AR: Ch 32

Since he just came to this class and couldn’t figure out the head teacher’s temper, Ji Yi didn’t want to make trouble at the beginning of school, so he sat next to Song Yanting as the teacher said.

    Several other students also settled in their seats.

    The head teacher is very satisfied with the current situation. This position can be considered deliberately arranged by her.

    Since the “complementary” program implemented last semester did not work, then the entire “competitive” model should be re-established.

    At the end of last semester, Ji Yi overtook Song Yanting. The two will definitely compete with each other. Sitting together? Can stimulate the fighting spirit of the opponent.

    Although Ji Xinfei’s rankings have fallen, her score is relatively stable, indicating that it is not easily affected by others, so it is not easy to arrange Xu Yue’s Xueshen with variable scores in the past. As for Song Yanke? and others, most of them came in based on their grade rankings.

    Ji Yi stuffed the schoolbag into the drawer, and drew out a thick coil notebook from it, and put a rabbit-headed signature pen in it.

    Last semester, Xu Yue took her cat pen as her own, and even wrote her with a special black pen. She disliked it while using it? Lost several.

    Xu Yue would make up for her in time every time she finished using it, and she gradually got used to it.

    When writing homework during the winter vacation, she found out that the ink ran out. Later, she went to the supermarket and bought a beautiful rabbit head.

    Ji Yi touched the tip of the pen and clamped it in the notebook.

    The first class had already moved the new semester textbooks to the classroom, and all but Xu Yue were all here now.

    The teacher asked the people sitting in the first row to pass the textbooks back, and also deliberately explained to the students the reason for one person’s absence. “Student Xu Yue went to participate in the competition outside the province. His textbooks are separated.” The

    classmates twittered.

    Ji Yi got the textbook, and wrote down the class and name in the blank space on the second page of each book, in a regular format, like a primary school student.

    After receiving the book, the head teacher left them free time for half a class.

    Some of the classmates looked at the middle of the third row a few times with the thought of watching a good show.

    Song Yan can’t bear it? She cried in her heart: Don’t demolish my cult? CP! I’m so knocked? It’s sweet!

    Ji Yi glanced back at the empty seat in the fifth row. There was a stack of tall textbooks stacked on it. They were brand new and no one dared to touch them.

    And Ji Xinfei sat there, seemingly very distressed.

    Ji Yi turned around, his back straightened, and took out the newly issued English textbook without hesitation and began to preview.

    Since Ji Yi sat down, Song Yanting’s expression has been tense.

    The two are very close, and he only needs to turn his head slightly to see the girl next to him clearly.

    One semester passed, her hair was a bit longer, her single ponytail was high, and the young girl was full of youthful color and vitality.

    And she is different from her peers.

    Unlike just now when she had no culture and low vision, she had a unique temperament deposited in her body. If she had to use a word to describe it, it would probably be-demure.

    The girl who was once looked down upon was quietly topping out in another place, and finally amazed everyone.

    Song Yanting looked at her with a pen in her hand, and carefully sketched out the English textbook, and occasionally wrote some Chinese notes next to her.

    From coming to the end, he didn’t deliberately give him a look. Like when he doesn’t exist? And he won’t be disturbed by the outside world.

    “Ji Yi.”

    He suddenly said her name.

    The voice was deliberately lowered and sinking slightly.

    Different from Xu Yueqing’s cold voice, Song Yanting’s voice is more calm, with a feeling of eloquence. The author? Right? His description is probably very masculine.

    However, what Ji Yi admired most was not this one, nor was he seduced by his voice.

    She stopped writing and lifted her head from the book. Most of her face turned to look at him, “Huh? What’s the matter?” Her

    tone was alienated, as if she had never known a stranger.

    Song Yanting seemed to choke on her overly calm reaction, and immediately looked down, avoiding her bright gaze.

    Pointing at her textbook and saying: “Your book.” It’s


    Ji Yi looked at it and found that the textbook had encroached on a small three-corner area of ​​someone else’s desk, and quickly moved things back, “Sorry, I just I didn’t notice.”

    She apologized frankly for this kind of thing, but Song Yanting didn’t know what to say.

    They could only answer casually: “Yeah.”

    After that, the two did not interfere with each other.

    The students found it new? Strange, the first time I saw Ji Yi and Song Yanting so close, nothing happened!

    They said before that Ji Yi came back to grab Song Yanting? It seemed like she had slapped her face… The

    bell rang after class, Ji Yi stood up, still carrying a plastic bag in his hand.

    This position is a bit narrower, and it will definitely hit Song Yanting’s back if you squeeze it out.

    Thinking of Song Yanting’s disgusting attitude towards the female partner, Ji Yi didn’t want to be embarrassed in public, so

    she had to lower her head slightly? Song Yanting asked in a low voice, “Can you let me go? I want to go out, thank you.” Song Yanting looked at her in surprise. At a glance, she was surprised when she became so polite.

    But quickly stood on the aisle between the desks and gave her her place.

    Song Yanke? Reached out to greet her, Ji Yi handed her the lollipop she had just brought, “No, I promised you a reward.”

    He said that she would be rewarded with ten lollipops for the first class. !

    Song Yanke? Holding the lollipop with a satisfied expression, she wanted to jump out and give her a big hug.

    “Wow, love you too much?”

    Someone ran over from the aisle, like a gust of wind, the jacket was still rolled up to the books on the desk.

