AR: Ch 40

  Ji Yi looked at the face close at hand, breathing tightly.

    Closer, I’m going to kiss…

    “Didi—” At

    this time, the car on the roadside honked the horn, interrupting the ambiguous atmosphere.

    Ji Yi quickly withdrew from him, pointing to the red string on his wrist, stammering? and said: “Dai, wear it, I, I will go now.”

    No matter what Xu Yue will react, She ran away by herself.

    Xu Yue didn’t catch up at this moment.

    Walking into the studio, she could still feel her own “heart beating” frequency abnormally.

    It’s really weird… how can she covet the big guy’s face!

    Ji Yi lived to be 18 years old in her last life. She has received a lot of love letters and heard a lot of confession, but she is as slow as a blank sheet of paper in terms of feelings, even if she has watched a bloody romantic drama? No buddies can save her? Emotional intelligence.

    She lacks roots in the subject of love, just like English.

    Obviously I have feelings, but I just don’t understand.

    When Ji Yi entered the studio, he kept an eye on it and found that Lu Yi was not there.

    Amy takes her to make-up.

    They? The three of them have already cooperated with each other, so they didn’t waste much time.

    When passing by another interior view room, Ji Yi suddenly found that there was a pot in the place by the window.

    She couldn’t help but stop, “Hey, why is there an extra 箜篌 here?”

    Zhao Yingfeng just changed the battery of the camera, “Oh, that is my friend’s?, she composed a song by herself, this This time I wanted to record well, so I moved to our studio?

    “Hey, I suddenly thought that I can borrow Huanghou to take a few pictures for you.”

    “It’s okay.” She’s quite willing to try?

    Several people moved the Huanghou to the ancient-style interior shed and chose a good location.

    What Ji Yi is going to shoot today? The product is a set of blue Hanfu. A smoke machine was installed during the filming. It was a little smoky and fairy-like?

    This kind of musical instrument is rarely seen, but it is very attractive to people who like rhythm.

    Parents used to spend money and time to cultivate her hobbies. She also studied for a while, but she just entered the door.

    Now that I see this beautiful 箜篌, I can’t help but pluck the strings.

    Acting as a logistician? Amy suddenly asked: “Xiao Yi, can you still play 箜篌?”

    Ji Yi shook his head, very humble, “I can play a little bit.”

    In fact, I learned it when I started. The first song? The tune is very simple, she always remembers it.

    Hearing what she said, Zhao Yingfeng directly set the camera to the video mode, “How many do you play, this picture is so beautiful! I want to record it for you.”

    “Ah? But my technology is really?… “

    You are a model. Just be in charge of Meimeimei.”

    Anyway? They? They don’t want to engage in art.

    With that said, Ji Yi felt relieved.

    The girl who played the 箜篌 smiled naturally, looking at the strings intently, her slender fingers orderly undulating the strings, making a sound.

    There was a poem:

    Kunshan jade broken phoenix called, Lotus flower weeping dew Xianglan laughed.

    Twelve gates melted cold light, twenty-three silks moved? Purple Emperor.

    The sound made by the 箜篌 has a feeling of floating and ethereal, and it is like a clear spring flowing in a mountain stream, and the sound of Ling Ling is exciting.

    The picture in the camera is unintentionally beautiful, even if she is less proficient in playing music, her appearance can be modified.

    The girl in the picture is wearing a blue soft gauze big-sleeved shirt, slightly revealing the white upper jacket inside, which looks ethereal and hazy. There are two pairs of white pearl hair bars inserted obliquely between the hair, and a pair of light blue jade earrings hung on both ears. Waterfall-like long hair is draped behind his back, and two more strands fall separately on his shoulders, and the silver flower pieces are lightly clasped together.

    The slender finger flicks the chrysanthemum, which is so beautiful and breathtaking.

    The sound of the piano stopped abruptly—

    Zhao Yingfeng was still immersed in the picturesque? The video did not slow down.

    Ji Yi was embarrassed? Covered his eyes and smiled, “Excuse me? I made a mistake in the back.”

    It was half-hearted, but it was stopped if it made a mistake.

    Zhao Yingfeng waved his hand quickly, “It’s okay? It’s okay? What I want to record? That’s enough.”

    Ji Yi placed the 箜篌 and moved to the camera next to the camera, “Can I take a look?”

    Zhao had finished shooting before. Yingfeng would show her the original film, but this time he deliberately hid the camera behind him, “I will send it to you after I edit the finished product.”

    Amy secretly told her, “I just watched it. ?, it’s beautiful, don’t worry. The windward editing video is also very good, wait to see the finished product.”

    Ji Yi nodded, choosing to trust, “Then I will wait.” After the

    shooting, she changed back to herself Of? Clothes.

    After removing the wig and hair pack on the head, I suddenly felt that the whole person was a lot easier.

    She quickly pulled up her hair and tied a simple ball.

    I asked Amy to borrow makeup remover and facial cleanser, patted my face and stood in front of the full-length mirror. The overall look was clean and refreshing.

    Then he picked up his mobile phone and called Xu Yue, “I’m fine here, where are you now?”

    “I’ll come to pick you up.”


    Alright , then you will be there soon? Call me.” “No, you come out now and wait for two minutes for me.”

    “Huh? Are you still nearby?

    ” ……” On the other

    end of the phone? The boss was silent again.

    Ji Yi held back his smile, hung up the phone, and hurriedly went downstairs.

    At this time, Lu Yi, who was out for photography, came back.

