AR: Ch 49

On Saturday, four people in the class took time off together, and when they came back, there were still people talking.

    “I heard that Ji Xinfei went to participate in the competition yesterday? They are all high school students, why? Others are so good!!!”

    Ji Xinfei has always been the image of a goddess in the hearts of everyone, and she took it every time. Reward, my little friend Zhao Xinran? He will stand up and preach, I don’t know why? What about Zhao Xinran this time? I was silent all the time.

    “Zhao Xinran?, aren’t you always the best informed? Tell me, did Ji Xinfei win the award again?”

    Zhao Xinran? Nodded.

    The boy smiled and applauded, “Let me just say, the goddess or the goddess, just take any? The prize is no problem, is the first place?”

    Zhao Xinran? One hand was in front of his forehead, and he was silent.

    Ji Xinfei put down the pen, turned around and said softly to the boy: “This is the classroom, where to study, don’t talk about other things.”

    But when she just finished her voice, Song Yan suddenly stood up with her arms akimbo, “Hahaha!” What? What a joke, the first place is our classmate Ji Yi, okay!”

    “What? What? What a joke?” The boy repeated this sentence, but it was a question.

    “If you don’t believe me, go online? Watch the video rebroadcast. Who wants to watch it? I’ll send you the link later.”

    Song Yanke chose a seat in the back row last time and responded.

    “Me! Send me!”

    “I want too!”

    “Give me a link, thank you.”

    Ji Xinfei heard the loud voices from those people, and directly covered his ears, and didn’t want to listen anymore.

    She had her arms on the desk? She hid face down, but unexpectedly found that her deskmate Song Yanting had also quietly taken out her mobile phone.

    Song Yanting is a disciplinary committee member, and is usually strict with himself. However, now he uses his mobile phone to search for videos during the break time.

    The picture in the video is very familiar to her, that girl in a cheongsam holding an umbrella!

    Ji Xinfei reached into the bag, touched how many transparent plastic bags, and his heart beat faster.


    The other heroine in the topic is still trying to do translation questions!

    She held the English attack paper printed by the boss himself and wept bitterly, “Can I do it today? Can I not write an English composition?” The

    corner of the boss’s mouth was slightly pursed, and her face was rejected? The request, “No?”

    Ji Yizhuo Shaking his hands, he looked exhausted, “But I’m so tired, I need to rest.”

    Xu Yue took out the test paper with his left hand, and took a pen on the paper with his right hand. He added a few steps, “The game is over, here? In the meantime, you accumulated three essays in total, just so, now you can make up it together?.”

    “It’s not…this? About the composition? Feelings, didn’t we say

    yes, don’t you write it afterwards?” “Oh, it was just In order to comfort you, let you concentrate on the game.”

    Ji Yi took a deep breath and glared at him with a small face, “Do you know the combination of work and rest? I am studying in class six days a week, and I need a break.”

    Xu Yue said between his fingers. Hold the pen holder, rotate it lightly, and tighten it when turning it to the palm of your hand, “Ji An’an, I don’t want the next test result to come out, you still stay in third place.”

    “I have worked very hard, the uncertainty of the test. It’s not something I can control either.” Ji Yi pouted, complaining a little bit.

    Suddenly Xu Yue? Leaning over, pressing his chin to the table, but to get closer to her.

    Close enough to see the young man? With delicate eyebrows, when he blinked, the corners of his eyes seemed to be smeared with light and shadow.

    He half propped up on the table, with a fascinating smile in the corner of his eyes, “But An An, I don’t want to have a second place between us, which is irrelevant.”

    Ji Yi: “…”


    she heard herself? A strong heartbeat.

    That was a gentle crit from the boss!

    Ji Yi gritted his teeth fiercely, and clenched the black pen, “I write!”

    Just after she agreed, the class bell for the third class rang.

    Xu Yue nodded in satisfaction, turned back to face the blackboard.

    The corners of Ji Yi’s mouth trembled.

    I really want to smoke myself?

    Why was she just now? Was she confused by the male look!

    Write a fart! She hates English composition!

    He Xuxu, who had been pretending to be an invisible person for a long time, finally got his head out of Gao Gao’s textbooks and got close to Ji Yi, listening to gossip in a very low voice and cautiously, “Ji Yi, are you in love with Xu Yue? Huh?”

    Ji Yi gritted her teeth and shook her head, “No! No! Impossible!”

    She should be a scum, so she shouldn’t be responsible for someone who forced herself to write English composition!

    “Don’t deny it, I know everything.” He Xuxu squeezed one at her? With a deep look, he asked? “Hey, you study so well and can dance, so what do you do? right? ” “

    instrument? “she simply thought a moment,” will be a little bit. “

    He Xuxu eyes wide open,” for instance? “

    Ji Yi Gouzhao fingers counted,” violin piano what? what’s it. “

    He Xuxu’s eyes lit up, “Wow! Almighty girl.”

    “No, no, this? I really am not.” She is not modest. She used to learn musical instruments only for entertainment. Although she had contact, she did not. proficient.

    He Xuxu lowered his head and fumbled in the drawer, and took out a piece of A4 paper that was pinned together with a paper clip. On the first sheet, there were three bold letters “Planning” printed on it.

    “I have a? Very meaningful thing? Love, do you want to participate?”

    “What? Huh?”

    He Xuxu handed her the plan, “Look at it.”

