AR: Ch 34

“No, these two? The host seems to be on the bar.”

    Song Yan could read it with gusto, and she was still reading in Ji Yi’s ear, “What is the meaning of Bailiangang, turned into? Raozhirou. Under his stern face Hidden? Deep and affectionate…”

    Ji Yi trembled all over, and hurriedly covered his ears, “Don’t read it, it’s too numb, I can’t do it.”

    Song Yanke held his mobile phone with a honeyed smile on his face. , “I think this article is very well written, it is very true and true, Mr. Xu is clearly right? You are special? Don’t.”

    Ji Yi turned his head, “If you are at the same table with him for a semester, he is right. You too? Don’t.”

    “How can you, the boss has to choose the same table.”

    “Don’t say it!”

    Song Yan only cares about the cp, but Ji Yi thinks of another one. Serious things.

    Photo on the screen, she nodded, rational analysis, “You see these pictures, it was clearly the class? Us, if not in time to stop this kind of thing in a candid, I am afraid? Party will be intensified.”

    So? A? Mention , Song Yanke also frowned solemnly, “Or else, tell the old teacher?”

    Ji Yi felt wrong.

    He shook his head and said: “They write such a chapter…tell the old teacher that they will definitely cause other troubles.” The

    old teacher is very sensitive to the relationship of “pure friendship” between students. Tell the old teacher, I’m afraid I won’t be able to live in peace in the next one and a half years.

    As I was thinking about it, the phone screen lit up again.

    Song Yanke reminded, “Xiao Yi, there is a text message.”

    Upon hearing this, Ji Yi unlocked and clicked on the text message.

    Song Yanke also saw the text above.

    The text read?: According to the “Notice of the 6th Rock City Dance Competition”, the professional judges carefully reviewed the submitted entries, and a total of 30 people successfully entered the semi-finals. Please March 10 to ……

    “Congratulations on your successful entry into Rock Dance Competition sixth second round rematch?” Yan Song can be looked surprised? Ji Yi, “You took part in the municipal dance competition?”

    In her difficult With a believable look, Ji Yi nodded deeply.

    “What? What happened at that time, I don’t know!” Song Yanke felt uncomfortable.

    As the number one fan of the counterattack heroine, she actually missed such important news!

    “During the winter vacation, I reported a name casually.”

    Actually not.

    At the beginning, she didn’t know about these competitions, but Ji Xinfei announced it to Ji’s father and Ji’s mother at home after signing up. Ji’s father and Ji’s mother have high hopes for Ji Xinfei, hoping to win the championship in one fell swoop.

    Because these people are always reading in her ear, it’s hard to know.

    After the results came out, Ji Guosheng’s doubts and Ji Xinfei’s hypocrisy provoked her. At that time, she was angry, but she signed up, and then recorded a dance video in the dance studio and uploaded it to the official website of the competition.

    Unexpectedly, I received a promotion text message at this moment.

    Ji Yi typed a few words and replied: [Received]

    Song Yan is right? Her admiration is one point higher, “Isn’t it on March 10th? I will buy a bunch of flowers to cheer you on!” “

    Ji Yi explained: “Next time it’s a rematch, and there will be no public screening. I won’t enter the live broadcast until the finals.”

    Song Yanke waved his hands, “It’s okay, I’ll do it when I wait for the finals.” There is a brand for you to call crazy!”

    Song Yan felt that she was really a qualified fan.


    Zhuo Yi Hang grabbed the horizontal bar and turned it over, jumped to the side and handed the phone to Xu Yue, “Brother Xu, the forum has been restless recently. Should I find someone to help you black out?”

    Xu Yue is right? Gossip and gossip have always been uninterested, but this time I saw a few familiar names.

    Two hot posts were topped, and in chronological order, it was actually Song Yanting and Ji Yi’s first.

    Xu Yue tapped the screen of the phone and turned his finger, “It’s dark!”

    Zhuo Yi? Hangdeling, dialed the number in front of him, “Little cousin, do me a favor. I will send you two? A link to a post, you blacked them out.”

    Xu Yue frowned when he heard Zhuo Yihang’s words and patted him twice on the shoulder: “One article.”

    “One article?” Zhuo Yihanghang After a daze, I didn’t understand.

    It wasn’t until Xu Yue pointed to the copy link of the post about Song Yanting that he understood that he wanted to leave another “Rai Jiu Sheng Qing”.

    Zhuo Yi Hang suddenly found out what he knew? An incredible secret!

