AR: Ch 45

 Afraid of embarrassment, Ji Yi and Ji Xinfei also formed a tacit understanding, that is, going home is always one after the other, even if it is so different? Two minutes, they will not go together.

    But when I was waiting for the elevator today, I happened to meet him.

    The two were relatively speechless.

    Walk into the elevator, reach out to press at the same time, and retract at the same time.

    Haven’t said people speak yet.

    When I got home, I found that Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi were back again.

    Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi are often away from home because of the busy business of the company. Sometimes they are on business trips and sometimes they live near the company. Occasionally come back?

    Maybe it ‘s for a look at Ji Xinfei … Ji Guosheng looks in a good mood, instead of being stern, he is still smiling.

    He held something similar to an envelope in his hand. It was a black rectangle with a matte surface? It looked very textured.

    “Xin Fei, come here?”

    Ji Guosheng waved to Ji Xin Fei, ignoring Ji Yi from behind completely.

    She is thirsty and wants to be down? Take a glass of water before going upstairs.

    It is inevitable to hear Ji Guosheng’s loud voice, and there is undisguised joy.

    He took out the contents of the black envelope. It turned out that it was an invitation letter.

    “The old teacher Nan Jia is coming to Rock City to hold a concert. She said that she still wants to accept a student this year. Then you will go with your dad and try to get a good, good performance in front of the old Nan Jia teacher. She can You are a well-known musician. If you can become her student, you will have a good face!”

    Ji Guosheng cultivates Ji Xinfei, not only requires her to study well, but also requires top-notch art in dance and music. .

    The reason is that Ji Guosheng feels that to cultivate an excellent child in all aspects, he will have a face to speak out!

    When Ji Yi pressed the red button of the drinking fountain, he heard the words “Old Teacher Nanjia”, and finally remembered where the plot was going.

    It is written in the book that Mr. Nan Jia is an excellent musician and enjoys a great reputation in the music industry.

    She said that she wanted to recruit a student to teach her skills personally. How many people wanted to try it if they broke their foreheads, and then the old teacher Nan Jia picked Ji Xinfei.

    This is also a destined arrangement, after all, Ji Xinfei is the heroine.

    Ji Yi turned his head and glanced. The three members of the family seemed to be excited, nervous, and expectant.

    If their relationship is good, maybe she will tell them, “Don’t worry, this is stable!”

    But their relationship is not good, is it?

    But she was pretty good at that concert, because the old teacher Nan Jia wrote in the book so wonderfully, she was kind of strange.

    Ji Yi held the water glass and stood slowly over, “The concert, me? Can you go?”

    No one thought she would suddenly ask like this.

    Ji Guosheng raised her hand and sent her away, “Don’t make trouble, since you are studying now, it’s okay? Okay? Specializing in research.”

    He knew that this daughter had been raised in the countryside for more than ten years and had little ability.

    It doesn’t matter if you take her to a concert, but what if it affects Ji Xinfei?

    Ji Guosheng refused without hesitation.

    Looking at Zhao Shuyi again, although indecisive, it still means the same thing, “Xiao Yi, this concert is very important, and it is related to your sister’s future?. You are very sensible now, this time we Don’t go, okay?”

    Ji Yi pursed his lips and nodded.

    She just asked casually, originally? No hope.

    Looking up and drinking most of the glass of water, Ji Yi put the glass back in place, and silently returned to his room.

    I touched the phone in my jacket pocket, and found that there was an unread text message that was sent in the afternoon. Is it the second time to inform them of the time and location of the dance final?

    Drag the cartoon calendar on the side of the table and draw a circle on it to mark it.

    Still one week left.

    She pushed the calendar back into place.

    On the antler jewelry rack next to it, there are exquisite accessories, not many, but one of the white lace ropes is particularly prominent.

    With his fingers hooked twice, the tail end of the tether that was fishing down slightly swayed.

    This is the lace that Xu Yue tore off from the hat, and it is also…her head rope.

    Seeing the tether swaying slowly, she unconsciously raised her hand and touched her forehead, as if she could still feel the temperature that fell on her forehead last night.

    He folded his hands and lay on the table, leaning his face on the back of his hand.

    The naturally curled eyelashes swept across the lower eyelid, her gaze still falling on the tether, her lips curled involuntarily with a smile.

    If there is a mirror in front of her, she will definitely see how sweet the smile on her face is.


    Tuesday’s physical education class, this time Ji Yi used two head ropes to tie up his ponytail, and he will never fall again.

    After a specific two laps of jogging, the teacher began to arrange them for a test.

    The reason is that there are many students in the class, and when someone is taking the test, another part of the students can do freely, but most of them hurry up and contact, hoping to get a grade of A or higher during the test.

    Test sit-ups today.

    Ji Yi and Song Yan can cooperate with each other.

    Because she has practiced dancing, her body is very soft, and she can easily do sit-ups.

    “Okay, okay, okay, it’s me? Come on.”

    Song Yanke? Although less than her, she also reached the passing line.

    What boys want to test is pull-ups. After the girls have finished the test, they will find someone. How many people have disappeared.

    The sports committee called out a few people in private, “Go find it, or else the old teacher won’t read his name for a while, and it will be miserable again.” The

    old devil teacher will not be soft-hearted to them!

    Ji Yi and Song Yan could sit under a tree to pass the time. When she heard that some boys were not in the playground, she also glanced twice more.

    The boss is not there.