    Ji Yi is about to open it? The teacher has entered the classroom with the exercise book.

    He Xuxu lightly bumped her arm and reminded: “The teacher is here.”

    Ji Yi quickly put the plan under the book.

    Because I was sitting in the first row and didn’t dare to make trouble under the teacher’s eyelids, after the plan was put under the book, I never opened it again.

    Finally, until the end of get out of class, Ji Yi took out the plan after the teacher had left and read it roughly.

    He Xuxu explained in a low voice next to her, “This is a charity event. My brother and their classmates are organizing donations to the children in the orphanage. They thought of two ways, one is to donate things for charity, and the other? It is to raise funds for performing music on the street, and all the money received? Donate to the orphanage.”

    Ji Yi nodded as he listened.

    It is indeed a very meaningful act of charity.

    “My brother is looking for someone recently. Some people have this kind of heart, but I am embarrassed to face the public performance. In order to have more people support, my brother pulled me in. What about me, just want to ask? Do you have any intention to participate? This is definitely a very meaningful thing? Love!” He Xuxu took a long time to speak.

    Ji Yi hesitated and asked, “What? When?”

    “Next Saturday and Sunday.”

    “But we have to go to class.”

    “Yeah, if you want to go, I will follow My brother said, we can also go on the weekend afternoon.”

    “Then I’m willing to participate.”

    “Hao Le!” He Xuxu cheerfully added Ji Yi’s name after the participants.

    Half a day off on weekends, He Xuxu packed his things in advance before the fourth get out of class was over.

    When the teacher said, “Class is over,” many people rushed out of the classroom with their bags, as if a bird in a cage was finally about to fly.

    However, Ji Yi had to stay and fight against English.

    Ji Xinfei refused Zhao Xinran’s invitation to go shopping, put on his schoolbag, and took a taxi to the hospital after leaving school. After going through the hospital inspection process, she finally gave the four plastic envelopes with names to the doctor.

    “Wait seven working days? You can get the report.”


    Teacher Nan Jia’s concert arrived as scheduled.

    Teacher Nan Jia has been proficient in music since he was a child, but now he is well-known in the music industry at the age of 35.

    She wears ear-length short hair, a gorgeous red jewellery necklace around her neck, and an elegant burgundy dress. She is a mature, intellectual and charming woman.

    When Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi came in with Ji Xinfei, they were lucky to meet Nan Jia.

    Just thinking about how to get closer to Teacher Nan Jia, Nan Jia has stopped and seems to be looking at Ji Xinfei.

    Ji Guosheng, a person who walks in the mall, knows how to look at people, and can’t wait to pull Ji Xinmei forward, “Hello Teacher Nan Jia…”

    According to the identity of the mall, Ji Guosheng didn’t need to show Nan Jia. Okay, but he cares very much about fame, so? I hope Ji Xinfei will become a student of Nanjia. It’s a lot of face to speak out.

    Nan Jia smiled and looked at Ji Xinfei from the top? “I remember that a city-level dance competition was held in Rock City not long ago. Are you one of the contestants?”

    Ji Xinfei didn’t expect Nan Jia to mention the dance competition suddenly. He was taken aback and nodded, “Yes, I am the runner-up in this dance competition.”

    Although, compared with Ji Yi, he won the second place. Shame.

    Can be put on other things? Love? The second place in the municipal dance competition is also an honor!

    Teacher Nan Jia nodded and smiled.

    Several people chatted briefly, and Nan Jia seemed very satisfied with Ji Xinfei.

    She finally handed out a personal postcard to Ji Guosheng, “If you have time, you can bring your young lady to this piano room to find me, but I will leave Yancheng in two weeks.”

    This is an explicit hint. Let Ji Xinfei go to the piano room to test the true level within two weeks.

    When Ji Guosheng and others received the postcard, they were very happy.

    After Teacher Nan Jia left, the smile on Ji Guosheng’s face couldn’t be hidden.

    He patted Ji hearts, like a? Fatherly, “heart, is indeed my good daughter! Namgyal teacher you are so satisfied to wait until the piano room visit, be sure to let her admiration for you!”

    Ji Xin Fei was also flattered, and she repeatedly read the personal business card several times, and her heart gradually calmed down.

    She finally got a higher bargaining chip!

    After returning home, Ji Guosheng couldn’t wait to make an appointment for her to meet with the teacher, and finally set it on Saturday.

    Ji Guosheng asked Ji Xinmei for leave in the name of his father, and the teacher decisively signed the leave form.

    Ji Guosheng personally took Ji Xinfei to the piano room to visit teacher Nan Jia. Ji Xinfei also performed his own? The best piano music, which was praised by Nan Jia teacher.

    “Teacher Nan Jia, do you think my daughter is lucky enough to be your student?”

    Teacher Nan Jia stared at Ji Xinfei for a long time, seeming to hesitate.

    Ji Xinfei clutched the skirt nervously, “Mr. Nan Jia, I have loved music since I was a child. I have been working hard for so many years. I admire you for a long time. If I can become your student, it must be the greatest luck of my life!”

    “Teacher Nan Jia, would you please give me a chance?”

    The author has something to say:

    Therefore, language is an art. Brother Xu is a straight man when he is nervous, but he is good when he is not nervous~

    I was thinking, Let Nanjia accept one student, or make an exception to accept two students~

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