AR: Ch 43

Go? The girl in front suddenly? Turned around, “Xu Yue, what do we eat? Huh?”

    “It’s all right, you like it? Okay.”

    “Then? Go? Go to the nearest place, what’s there? Just? What to eat? Right!” She was hungry, not stupid? Struggling.

    “Okay.” Xu Yue put away the phone, put it in his pocket, and followed.

    Going along the street? The first store turned out to be—KFC.

    Ji Yi, who gave up struggling, stopped at the door, “Can you eat this?”

    “Yes.” He didn’t care.

    Ji Yi rubbed his hands and walked up the steps.

    Just as he was about to open the glass door, Xu Yue stretched out his long arm to open the way for her, and his careful behavior poke the girl’s heart very carefully.

    It’s a pity that Ji Yi is lacking in roots, so she didn’t go anywhere else.

    The two ordered the same rice food.

    There are a lot of people at the moment and the location is crowded. But they were lucky, and as soon as they got the dinner plate, a table for four people next to it was vacant.

    “Let’s go

    there— ” Ji Yi pointed his finger, Xu Yue was fascinated by it.

    As soon as they sat down, another pair of young men and women followed, “Is there anyone next to me?”

    Ji Yi shook his head, “No.”

    The two placed the dinner plate on the empty seat, and then sat down.

    But soon Ji Yi realized that maybe she shouldn’t have said that just now…just

    eating and eating? Forget it, but the couple next to him was too affectionate, and they were so sticky in the crowd that they would eat. I want you to take a bite out of it for meals and a soup.

    “Honey, this soup is delicious, you try.”

    The young woman took a spoon of soup with her own spoon and handed it to the young man’s mouth. The man deliberately made an “Ah”? He opened his mouth and put the soup spoon in his mouth, and took a sip of the soup.

    Ji Yigang scooped up a spoonful of soup and sprinkled it directly into the bowl.

    That’s it? Forget it!

    What was even more exaggerated was that the woman accidentally took a bite of the chili and said that the hot pepper was so spicy that the man stood up nervously, “Let me see, baby, oh, baby is wronged…”

    Then that The woman just started to agree, and she looked like she had suffered a great deal of grievance.

    The small half of corn that Ji Yi just picked up fell on the table—

    this Nima’s?

    It’s so spicy, don’t you know how to drink more water? What’s the use of just looking at it? What is the use!

    She quickly turned aside her face, her eyes could not be seen or her heart was upset. I couldn’t help but observe Xu Yue quietly, and found that he was eating calmly, as if to isolate all the strange interference from the outside world.

    Ji Yi blinked his eyes twice.

    It so happened that many more will? So? Accurate to get her attention, but also picked up a record facial features? “?? how you have to feed?”


    very, very, big brothers began to speak words show up!

    She shook her head like a rattle, and stuffed her mouth with chopsticks.

    She didn’t watch it, she didn’t listen, honestly? Really? Can’t eat!

    Just because he couldn’t stand the crooked couple next to him, Ji Yi solved the dinner twice as fast as usual.

    On the contrary, Xu Yue was slow and tidy.

    She urged euphemistically, “Hurry up, let’s go get the cake.” The

    boss took a sip of the soup without hesitation, “We have to wait for an hour to make the cake. It’s only 20 to 10 minutes now, no in a hurry.”

    “…” She wasn’t anxious, just? She couldn’t stand the two next to her!

    But she was always embarrassed to speak out in front of others.

    The couple next to him has entered a “dear, you eat” and “baby, you drink” show affection cycle mode, Ji Yi holds his cheeks with both hands, actually? She quietly covered her ears with her fingers.

    Can’t listen anymore!

    At this time, she just avoided, and she didn’t see the seemingly inattentive boss opposite, with a sly light in her eyes.


    After coming out of KFC, Ji Yi stood there and took a deep breath.

    After walking away, she finally couldn’t help but complain to Xu Yue.

    “Just two men too can show it! Drama they did so? Gouxue.”

    “Well show to show themselves at home, have to a large crowd under the influence of others.” “Really

    do not understand.”

    In Ji Yi In the world of love, love should be just like a parent, knowing each other and staying with each other for a lifetime.

    Her biological parents are simply model couples with good affection, but they won’t show affection on purpose like just now.

    So the boys in the previous life confessed to her, she felt naive, because this age group can’t? Be responsible for the future life.

    No matter how many romantic dramas the best friend told her, she can’t? Experience the surging emotions. It’s as if she had read a whole love letter for the first time, and was not moved by the love of the hero and the hero, but cried for the villain.

    This is the truth.

    Yu? When she got here, she couldn’t help sighing.

    A bit stupid? Mom and Dad.

    But mom and dad have passed away for many years, she has come out of grief, and what is left is regret and nostalgia.

    But this kind of mood can only be hidden deep in her heart.

    Xu Yue didn’t know just that? With this little effort, Ji Yi had already made 18 bends in his heart.

    He thought that she was simply repelling love, and she didn’t like other people’s “show”.

    No wonder she would deliberately avoid him every time he talked deliberately to tease her.

    Xu Yue lowered his eyes and followed her pace, walking beside her.

    He spoke calmly: “They can speak frankly and openly about their love, which is also very good.”

    “Hey?” Ji Yi turned his head and glanced at ?, then retracted his gaze.

