AR: Ch 37

 Song Yan stopped talking, and finally retracted her gaze, struck lightly with her hands together, and laughed dryly. “I think it’s strange here? Let’s look at it more?”

    She was looking for Xu Yue, but she came around here. Often? No one is him.

    Amy suggested: “It’s not a problem for us to stand here. Why don’t we go to have dinner together? Just to celebrate Xiaoyi’s promotion to the finals.”

    “Okay, okay, I’m already hungry.” Song Yan Ke touched his stomach, his stomach was still very strong? “Goo” yelled.

    Ji Yi didn’t pretend to be hypocritical, put the flowers in his arms and moved closer, freeing up his hands to control the phone.

    “Okay, you pick a place.”

    Lu Yi said in time, “I know there is a store that tastes good and has a good reputation.”

    A group of people walked forward slowly, talking and laughing, looking very lively.

    The young man at the corner of the steps was holding a bunch of flowers in his hand, and the light and shadow shone from his side, casting a piece of loneliness, and the shadows reflected on the ground were extremely dark.

    The back of the hand was stretched, and a small section of the wrist exposed outside was engraved with a light red color, which was a trace left by the hand tying the flower.

    The pupils of the teenager were faint, and the condensed light curled up in the bottom of his eyes.

    Fingers crushed the delicate flowers, and smooth water droplets flowed out from the fingertips, which were uprooted from the base of the torus and thrown into the trash can.


    light in the room is very bright, and it is filled with all kinds of mechanical parts, as well as paper and calculation tools.

    The trash can is full of paper balls one after another.

    He didn’t count one. After a while, he would be irritable again. He grabbed the paper and kneaded it into a ball. He disgusted it and discarded it.

    I ca

    n’t calm down at all.

    Those clear data that hovered in my mind in the past have all become entangled threads and cannot be sorted out.

    The phone next to me turned on again and again. By the time Xu Yue got through, it was already Qin Shan’s fifth call.

    Qin Shan’s tone was anxious, so he couldn’t hold back it? He was angry.

    “Xu Yue, what about the new mechanical design drawings? When will the data be available? Recalculate?” In the

    past, Xu Yue could always? Give? A limited? Time, but today? He was silent.

    He slowly squeezed the set of data that he had just calculated with one hand and threw it into the trash can.

    The answer was perfunctory, “I don’t know.”

    Qin Shan was tactful again? He urged a few times.

    After that, I didn’t hear those words.

    Xu Yue threw the phone on the table, opened the door, and turned into the bathroom.

    The dry finger turned on the faucet, and the flushed water splashed in the pool.

    He held the cold water in his hands and threw on his cheeks. The fine bangs on his forehead were stained with water drops, and one or two strands stuck to his forehead.

    The dark eyes were bright and brilliant, and the mirror reflected her beautiful face, gradually changing into the girl’s smiling face.


    A heavy slap? Pressed on the glass mirror, and the water drops between the fingers were printed between the eyebrows.

    Going crazy.


    monthly test after the beginning of the spring semester comes as scheduled.

    Ji Yi hurriedly hurried to the examination room with the books and materials of the examination subjects.

    Exams for these two days? There is no need to study in the morning. She originally calculated the time to come to school, but she was delayed on the way.

    The test takers in the classroom are almost due right now, and the invigilator is opening the test papers on the podium.

    When coming in from the classroom, everyone raised their heads and glanced at her.

    Ji Yi held the book and walked to his seat with a guilty conscience.

    The school divides the examination room according to the final exam results of last semester. Ji Yi sits on the wall next to the door, in the second position.

    Open the pencil case, pick up the rabbit-headed pen, and two new refills.

    I touched the pencil case again, and suddenly found out what


    missing ? Something… “It’s…” The paint machine read the card? The 2B pencil disappeared.

    It seems that yesterday? I took it out tonight? I changed the refill and forgot to put it back!

    It was a headache to encounter so many bad things in the first exam.

