AR: Ch 48

  “Don’t you like it?”

    Seeing her hesitate, Xu Yue had no idea.

    Isn’t Song Yan? Speaking of girls? Will he be happy to receive flowers?

    Isn’t Ji Yi like Xiangri? Kwai?

    Seeing the arc of the big man’s mouth drooping, Ji Yi suddenly returned to his senses, took the flowers and hugged it between his arms, “It’s so good-looking, I like it so much!” The

    big man was relieved when he heard it.

    The person next to him laughed and teased, “Ji Yi, is this? Your boyfriend?”

    The three words “boyfriend” are simply? Crit!

    I’m not calmer than I heard the score just now.

    The little girl who has never been in love will blush, but before she admits or denies it, Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi “kill” to the door.

    “What? Boyfriend?”

    Ji Guosheng was in a complicated mood. At the moment when he walked in, he heard someone say that his daughter has a boyfriend and is violent? He came up again.

    As soon as they appeared, all the warmth and ambiguity? Atmosphere disappeared.

    Song Yanke is also very stupid. They saw the two people being teased? Xu Yue and Ji Yi, what did they care about?

    However, the next scene will make her even more daunting!

    She actually saw Ji Xinfei’s parents walk straight to Ji Yi, and chanted their nicknames affectionately.

    “Xiao Yi, my mother and your father have seen it. You acted very well.” Zhao Shuyi smiled softly.

    At this moment, Ji Xinfei could no longer sit still, and squeezed into the middle.

    Zhao Shuyi took Ji Xinfei’s hand again, showing her loving motherly appearance, “Heart you too? Not bad.”

    Hearing these words, Song Yan felt that her brain was not enough.

    Why? Ji Xinfei’s mother called herself “mother” in front of Ji Yi?

    Oh no… Ji Yi and Ji Xinfei have the same surname, she seems to have found out what happened? What a terrible thing!

    Zhao Shuyi and Ji Guosheng refused to mention “Why Ji Yi? Why did you participate in the competition”, but it makes people know that her two daughters are outstanding, not to mention envious.

    Ji Guosheng’s joy was not so obvious, he thought more than Zhao Shuyi. Ever since I came in, my eyes have been on Ji Yi and Xu Yue.

    The appearance of this young man is unforgettable, especially the mole at the corner of his eye that is still fresh in his memory.

    The entrance of the infirmary, the photos on the forum, and the bouquet of flowers just now all show that the boy is close to his daughter!

    It’s the easiest relationship between the opposite sex at this age to germinate. He must prevent that kind of thing from happening!

    There were so many people in the backstage, everyone was holding things in their hearts, and finally turned into silence.

    Until the scores of the contestants came out, Ji Yi won the championship with 96.5 points!

    About to take the stage to accept the award, Ji Yi took off his coat, shaking with cold. Embracing her arms and rubbing each other, trying to keep warm.

    Xu Yue approached her quietly, their arms almost touching.

    He lowered his voice and whispered in her ear: “Wear the cold, put on your jacket.”

    Ji Yi shook his head and continued to rub his hands, “I will be on stage soon, get used to it in advance, or stand on it for a while? Shaking? What should I do?”

    “Then always wear it. Don’t take it off.”

    “No, I want to look better when I’m on the camera.”

    She doesn’t? Isn’t she? A coat specially designed for cheongsam. If you wear it out to receive an award, then How ugly the camera is!

    The two murmured softly.

    “Cough! Cough!” Ji Guosheng suddenly raised a fist with one hand to his mouth, coughing pretendingly.

    When the award-winning contestants stood on the stage, Song Yan was so excited that she took photos with her mobile phone frantically.

    She glanced at the boss next to her, and realized that the boss was gone again? !

    At the same time, the disappeared boss returned to the audience, turned on the mobile phone photography mode, and seriously recorded the whole process of receiving the award.

    The mysterious woman wearing a mask behind put both hands on the seat of his back, probed over, and asked, “Hey, who is the girl who won the first place on the stage? Your girlfriend, right?”

    Xu Yuewenwen Holding the cellphone video, this time he turned his head very politely and used the honorific title, “You can see it?” The

    woman smiled and patted the seat of the chair, “Sister, I’m here? You stared at the little girl the whole time. I watched

    it alone .” Envy was all revealed in these words.

    Envy young people’s wanton youth.

    Xu Yue retracted his gaze and stared at the front of the stage. The noisy voices gradually disappeared from his ears, his eyes gradually converged on one person, as if she was the only one left in the huge venue.

    The champion girl standing on the stage-brilliant!

    * After the

    awards were over, Xu Yue put away his mobile phone and sent a text message, turned around and walked out of the venue, but did not go to the backstage again.

    When Ji Yi, Ji Xinfei and others walked off the stage holding trophies and certificates, Zhao Shuyi grabbed the two daughters and said, “Your father and I have made a reservation at the Wells restaurant. Let’s celebrate together as a family.”

    Ji Xinfei nodded obediently.

    Ji Yi pulled out her hand without a trace, polite? And alienatedly refused, “No, thank you.”

    Zhao Shuyi was stunned, “Xiao Yi, don’t you like that restaurant? Or you tell mom, what do you like to eat? Well, let’s go.”

    Ji Yi shook his head, “I have no plans to celebrate for the time being. Just take Ji Xinfei to celebrate.”

    Let her and Ji family play the role of the happy family in the restaurant. Why not eat instant noodles at home?

