AR: Ch 35

A school intervened, and the poster was quickly identified.

    When the national flag was hoisted on Monday, the man was standing under the national flag for a review.

    Teacher Jiang yelled Ji Yi aside, “Ji Yi, last time it was found out that it was a prank by a classmate, but it is terrifying. The teacher hopes to give you a different table, the best female student. Is this right for you? It’s better with Xu Yue. “After all,

    she still didn’t let Ji Yi choose, but said it in a “decided” tone. Even the future tablemates have been arranged.

    “I’m thinking of you? Is it related to Song Yan who came with Class 8? Wrong, you are all girls? Children, how about arranging you to be at the same table?”

    Ji Yi thought for a long time, nodded? nod.

    After the flag-raising ceremony was over, all classmates returned to the classroom in an orderly manner.

    One or two classes happened to be Chinese. Teacher Jiang also entered the classroom with the classmates and announced the change of positions by the way, “Ji Yi and Liu Yang will change positions, and will be at the same table with Song Yan in the future.”

    Song Yan can listen? At this news, my heart cheered.

    Ji Yi had been prepared, but still couldn’t help it? He sighed softly.

    Start to pack up his own things.

    No one noticed that Xu Yue was there? Hear? When the teacher announced the change of seats, the hands from the stiff neck to the feet, holding the pen, were tightly closed.

    It turns out…this is her choice.

    Because? A small rumor, we must draw a line with him.

    Don’t you? Knowing what I thought, the original calm expression became cold, and the dark pupils glowed with cold light.

    Who would look at him? It would be shocking.

    Ji Yi deliberately cleaned up very slowly, and occasionally used his left light to scan the boy next to him. Seeing him “seriously” looking at the complicated English, he couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

    Before, I specifically applied to the teacher to be at the same table with her, but now I am silent. It seems that the story fabricated in the post really affected him.

    Ji Yi exchanged all the books, and when she finally came to get her schoolbag, Xu Yue suddenly stopped her.

    “Wait a minute.”

    Ji Yi turned around joyfully.

    But he saw his fingers pinch the rabbit-head pen and hand it over, “You?”

    You? Take it.

    Seeing this, Ji Yi was instantly discouraged.

    Did you move your lips? Knowing what to say, he snatched the rabbit pen handsomely and sat on the new seat with his schoolbag.

    At the same time, Xu Yue walked to the only “special position” next to the podium and suggested to Teacher Jiang, “I will change seats with him.”

    Teacher Jiang and the classmates in the original position were very surprised, but did not refuse.

    He brought all the books over and opened one at random. The front page was filled with the girl’s name—his name.

    Fingers stayed where the handwriting fell, and the joints were white.

    After Ji Yi left, Xu Yue chose his own desk.

    Song Yan could perceive the clue, “You? What’s wrong with Big Brother Xu?”

    Ji Yi bit his lower lip embarrassedly, thinking of the series of troubles caused by the post, and said, “I don’t? Know either.

    ” Yesterday, I was happily buying birthday presents? I will part ways today, right? As for…” Song Yanke knocked on the table quietly, and began to worry about the CP he had knocked on himself.

    At this time, Song Yanting in the front row suddenly turned around and looked at Ji Yi with a gentle expression, “What a coincidence, you? Are you back again.”

    “…” Actually, it was because his mind was so messed up that he forgot about Song. The two rows in front of Yan Ke are Song Yanting and Ji Xinfei.

    Going around, it is true that the female master and the female partner are naturally hostile!

    She now? Seeing Ji Xinfei is entirely based on the state of the enemy.

    Because? She locked herself in the room last night. After a long time, Zhao Shuyi came in quietly to comfort her.

    Zhao Shuyi loves her daughters, but because she is too soft, she always remedies it afterwards, but she doesn’t know the damage and the cause, can it be healed by giving a sweet date!

    After all, she also set out the key points from Zhao Shuyi’s mouth. It was Ji Xinfei’s euphemistic complaint.

    Zhao Shuyi has also been persuading: “Don’t blame you? Sister, your sister is also afraid of you? Go astray.”

    She estimated that the matter of writing an anonymous letter to the teacher to report is also related to Ji Xin.

    This is so special! Girl? When did the Lord get the script for the Vicious Girl?

    Are you trying to force her to usurp the throne? !


    Is it because her body is still a minor? She is definitely not? willing to stay in Ji’s house again.

    After self-study in the evening, Ji Yi stopped when he passed by Ji Xinfei, tapped twice on her desk, “Ji Xinfei, I have something to tell you.” The

    two must go home outside of school . The roads converge.

    The two are not much different in body shape, but they have different temperaments when standing together.

    Ji Yi is more gentle, Ji Xinfei looks weaker.

    If it’s about the aura, Ji Yi who is angry will definitely overwhelm Ji Xinfei who is guilty of heart.

    Ji Yi approached step by step, and asked: “Why? Why do you report me anonymously?”

    Ji Xinfei shook his head, “What are you? What are you talking about, I listen? Don’t you? I understand.”

    “Don’t pretend to be foolish. Are you done? Did you dare to admit it, and treat everyone like a monkey?”

    “I’m just telling some facts, I’m helping you?, in case you go wrong.”

    Ji Yi sneered, “Is this the first time I heard it? Someone stabbed the knife in the back to say so fresh and refined.”

    “Ji Xin fought you? Are you hitting me? What do you think of my achievements? Surpassing you? Are you reconciled?”

