AR: Ch 33

 The person who posted the post is a novel? A fan of creation. Just half a day? The original post made up a thousand-character short story.

    Ji Yi’s image was reversed, like a heroine who successfully counterattacked, just short of the title of school girl.

    She chatted privately with the host in her own name, and she kept showing “unread” to her.

    Ji Yi has a headache?

    The helpless screenshot was sent to Song Yanke, and he asked: “Can I? Report it?”

    Song Yanke sent a cute emoticon with the text: “She is the forum management?” 】

    【I suggest you find Mr. Xu, he will take care of it for you in minutes. ]

    Ji Yi point? Click to withdraw, pretending that you haven’t asked.

    This post looks really disturbing, am I not foolish? In? Class I study hard every day!

    Can it? Can’t it? An Sheng.

    Yu Lai was upset, so he plunged into the warm blanket.

    To restore the biological clock for school, Ji Yi went through an early self-study, and subconsciously lifted the thermos barrel and handed it to the person next to him.

    “Today I brought vegetable porridge and egg rolls, you…”

    Halfway through, she caught Song Yanting’s suspicious eyes.

    After biting his posterior molar, he consciously stopped. Put the insulation barrel back together to hide his embarrassment.

    “Excuse me.” Ji Yi rubbed his forehead, stupid habits are terrible.

    Because I saw the thermos, I got used to it.

    Song Yanting had long discovered that Ji Yi had brought a vacuum flask today. He was still there? Hesitate to remind her not to be able to? While eating in the classroom, he saw the female student next to him lift the vacuum flask and hand it to him. Say? What “vegetable porridge and egg rolls”.

    Don’t know why again? Suddenly withdrew his hand.

    Song Yanting’s gaze was fixed on the thermos barrel, and his expression was a little dazed: It was originally intended for him?

    Ji Yi turned his head and glanced at the clock hanging on the blackboard, and moved his gaze to the door, seeming to avoid it deliberately.

    Song Yanting put down the pen, rubbed his fingers, and relaxed his brows, “Ji Yi, the most important thing you should do now is to study hard.”

    “Aung?” Ji Yi heard the next few words, and was a little perfunctory. Touu, “I know.” It was

    only a momentary response, and she turned her head to the door of the classroom again.

    Song Yanting can’t see her expression right now, for fear that she didn’t understand her meaning, “I mean, it was my mistake to let you pass me last time. Next, I will update to face the exam seriously, and take it. As a challenge, I hope you are also such a foolish method.”

    Ji Yi shook his head subconsciously, “No, no, I don’t have such a foolish method.”

    She is foolish to get the best test because she hopes to keep getting better. Not for other people.

    But Song Yanting misunderstood her meaning.

    Ji Yi denied studying. Is the real purpose the same as the one written in the post?

    Coming for him?

    If someone has worked so hard to change this point for him, it is really deep and righteous…

    Such a stupid? The look in Ji Yi’s eyes in Song Yanting’s eyes is even more wrong.

    No one noticed that the person in the back row raised the phone and hid it behind the tall book, exposing the camera obliquely, and silently pressing the red dot in the screen.


    A boy rushed into the classroom, shouting: “Xu Yue is back!”

    Just entered high school? At that time, Xu Yue had been in the first class for a week, and it was enough for him to deter everyone. , And forge Liangzi with Song Yanting.

    But after that, he stayed in Class Eight, and Class One instantly became a safe zone.

    This time I don’t know how the big guys are stupid, so I took the exam for a year off guard? This is a big surprise for them!

    When Xu Yue appeared, he carried the black schoolbag with one hand. The zipper of the black jacket opened slightly, revealing the white knitted sweater inside, and comfortable sneakers under her feet.

    Xu Yue lowered his eyes, buckled his fingers twice on the desk beside him, and asked, “Where is my position?”

    The classmates in the front row pointed their fingers at the fifth row. Position.”

    Xu Yue heard this sentence clearly, but didn’t move.

    He stood at the door of the classroom, glanced indifferently, his eyes finally fell on Ji Yi in the middle of the third row.

    Ji Yi waved at him.

    Xu Yue took a regular step, but walked towards her.

    When he saw clearly who Ji Yi was at the same table, a trace of coldness flashed across his eyes, and it was fleeting.

    “Who told you to sit here?” His tone was calm when he asked Ji Yi these words.

    The two of them are used to the mode of communication with the right party, but they don’t think there is anything wrong.

    “The teacher arranged it.” Ji Yi answered honestly, and pointed to the empty seat in the fifth row. “Where is your position.”

    Seeing that she was squeezed out of temper, Song Yanting immediately rushed into a fight. Jiner, raised his head? He said: “Xu Yue classmate, don’t you? It’s not your turn to take a seat, right?”

    Xu Yue glanced at him sideways and didn’t pay attention?

    “Come back in a while.” He handed his schoolbag to Ji Yi, took the next sentence and left the classroom.

    Ji Yi resignedly hugged his schoolbag, because the drawer couldn’t fit in and it was too obvious on the desk, so she put the schoolbag on her lap.

    Seeing her resignation, Song Yanting was almost mad, “He bullies you so much, do you? Don’t you know that you refuse to resist?” People

    around them nodded, lamenting that Song Xiaocao has a sense of justice and openly upholds the new. Deskmate.

    Only the person involved, Ji Yi, stared at him with a strange look, and asked, “Why did he bully me?”

    Wasn’t the communication between her and Xu Yue normal just now?

    Did Song Yanting eat too much salt today-too ​​”free”?

    About five minutes later, Xu Yue’s figure reappeared in the public eye.