    “Brother Xu? Are you really a fellow with you? Zhuan Rijiu

    fell in love?” Xu Yue was silent for a while before turning away.

    Did not admit or deny.

    Zhuo Yihang scratched his head in the same place, and the phone beeped. It was his cousin who is proficient in electronic messaging and replied: [Deleted. 】

    Xu Yue walked on the road with a faint expression on his face.

    It wasn’t until I saw the familiar figure in the classroom that I added a touch of insignificant softness.

    Ji Yi was not in his seat, but standing in the back aisle arguing with others.

    “If you refuse to admit the sneak shots, then you have to ask the old teacher to come forward and verify it fairly and impartially.”

    In the end, they are fellow students, and most of them are afraid of the old teacher and ask for trouble. Soon I was told the truth, “Ji Yi, I didn’t mean it, I just took a photo.”

    Ji Yi: “A sneak shot? A photo is also a shot. Since you said it wasn’t intentional, then why? pictures will appear in the forum post where? ” “

    that I do? I do not know, at that time having fun on the issue to go, do not know who saved sent out. “

    pictures of the same? learn the phone just put the phone to pay out, The album has no photo records.

    “Look, I’ve deleted it.”

    Ji Yi is not a person who is unreasonable, and will not squash an answer.

    About to ask who the photo was sent to, Xu Yue suddenly appeared next to her.

    “What are you doing?”

    Ji Yi’s expression froze, and a perfunctory smirk appeared on his face, “It’s okay, I’m exchanging feelings with my peers.”

    “Exchanging feelings?” His sharp eyes fell on the lesbian. On the body, it seems to be able to poke a hole.

    The lesbian student trembles, her neck shrinks.

    Ji Yi was afraid that things would be revealed, and dragged the boss back to his seat.

    But before she could find out the matter, the head teacher alone invited her into the office for tea.

    “Ji Yi is studying at the same time, are you still used to the first class?”

    “Very good, the old teacher teaches well, and the classroom environment is good.” She gave the most official answer.

    The head teacher nodded and looked at the good student in front of him, with some hesitation.

    “Have you heard the rumors from other colleagues in private recently?”

    Ji Yi put on the most harmless expression, and asked suspiciously: “What? Yeah?”

    “The old teacher knows that it is normal to have a hazy affection for the opposite sex at your age, but for you, the most important thing now is to study. You are a smart kid and should be able to understand the old teacher. What do you mean?” In the

    face of good students, the head teacher tries to preach in the gentlest way possible.

    Ji Yishun? She nodded, “I agree? You said you want to study hard, but you don’t understand, old teacher? What do you mean?”

    “Cough.” The head teacher cleared his throat, “Someone? Reflected to the old teacher that you have recently communicated very closely with your deskmate Xu Yue.”

    Ji Yi explained tepidly, “We are at the same desk, and communication between the same desks is normal.” The head

    teacher knocked tangledly. Knock on the textbook, “But someone has already posted a picture of you two.”

    Ji Yi blinked, expressing puzzlement.

    The teacher in charge directly clicked the favorite post and showed it to her.

    Ji Yi glanced at it, and immediately frowned, “Old teacher, this must be a person? I deliberately looked for a sneak shot at an angle!”

    and asked with a serious face for verification, “I hope the old teacher can find out. Who made the post, otherwise it will bother me and other students.” The head

    teacher: “The post may be fabricated, but Xu Yue is right? Your behavior?…”

    “Old teacher, I can explain the photo. At that time, I accidentally drew the pen refill on my face, and Xu Yuetong’s scholar kindly helped me wipe it off.

    She didn’t mean anything else.” She lied without reddening her face.

    Ji Yi tilted his head and glanced at the content of the post twice, her beautiful eyelashes trembling, “Master, they will trouble me if they spread rumors like this. The people involved in the post are the top three in the grade and affect us. If you don’t say the mood, you may still be distracted. The next semester of high school will be nervous in studying, and there will be such a thing, it is really…”

    Speaking of getting more and more aggrieved in the end, I sniffed, as if I couldn’t help crying in the next second.

    The head teacher was reluctant to scold good students. At this moment, looking at the little girl’s grievances, he promised to find out who posted the post.

    “Don’t worry if you learn from Ji Yi, the old teacher will definitely check this matter out and give you an explanation!”

    Ji Yi lowered his head and nodded glumly.

