AR: Ch 44

 The ending after his birthday is… Ji Yi, who knows what to do, escapes.

    I didn’t sleep well all night, so I almost couldn’t get up the next day.

    For the first time, I felt that the time of early self-study was passing so fast, and the time passed by every minute and every second, Ji Yi sat in a position to shake his feet uncomfortably.

    At the same table, He Xuxu poked her pen? Her arm, “Ji Yi, what did you do before? Two classical Chinese essays? Have you finished memorizing?”

    “Back, I’m finished.” Her current state is completely, subconsciously. Reply.

    He Xuxu was very happy when he heard it, “Hey, then? While dictating for a while…let me copy it? Hey.”

    Ji Yi paused , then nodded, “Yes.”

    She didn’t know what she was talking about? , In short, she will answer whatever the tablemate asks.

    As soon as the bell rang when the class bell rang in the morning, she put up a cup of water to collect the water, and dangled until there was only one minute left before class time before returning.

    There was a familiar back in the front row. The young boy had a bag hanging on his narrow shoulders, and his black hoodie was wrinkled by the straps of the backpack.

    As soon as Xu Yue arrived in the classroom, he saw the empty seats in the first row at a glance. His mind sank, and his eyes became more indifferent.

    Before he could put down his schoolbag, he swept the familiar figure and stepped into the classroom.

    She held the water glass in her hand and lay it securely on the corner of the table.

    The class bell rang, and Master Jiang walked into the classroom holding the comprehensive workbook, “Did you recite the two classical Chinese essays arranged last week?”

    ” Memorized …”

    In fact, there were a few negative words in it, but? In the end, they all agree with the public and become “reciting”.

    Master Jiang nodded, “Everyone close the book, and then start to write silently.”



    There was a chaotic voice in the classroom, and the person ripping the scratch paper to write silently.

    Teacher Jiang walked around in the hallway of the classroom to inspect, Ji Yi held a pen and fluently wrote classical Chinese.

    But I just wrote an article, and when I was preparing for the second article, the pen refill was used up again.

    He Xuxu, who was working hard to copy, saw her stop?

    Ji Yi whispered: “No pen.”

    Xu Yue picked up the extra signature pen on the table, but heard the whispered conversation between the two behind.

    He Xuxu: “How much do I have, for? You?”


    Ji Yi got the pen and continued to speed up his dictation.

    As soon as the time is up, pass from the back to the front.

    Master Jiang deliberately messed up the names for everyone to check each other, and those who made many mistakes would be picked out.

    “Don’t you think about giving cover to the same table. After you score, I will randomly check from them. If who protects the other, two? People together? Punishment!” Old Master Jiang still had some tricks.

    It’s a coincidence that the last thing she got was Xu Yue’s dictation paper.

    If it is usual, she would definitely pat Xu Yue on the shoulder, and then tell him in surprise, “I got yours.”

    But now, Ji Yi held his breath for a moment, silently, and took out a red pen to draw a sketch. examine.

    Learning God or learning God, there is no typo in dictation.

    He Xuxu also checked quickly, turned his head and glanced at the dictation paper Ji Yi got, “Yeah, it’s Xu Yue’s.”

    Ji Yi quickly raised his index finger to indicate, and Xu Yue sat in front of him. , Has long heard clearly.

    He? Sideways? Turning his head.

    Ji Yi quickly lowered his head.

    Xu Yue withdrew his gaze indifferently, turned back to face the blackboard, his expression gloomy.

    Like a frightened rabbit, Ji Yi just wanted to squat quietly on a side of the ground, slowly calming down…

    Master Jiang finally picked a few people to watch, and then let them? Pass the dictation paper to the corresponding person.

    Ji Yi stretched out his arm and handed the silent writing paper to the front.

    As a result… the boss won’t pick it up?

    “Xu Yue.” She yelled softly.

    The paper in his hand was taken away by the person in front.

    After class, she and Song Yanke left the classroom again.

    He Xuxu went to the downstairs shop and came back, holding two bottles of drinks in his hand, and put one of them on Ji Yi’s table.

    When Ji Yi came back and saw the extra drink on the table, He Xuxu explained, “Good luck, I bought a bottle of drink and got another bottle. It happened to be given to you? It was a reward.”

    “Wow! Thank you very much.” The

    two of them were tacitly aware of the word “repay”.

    You should usually drink more hot water, but the taste of the drink is also very delicious.

    Ji Yi twisted the bottle cap and did not open it.

    When he was about to exert his strength, He Xuxu aggressively rushed over and helped her unscrew the bottle cap, “Drink!”

    Ji Yi: “…thank you.”

    At noon, Ji Yi was resting in the classroom and reading. He wanted to drink water when he was thirsty. , But found that the bottle cap could not be opened.

    She tried hard, but it didn’t work.

    What’s the matter?

    Why is it that the opened one is more difficult to screw off than the new one?

    He Xuxu isn’t here right now, won’t Ji Yi put the drink back in place.


    she was about to take a water cup to collect water, Xu Yue walked over, “Do you need help twisting the cap?” She got up with the water cup now, so she thought about getting some water, so she refused. Xu Yue said, “It’s okay, I’m going to pick up water anyway.”

    Xu Yue: “…”

    His eyes fell on the beverage bottle with bitterness.

    It’s just superfluous!


    Xu Yue asked for leave again in the second class in the next afternoon, don’t you know the reason, and don’t? know him? Where did he go.