    She looked up and saw the young boy’s soft black hair and narrow shoulders.

    Ji Yi opened her eyes slightly, and quietly stretched out her hand, about to poke Xu Yue’s back, she was suddenly patted on her back.

    Ji Yi retracted subconsciously, turned his head and took a look.

    ? Song Yan Ting pointed at the hands of the pen, asked softly: “?? How do I refill only with a pen, afraid to buy a new finished out of ink you back.?.”

    Words are said on this part , Ji Yi has no reason to refuse.

    She nodded, took a refill from her pencil case and handed it to her, “No need to pay it back.”

    It’s just fifty cents? A refill, just as he would send her to the doctor last semester. Room? Favor.

    Song Yanting’s eyebrows loosened, and the corners of her mouth raised, “Thank you.”

    Ji Yi hesitated. She just asked Xu Yue for help, but was interrupted by Song Yanting.

    Now, think about it, if it’s an exam? Will it be passed around? Doesn’t it make Xu Yue very impatient?

    Last time I asked a few more questions and was disgusted, and the two have never spoken since.

    I breathed for two weeks.

    Ji Yi felt that she was right, it was Xu Yue who told her to stay away. Why did she show weakness?

    She is spine too?!

    After thinking about it, Ji Yi turned his head again? Discussed with Song Yanting, “Wait a minute? Can I borrow a 2B pencil?”

    “Of course.” Song Yanting frowned and smiled.

    Xu Yue pricked his ears.

    Twisted eyebrows and put the pencil on the table.

    Damn it, don’t write?

    ————After the

    monthly exam, another devil training followed.

    In the second semester of senior high school, I have to finish all physical education tests. Now every physical education class is stepping up training.

    Last class? The mathematics teacher dragged the class, and forgot the time to talk about the topic.

    Or the sports committee member boldly raised his hand, “Teacher, we have a test for the next class, and we have to go down to gather.” The

    math teacher finally returned to reality from the sea of ​​numbers, waved his hand and said, “

    Class is over .” The whole class The classmates rushed into a rush.

    With two minutes left, everyone quickly ran downstairs.

    Ji Yi hunched his back, pressing his hands on his knees to gasp, “Oh, I have to be so rushing to the individual education class, so tired.”

    Song Yan is also in the same state, “Yes, I will have to run a few hundred in a while. Mi… Oh my god! I hate physical education classes!”

    That’s how it was said, but when the physical education teacher whistled, everyone had to line up in a regular manner.

    Ji Yi’s head? Hair doesn’t know what? When is it loose, soft? Long hair is scattered behind him.

    Song Yan tilted her head? He glanced at?, and whispered, “Xiao Yi, where’s your head? Rope?”

    Ji Yi raised his hand and touched it, then opened the sleeves of his jacket, except for the last knitting on his wrist? “Zangfa” bracelet, nothing? Nothing.

    “I don’t know what? When did it fall.” Ji Yi’s face drooped.

    Song Yan Ke has complicated eyes, “What should I do? After a while, I will die if I

    am seen by the teacher? It is very miserable!” The physical education teacher of the first class is a devil coach, who is extremely demanding of students.

    In the upper physical education class, unless a case certificate is presented, it is not possible to ask for leave under special circumstances.

    In the upper physical education class, you must tie your hair up and you cannot be absent for no reason.

    “Hurry up and ask the others if they have too much?” The

    two borrowed a rope from the girl next to each other .

    The people beside each other shook their heads.

    Originally wanted to ask a little further.

    “Shoo-” After the

    whistle sounded, Teacher Devil was already standing in front of the crowd.

    “Stand at attention!”

    “Take a breath–“

    Ji Yi can only? Silently hoped that the teacher would ignore him in his heart.

    However, reality always backfires.

    The devil teacher glanced at her, and pointed her finger over, “The female student with a

    dishevelled hair? Out of the line!” “The dishevelled hair is like a ghost, affecting the class appearance!”

