AR: Ch 47

  The contest for player No. 4 is about to end.

    At the same time, Song Yanke saw that the big man next to him who was playing with the mobile phone finally raised his head, put the mobile phone away, and stared at the big stage in front of him.

    “Next, we asked Ji Yi, our No. 5 contestant, to bring us the national style dance song “Ripple”.” The

    stage lighting changed, and the background music that sounded was a song adapted from ancient poems.

    The girl holding an umbrella dances with a lotus, gradually becoming brighter under the light, and the background picture is changing. The girl under the light is already standing in the center of the stage.

    Stepping on the music node, holding the handle of the umbrella with your right hand and drawing a half circle from right to left, the oil-paper umbrella opens, and the cheongsam girl holding the umbrella shows a natural smile, exuding a kind of confidence from the inside. Elegant temperament.

    The girl is holding the umbrella, and every movement drives the oil-paper umbrella to rotate, and the performance props seem to be integrated with the dancers. A novel and unique cheongsam umbrella dance attracted everyone’s attention. Isn’t the truly beautiful dance superficial? It looks like a dazzling movement, but every detail and expression are integrated into the bones.

    The judges nodded in satisfaction.

    After the dance, the girl bowed.

    There was endless applause in the court, Song Yanke excitedly stretched out his hand and glanced to the left. She didn’t dare to provoke the boss, and glanced to the right. Auntie’s expression was very strange.

    On the contrary, the person in her back seat shouted a “good” word proudly. Song Yanke seemed to have found a bosom friend, and turned her head to see that she was a woman wearing a baseball cap and a muzzle.

    Does she care? How strange is this woman, excited to share her excitement with her peers?, “My friend who performed just now! She is amazing!”

    What the woman wearing a mouth mask was about to say, was The companion next to him held it down and whispered a few whispers in her ear.

    Song Yan was too embarrassed to influence others again, turned around, and sat in her own position peacefully.

    Seeing Ji Yi’s exit, Song Yan was still a little regretful, “I knew I had bought a bunch of flowers.”

    A voice suddenly appeared next to him, “I bought it.”

    Song Yan suddenly turned his head, “Hey? You guy? Did you talk to me just now?” Did

    n’t the boss look at me ? He turned his eyes and spit out two words from his thin lips: “No? Yes.”

    Song Yanke: “…”

    Ji Yi was right. Guy is arrogant!

    But the big man quickly came over by himself and asked seriously: “Can I send flowers now?”

    He has never done these things before, so he has come up with something wrong.

    Song Yanke suggested: “We can wait for the results of the game before we go.”

    She is very confident in Ji Yi, and congratulations again when she gets the ranking. It is a double surprise!

    The mood of the two people on the other side is very complicated.

    Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi didn’t think about it, their daughter who had been ignored by them even appeared on this stage, and it was not worse than Ji Xinfei’s performance.

    Zhao Shuyi couldn’t believe it, “How could it be Xiaoyi? She obviously… only learned that for a semester.” When

    she found Ji Yi to take home, Ji Yi deliberately confronted Ji Xinfei and applied for jazz dance. What was the result, and later said that she wanted to learn folk dance, but Zhao Shuyi didn’t refuse it completely because of guilt.

    They don’t have any hope for this biological daughter, but six months ago, she came to the fore in her studies and began to top the list.

    But even if this is the case, Ji Xinfei, who has received excellent training from an early age, is more pleased with them, so they wholeheartedly cultivate Ji Xinfei.

    Never expected that the younger daughter and the eldest daughter would appear on the same stage at the same time…

    Ji Guosheng frowned, remembering what he said when he had educated Ji Yi, Ji Yi was always refuting him, but he had never heard or believed it.

    If you see your biological daughter standing confidently on the stage today, you realize that in fact, they have never really understood her.

    “Xiao Yicong? I haven’t told us before, and I haven’t said it before.” Zhao Shuyi didn’t think about it after thinking about it. “Why didn’t they participate in the competition together? Tell us.”

    Ji Yi I’m too lazy to say.

    Is Ji Xinfei not at all? I want them to know.

    After the stage.

    Ji Yi got off the stage, put away the oil-paper umbrella, took a knitted jacket and put it on to keep warm. The weather in April has begun to warm up, but she is more fearful of the cold than ordinary people, so she can wear more or less.

    Someone in the backstage greeted her, “Your performance is really ingenious.”

    “Thank you, you? Come on.”

    She didn’t blindly humble, but accepted others’ compliments frankly and gave her sincere encouragement. , People have a much better impression of her.

    In fact, when she learned about the theme of the final, she also thought about it for a long time.

    The usual ancient dances, wearing ancient Luo skirts, standing on the stage swaying and swaying, the pictures are very beautiful.

    But if you want to stand out, you must be different.

    It just so happened that the improved cheongsam I bought when I was shopping with Song Yanke last time gave her inspiration.

    Although she is not sure of her ranking, she is not guilty of conscience if she is fully prepared.

    Ji Yi went to the bathroom from the backstage and saw Ji Xinfei standing there when she came out.

    I thought the two of them were relatively speechless, but I didn’t expect Ji Xinfei to take the initiative to speak to her again and again, “Are you? You are very happy now?”

    Ji Yi took out the paper towel and wiped the water droplets on the back of his palms, and responded in a flat tone: ” It’s not bad.”

    I have not waited until the result of the game, I was always a little nervous.

    Ji Xinfei stared at her, “This time, parents know you? You are so talented in dancing. I will definitely cultivate you in the future?”

