AR: Ch 50

  Heaven is beautiful, and the sun on Sunday is exceptionally bright.

    When He Xuxu pulled Ji Yi over, there were already many different musical instruments on the square.

    He Xuxu pushed Ji Yi to the center of the crowd like a treasure, “Brother, I brought my friend.”

    “This little sister is really beautiful.” Such a simple compliment is more than simply “beautiful and beautiful.” Really beautiful.

    He Xuxu’s brother is a junior and the vice president of the school’s music club.

    The president is a pretty girl? Child, when I heard that they were here to help, he was very enthusiastic.

    The number of musical instruments that can be moved to the street is limited. The president is carrying a portable folding piano, the vice president is holding a guitar, there are two performers, and… He Xuxu’s logistics!

    After handing Ji Yi to the president, He Xuxu began to show off his skills, “You are thirsty, I will bring you a box of water!”

    Ji Yi just sat down and heard this sentence? He stood up again. , “A box of water? I’ll go with you.”

    He Xuxu waved his hand again and again, “Hey, no need, you can help me here, anyway, I don’t know how to play or sing.”

    He Xuxu is said to be born. Divine power is much greater than the strength of ordinary men. Don’t let her climb the stairs without breathing when people are struggling to move things.

    But she is definitely not a strong and sturdy female? A man, a female of 168? God’s height, 55kg weight, bold personality, just don’t be too likable.

    The president asked Ji Yi what musical instrument he was good at.

    She paused and pointed to the folding piano on the shelf, “I’ll try this.”

    “Okay, okay.” The president happily gave way.

    Put your fingers on the black and white keys and press them down lightly.

    After a simple audition, she turned back to the president and nodded slightly, “I can do it.”

    The president handed her the iPad, “If you need to search for notation, use this.”

    “Thank you.” Ji Yi politely picked up the iPad and opened the browser.

    Fingertips quivered slightly, and entered the score of “Kikujiro’s Summer” in the search bar.

    Some people stopped by the side of the road, and some were sitting under the big shady tree, listening to the melodious tune, moving people’s hearts and minds.

    Passing by? Nanjia stopped here.

    She took off her sunglasses and tilted her head to look, snapped her fingers at the agent, “Anna, I’m starting to believe this word is destined to be destined.” She

    doesn’t have the super-skilled skills, but? Just right, at that time, that song The tune touched people’s hearts.

    It’s like…

    a blue sky, pure white clouds, gentle summer breeze blowing the wind chimes, and stepping across the clear water.

    The wind chimes swayed and made a crisp sound, and the gurgling water sprinkled with a coolness.

    Suddenly, I realized that the warm and warm summer is coming soon.

    Anna wondered, “Nan Jia, are you planning to?”

    “Accept two apprentices at once, but it’s not a point?” Nan Jia smiled and put on the sunglasses in her hand.

    Anna didn’t understand at first, “Her level can only be regarded as ordinary.”

    “But I like that little girl.” Nan Jia is calm? And casual.

    A word of “like” is better than that? All reasons.

    In fact, it is not without reason.

    Anna has followed Nan Jia for many years, and soon? I understand why Nan Jia likes that little girl.

    Nan Jia liked dance and rhythm when he was young, but because of an accident, he stopped the dance road. Although she is still excellent and shining in the music industry, she still has her childhood dreams hidden in her heart.

    She said?: The dancer’s soul is free.

    Dance and music have different forms of performance, and some people are born to yearn for it.

    Therefore, when she came to Rock City, she would pretend to be an ordinary person and go to the center of the venue to watch the game, so she picked an extraordinary little girl.

    It’s a pity, she is a music teacher.

    But? There will be compassion in the sky, let her discover this soul born for freedom in time,

    “I have brought so many students, and I have people with extraordinary accomplishments, and there is no shortage of her as a top-notch.” Nan Jia found for the admission of students? For a good reason, “And what I should worry about now is whether she is willing to be my student.”

    Anna agreed, “No one would refuse the world-renowned Nan Jia teacher.”

    Nan Jia shrugged. She never thought of her own. The name will make everyone chase.

    Nan Jia is a casual person with a clear goal, but everything she decides will not change easily.

    After the concert that came to Rock City was over, the rest belonged to her vacation.

    Therefore, Nan Jia sat patiently under the lush tree, waiting until Ji Yi played one piece after another.

    He Xuxu handed her a bottle of mineral water, “Ji Yi, drink some water and rest for a while.”

    “Okay.” When

    she reached out to pick it up, He Xuxu directly helped her unscrew the bottle cap and handed it over again.

    Ji Yi couldn’t help but couldn’t help. “Isn’t screwing the bottle cap a necessary skill for her boyfriend?”

    He Xuxu deliberately poked his mouth and complained: “I wanted it, but I’m afraid Xu Yue would kill me assassin!”

    “He won’t Well.”

    “Heh, you didn’t see it, but? If you say a few more words with other boys, Xu Yue’s eyes are like eating people.”

    “…Is there anything like this?”

    She has never noticed how possessive Xu Yue is.

    No… the topic seems to be taken off the track.

    Good student Ji Yi still doesn’t want to be labeled as a premature love, and is even more afraid that He Xuxu will make a joke? It’s endless, “Xu Xu, don’t you? Just kidding, I really didn’t fall in love with him.”

