your hair is loose.”

    Ji Yi raised his hand and took off the black rubber band with his hand. ? Simple combing, and then put on the rubber band of the wrist.

    There was still some looseness after two rounds, and she simply pulled her hair one more round.

    Unexpectedly, one more lap has reached the limit of the rubber band, just fixed, the rubber band is directly broken from it.

    The hair fell down, Ji Yi stared at her hand. The rubber band between her fingers wanted to cry without tears, “It’s too bad quality…”

    It seems that she should replace the box of rubber bands she bought last time, always. Easy to break.

    She subconsciously glanced at Xu Yue’s collar.

    Xu Yue protected herself, “Why, do you still want to hit my idea?”

    Ji Yi curled his lips. “The T-shirt you are wearing can’t be pulled out of the tie, okay?”

    Xu Yue held her shoulders again and controlled. Turning her whole body to the right by one hundred and eighty degrees, she turned her back to him.

    When she was about to turn her head, she felt the fingers of her hand pass through her hair, and her long hair was gently gathered.

    “Don’t move,” he said.

    Xu Yue didn’t know where to change one? A rubber band was tied to her hair.

    She touched it, and felt that there were still two round beads on the surface.

    Ji Yi opened his eyes wide and looked at him, and asked suspiciously: “Why do you have rubber bands?” The

    big man replied with a blushing face, “I picked it up.”

    “If you believe it, you blame it!”

    She didn’t see it. He Xuxu quietly took a picture of what was on her head and sent it to her.

    When the picture is zoomed in, she sees a black head rope with two red beads on the top, like small red cherries.

    Is it really a girly heart.

    How could Xu Yue wear the things he picked up on his body?

    Lie to her?

    Ji Yi thought about it a lot, and basically got the answer.

    But she was ridiculed by the boss just now, she didn’t admit defeat, and wanted to win back.

    Taking advantage of the break and change, Ji Yi walked over to Xu Yue’s body, touched the hair rope on his head in front of him, and asked, “Whose rubber band is this?”

    “Ah.” Xu Yue He clenched a fist and coughed, pretending to answer calmly: “It’s yours if you give it to you.”

    Ji Yi shook his head, looking a little awkward, “That’s not okay, who knows which girl’s hair is tied? I’m embarrassed to take someone else’s hair.” Things.”

    “Ji An’an!” Xu Yue grabbed her ponytail “violently”, still reluctant to talk.

    Staring at those bright eyes, the good-looking teenager simply put aside his face, “I have to tell me? This is yours, I bought it for you!”

    Ji Yi couldn’t help but bit his lip with a swollen cheek with a smile. ?.

    She took a step forward and stepped on the laces.

    She looked down and was about to bend over.

    The teenager in front of him squatted down on one knee faster than her, and carefully untied the original knot for her, and then re-tied a roughly symmetrical bow.

    “I don’t know how to tie my shoelaces. What should I do if I accidentally fall?”

    “Will you catch me?”

    “…” Hear? The little girl’s soft words suddenly couldn’t be trained.

    The boss choked twice, as if there was a sense of accomplishment in my heart.

    A child passing by the street was holding two ice creams in his left and right hands. Ji Yi’s gaze unconsciously moved over.

    Xu Yue embraced her arms, and said, “Want to eat?” The

    little girl nodded honestly.


    He walked across the road.

    He Xuxu, a melon-eating crowd, went online in time, sitting next to Ji Yi, with an unbelievable expression on his face, “My God, was it my illusion just now? Xu Yuehe! It’s really the same one before. Is anyone beaten up by the brutal school boss in the hospital?”

    Ji Yi was thin-skinned, and felt ashamed when he was teased by a few sentences, “He is always good.”

    The Xu Yue she knew was always the same. ? A very good boy.

    He Xuxu said: “That also divides people into equal parts. The degree of closeness between people is actually very obvious.”

    She looked at Ji Yi and asked casually: “When you two are walking together, although no? hand?, but will often encounter? right? side arms, right? “

    Ji Yi nodded,” it’s like, oh. ” “

    that’s right? because your subconscious wants to get closer right? side, the more will go The closer you get.”

    Ji Yi was surprised when he heard? He Xuxuyi’s serious reasoning, “It sounds like you know it well.”


    Xuxu smugly patted his chest, seemingly proud, “That’s! Anyway, I’m also someone who fell in love with me once.” “Huh? Early…well.”