    “…Is it planted? Cultivate me? I know, anyway, I don’t learn anymore. “Ji Yi casually replied.

    She has been in college for more than ten years since she was young. Although she really likes it, she didn’t plan to take dancing in the future. That’s why she stopped dancing training in the second year of high school, just to spare half a day for free distribution.

    Ji Xinfei seemed to be dissatisfied with her casual attitude, and in the posture of a supreme one, whispered softly: “You? You are starting to be willful again.”

    “I don’t? Why do you want to learn dance to be willful?” Ji Yi I don’t understand? Clear the logic, but she really wants to go back, “I want to study hard and take the first grade? No? Is it okay?” The

    grades mattered Ji Xinmei’s face? of.

    Does she hear the most now? It’s the grade ranking, because of the appearance of Xu Yue and Ji Yi, she fell out of the top three. In the last monthly exam, Xu Yue handed in a blank paper. The next month’s exam is about to come. Xu Yueru will wear school uniforms on her behalf today. She has to study hard. Will she not squeeze in the top three in the future?

    Ji Xinfei’s feelings about Ji Yi now? Very complicated.

    The one who has always been praised and is the best in the eyes of others was compared by another person who appeared suddenly, which made her feel a great sense of difference in her heart.

    She is even more afraid that her position in Ji’s family will be threatened.

    She had already seen clearly what kind of father Ji Guosheng was.

    He only looks at whether the child is good and whether it has value for use. Otherwise, it is useless even if you are biological.

    And Zhao Shuyi, who is overwhelmed by maternal love, is indecisive and can’t stand the trouble, completely dependent on Ji Guosheng.

    If she is beaten by Ji Yi, can the Ji family’s parents still be able to tolerate her?

    After Ji Yi left, Ji Xinfei returned to the background slowly.

    On this journey, she was thinking about her future.

    Do not?! She has one more chance!

    She is determined to be a student of Teacher Nan Jia!


    A total of 10 people entered the finals. During the competition, every third person will report their scores.

    Remove one of the highest and lowest points, and add up the scores of the rest of the judges to calculate the average. Ji Xinfei’s score is 95 points.

    This is the highest score currently given.

    Although Zhao Shuyi and Ji Guosheng were shocked by Ji Yi’s appearance, they still have high hopes for Ji Xinfei.

    “95 points, is this score higher than the previous one? Both are higher!” Zhao Shuyi was obviously very happy.

    Song Yan Keyi looks like constipation, and what she thinks is: How come Ji Xinfei’s score is so high!

    With a total score of one hundred, the average of 95 is very low.

    If you want to know Ji Yi’s score, you have to wait until the end of the 8th performance.

    After a few performances, the four people who started with Xu Yue and ended with Ji Guosheng lived like a year.

    They all want to know Ji Yi’s score.

    When the performance on the 8th is over, the dance competition comes to an end.

    The host in an elegant dress stood in front of the stage, holding the microphone, “Next, I read the scores of contestant No. 5, and remove one of the highest scores and one of the lowest points. The average score of contestant No. 5 is— 96.5 points!” The

    judges scored from various aspects such as clothing, dance background design, personal performance, etc. Comprehensive evaluation, the scene of the girl wearing a cheongsam and holding an umbrella is really amazing, and everyone praised her performance.

    “Wow!” Song Yanke cheered.

    Xu Yue’s tight brow stretched immediately, and a clear smile appeared on his lips.

    Song Yan could sneak a glance at the boss’s expression, and hate it? She had to take a picture of his current appearance with her mobile phone.

    Quite a sense of relief from an old father!

    The mysterious woman wearing a mouth mask in the back row applauded louder than her, Song Yan has a kind of resonance with fans meeting.

    She couldn’t help but looked back at the woman with curiosity, and finally said a few words.

    “That girl, isn’t it wrong.”

    “Yes, my friend Thief 6!” After

    Song Yanke finished communicating with her fellow friends, she looked back and found that the left position was empty.

    A dashed frame appeared in Song Yanke’s mind:? ? ?

    The boss slipped away quietly, don’t you? Tell her! ! !

    Then, Song Yanke also quietly left the auditorium.

    Zhao Shuyi pulled Ji Guosheng’s arm, and the two followed closely.

    Ji Yi is sitting in the background resting.

    When I heard the scoring result, my heart finally fell to the ground at that moment.

    This score is really… beyond her expectation.

    Don’t you know if the two friends she invited have seen and heard.

    “Ji Yi, someone is looking for you?” When

    someone called her name, Ji Yi subconsciously raised his head and looked at the sound source.

    I saw the energetic young man holding a large bunch of golden sunflowers and slowly walking towards her. With a three-pointed smile on the corner of his mouth, he gave flowers to the beautiful girl.

    This romantic scene is so beautiful in the eyes of others.

    Ji Yi never expected that the first boss who came to see her would give her flowers? So sexy? Interesting?

    When facing him, he still couldn’t help his heartbeat speeding up, like a deer bumping randomly.

    The deer rammed around, it was a visit from the gods.

    Just when the girl was shy and blushing, the teenager holding the flowers stood still in front of her and handed the flowers out. There was no good blessing, an imperative kiss.

    “Ji An’an.”

    “Take it.”

    Ji Yi: “…?”

    Is it so hard to give flowers to the boss ? !

    The author has something to say: The

    name of the dance is made up casually. If the name is the same, it is purely coincidental.

    The old father Xu Yue’s heart was like this: Did you see it? The most beautiful one on stage, my wife!

    Next, let’s watch Ji’s father and Ji’s mother face, you can guess the identity of the mysterious woman wearing a mask.

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