    The two passed by at the turn of the corridor, and no one spoke.

    Ji Yi stood downstairs and really only waited for two minutes before seeing the familiar figure walking towards him.

    Ji Yi raised his hand high and waved at him, and ran over in small steps.

    She wants to accompany Xu Yue over her birthday. Xu Yue has been waiting for her downstairs. These things are very pleasant to think of.

    Then just when she had a bright smile on her face and was about to call him in a sweet voice, Xu Yue took the lead in speaking, “Ji An’an, where’s your book?”

    Ji Anan’s head was empty, and she was dumbfounded. Looking at him, “…My? Book?”

    What’s so special? She just had water in her mind and forgot her own book upstairs!

    “Wait for me, I’ll go up and get the book, soon?!”

    She put down her words and rushed into the studio.

    When I came here just now, I put the book in the dressing room. Had it not been for Xu Yue’s reminder, she would have thought of it when she went home.

    There was a familiar textbook cover on the stool, Ji Yi bent over to pick up the book, “found it.”

    By the way, I checked it, and the black pen was still clamped on the bookcase, and it didn’t fall off.

    Just as Ji Yi went downstairs holding the book, a person came out from the corridor and stopped her, “Xiao Yi.”

    Ji Yi saw that he was at Lu Yi.

    He had just smoked a cigarette, and his body was still tainted with a strong smell of smoke.

    This reminded her of Xu Yue’s fragrance of mint, which formed a sharp contrast.

    But these two people have hatred.

    Speaking of it, there is actually no grudge between her and Lu Yi. It’s just that after that quarrel, she had a grudge against Lu Yi.

    When the two faced each other, Ji Yi still kept politely calling out: “Mr. Lu.”

    “Can you let me go? My friend is still waiting for me below.” She was a little anxious.

    “You mean? The friend is Xu Yue?”

    She did not hesitate? Admit, “Yes.”

    Lu Yi stopped on the stairs, just refused to let her pass.

    “Do you know Xu Yue’s life experience?”

    “…” She didn’t want to answer Lu Yi’s strange questions.

    “Look? I don’t know anymore.” There was a gloomy expression on Lu Yi’s face, “Yes, how could he tell you.”

    This person seems to put himself in a high position and comment on other people’s life at will. , Also proud of it.

    When Ji Yi heard these words, she felt goose bumps all over her body.

    “I’m not friends with him because of his life experience. I don’t need to go into it.”

    Lu Yi sneered indifferently. “So dirty? Man, does he dare?”

    This sentence completely angered Ji. Recall.

    She didn’t even care about her education for many years, so she went back directly, “Always belittle others? Talents are the most unqualified? Right, please let me go!”

    She directly moved her hand to hold Lu Yi? Arm, I want to tear his hand off the stair railing.

    “Lu Yi, get out of the way! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

    But instead of retreating, Lu Yi applied more force, grasping the railing firmly with his palm, his arms crossed to block the way.

    Ji Yi was so angry that he took the book and smashed it into his hand.

    Lu Yi laughed instead, a bit perverted? Arrogant, “I just won’t let you find him, so what?”

    Suddenly someone rushed up from behind and moved? The one who did the trick? He grabbed Lu Yi’s throat? , Pulling him down the steps.

    Xu Yue pressed the man against the wall with his fist? He hit Lu Yi directly.

    When Lu Yi resisted, he took another solid punch.

    The two wrestled with bare hands.

    Ji Yi stepped forward in a panic and pulled the person away, “Don’t fight!”

    No one listened to her.

    Anxious in his heart, he lifted up the thick book and smashed Lu Yi’s face.


    Call the police again!” With a roar, the two almost crazy people were finally brought back to reality.

    The two stood at one end of the stairs.

    Ji Yi panicked? Looking at Xu Yue, his eyes worried, “Are you doing anything?”

    Xu Yue shook his head.

    Ji Yi looked carefully at the person from the top down, and then heaved a sigh of relief, “That’s good.”

    She didn’t care about who was beaten on the other side? How about Lu Yi, pretending to be calm? Picked up the book. Holding Xu Yue’s hand, walked downstairs.

    Lu Yi was not reconciled? He patted the railing hard, “Ji Yi, you will regret it?!”

    Xu Yue took a deep breath, and clenched his fingers into fists.

    Ji Yi felt his nervousness, and his soft little hands rubbed lightly between his fingers, trying to relax him.

    She turned her head? Look? Xiang Lu Yi, her eyes coldly, “You don’t need to say those things to scare me, and I won’t regret it.”

    After she finished speaking, she felt that she was not enough, and she frowned again. A serious one added: “Lu Yi, you have to be treated if you are sick!”

    Lu Yi leaned against the railing, with a cold smile on his face. “Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance.”


    After leaving the studio, Xu Yue was stubborn? Pulling Ji Yi in front of her, forcing her to look at her? With her own eyes, he asked: “What did he tell you?”

    Ji Yi was stunned, shook his head? “No.”

    Xu Yue’s eyes dropped, suddenly becoming a little irritable.

    “Impossible, he must have told you… He said something awkward? Isn’t it?”

    “Don’t you? Believe him.”

    “An’an, don’t? Believe him.”

    At this moment, he needs to appease.

    Ji Yi also grabbed his hand and could feel sweat oozing from the palm of his hand.

    But after this matter, she also wanted to know, “What are you afraid of? Can you tell me?”

The author has something to say:

    Brother Xu still wants to cover his identity, I don’t know that classmate An An has already cried for him.

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