AR: Ch 36

  After class, Ji Yi and Song Yanke took water glasses to line up to receive water.

    As soon as Ji Yi took out the water card from the pocket of his school uniform, Song Yanke hit his arm.

    Song Yanke pressed his head over, and leaned against her ear to remind him in a low voice, “Xu Yuelai?”

    Ji Yi’s expression became stiff, and his upper and lower teeth bit his teeth, pretending not to hear.

    Song Yan could consciously drill from behind to the position in front of Ji Yi, and the status quo naturally became Xu Yue standing behind Ji Yi.

    He wore a dark blue knitted outer jacket today. The sweater inside looked slightly thin. The silver-black wings on the pendant were hidden in the sweater, and the silver-black chain around the neck could still be seen.

    Xu Yue held a black water glass in one hand, with a cold expression and a straight spine. Standing there without saying a word, it seemed that he could be separated from the outside world by an air barrier. It’s far from the people behind, and it’s very clear.

    Song Yanke filled a glass of water, and Ji Yi followed closely.

    She inserted the water card into the card slot, and the clear warm water poured into the cup. When half of the cup was filled, she removed the water card, screwed the cap and turned away.

    During this period, no time was wasted on other people.

    Only the two people in the line at the back saw Mr. Xu standing in front of the drinking fountain, without a card or receiving water.

    The classmates in the back hesitated, and tremblingly handed out his water card, “Xu Yue, if you forget to bring the water card…”


    Xu Yue turned his head and left.

    He came holding an empty water glass?, carrying an empty water glass back.

    These? Ji Yi did not know the situation.

    Now in exchange? At the same table with Song Yanke, no one supervises her English. Even Song Yanke can’t answer sentences that are difficult to translate.

    A row of Song Yanting had sharp ears, and turned around?, “Ji Yi,

    why don’t you understand?” This sentence was full of concerns.

    As if afraid of others’ misunderstanding, Song Yanting deliberately added, “I want to be bright? I will beat you upright, instead of taking advantage of your English subject!”

    There is simply no silver three hundred taels here.

    Ji Yi, a good student who loves to study, didn’t think too much. In her heart, the male lead and the female lead were destined to be CP, so she would never forget other aspects? Guess.

    Song Yanting was originally considered the first person in his grade. This level of English could not be hard to come by. Ji Yi pointed to the sentence and asked humbly.

    Song Yanting wrote the text on paper and passed it on to her.

    Ji Yi suddenly realized, “So? That’s it, why didn’t I expect it?!”

    She knocked on the side of the forehead with an annoyed look, and raised her head and said, “Thank you.”

    Didn’t notice? She continued to immerse herself in translation questions, and when she encountered a tangled question, she would subconsciously bite the rabbit pen.

    Song Yanke also discovered this bad habit of her, and advised him twice, “Don’t bite the pen, it’s very dirty.”

    Whenever he was caught, Ji Yi would immediately correct it. But next time I encounter this situation, she will still bite, because she herself is doing this thing? There is no purpose when she loves, but a subconscious behavior.

    Ji Yi and Xu Yue are in a cold war.

    No one cares whether she bites her pen or not.

    She still insisted on carrying the thermos, but the food in it was solved by her and Song Yanke.

    “Xiao Yi, are you in a cold war with the boss?”

    Song Yan is the truth again.

    Regarding this topic, Ji Yi still chose to remain silent.

    “I’ll get water.” She took the cup out of the classroom.

    Song Yanke supported her cheek with one hand and shook her head.

    Just as she was lost in thought, someone knocked on the table in her ear.

    Song Yanke turned her face lazily, and faced Xu Yue’s stern face.

    “Oh oh my god -” The

    elbow slipped to the edge of the table, and the stool under the buttocks almost rose.

    She was frightened by the big man.

    Xu Yue pursed his lips, put a refill on her table, and said in a deep

    voice, ” Don’t say I gave it.” Song Yanke turned her finger to herself, “Big brother, are you talking to me? “

    Xu Yue: “…” He

    gave a direct look and realized it for himself.

    At first, Song Yan didn’t know the day? What did that mysterious operation mean? Until? About ten minutes after class, Ji Yi started to shake his pen, and made two more strokes on the paper, “No ink. Now.”

    Ji Yi can’t remember to prepare a refill for herself, because before… Xu Yue gave it to her.

    Ji Yi glanced at Song Yanke eagerly, and quietly poked, “Coco, how many refills are there?”

    Song Yanke trembled all over, his eyes turned to the black pen refill and moved things. In the past, “Here… to you.”

    Ji Yi hadn’t noticed yet because she was in class? Her expression was weird.

    It’s just that when I changed the refills? I was curious, “How come I like to buy this brand of refills.”

    Hei Qiuqiu’s, not good-looking.

    Song Yanke began to admire Xu Yue, knowing that Ji Yi would be short of pen after five rows of such a distance, and that he counted the time so accurately?

    In the next day, Song Yan could receive translations of English texts, all of which were neatly written with a signature pen.

    When Xu Yue handed it to her, he said, “She won’t, can you memorize it? Let her translate.”

    Song Yanke: “???”

    I am a personal translator, right? !

    At this time, Xu Yue would hand over a lollipop to bribe her.

    Song Yanke slipped the paper and said, “Good boss, promise to complete the task.”

    Not only these two things, but Song Yanke found out that the boss sometimes helped her fetch water at the same table.

    These? All of them were done without Ji Yi knowing, and in the end the credit was counted on her.

