AR: Ch 42

 “Lu Yi is your brother? Then? How did the two of you become? You are now like this…” The

    meeting was like an enemy?

    Ji Yi held the second half of the sentence in his heart.

    Xu Yue lowered his eyes, not daring to look at her again.

    Cold words came out of his throat, “Tell you a very cliché story.”

    “Is there a man with an ordinary family? Become a good brother with a rich second-generation? The cliché is that they like the same woman. A woman feels that the rich second generation’s glib tongue is not trustworthy, so she chose a more honest man. The two had a wedding, and the rich second generation did not come.”

    “After the marriage, the husband and wife work together?, in the relationship The best time was to give birth to their first son, Lu Yi.” A

    sneer appeared on the corner of his lips, and his tone after that was not as stable as it was at the beginning.

    “But? Is it a woman? I don’t know? At the beginning, that rich second generation was not playing with emotions with sweet words, but… I like to be paranoid and crazy, and I am afraid I can’t control myself if I don’t go to the wedding? The evil desires in my heart.”

    “Five. Years later, the rich second generation returned to China. At that time, the husband and wife were struggling in their careers and the family was in harmony.”

    “Man? Thanks to the brotherhood, he invited the rich second generation to drink at home. The man was drunk and happily to the rich. The second generation described himself as a filial wife and Xianzi, but at that time, it completely stimulated the rich second generation…”

    “That? That night, is the beginning of all evil.” The

    conversation turned, is another unknown? The secret of

    Xu Yue , “That? A rich second-generation man was drunk and forcibly assaulted his wife.” These words seemed to be squeezed out of his teeth, Xu Yue’s whole body trembled, and was angered by the sinful past in his memory. To the extreme.

    Regardless of the mouse, Ji Yi jumped out of the bed and hugged him gently, “Don’t? Say it, I don’t want to listen.”

    Xu Yue raised her head and squeezed her ears, “Since the story has already begun, there is no reason to stop halfway.”

    He continued, “After that night, the rich second generation fled in embarrassment, and his wife chose to hide it. But? Coincidentally, she became pregnant after two months.”

    “I wanted to secretly get rid of it, but my husband found out that she was pregnant. The husband was very happy and looked forward to the baby in the belly. The wife gambled. The mentality gave birth to a second son…”

    This time, he didn’t say the child’s name, but Ji Yi already understood.

    The teenager sneered at the corners of his mouth, and his eyes were full of self-deprecating, “She is really unfortunate. The youngest son is not the husband’s biological. But she still chooses to hide it.”

    “The husband loves the youngest son very much, but the wife does. I hate him very much. No matter what he eats or wears, it is always his brother’s turn after his brother enjoys it. But when Brother Fan has done something, his mother will laugh and praise him and reward him.

    ” Younger? My son grew up. I don’t understand why the mother always favors his elder brother and doesn’t like him at all.”

    “In order to please his mother, he studies hard and desperately surpasses everyone? But no matter what? He is in another person? How good is the middle school, my mother is stingy to give him a compliment.”

    “As he grows older, he gradually understands that no matter what he does, his mother won’t look at him more.”

    “Gradually, young? When the son grows up, he looks more and more like the rich second generation back then.”

    “The wife looked at the appearance of the young son, and became more and more frightened. Once, while her husband was on a business trip, she deliberately coaxed the young son to him. Throw it down in a remote place. What is ridiculous is that the child was neither lost nor abducted, but found himself home.”

    He omitted how a little boy struggled when he was thrown down. After returning home with scars.

    “The paper package can’t keep the fire out, and my husband discovered what happened back then.”

    “The husband is indeed an honest man, but it is also true that he cannot tolerate his wife’s humiliation, concealment, and deception. The two began to quarrel, and their relationship slipped to a freezing point.”

    “The wife refused to divorce, and the husband asked her to take her. Get out of the house with the young son.”

    “At that time, the wife’s hatred for the young son reached the extreme, but she couldn’t throw the underage children away, so she had to take her young son back to her hometown. “

    He closes his eyes, and an unforgettable picture will appear in front of him.

    That day, his mother gently said that he would wash his face and take a bath.

    He was flattered.

    But when he bent down, his mother suddenly pressed him into the water. The words in his mouth were probably the most vicious language he had ever heard: dirty blood flowing in your body makes you feel sick. You are never worthy of love!

    It turns out that all the care and love he expected are vain.

    It turned out that that woman regarded him as a sin and wished him to die.

    He smiled bitterly and said: “If it weren’t for the farmer’s grandmother who just went home, maybe I would really die.”

    Ji Yi buried his head and shrugged his shoulders, speechless.

    Xu Yue looked down at her, but found that the girl’s face was covered with tears and she couldn’t cry.

    He was only halfway through the story, and he cried like this.

    Forget it, don’t tell her about the rest?

    “The whole story has nothing to do with you, what are you crying for?”

    Ji Yi slowly raised his head, his eyes were red. Sobbing and crying, still unable to make a sound when opening his mouth.

    She was so sad just to hear a simple story, and couldn’t help crying.