    He was caught before he was finished. Xu Xu covered her mouth.

    The two heads leaned against each other, and He Xuxu emphasized in a low voice, “Hush, don’t let my brother hear?, otherwise he has to break my leg!”

    Ji Yi became interested, “What’s the matter? What’s the matter? You tell me quietly.”

    “Hey… I don’t see that you are so gossiping.”

    “Everyone has? Curiosity, and I’m just an ordinary person.”

    “Oh, it’s a long story. “He Xuxu took a sigh of relief, sighed, sighed, “A long, long time ago, the summer when I graduated from the high school entrance examination, I went to my grandmother’s hometown to play and met a scumbag.”

    “A scumbag?” “Ji Yi grabbed two key words.

    He Xuxu angrily said: “Right? How simple I was back then, and I still believe that there is true love in the world, true love in the world, and then blindly saw the wrong person.”

    Ji Yi: “He deceived you?

    ” Oh, he disappeared on the third day of our relationship, and we didn’t say hello.”

    “Isn’t something wrong?”

    “Cut, it’s not. I went to where he lives later .” I asked,     I’m here for a vacation, and I packed my bags and went home after the trip.”

    “Are you sad then?”

“Sad? I, He Xuxu, will not be sad for a scumbag.” He Xu Xu Yi’s face was disgusting, and she said, “Bye bye, bye bye, the next one will be better.”

    She won’t admit it. On the second day after “Scumbag ex-boyfriend” disappeared, she was very worried and rushed to find someone. . After learning that he was “abandoned”, he cried and became a tabby cat, and lost ten catties that summer!

    After a while, Xu Yue ran back with two ice cream cones.

    He Xuxu was a little excited, but he didn’t expect that he could rub Ji Yi’s light and be treated by the boss.

    She was organizing a thank-you note, but saw the boss hand two ice creams to Ji Yi, “Both flavours, for you.”

    He Humble Xuxu: Okay, single? The dog is not worthy!

    However, Ji Yi still generously assigned one of the vanilla flavors to her, “Xu Xu, do you like this flavor? Give it to you.”

    He Xuxu wanted to take it.

    But under the complex gaze of the boss, she silently retracted her paw, “I don’t want to eat very much recently, thank you Xiaoyi.”

    * After the

    street music performance, He Xuxu learned the total amount from her brother and was shocked. Lost.

    “Six…six digits.”

    The charity sale organized by the school took a long time. After removing the cost, it only raised four digits. Unexpectedly, they got six digits in these two days.

    He Xuxu heard? My brother said: “Actually, you have to thank your friend for these six figures. Most of them are donated by two friends she brought.”

    He Xuxu almost knelt at the same table.

    “Xiao Yi, you are really a lucky star.” After

    learning about this, Ji Yi first called to thank Teacher Nan Jia. Teacher Nan Jia didn’t put any pressure on her, “Since it is a good thing to help others, I am also happy to do it. You don’t need it. Is there any pressure.”

    That money is really nothing to Teacher Nan Jia, but she still expresses gratitude seriously.

    Then she had to thank Xu Yue, but her gratitude to him was special.

    “What? You donated so much money?”

    “You want to raise money, don’t you?”

    “That’s what I say, but you don’t need to donate so much.”

    Isn’t she opposed? Xu Yue does charity, but Xu Yue is still a student and does not depend on his family. That money is right? He and Nan Jia The teacher is not one? Personality? Quality!

    “Not much, it’s okay.” He calmly revealed the topic.

    Hidden the countless words in his heart, wanted to tell her, but couldn’t tell her.

    “But I hope you can relax a little bit.”

    “I know.”

    “Then I will thank you for everyone~”

    “They should thank you.”

    His’kindness’ from beginning to end is just to make She is happy.


    “It’s nothing, you open it up? Your heart is good.”

    But An An, you don’t know that the teenager you think needs help also has a goal that you think.

    Only if the things you want, the things that can open your mind, I’m willing to do it.

    *After the

    two thank-you calls, Ji Yi glanced at the time, and went downstairs to wait for Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi to go home, intending to tell them about Teacher Nan Jia.

    She thought that Ji Guosheng would be very willing to treat guests.

    The author has something to say:

    From now on, Brother Xu’s left hand is a red rope woven by his daughter-in-law to hide the hair, and his right hand is a small rubber band that is always prepared for the daughter-in-law.

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