    When he was repeatedly rejected by his daughter, Ji Guosheng felt that he couldn’t bear his face.

    But? Now, it’s hard for him to reprimand him in the same way.

    Had to throw a more advanced bait, “Xiao Yi, dad? I want to talk to you about going to the concert.” The


    Teacher Nan Jia accepts students.

    Is Ji Yi? I didn’t expect Ji Guosheng to hit his face so quickly.

    After hearing this, Ji Xinfei was flustered, and hugged Ji Guosheng’s arm with a little daughter acting like a baby, “Dad, isn’t the place for the concert? Has it already been determined?”

    Ji Guosheng held his head high and raised his head high. Chin, with a confident assurance, “Your father? Someone who has a VIP invitation letter, then tell the organizer to bring more people in. It’s very simple.”

    Ji Yi listened more deeply.

    Before, she asked to be ruthlessly refuted. Only now did she know that it was so easy to bring someone in!

    It’s a pity that Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi’s goodwill came too late.

    She is not willing to be with her.

    Ji Yi waved her hand, still refused, “No? No, I’m not interested in concerts anymore.”

    Upon hearing this, Ji Xinfei breathed a sigh of relief.

    Before Ji Guosheng made another move, Ji Yi took Song Yanke and waved at them, “I have an appointment with a friend for a celebration dinner,

    please invite you.” Who knows? Ji Guosheng suddenly changed his face and said with a serious face: “No! You must come home with us today.”

    Ji Yi: “???”

    I didn’t care about her before, but now? Even a meal has begun to be forced?

    No matter what, she barely managed to remain polite in front of others, and emphasized: “This is? Our freedom?.”

    Ji Guosheng directly grabbed her arm, her voice was in her ear, “Don’t you think I don’t know?” That guy who gave you flowers is the one from the last forum photo, right? Don’t even think about being outside? Hooking up with that boy?”

    He was afraid of making trouble in public, so he restrained his voice and anger. . But? The desire for control is vividly revealed.

    He has discovered the value of use in this daughter, and he will not let her go wrong again.

    People passing by were whispering.

    Ji Yi suppressed his anger, and acted as calm as possible, rational and intelligent. “Mr. Ji, there are many reporters in the center of the venue. If anyone accidentally takes these pictures, I am afraid it will be very bad for your reputation.”

    Ji Guosheng His eyes darkened a bit, and he let go of his hand unwillingly.

    He pulled over his coat, and when he faced Ji Yi, he smiled like a kind father.

    “Since you are going to celebrate with your friends for dinner, then you go.”

    “Remember to go home early, or your mother will be worried.”

    Ji Yi smiled slightly, completely formulaic.

    She walked to Song Yanke and hugged Xiangri Kui in her arms.

    “Coco, let’s go.”

    Song Yanke nodded silently.

    Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi led their good daughter Ji Xinfei into a private car.

    Ji Guosheng frowned, and asked: “What did Xiao Yi participate in? When did you participate in the dance competition? Why did you? Didn’t tell us?”

    “Ah…” Ji Xinfei explained in a panic, “I thought Xiao Yi I’ll report to you. I’m sorry Dad, isn’t it? I didn’t think about it well.”

    Looking at Ji Xinfei’s obedient appearance, and thinking of the scene of his biological daughter rebelling against him, Ji Guosheng felt a little softer in such a comparison, “It’s not to blame you, it’s just that someone’s wings are hard, huh!”

    Ji Xinfei I took the opportunity to ask: “Dad, I see Xiao Yihui? Don’t you? I want to go to the concert, what about this thing?”

    “If you don’t go, you won’t go! What annoying? She dare to disobey her father!” Is

    he? Finding her biological daughter can still be cultivated, but at present it is only found that she has good academic performance and dancing talent, and has never thought about Ji Yi’s musical attainments.

    The reason why Ji Yi was asked to go to the concert was because she was very interested last time and deliberately stepped down.

    As a result, he didn’t expect that the wicked girl would not give him face at all, and even dared to threaten him in turn!

    In the evening, Ji Xinfei passed by the door of Ji’s father and Ji’s mother and heard the two arguing.

    Ji Guosheng: “What the hell is it? What’s the matter? We checked when we picked her up. The adoptive parents have been living in the countryside with her for a year. Didn’t find out? What does she have? , Why all of a sudden, I got the first place in the exam, and danced again?”

    Zhao Shuyi: “This, I don’t know? Dao.”

    They do? Hope their daughter is good.

    But? The key is? Ji Yi is inexplicably good.

    Ji Guosheng: “She’s been like this since half a year ago, right? It’s like she’s changed her person.”

    Although the daughter used to be against Ji Xinfei, she would please him too.

    Now? But it has become a bone.

    Ji Xinfei whispered softly: “It’s like

    she’s changed her person.” She quietly came to Ji Yi’s door and quietly pushed the door in . She didn’t dare to turn on the light, so she illuminated it with a flashlight. The usual wooden comb was found on the dressing table.

    The comb is clean and clean, and there is not a single hair.

    The flashlight of the mobile phone turned, and a blue and white plastic curling iron was placed next to the mirror.

    Ji Xinfei picked up the curling iron and peeled off two thin hair strands from the burr surface.

    Then put things back in place.

    Ji Xinfei went back to her room in fear, and found two transparent bags to put Ji Yi’s hair in.

    The author has something to say:

    Ji Guosheng still doesn’t know, our classmate An An is also a talented girl who has cultivated all

    kinds of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting from childhood~ 

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