    Song Yanke was both happy and worried.

    She decided to continue to support the pair of CPs, and while Ji Yi was away, she quietly handed Xu Yue a note: On March 10, Xiao Yi was in the XXX dance rematch…

    In short, it was a very clear paragraph about Ji Yi. information.

    Finally, Song Yanke’s thoughtful suggestion: It is best to send flowers to congratulate, girls must be happy to see flowers (smiling face)


    March 10th.

    Ji Yi arrived at the attending location, painted light makeup, and went into the dressing room to change performance costumes.

    When Ji Xinfei saw her, his eyes widened.

    “Why are you here?”

    Ji Yi smiled slightly, “Of course you are here? Participate in the competition.” The

    theme of the competition is not limited.

    Three hours later, the infield game ended, and the judges scored in public to announce the result of the game.

    Not surprisingly, she and Ji Xinfei entered the finals at the same time.

    Coming off the stage, Ji Yi had already changed the long skirt during the performance, put on a warm outer jacket, and folded the performance clothing into his pocket.

    Ji Yi carries a bag of performance costumes in her left hand, and controls her mobile phone in her right hand to type and reply.

    Just when she was about to step out of the threshold, the front suddenly came across? Her slender arm stopped her all the time.

    At this time, Ji Xinfei was still wearing a thin dance skirt, looking slender, pure and affectionate.

    Ji Xinfei stood by the door, staring at her with those eyes that seemed to shed tears at any time, “Is this what you said to be competitive?”

    Ji Yi shook her hand, and was frightened by her weak appearance. One jump, the phone almost slipped.

    How did Ji Xinfei become like this?

    The arrogance in the heroine’s bones?

    She was afraid that she had not read a fake novel!

    Probably because of the low temperature, Ji Xinfei has been wearing thin dance skirts for a long time, and his lips are a little blue.

    She pursed her cold lips, and asked in a low voice, “Ji Yi, do you have to fight with me for everything?”

    “…” She was really angry at first? Only confused? Will sign up, this can’t be denied .

    Ji Xinfei took a deep breath, rubbed his palm on his arm twice, and raised his eyes to look at the memory, “Why do you have to hold on to me? Have you never participated in these games before?”

    Ji ! Yiping calmly replied: “Dance competition is based on ability? Can you advance? Of course I can.”

    Ji Xinfei suddenly raised her voice, “Are you clear? You deliberately aimed at me!”

    Ji Yi waved his hand lazily. She shrugged her shoulders casually, and replied perfunctorily: “If you want to think so, I can’t help it.” The

    phone screen suddenly turned on and began to buzz and vibrate.

    Ji Yi glanced down and held it to his ear to pick it up. I said a few words briefly.

    “Okay, I’ll be out soon?” The

    phone hung up.

    Ji Yi glanced at Ji Xinmei calmly, and walked past her with his head high.

    Ji Xinfei stared at the back, and said in a modest voice, “I won’t let you go again.”

    Waiting for someone to come to Song Yan? It’s really a cry.

    When Ji Yi stepped out of the gate, Song Yan, wearing a beige backpack, greeted him.

    Song Yanke didn’t send flowers today because Ji Yi emphasized not to waste, let’s talk about it if you can enter the finals.

    At the same time, a man and a woman standing on the other side also came over.

    Song Yanke rushed to the first question to ask about the result, “Xiao Yi, did the game go well?”

    Ji Yi smiled lightly, “I have advanced to the final.”

    Song Yanke excitedly raised two lollipops and handed it over. .

    “Congratulations, Xiao Yi.” Two voices came into your ears.

    Ji Yi turned his head and saw Amy walking side by side with Lu Yi?

    Lu Yi stopped in front of Ji Yi and handed out the bright and dripping bunch of lilies in his hand. “Congratulations on the promotion. I give it to you.” The

    flowers are pleasantly scented, and there are a few drops of water on the petals. ? Crystal clear, the color of the lily is as bright as moonlight.

    Lu Yi handed over the flowers, but she did not happily pick them up.

    Lu Yi said, “This is the heart of Amy and Zhao Yingfeng.”

    Ji Yi looked at Amy.

    Amy smiled and nodded, “Yeah, something will happen to Fengfeng today? Tell me to buy a bunch of flowers to apologize for you.”

    After several months of communication, her relationship with Zhao Yingfeng and Amy has now entered. Friends stage.

    She has now reached a partnership with Zhao Yingfeng and Amy as a photographer, model, and makeup artist. If a business contacts a product picture, the reward will be divided among the three of them.

    Zhao Yingfeng’s original plan was to ask her to shoot the interior scene on the 10th, but because of the dance competition, she asked to move the time back.

    Zhao Yingfeng and Amy also learned about her game, and said they would come to the court to cheer for her.

    The reaction of these two people was like that of Song Yan, even though she said that she could only stand outside at the time and wait for the result, the two people also expressed their support in unison.

    I just didn’t expect? Zhao Yingfeng is in a hurry? Changed the plan, and the flower sender became Amy.

    Was the flower held in Lu Yi’s hand and brought it over, but it was Amy and Zhao Yingfeng that represented them.

    She can’t brush the other two friends’ faces because of selfishness, smiling with crooked eyes, holding flowers and thanking you, “You are too polite.”

    Song Yanke looked around, trying to find someone. Figure.

    Ji Yi: “Coco, what are you looking at?”

    Song Yanke: ”     Uh …actually…”

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