    What? It feels like the boss is starting to reason to her?


    two slowly returned to the dessert shop, almost forty minutes have passed.

    The clerk recognized them and told them to wait a little longer.

    Ji Yi nodded, curiously watching them stop the carved clouds on the cake.

    Xu Yue stood by the door.

    Fingers touched the cigarette and lighter in the pocket of the jacket. Just about to take it out, the girl inside suddenly? Turned back and smiled at him.

    Turning between his fingers, he paused, letting things fall back into his pockets again.

    He sighed and took a step forward.

    Suddenly, two young girls holding hands appeared in front of him, blocking the way.

    Xu Yue glanced at them calmly.

    One of the girls blushed and handed out the phone, “Brother, is it convenient to add a WX?”

    “Inconvenient,” he said.

    The other was more daring, and put the note directly into his pocket, “Little brother, remember to add it.”

    Then he ran out of the dessert shop with his friend.

    He frowned, a trace of disgust flashed under his eyes, took out the note, and threw it into the trash can without looking at it.

    Ji Yi watched the cake carefully, and didn’t notice the situation here for a while.

    It wasn’t until Xu Yue appeared next to her that she subconsciously pulled his hand, pointed at the cake in the glass and said: “Look, the cake is almost ready, it’s so beautiful, do you like it?”

    His expression was focused. Looking at the girl’s beautiful side face, her expression softened, and she said softly, “Well, I like it very much.” The

    birthday cake is once a year, and Ji Yi thinks its meaning is very important.

    However, for him, a birthday that has not been blessed since he was a child is really unnecessary.

    But he still lied.

    Even, there is some luck.

    After the cake was made, Ji Yi rushed to pay the balance, “This is the cake I gave you, of course? I want to pay.”

    She is no longer as poor as she used to be , and a double-digit cake is still affordable. of.

    But here comes the question, where should I light a candle now?

    “Go to my house.” Xu Yue suggested.

    Ji Yi raised her head and asked, “How far is it from here to your home?”

    Xu Yue replied, “Two kilometers.”

    “So? Near? Go? Go? Go?.” She didn’t have any defenses at all.

    The taxi soon arrived at Xu Yue’s community. This time the sound control lights have been replaced with new ones, and there is no need to hold hands when going upstairs.

    When entering the house, Xu Yue took out a new pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet, which were off-white.

    Ji Yi wears women’s shoes very well, and is not afraid of falling when walking. “Wow, you finally? Remember to buy spare slippers.”


    He didn’t say it, it was specially prepared for her.

    No one else will come to this place.

    He put the cake on the table, and Ji Yi leaned forward, and couldn’t wait to untie the colored ribbon.

    She picked up the candle and put it on the cake, a little tangled, “Too many 18 pieces, or? Insert two?” The

    cake is too small and too many candles are not good-looking, and the meaning of the two pieces is also good.

    Xu Yue didn’t care about this, so he glanced at her?, “Do you like it? Okay.”

    “Yeah.” Ji Yi nodded, put two sticks in the cake, then spread his hand and asked, “Is there a lighter? “

    Xu Yue put a set in his pocket, took out a lighter and handed it to her.

    Ji Yi stared at his pocket for two more glances, the bright eyes turning sharply.

    Xu Yue was stared uncomfortably.

    The girl bulged her cheeks, and whispered, “Don’t smoke.”

    Xu Yue was silent for a while, nodded and said okay.

    Then, he took out the cigarette case, threw it away, and smashed it into the trash can accurately.

    Ji Yi: “…” The

    boss is still an activist!

    Lighting the candles, Ji Yi naturally sang the birthday song. In previous years, her birthday was like this, and she didn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

    Xu Yue stared at her blankly, listening to the girl’s crisp and sweet singing, his eyes seemed to sparkle brighter than candles.

    The singing is over, and he is still immersed in it.

    Ji Yi urged, “Xu Yue, you hurry up to make a wish.”

    “Make… a wish?”

    “Yes, hurry up, you still have to blow the candle after you make your wish.”

    Xu Yue suddenly? asked, “I can make a wish.” What? Wish?”

    Ji Yi: “How do I know about this, of course? You are the stupidest yourself? What do you want? Or what?”

    He grinned slightly, “If you fail to realize it, you will call it a wish.

    Right ?” “Ah, isn’t it.” Ji Yi answered casually.

    After all, she has celebrated her birthday for so many years, and hasn’t heard such a strange question.

    “Then I don’t allow it.”

    “…You are so strange.” The

    candle’s fire flashed and reflected in his eyes. Under the girl’s expectant gaze, he finally arched his hand and closed his eyes lightly.

    After opening it, he blew out the candle in one breath.

    Ji Yi was a little excited, “What did you promise? Wish?”

  “I hope…”

    He was about to answer, Ji Yi interrupted quickly, “Forget it, don’t say it, just say your wish? It won’t work.”

    “Is it?”

    “Is it.” Although? She was very curious. But birthday rules must be strictly observed, isn’t it?

    Seeing the girl’s serious look, the boy’s eyes lit up, “I hope…” At

    the same time he spoke again, the boy slowly lowered his head, and his warm lips lightly pressed against her forehead.

    The author has something to say:

    kiss, finally kiss-forehead! Celebrate all over the world

    The author has something to say:     Thorough

    drama: The next chapter will show you the story of the synopsis.

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