AR: Ch 41

Xu Yue repelled the answer to that question very much, and didn’t want her to know the so-called secret.

    But? He was nervous and cared.

    Ji Yi didn’t let go of his hand, but squeezed it tightly, “You calm down first, is it okay to listen to me?”

    Also? No? Xu Yue expressed her attitude, she said first, “I won’t be because? Don’t you? People will change their views of you in just one or two sentences. I have eyes to see, and a heart to feel.”

    “Xu Yue, you are good, don’t doubt yourself.”

    “I ask you, just want to know you better There are so many things, not to verify anything.” The

    girl’s expression was serious, and he was the only one in her bright eyes.

    Her words are full of soothing meaning, and the clear voice makes the listeners feel inexplicably trustworthy.

    Xu Yue couldn’t help but raised his hand and gave her a light hug.

    She didn’t lie.

    Xu Yue thought so.

    At that time, both of them were quiet, Xu Yue still? Did not say much.

    Ji Yi didn’t force him, but just followed silently.

    He took a taxi on the side of the road, and Xu Yue got in the car and reported an unfamiliar address directly.

    Ji Yi looked at the scenery outside the window and asked curiously: “Where are we going?” The

    boss calmly replied, “I won’t sell you.”

    “…” Did the boss slow down so quickly?

    Ji Yi covered his mouth and yawned, tears in his eyes.

    She rubbed her eyes and said, “So sleepy.”

    Xu Yue crossed one hand from her body and raised the car window next to her. “When I get sleepy, I will sleep for a while. The journey will take about forty minutes.”

    Hearing what he said, Ji Yi closed his eyes peacefully and leaned back on the seat of the chair.

    Before going to bed, I didn’t forget to remind the person next to me, “Call me when it’s time.” The

    sleeper really got up, and soon I heard her steady breathing.

    Xu Yue looked sideways at the girl beside him.

    When she sleeps, she has a peaceful face, her eyes narrowed into two shallow arcs, and her slender and curled eyelashes are like two mini brushes, which are particularly beautiful.

    Her cheeks are a little pink, I don’t know if she is holding her breath.

    Xu Yue carefully rolled down the window a little bit to allow the air on both sides to circulate.

    The raised cushion on the top of the seat did not match the height of her head. After Ji Yi fell asleep, his little head leaned aside little by little.

    Xu Yue directly stretched out his hand, supported her little head, and led her to lean against her shoulder.

    At such a close distance, he could smell the unique fragrance on the girl’s body, could hear her breathing, and the sound of his heartbeat constantly accelerating.

    The heart beats a drum.

    Probably the most suitable word to describe his current situation.

    The girl slept unsuspectingly beside him, her lips naturally closed, like two slightly open petals, soft and tender.

    As long as he is bolder and closer, he can kiss the pink lips.


    little girl trusts him so much, he can’t be such a beast.

    I can’t let her know the humble and shameless greed in his heart, and I don’t want her to be contaminated with those dirty things.

    He held his knees deeply with his fingers, and he restrained his desire.


    Ji Yi sleeps dimly and hears someone talking softly in her ear.

    She didn’t hear it very well, she just wanted to push the voice away, subconsciously waved her hand, and slapped her slap accurately on Xu Yue’s handsome face…

    “Ji An’an–” Xu Yue gritted his teeth.

    Ji Yi finally opened his eyes and vaguely saw the magnified face of the boss.

    She slept in a daze, and when she saw the mole at the corner of her eye, she couldn’t hold back her hand to touch it.

    In fact, I wanted to do this a long time ago, but it was guilty.

    Take advantage of the advantage that should be taken while your head is still awake!

    They dangled, the driver in the front row was urging them.

    Xu Yue directly took out two red tickets and threw them over. The driver smiled and shut up decisively.

    Let that soft hand behave nonsense on his face, and he didn’t stop it.

    Ji Yi was dizzy, “Are you still the only person I have ever seen with moles of tears in reality.”


    It was really an honor for him.

    Hearing the girl’s muttering softly, the corners of the boy’s mouth rose slightly.

    Suddenly Ji Yi dropped his hand, sat down and yawned, and finally woke up.

    “Wake up?”


    “Get off.”

    Xu Yue pushed the car door and stood outside to hold it down for her.

    Ji Yi came down slowly.

    “Boom—” The

    door closed, and the driver stepped on the accelerator and the car moved forward quickly.

    Suddenly Ji Yi asked a question, “Where is my book?”

    Xu Yue: “…”

    Suddenly, she began to worry, “My book is still in the car! My book is lost!”

    Xu Yue patted her head, “It’s not lost, it’s in my schoolbag.”

    “You said it earlier!” She slammed his arm in an angry way.

    But? It’s soft and not heavy at all.

    Xu Yue didn’t say a word, letting her “run wild” wantonly.

    Ji Yi looked around and found that there were no familiar buildings around. There were no tall buildings here, but it looked like a remote town.

    She raised her head to look around, and asked suspiciously: “Where is this?”

    Xu Yue tilted her head slightly and told her in a low voice, “The place I lived in when I was a child.”

    Ji Yi blinked his eyes twice, suddenly? Realized that he was answering her previous question. And it is not pure language, but a strong response directly with “action”.

    The houses around here are all next to each other, but few people are seen on the road.