    Ji Yi was not at ease when he saw no one.

    Xu Yue received a call from the hospital again, and finally went there.

    The color of the hospital is cold and white, and there is always a faint smell of disinfectant in the ward.

    Standing in a strange ward, looking at the familiar person lying on the bed, Xu Yue’s eyes were very dark.

    The doctor in a white coat walked in with a medical record book, and when he saw Xu Yue, he was a little surprised, “Mr. Xu, you are finally here.”

    Looking at the person on the bed full of tubes, Xu Yue’s tone was cold.” He? Is dying, is he?”

    Unexpectedly, the “family” would say such a direct and sharp word, and Dr. Jiang was shocked. “The patient has been relying on drugs to sustain his life. It is not easy to persist for so many years. Organs. Because of the gradual exhaustion of the disease, it can no longer be metabolized normally… You should know that the coma of a vegetative person is generally irreversible.”

    Such a gentle expression, the patient’s condition will not get better, reminding you The family prepares for funeral.

    “I know.” Xu Yue nodded and asked: “This? What?, the other? Does anyone know?”

    Doctor Jiang nodded, “I’ve notified it today.”

    Xu Yue narrowed his eyes.

    Say? Cao Cao arrived, and Lu Yi opened the door out of breath.

    When he saw Xu Yue, his eyes showed hostility again, “You? Have a face!”

    Xu Yue’s expression was faint.

    Doctor Jiang saw the two young men and tried to pinch them again, and hurriedly stopped, “This is the hospital. You have something to say so well.”

    He is the attending physician in charge of this patient, but he hasn’t even been in charge for so many years. ? Know the grudge between Lu Yi and Xu Yue.

    He? He only knows that the relationship between the two is very unharmonious, and that the patient’s medical expenses have always been provided by the young man named Xu, so he? Will call this? It seems that the older boy is called “Xu.” gentlemen”.

    At first he guessed that because Xu Yue had become like this, Lu Yi would target that way, but then he gradually discovered that it was not so.

    As for the truth, he doesn’t know much as a doctor.

    Xu Yue and Lu Yi left the ward at the same time. They stood at the end of the corridor. If they didn’t match up, they might start fighting.

    The face that had been beaten the day before was still hurting, Lu Yi restrained his fist, but verbally? Forgot to warn, “Don’t let me see you in the hospital in the future?!”

    “Heh.” Xu Yue smiled coldly. , “Which is the hospital’s ward, pharmacy, and nursing staff costs? I promised it?” It was

    clearly a young adult, but he looked more mature and steady than the adult Lu Yi.

    He? His eyes raised sharply? Eyes, “No? Let me show up, you? Why?”

    “Like the one lying inside? The man is my father!” Lu Yi clenched his fist with a sharp expression. Ji, “Xu Yue, you? Don’t forget, who pushed my dad downstairs? That made him? He became what he is now!”

    Xu Yue’s expression stretched, and his thin lips were drawn into a strip. Wire.

    His eyes made people look cold all over.


    All day long, Ji Yi was in a floating state. She plans to ask Xu Yue after school, is it right? What’s the matter?

    But before she was over, Xu Yue unexpectedly appeared in the last class of evening self-study. After school was over, he specially waited for her to leave.

    Xu Yue clasped the backpack with one hand to keep up with her, the white fingers contrasted sharply with the dark black backpack.

    Ji Yi’s heartbeat is not calm, and he is still carefully considering his words when walking on the road.

    When I was about to speak, suddenly? I heard Xu Yue calling her name.

    “Ji Yi.”

    “Huh?” She was at a loss? Turning back, raising her face.

    Xu Yue deliberately took a big step to block her in front of her, staring at her with deep gaze, “You? Don’t you want to avoid me deliberately.”

    Ji Yi didn’t consciously swallowed his saliva, and his hands were not naturally intertwined. In front of you, rubbing against each other, pressing the joints.

    He listened to him again? Say?: “What happened last night? It was an accident. Originally I just wanted to scare you? But I didn’t expect it to happen.”

    Ji Yi took a breath, and his clear and black eyes blinked twice? , Exhaled again heavily.

    It seems that the tense string in my head broke off at once.

    Seeing her tense expression for a day? Finally stretched, Xu Yue’s mouth conjured up a bitter smile.

    But when Ji Yi looked up, the expression of loss was instantly converged.

    Ji Yi bulged, his voice was crisp and squeamish, “You? Too much, I kindly give you a birthday, and you? You scared me!” The

    young man slapped her head lazily, with a clear tone. Playfully, “Well, who let you? It’s a lie.”

    “Xu Yue——!!!”

    The young man deliberately ran, and the girl was not willing to catch up. The two one after another, the lively figures seemed to declare that they were young.

    However, they will eventually run in the opposite direction at the school gate.

    After Ji Yi left, Xu Yue stopped and turned around and looked at that direction. The street lamp cast a shadow of loneliness.

    The lighter ignited the cigarette butt, with the cigarette between his fingers, and he inhaled skillfully, slowly exhaling white smoke from his mouth. The peculiar smell of cigarettes fills the mouth, and the sparks of fire are looming.

    He clutched his heart, frowning tightly, as if he wanted to press down the heartbeat that was beating because of her.

    Shouldn’t it be extravagant.

    It shouldn’t be… contaminated her.

    The author has something to say:     Thorough

    drama: The next chapter will show you the story of the copywriting.

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