    Ji Xinfei’s face became stiff, his neck flushed, “I didn’t think so, it’s you who have always been competitive?!”

    She raised her head and looked up. Ji Yi, no? willing to bite the mouth of teeth, “my father shout,? you? have the ability to cross with him ah!”

    Ji Yi cold tone, “he does not? trust me, but did not set me up.”

    “and You? You are proactively picking things up and want to embarrass me.”

    “I can tell the difference between black and white. Will I give up to Mr. Ji, and I won’t do it to you? Repeatedly indulge in it, and the method of activism is useless to me.”

    Seeing her desperate struggle, Ji Yi felt very boring.

    She closed Ji’s ponytail, didn’t it? Didn’t she tugged it hard, and a warning fell in her ear, “If you dare to mess with me again, I will let you? Know what? It is called Zhengqiang. Victorious!”

    Back at Ji’s house, Ji Xinfei ran into his bedroom and hid.

    Ji Yi asked Aunt Su to listen to Ji’s father and Ji’s mother’s itinerary, and sneaked into their master bedroom at night, looking for the gift that was robbed yesterday.

    The shopping bag for clothes is larger, and she found it quickly.

    The box of the earphone is small, and I haven’t seen it after looking through it several times.

    Ji Yi called Zhao Shuyi quietly, and asked about it, but Zhao Shuyi said if she knew it.

    As for Ji Guosheng…Don’t even think about it.

    No way, Ji Yi just took away the cheongsam.

    She planned to take the time to buy another present for Xu Yue.


    No? Knowing whether it was a coincidence or another reason, Xu Yue disappeared again the next day after being separated from Xu Yue.

    Teacher Jiang said that Xu Yue had participated in another math competition and it would be delayed for two days.

    Ji Yi looked at the thermos barrel she had brought today, and the contents were taken care of by her and Song Yanke together.

    It is also very novel to be at the same table with Song Yanke. She always likes to bring some gadgets to school, and play when she is bored.

    In the second semester of the second semester of high school, there are obviously unfinished papers and unfinished texts, but Song Yanke can always make time for other things.

    Song Yanke brought another roll of red string and silver beads on this day.

    “I saw a bracelet video on the Internet the day before yesterday. I thought it was very interesting. I plan to make one myself.”

    “Xiao Yi, do you want to have fun together?”

    Ji Yi couldn’t bear to beat her enthusiasm.

    She lowered her eyes and smiled, “Okay, I’ll try it too.” Song Yan could cut a few red ropes of the same length with a nail clipper and hand them to her.

    During the break, the two watched the video secretly, knitting and knotting according to the instruction.

    Song Yanke is very skillful, and he can learn handicraft.

    Ji Yi was a little worse, and couldn’t understand it after reading it twice.

    “Hahaha, I finally found a way to beat you!” Song Yan was very happy because of this small victory.

    But after he laughed, he still guided patiently, “This line goes like this…” After

    a day’s time, Ji Yi finally made a complete product!

    “Great!” I

    admire that I can also make a hand strap.

    When she was so proud, Song Yanke had already started the next one.

    Song Yanke pulled her hair out and cut out a thin strand with a nail clipper.

    Ji Yi asked suspiciously: “What’s this? What is it doing?”

    Song Yanke told her, “Tibetan hair.” The

    hair is woven with the red rope, and the green silk is hidden in the hand rope, which is especially interesting.

    Ji Yi, who just got a new skill,

    became very interested in it, “I want to learn this, I want to learn this!” So the two spent another day making a “Tibetan Hair” bracelet.

    Seeing the finished product, the two of them smiled while holding the hand strap, with a satisfied expression on their faces.

    The classmates next to him all looked dumbfounded, “You? What are you two laughing at?”

    Ji Yi shook the rope, rarely showing such obvious happiness, “I and Coco made my own bracelet, hiding my hair in it. , It feels very interesting.”

    She inadvertently raised her head, only to find that the person in the “special position” was staring straight at her.

    If you say hello, leave, and come back quietly. The character of the boss is really getting more and more unpredictable.

    Ji Yi was stunned, and took the bracelet in his hand and ran to Xu Yue’s table, “Huh? You? When did you come back?”

    Xu Yue frowned and said nothing.

    Ji Yi is still there? Asked: “What’s wrong with you? Did the competition go smoothly?”

    Xu Yue said without a word while pressing a book in her hand.

    Ji Yi noticed the friction of her palms, and quickly moved away.

    When Xu Yue kept not talking, Ji Yi knew that he was in a bad mood.

    Before I could say anything, the class bell rang, and the teacher walked into the classroom.

    Ji Yi could only return to his seat obediently.

    Seeing that he was half a classroom away from Xu Yue, remembering his silent autistic appearance just now, his head was slammed.

    Very uncomfortable.

    It’s still a little painful.

    Only? No? After changing seats, how did you feel that you suddenly moved a long distance away from Xu Yue?

    Ji Yi didn’t calm down in this class. After the teacher left the classroom, she ran to Xu Yue’s desk again.

    “Xu Yue, is it tiring to participate in the competition? Tired?”

    “Have a good breakfast these past two days?” The

    soft voice seemed to confuse people.

    Since the change of seats, he has been in a low mood, and promised to participate in the two-day competition, but it was a timid escape.

    But when the competition was over, he couldn’t help but rush back to live in the first time, only to find that she had more friends, standing in the crowd smiling like a flower.

    Xu Yue violently reached out and dragged a thick book to the table, making a loud noise.

    “Don’t bother me, can you?”

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