    I saw he went straight to the third row of the Yi Ji said:?? “Out, change location.”

    “Ah teacher agreed yet”??

    “Ah.” “Good

    Good da da” It’s easy to simply tone. Don’t be too happy!

    Ji Yi was convinced of what he said, so he returned the black schoolbag numbly, and then tilted his body and picked up the thermos, “Hey, today.”

    Don’t you understand the secret words of these two people. “.

    Song Yanting noticed that Ji Yi tidied up the desk quickly, and his expression seemed to be even happier than being at his desk.

    “Xu Yue, why are you good at making opinions?”

    Xu Yue looked at him calmly and asked: “Do you have an opinion?”

    Song Yanting replied powerfully: “Yes! The position of classmates in the class is strictly regulated by the teacher, you did not Qualifications for people to change seats!”

    Xu Yueqing picked up the corner of his mouth, caught what Ji Yi handed out?, glanced at Song Yanting, “If you have an opinion, go to the office and say?.”

    By implication, let Song Yanting find it by himself. teacher.

    Song Yanting was about to suffer from myocardial infarction.

    At this time, Ji Yi still looked at him with that pair? Shui Yingying’s eyes, “May I trouble you to let me go? I want to go out.”

    Song Yanting suddenly crossed his arms and jammed between the two, making it clear not to let Ji Yi left.

    He couldn’t help but annoyed, “If you are threatened by him, just tell me…We and the teacher will not let it go! The school will also punish certain classmates for their arbitrary behavior.” The

    last sentence was aimed at Yu Xu Yue’s warning.

    Ji Yi didn’t understand what Song Yanting meant by doing this, but he explained with a good temper: “He didn’t threaten me. Xu Yue just said that the change of seats was approved by the teacher.”

    Song Yanting became irritable, “Is he there? Lie! He lied to you! How could it be possible for a person like him to be scornful of rules? Go to the teacher for this kind of thing.”

    Hearing this, Ji Yi frowned in dissatisfaction?, “Why are you targeting him?”

    “I…” Song Yanting was stopped by that question.

    But his inborn pride made him reluctant to admit defeat, so he could only pretend to be calm.

    There was a sarcasm in his throat, “I’m targeting him?”

    “Funny, what qualifications does he have for me to target?”

    Ji Yi took a deep breath, calming his emotions, “In that case, please let me Do you? I want to change seats.”

    ” Okay? You are going to be stupid and no one will stop you.” Song Yanting stood up angrily, almost? Even stupid? kicked off the bench.

    But so stupid that I can’t? Just like Xu Yue’s violent mania, he was restrained.

    Ji Yi’s things? All of them have been moved to Xu Yue’s position.

    She pointed to the pile of books on the table, “Now? What should I do? Your deskmate Ji Xinfei hasn’t come back yet?”

    Xu Yue directly put her on her own stool and sat down.

    Just about to say? What? Ji Xinfei walked into the classroom arm in arm with Zhao Xinran.

    Ji Xinfei was surprised to find that her deskmate Xu Yue had appeared. She rubbed her fingers and felt uneasy.

    Zhengyu? As he walked over, what kind of gesture should he use to greet Xu Yue, Xu Yue took the initiative to speak to her, “Take your things?, move away.”

    Simple and indifferent words sounded like giving orders.

    Ji Xinfei couldn’t understand it.

    Ji Yi kindly explained: “Excuse me, the teacher said? To change positions, your new tablemate is probably Song Yanting.”

    Ji Xinfei didn’t know how much happened during this period, but she understood the ending: she wanted to change positions. , Become the same table with Song Yanting.

    Ji Xinfei, who learned the news, didn’t have the slightest? Hesitated, and immediately moved away.

    I was afraid of being tortured by Xu Yue before, so I wanted to stay away from him!

    Ji Yi looked at Ji Xinfei’s appearance that he couldn’t avoid it, and found it interesting.

    While Xu Yue was flipping through the book, he leaned against his ear and teased, “Xu Dao, you seem to be hated~”

    Xu Yue squeezed her face with his backhand, “Ji An’an, you are so courageous. Is it?”

    “Don’t? Fuck me, this is the classroom! Do you pay attention? Is the influence okay?”

    “Huh.” He was just a small warning.

    Ji Yi was still puzzled: “How did you get the teacher to agree to change seats?”

    Xu Yue: “Tell the truth.”

    How did you get the teacher to agree to change seats?

    At the beginning the class teacher retorted him very seriously, “Xu Yue, if you are not satisfied with the seats, you can wait for the next deployment.”

    Xu Yue throws out his bargaining chip: “This semester, I will not hand in a blank paper.”

    The head teacher who insisted on the principle just now smiled and waved his hands and said: “Xu Yue! Except for the podium, you can pick any seat in the classroom!”


    Ji Yi again? Pick up the rabbit pen? and think seriously. “Tell the truth. ?……” How do you say it?

    Xu Yue snatched the pen from her mouth in an annoyed manner, and just gave her the black signature pen.

    Ji Yi glared at him, and poked his hand with the end with the pen cover.

    This scene was filmed by the phone again.

    Soon, a new post was published on the forum, which was completely different from the content of the previous post: [The Ugly Duckling was heartbroken after being rejected, and when he met true love, he became in love with each other for a long time. ] The

    two posters have different CPs, and they fight directly with words and write? What are you tearing your rivals, gentle walls, domineering kiss.

    Ji Yi saw Song Yanke’s sharing, almost vomiting blood, “Fuck, delete it quickly,” Don’t be seen by Xu Yue!”

    The author has something to say:

    Those little cuties who read this chapter, thank you very much for your company.

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