AR: Ch 38

 Ji Yi didn’t know how long he ran, but later? Both feet lost consciousness, just mechanical movement.

    Xu Yue grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the runway.

    Ji Yi’s feet were weak, and he walked slowly with Xu Yue for a while, and couldn’t stand when he stopped.

    This weaker appearance made Xu Yue feel angry and distressed.

    “Is it stupid?” There was a heavy gasp in his words.

    Ji Yi’s eyes are sour, but her heart is also sour, but she retorts quickly, “You are stupid!” It

    is obviously herself who lost her hair rope, so the fool will run out? He will be punished for her.

    After running so many laps, the bow of the lace was loosened a long time ago. Ji Yi held the white lace tightly in his hand, not letting it fall.

    Xu Yue patted her hand gently.

    Ji Yi relaxed subconsciously.

    He took the lace out of her hand, and it itched her palms when he pulled it.

    The teenager tugged? “Head rope” sighed, “Hair can’t be tied.”

    Ji Yi: “…” I

    wanted to refute, but my throat was so dry that I couldn’t speak.

    Xu Yue took a step and walked around behind her.

    The slender fingers gently lifted the scattered hair, the neck fossa was soaked with dripping sweat, and the soft broken hair gently stuck to the skin.

    He slowly hooked up the broken hair, used his five fingers as a comb, tied her hair together, and tied a nice ponytail with a tie.

    Ji Yi touched the top of her hair, slightly fluffy but not messy, actually tied better than her?

    “Are you, huh…” The

    throat is still dry, as if it has been dehydrated for hundreds of years.

    Xu Yue pulled the person under the tree and stood in the shade, and pressed his shoulders, “Stand still, wait for me? Come back.”

    Ji Yi looked down at the ground and the mottled leaves shadows, and the corners of his mouth raised. More obvious.

    When Xu Yue came back, he had two more bottles of water in his hand and handed her one of them.

    While screwing the cap of the bottle, Xu Yue handed her another bottle that had just been opened, “Drink this.”

    She was not polite, holding the bottle and took two big mouthfuls.

    At this time, the old master devil had taken his classmates to test the project, and stared at them without thinking.

    Ji Yi took a long time to recover.

    She sneaked a glance at Xu Yue from the corner of her light.

    The two had been in a cold war for too long, and she didn’t know what to say to him now? So good.

    “Thank you…” she said.


    Xu Yue looked up at his throat and poured a big mouthful of water, without saying a word.

    Ji Yi picked up the water bottle and rubbed her fingertips on the texture of the bottle cap.

    She felt that the cold war was over.

    But what should I say in the first sentence? How good?

    She moved a small step towards Xu Yue like a turtle, gently holding the cuff with her thumb and index finger, and tore it off.

    “Xu Yue, you murdered me last time?”

    “What? When?”

    “You called me? You stay away.”


    “So I’m angry.”


    “You and me ?Apologize?”


    The girl subconsciously licked the lips that had been moisturized with clear water, her lips were blushing, with a trembling sound, “Then…you don’t have to apologize, you help me out today, even if we offset it.”

    “Offset…” ghost.

    The refills he prepared, the English translated by staying up late, and the warm water in the drinking glass? She didn’t know these things!

    Look? With those big black shiny eyes, Xu Yue’s expression began to feel awkward.

    “Shoo–” The

    whistle was harsh.

    Just as the atmosphere between the two of them was freezing, the old master devil began to record the side effects.

    Ji Yi and Xu Yue naturally also want to measure, they two are at the bottom?

    Boys and girls are grouped.

    Ji Yi and Song Yanke quietly stood together again.

    Song Yanke put on a “gossip” smile, “How about it? You and Mr. Xu see the truth

    in adversity? Are you reconciled?” “Can you use idioms?” Run to stay in adversity See the truth?

    The hell of the truth? I haven’t reconciled yet.

    “I, the master, moved up the stairs, he refused to tell me? Say sorry. The last time he clearly wanted me? Stay away from him.” During this time, she was also wronged in her heart.