    “I didn’t see Xu Yue…”

    “Okay? It’s like seeing Zhuo Yihang from the next class just now? Calling him.”

    They collided with Class 7 in this PE class.

    Ji Yi stood up, put his coat behind him, and stepped down the steps, “I’m going to find him.”

    Last time he was punished for running ten laps by the old master devil, but this time he couldn’t hit the muzzle again.

    No one knew about class one, she asked two people from class seven and said they were on the table tennis table.

    Ji Yi searched all the way and found that there were people on several table tennis tables, but Xu Yue and Zhuo Yihang were the only ones who didn’t see them.

    Until passing by the shade of the tree, behind the small flower bed? I found a few people.

    Ji Yi stood on tiptoe and saw that man… was smoking.

    Not only Xu Yue, Zhuo Yihang, but also two boys and one girl next to them were smoking cigarettes.

    How are they? Arrogant! How dare to smoke on campus in broad daylight!

    Then should she go in and shout out people now?

    I didn’t bring my mobile phone to the physical education class, I couldn’t call and send text messages, and I couldn’t delay too much time because I was afraid that the old teacher would say the name of the devil.

    Ji Yi hesitated, and when he was finally about to take a step, Xu Yue just turned around and spotted her at a glance.

    Ji Yi didn’t hesitate anymore, and walked over with courage.

    But the smell of smoke here is too strong, and it chokes my throat when I get closer.

    “Cough cough–“

    She coughed a few times with her hand covering her mouth, completely subconsciously turning back to the beginning.

    Xu Yue pressed the cigarette to the tree, turned off the fire, and suddenly commanded, “Pinch the cigarette.” The

    smoker next to him stopped smoking, and he didn’t seem to understand the sentence.

    Ji Yi endured uncomfortably, yet? Didn’t hold back a light cough.

    Xu Yue’s expression was gloomy, “I? His mother asked you to pinch the cigarette!”

    Zhuo Yihang and the others simultaneously extinguished the fire on the cigarette butt.

    Even if the fire is extinguished, the smoke smell hasn’t dissipated in the first time.

    The girl with short hair frowned, “Where did this come from? Good? Students, won’t you tell me? People?”

    Ji Yi: “…No.”

    Her purpose was Xu Yue.

    He looked at him and urged, “Xu Yue, it’s almost time for you to test pull-ups.”

    Zhuo Yihang grinned, “Even if Brother Xu doesn’t take the test, it’s okay.”

    Ji·hao? Student·remembered a serious retort. “No? So, the exam is regulated by the school!”

    “Well, let’s go.” Xu Yue took the lead and walked to the nearest trash can and threw the contents in his hand.

    When they left, the girl with short hair gave a shocked expression.

    They all knew that Xu Yue did not submit to discipline and did what he did at school? It all depends on the mood. As long as it is not for murder and arson, the school will not treat him.

    Now it’s coming out? A female classmate, she is still wearing a school uniform, a typical good girl, a student.

    The short-haired girl frowned, “Who is this? Then? Pull?”

    Zhuo Yihang’s hand holding the cigarette shook, “That’s Brother Xu’s little ancestor!” The

    girl took away the surly lunatic with a single sentence.

    But Ji Yi is not so happy.

    Walking on the road, she pressed her lips a few times, still she couldn’t help but speak, “You said you don’t smoke.”

    “You want to control me? Huh?”

    “I? I don’t want to restrain you by my own accord. But smoking is bad? And you obviously agreed on your birthday.”

    “Well, I remember.”

    Not only did he agree, but he also threw the cigarette case into the trash can.

    The light he saw that night was so bright that he would not have the heart to refuse any request she made.

    But ah, that beam of light? Isn’t he what Yixiao thought.

    “You remember a fart!” She couldn’t help but explode. “Do you remember smoking at school? Do you know if you are found out, you will remember it again.” She

    felt ashamed.

    But Xu Yue’s self-willing and degenerate status quo is really irritating!

    The girl’s bulging appearance is also very lovely.

    At this time, the two have returned to the playground test area.

    Ji Yi pushed his arm down, “I’ll tell you later, I’ll go to the test soon.”

    Xu Yue returned to the boys’ team and, like everyone else, obeyed the arrangement for the test.

    Although the old teacher of the devil is very strict, he did not anger him because of his anger last time. Should he give him an A-level score or write it up.

    Seeing this result, Ji Yi was also happy for her.

    Song Yanke has already gone back to the classroom to make up his homework, because they are in the first class this semester, and their names are all behind, until the Xu Yue test is almost finished.

    The two went back to the classroom together, choosing a path with few people to go up.

    Along the way, Ji Yi chatted endlessly.

    “Look, you are so powerful, whether it’s text learning or sports is great.”

    “A lot? Many people are envious? You should take advantage of your own?”

    ” Take every exam seriously. Whatever it is? Examination.” After

    speaking so hard, I hope he will not be too decadent in the future.

    The young man followed her quietly.

    Seeing her blushing lips closed together, like delicate flowers.

    Ji Yi turned his head, patted his shoulder solemnly, and summed up a sentence, “Xu Yue, what are you going to do in the future? Okay? Learn to make progress every day!”

    Xu Yue suddenly grabbed her hand.

    “Ah–” Ji Yi exclaimed.

    People have been pushed against the wall.

    The cold boy curled his lips, “Okay, give me a kiss?”

    The author has something to say:

    Hahahahaha, Brother Xu couldn’t help it every time! ! ! !

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