AR: Ch 39

Is Ji Yi true? No? You know, the villain who is usually indifferent and arrogant can do this! Sorry!

    The point is, can’t she hear someone say to herself? Such ambiguous words, because she will blush and her ears will be red.

    Ji Yi readily drag a book on his face overshadowed go, pretending to be calm and snorted, “I do not puppy love, thank you?.”??

    Occluded book live in the promise: “……”

    ? After After a while, when he was quiet, Ji Yi slowly put the book down.

    Xu Yue’s eyes were staring straight at her, and the corners of her mouth were curved, and the tone became more stubborn. “Really? No? Early love?”

    Ji Yi gritted his teeth: “Really?!!!” I

    beg you Don’t you want to seduce me again, I can’t bear to stop hitting the table with a book?!

    “All right.” Xu Yue nodded, and a little reduced his sloppy expression. Then he said: “Today is my birthday?.”

    “……Huh?” Ji Yi was taken aback for a moment, unable to help his doubts. Are you fooling me?”

    “Really.” Xu Yue nodded with his chin, rarely showing a clear smile, and seemed to be in a good mood.

    (Luo Luo: Xu Yue, you liar?!)

    Ji Yi is dubious.

    The people in the classroom have walked around at odds and ends, and there are still a few nerds who are left behind to clean up, and to hurry up to do the problem.

    Seeing that she had packed up the papers and pens, Xu Yue also picked up the black bag.

    “Let’s go.”

    When he left the classroom door? He asked again: “Are you going to the dance training room next? Noon?”

    Ji Yi shook his head, “No? Go.” In the

    second year of high school? The semester courses are too? Full, doesn’t she want to make herself too tired, she just said to Zhao Shuyi? Everyone agreed.

    It is estimated that she was just a waste of money to go to the training class.

    Do you think you have already reached the gate of the school? If they want to go home, the two will run in opposite directions.

    Just as Ji Yi was about to wave at him, Xu Yue pressed his arm directly.

    “Since it’s okay, then? accompany me for her birthday?”

    Ji Yi was a little convinced when he heard this sentence, after all, the boss? Maybe deliberately lied to her for her birthday?.

    But she remembered that her original plan was to buy a gift again today, but it’s too late.

    Ji Yi was a little embarrassed? Her fingers clasped each other and clicked, “But I haven’t had time to prepare a gift.”

    “What’s the use of a gift.” Xu Yueman didn’t care about it.

    Ji Yi gave a serious official answer: “Gifts represent kindness and friendship, and can promote the feelings between people? Ah.”

    “Promote feelings? Ah…” He repeated several words in his mouth, under his eyes. Feelings brewing? Threads.

    Ji Yi couldn’t bear it?

    She ridiculed, “Aren’t you? Are you studying God, asking such an idiot question.” Xu Yue was amused by her, “Okay, then? You give me a gift.”

    Ji Yi: “…”

    This How can people follow the pole so much? Climb!

    The delicate brows frowned, a short time? Can’t you think about a better solution? He asked the recipient of the gift frankly, “What do you want?”

    Xu Yue slowly raised his hand and pointed to the red string on her wrist.

    Ji Yi lifted eyelids look at him, then looked down between his own wrist? Bracelet, prevarication, “This is my own series …… quality is not? Well …… but? …… and not a word? Appropriate.”

    Inside She is still wearing her own hair.

    But how am I ashamed to tell him…

    Did Xu Yue’s eyes flash across her face with traces, pretending not to see her entanglement and hesitation.

    He curled his lips and said: “I think it’s good.”

    Ji Yi touched the red rope on her wrist. Each knot on it was knitted by her hand and devoted herself to it.

    Seeing her hesitation, the young man’s narrow eyes narrowed slightly, his head lowered, his forehead almost close to her.

    He suddenly looked like a stubborn kid asking an adult for candy? He was very stubborn.

    “I just want this.”

    “Give it to me?”



    He seemed to deliberately lowered his clear voice, magnetically sultry.

    Every word sounds bewitching her.

    Ji Yi’s heartbeat was inexplicably fast.

    I felt like I was standing on the Flame Mountain, my whole body was going to burn.

    Shaking her fingers, she untied the red rope, slid it out of her hand, and slid it into Xu Yue’s hand freely, and then jumped away from him, “Take it! Don’t talk about it!”

    Seeing the girl Like a frightened rabbit? Going out, Xu Yue rolled up the red string and held it tightly in the palm of his hand.

    He stepped out a pair of long straight legs to catch up.

    “Ji An’an, what are you running? No? Are you going to give it to me? Birthday?”

    “I gave all the presents, no? It’s too late? Isn’t it too late ?!”

    “Really? No? Over? Please? Eat.”

    “I! No?! Hungry!”

    “Goo–” Her belly? Isn’t it too?

    Ji Yi touched her cheek, feeling dry in panic.

    In the end? Still stubbornly following Xu Yue to eat.

    When the food was served, Ji Yi was still a little confused, “It’s really your birthday today?”

    He nodded decisively, “Yes.”

    “Then? Your ID card?”

    Xu Yue tilted his head and said, “Tsk.” “Do you still worry about my ID card? Why don’t you think about me.”

    Ji Yi closed her mouth sensibly, and twisted her thumb and index finger along the lip line?, “…I’m quiet.”

    She thought Today’s gangster is a little bit overwhelmed, as if taking medicine.

    Is Xu Yue special today? Gao Leng, after a while he first asked for a topic, “Why did you choose that seat today?”

    “Ah, did you say? The first row?”


    Listen to his calm answer? , Ji Yi took the chopsticks and knocked on the bowl, making a crisp sound.