    When he was in class, he was distracted by him. Every morning, he worried about whether he had breakfast or not. He insisted on bringing a thermos bucket every day because he was hungry. What if he suddenly reconciled?

    However, I still refuse to apologize.

    Ji Yi hanging? Eyes, sigh of relief, “it? Just me? He did not need to apologize, I? Just do not want him next time, or the urge to say those hurtful words.”

    Once not long memory, it will Repeat the second time. She didn’t want the relationship between the two of them to be in an extremely unstable state.

    Song Yanke said straightforwardly: “The boss was sure that he was in a bad mood at the time? It would kill you, but he later gave me pens and water, and also bribed me? Translate English to you. Those words were handwritten by him. “

    What?” Ji Yi showed a puzzled look.

    “It’s… what happened before? Ah…”

    Song Yanke scratched his hair, and explained all the things that happened during this period of time.

    After the physical education class, Ji Yi greeted Song Yanke, but did not worry about the Muslim room.

    She stared at Xu Yue quietly.

    There seemed to be a silent tacit understanding between the two of them, and they walked in the opposite direction of the teaching building one after another.

    Ji Yi walked in the front? Xu Yue also tended to follow in her footsteps.

    Almost nothing on the tree-lined path? No one, hidden by the mottled shadows of the trees? Silence.

    There is a row of short stone columns on the side of the road, each column is about 50cm apart.

    Ji Yi raised her foot and stepped on it. From the plane, she was half of her head out of the way.

    Neither of them spoke, and seemed to be waiting for the other to speak first.

    Ji Yi knew that that person was not far behind him.

    It should be said, very close.

    When she stepped on the pillar stone, Xu Yue stretched out her hand subconsciously.

    I don’t know how many cylindrical stones were stepped, and the girl stepping on the stone suddenly slipped and fell from the top.

    Xu Yue reached out to pick him up almost immediately, and hugged him down.

    Frowning? He said: “I can’t walk peacefully!”

    He was training her again.

    Looking at Ji Yi’s gaze, he suddenly smiled, “I knew you would catch me?”

    The boy will? She let go, seemingly still breathing.

    Ji Yi raised his head and grabbed his sleeves, his clear voice was the most magnanimous, “Xu Yue, let’s make up!”

    “I? I don’t want to fight with you anymore. No one remembers to change the refill for me? No one remembers. Give me? Fetch water, and no one urges me to study English.”

    “Oh.” His expression? Still showing a bit of indifference, with a deep tone of dissatisfaction, “I? Just change the refill for you.” , Fetch water, teach English?”

    Ji Yi saw that there were other emotions on that cold face, and he was a little dazed.

    Immediately, he smiled openly.

    The awkward villain is really… Tsundere!

    Got to coax.

    The girl stood on tiptoe and touched his soft black hair, as if calming down.

    “How come, me? Our classmate Xu Yue is handsome, smart, gentle and attentive. Anyway, it’s good.”

    Xu Yue’s body was shocked.

    The girl was boasting about people with a smile in her eyes.

    The sound of the wind blowing in the ear is sweet and soft, like the clouds in the sky, the pure white cotton between the branches.

    She said: “I? I like it very much.”


    Sunday, the monthly examination assembly performance rankings are down.

    Song Yanting regained the first place? The throne, Ji Yi stumbled on English reading and composition.

    These two have little ups and downs in their performance, and they are always in the top three.

    Mr. Jiang, the teacher rushed to call Xu Yue to the office to listen to the training, holding in his hand? A stack of test papers for different subjects and a continuous shooting table, “What did you say when the school started? You said you won’t hand in blank papers in the future, what’s the matter? What’s the matter?!”

    Xu Yue glanced at the clean test paper, his tone was casual and lazy, “…Hands hurt.”

    “Hands hurt?” Old Master Jiang was vomiting blood because of his righteous attitude.

    Is learning God so self-willed? Hand in a blank paper if your hands hurt?

    No credibility at all!

    Master Jiang took a deep breath and tried to restrain his emotions.