    No one dared to touch Xu Yue’s textbooks since they were published, so they were piled up on the desktop in a mess.

    At this moment, I dropped a few books on the ground, and the person who had just rushed over looked back and forth, and was anxious to go to the bathroom, and worried that he might cause trouble.

    Ji Yi waved his hand, “You? Let’s go first, I’ll pick it up.”

    The classmate gave her a grateful look and rushed out of the classroom.

    Ji Yi bent down to pick up the book, and Ji Xinfei also picked it up.

    The last two people found the same copy and refused to let go.

    Ji Yi glanced up at her and said calmly, “Let go.”

    After the incident on New Year’s Eve, the relationship between the two was on thin ice.

    At this time, the contention is not one book, but one breath.

    Ji Xinfei was frightened by her cold eyes, and subconsciously let go.

    Picking up the last book, Ji Yi didn’t leave, but sat directly in Xu Yue’s position.

    Song Yanke was very face-to-face and applauded in his position, “This CP has to be knocked!”

    The girl next to him curiously asked: “I heard that Xu Yue and Ji Yi are at the same table in Class 8. , The relationship is very good?”

    Song Yanke? He nodded hurriedly, “Yes, yes, our relationship between Xiao Yi and Xu Dao is pretty good!” The

    girl wondered: “But? Doesn’t Xu Yue hate others to touch him? ? “

    Song Yan can? glanced at the child? Xu girl on the location, chuckled twice,” people are people, we are small pieces others? “

    Someone was almost beaten after flipping through Xu Yue’s book before.

    In fact, only Ji Yi knew that at the time the book contained mechanical design drawings and was almost destroyed.

    At this moment, Ji Yi counted the textbooks again, then went to his seat and took the rabbit pen over and opened the books one by one to write.

    Ji Xinfei felt incredible. “This is Xu Yue’s book, what are you writing?”

    Ji Yi continued to write down the class and the name of “Xu Yue” without looking up. After that, I put the frequently used textbooks in the drawers that were not normally used and arranged them in order of size.

    Ji Xinhui looked nervous, “Ji Yi, you? Don’t make trouble when you just came to the class! I’m doing it for you? Ok!”

    Xu Yue was cold and surly, when he found out that his book had been tampered with, the first one was unlucky. It’s her at the same table!

    Ji Yi saw through her mind at a glance, raised an eyebrow, and asked, “Are you? Worried about me? Or are you? Worried about you? What about yourself?”

    Regardless of Ji Xinfei’s reaction, Ji Yi just finished this. Back to his seat.

    Ji Xinfei took a deep breath, turned his head and said to the people in the front and rear rows: “Everyone has seen it, when Xu Yue asks, you can tell the truth.”

    The people around nodded again and again.

    Ji Yi returned to his seat, rubbed his eyes, and quietly took out his phone to send a message to Xu Yue: [Is the competition going well? ]

    Right? Fang didn’t reply.

    Ji Yi tucked the phone back into the back of his schoolbag, and when he looked up, he saw Song Yanting staring at her with scorching eyes.

    Ji Yi shrank back subconsciously, a little guilty.

    “Student Song, is something going on?”

    Song Yanting: “No cellphones are allowed in the class.”

    Ji Yi deliberately lowered his voice and promised: “I won’t take it out to play.”

    Her eyeballs rolled around, with a clever energy.

    Song Yanting was silent for a while, don’t open his eyes, and gave a soft “um”.

    Ji Yi breathed a sigh of relief.

    Should the male protagonist’s credibility still be guaranteed? Wouldn’t you report her?

    Later in the class, Song Yanting discovered that Ji Yi had really become a good student who studied hard.

    She listens carefully to every class, and there are dense notes in the book.

    Later, he also discovered that Ji Yi had defects in “English”. She knew the words, but could not fully translate a paragraph of English.

    Ji Yi began to bite the pen again.

    No one was there to stop this time, she didn’t even realize it.

    “Ah… so difficult…” I

    really want to take a photo with my phone and send it to the big guy for translation.

    She quietly peeked at Song Yanting next to her, and then dismissed the idea.

    Can’t play mobile phone, can’t play mobile phone!

    So she only saw Xu Yue’s reply at noon: [It’s okay. 】

    She didn’t tell Xu Yue about the location arrangement, but she told him about the name.

    Xu Yue quickly replied with two words: [It’s okay. ]

    Ji Yi seconds to understand: He does not mind it.

    During the meal, two people who were separated by thousands of miles chatted with each other.


    thought that changing the class would have no effect. I didn’t expect that after only three days, someone sent out a picture of Ji Yi “peeping” at Song Yanting, and it spread quickly.

    Song Yanke sent her the link and called to remind her.

    Ji Yi turned over the post? This time it was still a rumor, but it was different from half a year ago.

    In the past, those people mocked her wishful thinking, but this time they made up the story of an ugly duckling girl who turned into a white swan for her favorite boy.

    2L: “In order to chase the boys you like, try to make yourself outstanding. This is true love!”

    3L: “I love this side face, and the beautiful girl looks very good.”

    4L: “I’m fine, I can? Now.”

    5L: “What kind of fairy love is this again?”

    At the same time, Ji Yi received a text message from Xu Yue: [Come back tomorrow. 】

    The author has something to say: The

    boss is coming back to catch his wife! ! !

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