    The head teacher comforted a few more words, and sent her to the door of the office, softly soothing, “You must not be affected by these rumors, learning is the most important, and the rest is handled by the old teacher.”

    Pretending to be in the corridor. Zhuo Yi Hang, who was fooled by a wooden man, was stunned!

    A good student is different, he has never been treated so tenderly by an old teacher.

    Zhuo Yihang pricked his ears and listened to a few sentences, and quickly reported to Xu Yue.

    Xu Yue was afraid that his appearance would be too noticeable, so he called Zhuo Yihang to eavesdrop.

    Ji Yi returned to the classroom with no grievances on his face.

    Although the head teacher tried her best to talk to her, she still knew the truth.

    Someone unexpectedly? Report her and Xu Yue’s early love anonymously?

    Ji Yi held it? The signature pen kept poking on the table, “Which neuropathy still reports anonymously, it’s okay to look for trouble!”

    Xu Yue suddenly came over, “Do you know about the forum posts?”

    “Huh? Hmm…Yes. .” I know, I have known it a long time ago.

    Xu Yueyi’s expression is inscrutable.

    Ji Yi couldn’t understand it, and was afraid that he would care about this incident, pretending to explain it calmly: “Don’t worry, I’ve explained to the old teacher clearly that we are in a pure relationship at the same table, nothing else. . If she asks you, do you do the same? Just answer.”

    That’s right? Bright big eyes are really? It’s invisible.


    Xu Yue was silent for a while, then took out an English workbook from the drawer and smashed her on her desk. “Today’s homework is doubled!”

    Ji Yi opened the workbook and saw a full text of English? Alphabet, cry!

    The gangster really still minded, actually torturing her in such a cruel way!

    Damn the poster?, what else is there to write? A short essay about life for a long time? She is going to draw a circle in the workbook to curse him!

    I saw the girl puffing up her face and writing in the exercise book.

    Xu Yue was very depressed.

    Thinking of her calm appearance when she tried to distinguish between the two people, her eyes gradually dimmed.

    As Ji Yi expected, the next person to be invited into the office is Xu Yue.

    The head teacher loves and hates this Xueshen.

    “Xu Yue studied at the same school, Ji told me in private that those rumors would trouble her very much. So the old teacher suggested that you do it separately, you choose another one? How about the same table?”

  The class teacher’s proposal made Xu Yueyu start school, even if she changed the same table, she was still able to adapt well.

    Perhaps for Ji Yi, he was just like other classmates, except that he was at the same table for exactly one semester and got along longer than others.

    If he agrees…

    Then she will chat and write with Xin at the same table, learn English, and give the daily breakfast to others.

    How can he be willing to do this?

    But if so? This thing really bothers her, can he still selfishly keep people around?

    Xu Yue clenched his fist unconsciously and pursed his lower lip. “If Ji Yi agrees, I have no objection.”

    Before leaving the office, he answered the last sentence to the head teacher? Is it a multiple choice question.


    The course ends on Sunday and noon, leaving half a day off.

    Song Yan can stand in the aisle holding the book? Wait, “Xiao Yi, let’s go shopping in the mall today.”

    “Okay, I’ll fill it out right away.” In the

    class, we need to make a new roster for everyone to fill in. Check ID card and contact information. Because how many of them are they transferred in this semester and need to fill in again.

    Ji Yi quickly filled in the information, and at a glance she saw the ID numbers of Song Yanke and Xu Yue.

    After completing the information and handing it to the monitor, Ji Yi left with only the homework, and waved to Xu Yue before leaving.

    Of course Xu Yue did not respond with the same gesture, but Ji Yi saw him nod slightly.

    When I was about to walk out of the classroom, I seemed to hear someone talking about Xu Yue being too arrogant and rude.

    Every time I heard these remarks, Ji Yi was indignant, “There are always some people who don’t know the truth and love to chew their tongues!”

    Song Yan ridiculous? The? Over here, “you? Talking? Forum? Posts?”

    Ji recalled with a sigh, “the post is? I do not know who anonymously, much ado about nothing.”

    Walked to the back of discipline hearts swallowed After swallowing the water, holding it? Zhao Xinran’s hand stopped, and said, “I was suddenly stupid? I got up and down a paper, I will go back to the classroom to get it.”

    Zhao Xinran has no doubts.


    Song Yanke walked around in the mall, almost stepping into all the ladies’ clothing areas, and seeing those little skirts of different styles made her heart itch.

    Song Yan could touch a little white dress with an obsessive look, “So stupid? Wear a skirt.”

