AR: Ch 46

 The young boy’s powerful arms ran across her shoulders, pressed against the wall, and the other hand was pressed against her shoulders. When he leaned forward, the mint scent blowing in the wind was particularly refreshing.

    “Give me a kiss?” The deliberately lowered voice was a bit of a joke, but it was very attractive.

    Her ears are numb, and her feet are beginning to soften.

    If the kiss the night before yesterday was an accident, then this time? Definitely deliberately!

    If she believes that Xu Yue thinks purely about her, it is not low EQ but stupid!

    “You, you, you, you! Do you like me?” The

    girl raised her head and was so nervous that she couldn’t speak clearly . She looked at him with her big black and bright eyes, and her eyelashes trembled.

    Forcing him to be

    unable to tell a lie, he could only do it as he pleased, “Like it.” There was not much words, but the tip of his nose leaned over, so close that he could feel the warm breath.

    It’s not the first time Ji Yi has been confessed, but it is the first time that a boy stuns her heart.

    My heart seemed to pretend? A little rabbit was pounding, and there seemed to be a burst of fire in her body, and suddenly, it burned her blush and her ears.

    When I scratched my tongue lightly across my teeth, I felt like I couldn’t even speak anymore.

    Ji Yi stretched out his soft hand? He clicked, and still stammered, “You, you, you, you, you, let me go first.”

    The curvature of the corner of his mouth drooped instantly, and Xu Yue stood up straight? Body, withdrawing his hand and shaking it lightly , So let go? She is free.

    Ji Yi twisted his finger, his lips were pursed? Pursed again.

    Seeing her standing stupidly in front of her, Xu Yue stretched out her finger? Pointing to the “Kangzhuang Avenue” behind her, and whispered to remind, “Don’t run yet?”

    Ji Yi quickly glanced at him, and his fingers curled up slightly.

    Unexpectedly, she suddenly grabbed the boy’s sleeves, stood on her toes, tilted her head and kissed him on the cheek.

    She just let go of her hand just by touching it like a dragonfly.

    The little face is blushing? Not in vain, “Xu Yue, have you said that you have to count it!”

    Then, the girl you love ran away because of shyness.

    The slender fingers are close to the place where the girl’s breath is contaminated, and there seems to be residual warmth spreading from the cheeks between the fingers to the heartland.

    The world shrouded in haze finally shone into a beam of bright sunshine.

    The next day, the forum of No.1 China was about to explode again.

    They actually saw the living Xu Yue wearing a neat school uniform, carrying a backpack like a good student, and wearing a pair of white sneakers and stepping into the campus gate.

    Moreover, he also came to study early in the morning?!

    When they first saw some back and side faces, everyone was still wondering when a new male god was excavated on campus. This? body, this? temperament… it almost made the girls’ heart burst.

    When they saw the frontal photo-


    “This? Is Xu Yue?”

    “Is it the way I opened it? Hey? New?!”

    “This? Which fairy magnate has edited the picture? “?”

    Of course, what they questioned is not Xu Yue’s face value, but they suspect that someone put Xu Yue’s face on P school uniform?.

    Even Zhuo Yihang from Class 7 felt incredible when he saw those photos, and he quickly saved the pictures and sent them to Xu Yue: [Brother Xu, someone is spreading rumors in the forum, do you want to hack the post?? Mr.

    Xu: [It’s not a rumor. 】

    【No? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 】

    Zhuo Yihang sent out a lot of question marks.

    Mr. Xu calmly replied: [Starting from today, I will study hard. ]

    This? The sentence seems to be indifferent? Life.

    People who were still gathering to smoke with them the day before turned into good students today?

    Zhuo Yihang didn’t play the game anymore, and Erlang’s legs didn’t turn up anymore, and the whole person was stupid.

    Xu Yue puts on school uniform and arrives at school on time, which brings a stronger visual impact to the people in the first class.

    Boys’ school uniforms are mainly white, with blue lines stitched from shoulder to wrist; the same blue school pants are loose and casual, and they can’t stop those straight and slender legs.

    The uniforms owned by all the students in No. 1 Middle School are worn on different people, and the visual effect is very obvious.

    That face is still the same as before, but?, I always feel that something has changed?

    When Ji Yi was immersed in writing, he still heard people talking?

    Blushing, holding a pen and writing faster, but in the end, even oneself? Can’t understand, what did you write? What…

    “Ji An’an.”

    Xu Yue put the warm water that had just been connected on the corner of her table.

    Classmate An An, who was about to retract himself into the tortoise shell, finally raised his head and glanced at him.

    He pulled the zipper to the lower end, and his jacket opened, revealing the clean white T inside. The T-sleeves of the summer school uniform are different from the usual casual ones. The two transparent buttons at the neckline are untied, and an extra section of the neck is exposed.

    Looking up from her perspective, she can just see his rolling Adam’s apple, so clear.

    Ji Yishi? I didn’t expect that the big guy would wear school uniforms like this? What a smell!

    She covered her face and buried her head again.

    Don’t want to meet people anymore?!

    Last time I ran away without kissing, but this time I ran away after kissing.

    Two different actions make people have different moods.

    Xu Yue stared at her with great interest. Many…

    ever since he realized that he was so arrogant and excellent, he couldn’t be recognized by others. He didn’t intend to pretend to be a good student anymore.

    But now, he wants to be a better person for the girl who has him in his eyes.


    Until noon, Xu Yue finally couldn’t help but grab the people.

    “Ji An’an, are you planning to keep not talking to me?”