    He Xuxu He tightened the cap of his water bottle, and replied perfunctorily: “Yeah, I know everything.”

    Ji Yi was silent: It’s strange if you understand!

    He Xuxu’s elder brother was holding the guitar in the battle, and she took her water bottle to rest while holding her own water bottle.

    A shadow cast down in front of him, blocking the sunlight in front of him.

    Ji Yi looked up slightly and saw a woman wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap.

    Leaning back reflexively, she was slightly taken aback and almost knocked over the water bottle.

    Nan Jia lifted his hat up, and quickly took off his sunglasses, smiling, “Good afternoon.”

    Without the cover of the wide sunglasses, Ji Yi could see the person in front of him clearly.

    At first, he hesitated, and then asked with some uncertainty: “Are you?”

    Nan Jia stretched out her hand, “When we first met, my name is Nan Jia.”

    She didn’t put on airs at all. The 35-year-old was facing the 17-year-old girl. , As if I saw my close friend.

    Ji Yi finally overlapped this face with the photo at home.

    Ji Guosheng investigated a lot of information about Nan Jia, mainly to cater to her preferences, so she had seen photos of Nan Jia when she was in Ji’s house.

    It’s just? How could the famous teacher Nan Jia take the initiative? Come to say hello to her?

    When in doubt, her body responded politely first, stood up and shook hands with her to speak, “Hello, Teacher Nan Jia, my name is Ji Yi.”

    Nan Jia: “I remember you, little champion girl.”

    Ji Yi blushed slightly, a little flattered.

    After a brief conversation, Ji Yi finally knew that Nan Jia had been to the dance competition scene and knew that she was the champion Ji Yi.

    She was a little nervous at first, but “Nanjia Special” could chat, and there seemed to be no generation gap in communication.

    Nan Jia asked, “What are you doing on the street?”

    Ji Yi told the truth: “All the money raised?

    Donate to the orphanage.” Nan Jia nodded and praised: “It’s a kind child.”

    Ji Yi smiled slightly, “Doing what you can do? It can help many people, it’s worth it.”

    “I saw you playing the piano just now, have you learned? Have you?”

    “Stayed in hobby classes?…Learned a little bit. “Almost? I was about to say the words “have been there? How many years” before I remembered that I was no longer the Ji Yi of the past.

    Nan Jia didn’t care too much.

    She didn’t come here just to chat, she wanted to confirm Ji Yi’s choice sooner.

    After a short pause, Nan Jia directly threw an olive branch, “I like your music very much. In fact, I want to ask… Do you want to be my student? I will try my best to teach you? Guide you.”

    “Student, student “Ji Yi never reacted? Come.

    Nan Jia’s voice changed, “Of course? If you like dancing more, I can also introduce you to a better dance teacher. But?, the premise is that you have to become my student.”

    Ji Yi opened her mouth and almost opened her mouth. Bite? Tongue.

    She saw with her own eyes that Ji Guosheng’s preparations to send Ji Xinfei to Nanjia as a student were so hard and complicated.

    But now, the living teacher Nan Jia showed up on his own initiative, and still want to accept her as a student?

    She couldn’t help poking her face with her hand, “I’m not dreaming…”

    Seeing her cute reaction, Anna couldn’t help but stepped forward after watching her for a long time. “Little girl, we Nan Jia took the initiative to accept an apprentice for the first time. , To give some face, don’t? Reject it.”

    Anna and Nan Jia have been friends for many years, except during work, they get along more naturally.

    Anna believes in Nanjia’s sunshine, so she supports her choice.

    At this moment, Ji Yi was very nervous, “It is natural to be a student of Teacher Nan Jia, but I can’t ask for it, but I am in the field of music… The level is really not high. Teacher Nan Jia, are you sure?”

    she I’m afraid Teacher Nan Jia will regret it.

    Nan Jia smiled gently, “I chose you, not to train you to become a good musician?.”

    She prefers this little girl’s leisurely temperament and wagging dance.

    Ji Yi looked down, staring at her toes, her eyes drifting away, thinking about why Nan Jia chose her.

    But in the end, she didn’t break the casserole to the bottom, but chose to believe it.

    She raised her head and looked at Nan Jia firmly, “Teacher Nan Jia, I will try my best to be a satisfactory student to you.”

    Nan Jia, who received it? The obedient Nan Jia, holding the brim of the hat in one hand and sunglasses in the other, smiling satisfied. NS.

    The street performances continued, and He Xuxu ran over. Seeing two strange women, she was a little confused.

    Ji Yi didn’t know if Nan Jia’s identity could be disclosed, so he simply explained the relationship between the two people, “This is my music teacher.” Teacher

    He Xuxu nodded.

    They all realized? Ji Yi’s real purpose here, Nan Jia also ended the dialogue as soon as possible.

    “Do you want to talk to your family about this matter? People talk about it?”

    Ji Yi suddenly wanted to see the Ji family’s father and daughter’s dumbfounded scene.

    Naughty replied: “I’ll go back and tell them, if they don’t believe it, what should I do?”

    Nan Jia began to pet the student, “The teacher will definitely cooperate with you and prove to them.”

    “Thank you teacher!”

    Ji Yi said to her. Bowed.

    After the two exchanged contact information, Ji Yi went back to perform.

    Nan Jia said a few words to Anna. Anna called the president to the side and donated a huge sum of money to the students.

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