    Clear eyes stared straight at him, “Are you embarrassed to say?! Don’t you? It’s because you handed in a blank paper. Do you think everyone is like the eighth classmate? Do you consciously reserve a place for you?”

    Xu Yue pressed ? Forehead.

    She said again? Wrong.

    Does he want to hear the answer at all? This is it.

    But he still wanted her to do whatever she wanted, “You can choose the position you like, and I have a way to change positions.”

    “You say? Isn’t the way? Is it to grab the position…” Ji Yi held his face, serious? Really? “Isn’t this overbearing? Well, everyone has opinions.”

    Xu Yue copied both hands, leaning back like a master, his legs cocked, and his tone was unscrupulous, “Who cares what they think.” “

    Look, say? That’s the case. We are students in school, we must follow the teacher’s arrangements, as long as it is reasonable.”

    “Then? Who made the arrangement last time when changing positions?” Xu Yue’s heart was full of complicated emotions.

    She obviously chose to move away from him last time! This time it’s good, in order to accommodate his blank paper, I ran to the seat behind him and sat down.

    Thinking this way, he was not comfortable.

    The waiter brought two dishes to the table, and Ji Yi helped to move the position.     Waiting for the person to leave

    , she replied slowly: “Isn’t it the last time? Teacher Jiang made the change.”

She had a quarrel with Ji Guosheng at the time, and her thoughts were chaotic. When Teacher Jiang came to tell her? That? The thing? To calm the rumors, she agreed.

    It’s just the next thing? Unpredictable.

    But now that she reconciles with Xu Yue, it is a very happy thing!

    Halfway through the meal, Ji Yi received a call from Zhao Yingfeng halfway through.

    “Xiao Yi, today is the weekend. Are you free?”

    “My friend is celebrating my birthday? You are having dinner.”

    “That’s it. The model that was previously scheduled for photography has a temporary problem, but the business is in a hurry. I propose to change it. People, I showed your photo to the merchant, and the other party is very satisfied.” Zhao Yingfeng specially emphasized, “It is a big shop, and the compensation is not wrong. If it goes well, it will be good for your future development.”

    Such a good thing, Ji Ji Of course Yi refused?

    “Okay, okay, I’ll go to the studio to see you in a while.”

    Zhao Yingfeng thanked him there.

    Ji Yi put away his mobile phone, looked at Xu Yue apologetically, and explained: “Mr. Zhao originally had an appointment with the model for a shoot, but the model appeared temporarily? Unexpectedly, he couldn’t take pictures anymore. He called and asked me to go to the rescue.”

    “Oh. “”

    “I have eaten and rushed? Go.”


    The boss suddenly changed back to his original appearance and turned on the high-cooling mode.

    Ji Yi was a little nervous in her heart, “Right? Get up, how about I invite you to dinner tonight, and then you will have your birthday?”

    Xu Yue raised her eyes and glanced at her, “Why do I lack you? Meal?”

    “…No? No.” The

    boss is much richer than her.

    Is she willing to rush it? Isn’t it necessary to go to the rescue? Want to waste the opportunity to make money, and only after saving enough money, can she leave Ji’s house early.

    After that, the atmosphere was a little subtle, Ji Yi felt that he must be angry, but he didn’t know how to coax him.

    After the checkout?, the two walked side by side.

    Ji Yi poked his arm lightly, “Don’t be angry, I can still spend my birthday with you after taking the photo.”

    She thought: The boss is always alone, surely? No one gave him. It’s my birthday, and now it’s hard to have one and “run the road” halfway through. The boss is not happy? It should be.

    The girl was cautious and seemed to care about his emotions.

    Xu Yue was indifferent on the surface, and his heart was already soft and messed up.

    Now everything he has obtained is already his extravagant hope.

    How could he still be angry?

    Can’t bear it? Living on the top of the girl’s head and rubbed it twice? Her tone was also much gentler, “I’ll take you there? Go.”

    Ji Yi blinked, “But what if you encounter…that? What should someone do?”

    Xu Yue : “I won’t? Go in.” The

    two took a taxi to the photography studio downstairs.

    Ji Yi waved goodbye to him.

    Qianli’s figure just turned? Xu Yue flashed her eyes and called out her name, “Ji An’an.”


    He opened his hand, lying on the palm of his hand with the red string bracelet.

    Xu Yue hooked her finger and commanded her naturally, “Help me put it on.”

    Ji Yi drummed it? Cheeks? He went back obediently and stood in front of him.

    Picking up the red rope from the palm of his hand, raising his wrist with one hand, and sliding the red rope between his fingers with the other, then gently tighten the knot.

    Xu Yue lowered his head, feeling the young woman’s soft finger pads against his wrist, and the pulse between her wrists was beating for her.

    He couldn’t help it.

    Head down again? A few degrees lower.

    After Ji Yi helped him put on the red string, he checked it carefully, and he pulled the chain around his wrist a few times to fix it to a suitable circumference.

    Xu Yue’s hand bones are narrow and thin, and wearing a bracelet size that originally fits her, he won’t be able to completely break away.

    A bright red appeared on the wrist of a young age.

    Ji Yi looked at his masterpiece, feeling quite satisfied.

 “No? Wrong? Wrong, it’s quite appropriate.”

    Young year’s lips curled up, “Well, it’s not wrong.” The

    warm breath sprinkled on the tip of her nose.

    Ji Yi raised his head subconsciously, and was caught off guard to avoid crashing into those dark pupils.

    The author has something to say:

    Ah! Brother Xu is really good at it! Where is the head group? ! ! !

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