    So? What about people who have experienced these things firsthand?

    For so many years, how many days and nights, is it a little bit of suffering that can be summarized in a story.

    A man? Made a mistake, a woman? Aggrieved, but why the ultimate pain and torture must be borne by a child who cannot decide his own birth?

    Xu Yue squeezed her face, rubbed her cocooned finger pads on her delicate face, “Does it feel ridiculous?”

    Ji Yi shook his head with tears in his eyes.

    He said to himself again, “Actually, sometimes I feel that I am quite dirty.” Sometimes I also think that it was good

    to be drowned in the water.

    At least no one? Can hurt him again.

    Ji Yi opened her mouth and made a stumbling voice, “No, it’s not dirty.”

    She just felt that it was unfair and very distressed.

    It’s hard to imagine what a harsh environment Xu Yue grew up in.

    Just like this narrow room, a wooden bed can only lie down? One person? There is nothing else there is a table next to it. The dark place seems to be a prisoner?

    The girl’s eyes are full of tears, with clear eyes open? Looking at him, she stupidly asked: “Are they… Are they bad for you?”

    This question…he really doesn’t know? Reply.

    Ji Yi didn’t wait for him to respond with words, crying and patted his back to comfort him, “It’s okay, I’ll be nice to you in the

    future .” Xu Yue’s fingers stiffened.

    This was an ending he had never thought of.

    “Cry so sad…Do you feel bad for me?”

    “Yeah!” She nodded heavily.

    The young boy’s frowning brows unconsciously stretched out, but what he said was very cold, thorny cold, “Don’t pity me, you will regret it.”

    Ji Yi wiped his eyes and tears, and pursed his lips. “It’s not a pity, and I won’t regret it.” The

    girl looked at his eyes and emphasized to him very sincerely, “We are friends. !”

    My friend…

    really innocent.

    Should he remind her, maybe he has the blood of paranoia and sin like his own father flowing in his bones, and one day he can’t restrain his own greed, what should he do?

    But seeing those? Eyes? Eyes, he still held back.

    If he is cruel to scare her away, then? He is really only himself?

    At least, before he can restrain herself? Before she finds herself? Evil mind, enjoy this bright light.


    Ji Yi cried for a long time, couldn’t help it, couldn’t help it, his eyes were red and swollen.

    It’s getting late and they can’t stay here.

    When Xu Yue took her in the car, the driver thought she was a young girl. She was bullied by something and almost called the police.

    When I returned, Ji Yi didn’t sleep and didn’t speak much, just stubbornly holding Xu Yue’s arm.

    Her reason is: “This is more secure.”

    Xu Yue has nothing to say about her hobby.

    Hold it as you hold it, and there will be no less meat.

    In fact, what Ji Yi is thinking is: I heard that hugging can reduce pain and convey happiness.

    If you keep hugging Xu Yue, it will be strange, and occasions are not allowed.

    Then, holding your arms is considered physical contact, and it can be used for a little bit.

    Just don’t want to see him alone? Pain.


    When I returned to the city, it was completely dark.

    As soon as he got out of the car, Ji Yi’s stomach groaned.

    Xu Yue teased, “It’s quite in time.”

    She blushed, covering her belly without saying a word.

    “What do you want to eat?”

    “Whatever you want…I want to go to the dessert shop!” Halfway through the conversation, he changed his mind.

    Xu Yue didn’t think much, and the nearest dessert shop searched on the map took her there.

    Entering the bright shop, Ji Yi’s eyes circled on the various cake models.

    Xu Yue caught her small eyes and asked, “Want to eat cake?”

    Ji Yi nodded.

    “Then? Just buy.” The rich man only knows? Buy, buy, buy, completely forgetting that today’s lie he made up is not yet over.

    Ji Yi chose a small six-inch cake with the theme of blue sky and white clouds, which looked fresh and lovely.

    The store has the basic ingredients for the cake, and the clerk told her that she can pick it up in an hour.

    Xu Yue frowned, “For so long.”

    Ji Yi pulled off his sleeves, “Let’s go to finish the meal first, and then come over to get the cake.”


    Xu Yue turned his head and looked at her. , Suddenly? I remembered what they said at noon today.

    “Is the cake ordered for me?”

    “Hmm, I haven’t given you a life yet? What about the day.”

    She kept remembering.

    Upon hearing this, Xu Yue pinched his eyebrows.

    Why is this girl so cheating, she has seen the date of his ID card, and because he believes that today is his birth day, giving gifts and cakes…

    Should he tell her the truth-

    today is not his life?

    As he was thinking, Ji Yi was already standing at the door and waving at him, “Xu Yue, hurry up, I’m hungry.” The

    boy cocked his mouth and strode to follow.

    Just about to walk to the girl’s side, the phone in her pocket buzzed. I picked it up and saw that it was a call to note “hospital”.

    He picked it up.

    On the phone? He said anxiously, only one sentence he heard clearly.

    “Patient? Probably not…”

    The author has something to say:

    Brother Xu lied to An An’s birthday, actually because… you know! !

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