    While walking on the road, Ji Yi was still thinking, if he doesn’t perform well for a while, will he be buried alive by the villain…

    Ji Yi glanced at the tall boy next to him, comforting himself: probably not Bar? The boss is still very good to her now!

    “Ji An’an, watch it if you want to, don’t sneak in any tricks?”

    Ji Yi squeezed his neck, “Nonsense! I didn’t peek!”

    He lowered his head and threatened deliberately, “You behave, otherwise?——”

    Ji Yi grabbed the collar nervously and swallowed, “You, what do you want?”

    Xu Yue raised his hand to block the bright eyes and reminded him in a low voice, “Don’t use it? Look at me like this.

    Ca n’t help it.” “Ghaha?”

    “Can’t help but sell you~” Xu Yue grabbed the ball on the top of her head, and laughed from her throat.

    The girl opened his hand and stared at him fiercely, “Xu Yue! You are too bad!”

    At around five o’clock in the afternoon, the sun had gradually set, and the sky was still bright.

    Xu Yue took him to a three-story old house and pushed open the dilapidated door.

    It should have been unoccupied for a long time, there was still mud and dust accumulated on the concrete floor, and some cracked places on the ground were drilled with green grass blades.

    Ji Yi has been a child who grew up in the city since she was a child. He hasn’t really set foot in such a place in person for so many years.

    She wasn’t quite used to it, and subconsciously grabbed Xu Yue’s arm.

    Xu Yue turned his head and glanced, his gaze swept across her hand, without refusal.

    He suddenly? Asked: “Are you afraid?”

    Ji Yi shook his head.

    Actually, I was nervous, but she couldn’t say it.

    “Fear? It doesn’t matter, we can go back now.”

    Ji Yi still shook his head.

    The answer is right in front of me, and I’ll fall short of it when I go back.

    “Okay, follow me.”

    Hearing Xu Yue’s serious tone, Ji Yi trembled in his heart, as if to witness something extraordinary!

    She subconsciously leaned closer to Xu Yue’s body.

    Xu Yue opened the door further inside, and the living room was in sight.

    But? This living room is very different from the one she had seen before? This living room is very small, with a square wooden table and a few stools in the middle. The wooden cool sofa lacks a corner, and there are some hanging in the corners. White spider web.

    There was a door on the left and right of the living room, and Xu Yue directly kicked the slightly open door open with his foot.

    Inside is an area of ​​about six square meters, with only a bed and table. There is a small window next to it, which is backlit and looks very depressing.

    “this is?”

    “This is my room.”

    Xu Yue’s room? bedroom?

    Remembering what Xu Yue said earlier, this is where he lived when he was a child.

    She knew that Xu Yue had a bad life when she was a child, but she didn’t expect it to be so bad! The visual impact is too strong.

    Suddenly? Feel so distressed.

    With compassion, Ji Yi looked at the calm-faced big man next to him, and was brewing a lot of spiritual chicken soup to comfort him.


    “Ah—” The

    black mouse strung past her, scared her to scream, and directly let go of Xu Yue’s arms with both hands, and should Cheng hug his neck.

    Ji Yi yelled in shock, “There is a mouse.”

    Xu Yue touched her back with one hand, and calmly said: “It’s gone.”

    Ji Yi glanced back and shook his head again and again, “I just saw It? It’s under the bed! It’s definitely still in the room, what should I do, it? Will it suddenly? Run out?”

    “No…” He just wanted to say no, but? Seeing the little girl hugged so tightly , Couldn’t help but frightened with bad thoughts, “It is possible that you will crawl over at your feet.”

    “Ahhhhhh…” This is not a scream, but a tremor that she is afraid of.

    “Quick, get out.”

    “Really going out? I won’t answer your questions again when I get out.”

    “That…” Ji Yi began to struggle.

    When entangled, entangled and started crying.

    It’s not the kind of tears, or the little face wrinkled, looking pitiful, “I don’t want to go out, but I’m afraid.”

    Xu Yue chuckled softly, pressing his hands on her waist. He picked up the girl and put it on the bed.

    It was to let her feet step on the bed.

    Ji Yi stammered speechless.

    Xu Yue still helped her, “Stand firmly, don’t fall.”

    “I didn’t take off my shoes!” Her teeth trembled, and she felt uneasy.

    The sole of this shoe has been stepped on the dirt and it is stained with a lot of dust.

    Even if this bed is abandoned, it is the place where Xu Yue once slept…

    Isn’t it not good to stand on someone’s bed like this?

  Xu Yue smiled, “Then you come down.”

    Ji Yi was very embarrassed, but she didn’t dare to go down, maybe the mouse was still under the bed.

    Thinking about it this way, she wanted to cry even more.

    This villain’s mind? Really bad!

    But he was willing to let her stand on the bed again, which was kind to her.

    Ji Yi got his finger right, and thought of the topic, “I didn’t go out, can you tell me now?”

    “Ji An’an, that’s my secret.”

    “Um.” I am curious about the secret.

    “If you hear my secret…”

    Didn’t wait? The boss threatened, Ji Yi consciously raised three fingers, with a serious face on the sky? Swearing, “I swear I will keep the secret, there will never be a third person in the world. I know it!”

    Xu Yue sneered.

    He knew that this silly girl would never get the point.

    After a while, Xu Yue calmly said, “In terms of blood relationship, Lu Yi is my brother.”

    The author has something to say:

    How many people have the same idea as Luoluo: Brother Xu, be a beast… An An It takes you so much cheaper…

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