    “Also?, also? No…”

    She would be shy when she saw him and would stammer.

    This? What a shame?!

    She didn’t want to be so embarrassed in front of Xu Yue…oo…too sad?

    Xu Yue turned to face her, putting his fingers on the edge of the table naturally, tapping between his fingers a few times and making a small noise.

    “Isn’t it just thinking how to be responsible to me?”

    “Negative, be responsible?” Ji Yi failed? After digesting a whole sentence, the last two words kept spinning in his mind.

    She kissed her? She was responsible for her face?

    No… She kissed? Not responsible? Isn’t that a scum girl?

    But? Is she still a high school student? Puppy love is not good, right?

    It is said that puppy love has no good results, she… what should she do!

    Ji Yi thought about it for a long time before solemnly telling him, “Yes, I have to be responsible.”

    “But it’s…can’t? Early love.”

    Looking at her with a serious expression.

    Xu Yuezhen was amused?

    How can it be? How can it be? Love!

    Ji Yi didn’t know his mind or thoughts, hesitated to take out his mobile phone, turned out the previous text message and sent him to read, “This? Saturday, I’m going to participate in a dance competition, do you…want to see it?”

    Xu Yue nodded without hesitation, “Go.” The

    girl retracted the phone, her cheek bulged slightly, and a soft smile appeared.


    Saturday, the venue for the municipal dance competition is at the center venue.

    There is a large area here, and there are many places in the auditorium.

    The specially invited judges and the person in charge occupy the best seats in the first two rows, and the contestants each have two places. You can bring your family and friends into the venue to watch and cheer for them.

    Song Yanke entered the venue to look for a location, looking at these location marks in a daze, the most conspicuous was Xu Yue who was sitting there.

    He came earlier than anyone else.

    Song Yanke? With a temptation mentality, walked by? “Xu Yue, are you here to watch Xiaoyi’s game?”

    Xu Yue turned and glanced? She glanced, nodded, and turned her gaze back silently.

    Song Yanke was slightly agitated. He didn’t expect that the first time he sat next to the boss, he would be in such an occasion!

    Audiences are coming in one after another?

    Song Yanke? Here are the positions next to him? A man and a woman, two middle-aged people, probably the parents of which contestant.

    Ben wanted to play with his mobile phone, and saw the big guy sitting next to him, looking straight ahead. Is this serious? Really? Look at the game!

    Song Yanke silently stuffed the phone back into the bag, took out the candy from the bag, tore one and put it in his mouth, the sweetness of apple melted on the tip of his tongue.

    At this time, she heard the middle-aged couple next to her speak.

    “I don’t know our heart? When will Fei come out.”

    “Heart? Says it is number three, wait, it’s coming soon.”

    Song Yanke moved her ears and heard these two sentences clearly.

    Seeing the woman sitting on the right hand side is gentle, Song Yanke? Take the initiative to start a conversation, “Auntie, are you talking about Ji Xin? Fei?”

    “Hey…Yes, you know my daughter?”

    “So you are Ji. Xin? Fei’s mother, I’m a classmate of her class. “

    Song Yanke? This is the same thing as Zhao Shuyi? Do you know each other?.

    Zhao Shuyi has always treated people very politely, speaking in a small voice and sounding gentle.

    Song Yanke? Didn’t like Ji Xin? Fei didn’t have a good opinion? There was no big prejudice. Originally, I was curious and asked? I didn’t expect Zhao Shuyi to pull her and say non-stop, “Our heart? What did you do at school? It’s okay?” Right?”

    Song Yanke?: “Very good, Ji Xin? Classmate Fei has a good grade.”

    “You, too? You are in the first class, too? You are a good boy.”

    Zhao Shuyi boasted? She said a few words, Song Yanke. ? Sounds embarrassing.

    Zhao Shuyi looked at the two young people sitting next to her, curiosity? Prompted her to ask casually: “Little sister, are you sitting here? Did any relatives or friends participate in the competition?”

    Speaking of this, Song Yan Ke? Also? Come on?!

    “It’s my friend, she too? It’s from the same class!”

    “Ah, what a coincidence, what’s your name?”


    Song Yanke? Blunted out a name, but at the same time it was released on stage? The background music overwhelmed her voice.

    Zhao Shuyi hadn’t heard clearly yet, the host was already standing in front of the stage, speaking out the opening remarks in a rounded tone.

    Song Yanke? and Zhao Shuyi’s gazes shifted to the front of the stage one after another, and they didn’t delve into it.

    The topic of today’s competition is Chinese style.

    Of the first two contestants who played, the first one played with a fan and the second one wielded his sleeves flexibly.

    When Ji Xin Fei was waiting, Zhao Shuyi smiled, turned her head and said to Song Yan Ke, “The next one is my heart.”

    “Yes.” Song Yan was perfunctory. nod.

    Xu Yue glanced at this side, and then withdrew his gaze indifferently.

    Now he doesn’t look ahead? He lowered his head to play with his mobile phone.

    Song Yanke? I glanced at it quietly? She couldn’t understand what it was like a robot figure.

    Ji Xin Fei appeared on the stage. She chose an ancient famous story as the beauty. She danced on the stage in elegant ancient costumes, and won a lot of applause.

    Zhao Shuyi was too satisfied.

    No. 4 is on the court and No. 5 is waiting.

    Song Yanke? Did? Zhao Shuyi did the same thing, “My friend is next?!”

    The author has something to say:

    witty remarks are prey, and

    stubbornness is love. 

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