    Ji Yi expressed support, “Buy home and wear it.”

    Song Yan drooped her face. It’s a half-day holiday in Zhou, and the school doesn’t allow you to wear skirts.”

    Ji Yi chuckled, and hung the skirt she just removed back in place. “The school stipulates that you should not wear short skirts and that you can’t wear long skirts. “

    Song Yanke sighed, “Come on, I’m already short, and the long skirt really can’t hold it.” After

    chatting, she turned her head into a forest-style shop again.

    The clerk was too enthusiastic and pointed to a grass-green skirt for recommendation, and was full of praise for the figures of the two little girls.

    Song Yanke was so stupid that he bought a lot. At the moment, the clerk blew a few words and was a little bit fluttering.

    Ji Yi tilted his head, and said: “Forgive Green?”

    Song Yanke bulged his eyes, “Is this a young freshman of the Mori family!!!” I

    really don’t know what this girl has gone through at a young age?, There are all colors in my mind.

    Seeing her sudden change in expression, Ji Yi couldn’t help laughing.

    In fact, the color was too deep to suit Song Yanke, but she was embarrassed? She said it in front of the clerk.

    With an excuse, he pointed to the plain clothes hanging on the top, “This one looks pretty.” The

    clerk immediately lifted the hanger and took it off. “Little girl, you really have a good eye, this one is The improved version of cheongsam is most suitable for young girls like you. You look at it, the color is gentle and clean, and the version is also slim. It is the most suitable for your temperament. “

    She is just pure appreciation, not stupid? The clerk is so eloquent? Good.

    Song Yan was more anxious than her, “I also think this looks good, Xiao Yi, you go try it.”

    Just like that, Ji Yi was pushed into the locker room.

    Maybe? Good luck, the size of this dress really fits, as if it’s tailor-made.

    When she walked out of the locker room, Song Yan met her expectations, “I rely on! I rely on! I rely on!” The

    clerk continued to use her good eloquence, “You? Look at the cheongsam that outlines your figure perfectly. , And the decoration of the pearl buckle on it is exquisite and retro, with a special flavor…”

    Ji Yi pulled off the skirt gently and stood in front of the full-length mirror.

    The version of the improved cheongsam is very comfortable to wear on the body. The lace embroidery on the neckline and cuffs is well embellished, and the overall style is gentle and elegant.

    I usually wear long trousers and sportswear at school. At first glance, this cheongsam shines, and I feel very happy.

    She glanced at the price, a little tangled.

    I took two commercial auctions and made some money, but it was still not enough.

    But at the moment, I really like it tightly, and I finally bought it for 200.

    Song Yanke looked and liked it, and tried one, but she also found that it was not suitable, so she gave up.

    The clerk handed out the packed shopping bag, and Song Yan took it one step further.

    “It would be fine if the school allowed to wear short skirts. If you? Wear the cheongsam just now to go to school, you must kill something? Banhua school flower!”

    Ji Yi smiled? Shaking his head, “Not so? Exaggerated.”

    Da Congji After Yi bought a skirt, Song Yan didn’t feel entangled anymore, pulling? She returned to the previous shop and bought two sets in one go.

    Song Yanke hadn’t found an excellent reason for herself, “I’m stupid? Okay, even if you can’t wear it, just hang it at home? It’s pleasing to the eye!” It

    took two and a half hours after the two wandered around.

    Song Yanke is a shopping girl who is definitely not tired of shopping for two or three hours, and she is full of energy.

    Ji Yi is the best friend to be a friend. Even if he is tired, he will not complain, and will share the weight of the shopping bag with Song Yanke.

    Does Song Yan like her character?

    Resisting the urge to step into the next clothing store, he said to Ji Yi: “Let’s not go shopping today, I invite you to drink milk tea.”

    Ji Yi stopped.

    “Wait, are there any boutiques or the like here?”

    “What? You? You fool? What to buy? Things?”

    “Um…A friend’s birthday is coming soon, I am foolish? Buy something to congratulate you. “

    Friends?” Song Yanke’s head turned very fast, his head was in Dao’s analysis, “I have played with you for half a year and haven’t seen you? How many friends, is it?…big guy?”

    Ji Yi After blinking, he patted her shoulder with relief, and replied tactfully: “Be confident with yourself.”

    Be confident with yourself and turn the question into affirmative sentences.

    Song Yan can understand in seconds!

    Very upright leading Ji Yi to a large boutique, which has a variety of product categories, such as stationery, decorative ornaments, toys, and so on.