    “Round the playground. Run five laps!”

    Eyes couldn’t help but sour.

    She has been a good student for so many years and has never been reprimanded by the teacher alone in front of the classmates like this.

    Didn’t she deliberately be disobedient?.

    Everyone was watching, only a wanton voice came out.

    “Teacher, I drew her head and rope, and now I pay her.”

    I saw the arbitrary boy stretched out his hand to pull off the white tie on the edge of the sweater hat, and walked out of the crowd.

    Xu Yue stood in front of the aggrieved girl, raised her thin white hand, and handed the long lace to her hand.

    “Yes? Tack your head? Send it?”


    “Then tie it up.”

    Ji Yi can’t tell what? His voice is stuck in his throat.

    Putting the long hair back with both hands, the slender? The tie was wrapped around the fingers a few times, tied into a simple? bow.

    Xu Yue’s series of behaviors stunned the teacher and classmates.

    When Ji Yi got his head and hair, the devil teacher pointed the finger at the more presumptuous Xu Yue, “Xu Yue! You walked around without raising your hand. Didn’t the teacher teach you to abide by class discipline?”

    Xu Yue has a rare temper. Lazy? Raise your right hand, “Teacher, I just want to admit a mistake.”

    “Since her hair has been tied up, the punishment will be spared?”

    Teacher Devil’s face sank, and he directly rejected, “No! Me Since I have already spoken, there is no reason to take it back.” The

    devil’s body education teacher is a stubborn and rigid temperament, and he doesn’t eat soft or hard.

    “Okay.” Xu Yue nodded, his eyes clear, “I drew the rope on her head, I will be punished.”

    Not for her.

    Don’t take all the faults and punishments on yourself.

    The devil teacher just wants to kill the chicken and curse the monkey to establish prestige, here is a willing confession? Of course he will not let it go.

    “Since Xu Yue admitted his mistake and doubled the punishment, he immediately went to run me around the playground ten laps!”

    Ji Yi opened his eyes wide, “Teacher, this is not his?…well.”

    One hand blocked her left. Next?

    “Hush.” ​​Xu Yue curled his lips, smiling, “Students, don’t talk nonsense, I will double it in a while, I can’t stand it anymore.” The

    boy stood in the sun, with the corners of his eyes. The moles of tears seemed to be glowing.

    The devil teacher pointed to Ji Yi and issued a stern instruction, “That female student, go back to the team!”

    Ji Yi stood there, as if he were heavy on his feet.

    Xu Yue brushed her shoulder, and gave a light push, “Go, or I will run away in vain.”

    Ji Yi sniffed, biting his lip, and returned to the middle of the team.

After the whole two laps of jogging were over, Xu Yue was still running on the playground.

    The stubborn? The teacher keeps an eye on him throughout the whole process and never gives him a chance to sneak and rape.

    Song Yan could sigh, “Anyone Xu is true to you? Okay.”

    Ji Yi touched the sweat on the tip of his nose, and rushed out of the neat team, “Teacher, I didn’t make a haircut just now, and self-punished. A few laps.”

    Regardless of Teacher Devil’s expression, Ji Yi clenched his fists to his side, catching up with Xu Yue’s pace.

    Xu Yue was so angry, “Who

    asked you to come?” “No? Leave you alone.” The

    girl’s words had a strong nasal sound, as if she had cried.

    Xu Yue felt blood was choking in his throat, “My fucking ten laps for nothing?” The

    girl stubbornly shook her head, her eyes were really red, “I can’t control that much, just can’t let you?

    Alone !” The author has something to say:

    From now on, Brother Xu will also be promoted to “Little Rubber Band Manager”~

    When I wrote, I was thinking, how can I fuck up like this!! If I’m a man, I!!!

    Preview one: Brother Xu handed in a blank paper again, but Teacher Jiang said: “This time you choose a seat according to your grades, I see where you choose!”

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