    Thinking of Xu Yue when school started, didn’t he want to change seats as he pleased?

    Then she will! Change the plan again!

    Master Jiang stuffed the stack of papers into his arms, “Okay! This time you choose a seat according to your success. Let me see? Where do you pick it!”

    Xu Yue frowned subconsciously.


    Teacher Jiang is very responsible for the student’s achievement. As long as she tries her best to study, she will be tolerant no matter how good or bad the exam is. But for someone like Xu Yue who deliberately handed in a blank paper, she met one by one!

    It seems Xu Yue is a disobedient?

    You can only adjust your mentality.

    Teacher Jiang was not afraid to postpone the course, and directly took advantage of his Chinese class to call the students to stand outside the corridor, “We are ranked according to the exam this time? Free to choose seats.” The

    ranking? The top students are all. Very relaxed, Song Yanke still held Ji Yi’s hand and whispered in her ear, “Ah, ah, I’m counting down in class, can’t be next to you? You are sitting, and don’t think about the position of the fourth or fifth row. Oh, I’m so miserable.”

    Ji Yi patted? Her shoulder calmed down, “It’s okay, we are in the same class anyway.”

    The game should still be the same? Play.

    Is Xu Yue?

    “Why are you handing in a blank paper again?” Mr.

    Xu: “…I don’t want to do it.”

    Of course, it is impossible to admit his true thoughts.

    Hearing this reason, Ji Yi sighed, “Always so headstrong, you don’t even have to choose a position.”

    Xu Yue’s eyes were downcast, with a strong momentum, “I? Who can stop where I want to sit.”

    Ji Yi: “You are too domineering.”

    Still thinking? Go grab someone else’s position?

    Song Yanting suddenly came over and called her name, “Ji Yi, let us be at the same table.”


    “My English is pretty good, and I can help you. Next time we will play fair. “

    …No more.”

 What else did Song Yanting say? Master Jiang stood at the door with the success sheet and shouted: “Song Yanting–“

    Song Yanting walked into the teaching room and gave her a deep look.

    He chose the original position, if it is because he is too lazy to move the book.

    Then, I heard Master Jiang yelling: “Ji Yi–“

    Ji Yi walked into the teaching room without delay, and under the eyes of everyone, he chose the first row position under the podium. That is, behind the “special seat” on the side of the podium? That.

    The classmates from the back came in one after another. Only the last Xu Yue was leaning against the door. Before the old teacher called out his name, he went straight to the special seat and took a seat.

    In the last two Chinese classes in the morning, Xu Yue was in a great mood.

    Only half a day on Sunday, Mr. Jiang finished his homework and left with his textbook.

    Ji Yi, who was packing his books and pens, suddenly stopped and patted the person in front of him, “Xu Yue, is your birthday coming soon?”


    “Ah, but the date written on your ID is only two. Queen…”

    Xu Yueyouyou asked: “You peeking? Me? ID card?”

    Ji Yi opened his eyes wide

    . , “Well, did you write it down by accident?”

    “Xu Yue! Don’t change the topic.” Ji Yi stumbled and turned the topic back to the right way: “It’s not two days later, what time is that?”

    “Thinking about it?” Give me a birthday?” He raised several questions, “Want to give me a gift?”

    Ji Yi exaggeratedly said, “No!!!”

    Just as he denied it, he knocked on his forehead. Two clicks.

    I was really confused by his question.

    Isn’t it about birthdays to prepare gifts?

    “Ask me? For my birthday, I didn’t give it, and I didn’t give a gift.” The

    boy paused.

    The dark pupils curled up a gleam, her eyes fell on her face with a secretive look, and the corners of her lips were curled up playfully, “Why? Do you want to choose a special day to confess?”

    The author has something to say:

    Someone finally proposed them. cp name, cp in January?

    Brother Xu’s mouth is really getting more and more pompous. An An’s gift is not ready yet, guess what Brother Xu will ask for~

    I said before that I will draw red envelopes from people who left messages in the past few days. , The list will be announced after the chapter at that time!

    Thank you all for your support.

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