    Gift boys …… nothing less than the key

    plate, watches, shoes and things like that, little literature can be sent to the pen.

    Boys don’t have a lot of good stuff. If you are stupid to pick a good gift, the price of general merchandise will definitely depend on four digits.

    She had seen Xu Yue’s mechanical watch, but it was still modified by him. Ordinary watches are definitely not comparable to them.

    After excluding pens and the like, Ji Yi was very entangled.

    “Otherwise, just buy one. What do you mean? Just do it?.” Song Yanke was also very clever.

    Ji Yi was not very satisfied with these things, nor was she foolish?

    Passing by an electronic digital store, I suddenly heard that the shopping guide inside was enthusiastically promoting, “Let’s take a look at our latest headphones, sound insulation and noise reduction…”

    Although the yelling recommendation was a bit popular, it succeeded in attracting Ji Yi’s attention.

    “Let’s go in and take a look at the earphones.”

    Earphones are usually useful? There is no ambiguity. They are also suitable for gifts.

    After being recommended by the clerk and checking the reviews on the Internet, she finally chose an in-ear type.

    The price of the earphones is twice as expensive as that of her dress just now.

    Song Yan was very impressed, “So generous to the boss.”

    Ji Yi sighed, “You? Don’t know… I owe him more.”

    No one else knows, Xu Yue can do it when she knows she is short of money. Don’t hesitate to transfer her to a five-figure number. Her gift of a few hundred dollars is at best a wish.

    Both of them bought what they wanted, happily went to the milk tea shop for a drink, and finally returned to each house with shopping bags.

    Ji Yi hummed lightly? With a simple tone, he walked into the house in a happy mood. But found that Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi were sitting on the sofa, and their faces were not very good-looking.

    Fool? I haven’t been in contact with them recently, it should have nothing to do with me.

    Ji Yi had nothing to do with them, and planned to slip back to the room.

    But when she closed the door, Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi looked at her together.

    She politely greeted the two

    elders , “Good evening.” Ji Guosheng said with a calm face, “Ji Yi, come here.”

    Ji Yi subconsciously tightened the bag and put it in front of her, and walked to the sofa in a hurry. Stand neither humble nor humble.

    Before she could speak,

    Ji Guosheng sternly scolded, “Kneel down!” Ji Yi looked up puzzled.

    Seeing her “arrogant” appearance, Ji Guosheng felt that this daughter was born with a natural rebellion, “My mother and I are running around making money day and night, just to create a good living environment and study conditions for your two sisters. , You? Actually… You? How dare to have a puppy love at school?!” The

    suddenly amplified voice is really? Ears, Ji Yi glanced open his face, “I don’t know where you are? Where did you hear the rumors, there is no such thing. “

    Ji Guosheng poked? Her spine reprimanded, “You? Don’t think about you? I didn’t know you in school? What did you do? Thing, that post is now? I delete it and I have no evidence, but I tell you ?, I and your mother have seen the photo!”

    With a strong start, Ji cramped his back, and subconsciously avoided.

    Ji Guosheng didn’t realize that he was too irritable, and he threatened to warn, “What about that in the future? Xu Yue! What if? Let me find you? Have a puppy love with someone, see if I don’t interrupt your legs!”

    Ji Yi irritably covered his legs. Hold your ears, “If I said no, there would be no! Why? Every time something happens, you think it’s my fault?”

    Seeing that she was still carrying something in her hand, Ji Guosheng snatched it over.

    “Is that? My thing!”

    Ji Yi flushed anxiously.

    Trying to retake it, but was blocked by? Ji Guosheng, “Are you? Are you spending Lao Tzu’s money?”

    “That’s? My own…” The

    quarrel was useless, and Ji Guosheng never listened to explanations.

    Ji Yi took a step back.

    Turned around and ran upstairs, locked himself into the room.

    Ji Guosheng was akimbo.

    I scolded a few more words and called the head teacher directly.

    “Mr. Jiang, you? Well, I’m Ji Yi’s father.”

    “Yes? Like this…”

    “Anyway, I hope my daughter Ji Yi can switch to the same table.”

    Hung up the phone? Teacher Jiang rubbed the head teacher. Rub your forehead.

    She originally meant to change seats? Before she had time to ask Ji Yi’s opinion, the parents called?

    Afraid that this might be a big deal, Mr. Jiang decided to change his seat directly to Ji Yi after careful consideration.

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