AR: Ch 7

  Ji Yi didn’t know the way here, only knew to follow Xu Yue.

    His voice seems to have an irresistible ability, which makes people feel…I believe he is right.

    Xu Yue took her into a small clinic.

    He seemed to know the boss well and led her directly into it.

    Xu Yue pointed to the cool sofa over there, and his tone of voice commanded: “Sit down.”

    The gauze on Ji Yi’s arm was bleeding, and his teeth clenched his lower lip. When he looked up, he saw Xu Yue from the other side. Take out the disinfection iodized salt and ointment from the chest of drawers.

    Xu Yue did all the preparations skillfully and guided her to raise the injured arm.

    When removing the bandages, Ji Yi began to strain her face. Following Xu Yue’s movements, her small faces were all wrinkled together, her eyes closed tightly.

    The gauze was lifted, and the inside was stained red with blood and blurred.

    “It hurts, it hurts-woo… Can you just tap it…”


    Xu Yue couldn’t help but swear.

    It’s the first time she’s been serving people, she’s still such a charming little girl, crying when she touches it.

    At the beginning, he was bleeding all over the place and he got up to look for a doctor, hanging on his last breath, lingering.

    “Stop rubbing, I don’t want to rub the medicine!” The

    cotton swab rubbed on the edge of the wound still couldn’t help crying out pain. Ji Yi reached out to stop Xu Yue’s movements, but was grasped by another warm and thick hand.

    Xu Yue held her left hand in his hand, unable to move a single movement.

    Then I heard Xu Yue coldly questioning: “Is it the policeman you called?”

    “Yes, yeah.”

    “Why do you do this?”

    “The safest way is to call the police. Fortunately, the uncle police came fast enough, otherwise I don’t know which hospital to lie in now.”

    Xu Yue raised her eyes and gave her a grin, “Ji Yi, are you sick?”

    “You I’m sick! I helped you, and you still scold me?” Ji Yi couldn’t understand, and he didn’t have a good face for the savior. How could the villain behave like this?

    Just because she is a supporting actress? So unlike the heroine who can do a favor, the villain can remember for a lifetime?

    She was dissatisfied with being questioned, her cheeks puffed slightly, as if covering a big bit of resentment.

    Xu Yue almost laughed angrily, “It was you who paid for them to stop me, and in the end, I rushed over to block the knife. Isn’t it something sick?”

    “I…” Ji Yi was speechless.

    The boss swept over with a cold eye, and Ji Yi lowered his head and confessed, “Well, I’m just sick.”

    “I said I was sick before, my mind was not clear, and I did a lot of incredible things. Now I figured it out. Did you believe it?”


    The two came out of their mouths without any hesitation.

    Ji Yi almost didn’t choke at what he said, and hummed softly: “But this is the truth.”

    If it weren’t for being afraid of Xu Yue’s identity as the villain, she even wanted to add one sentence: Believe it or not.


    The strength of his men suddenly loosened, and Ji Yi realized that his wound had been bandaged.

    So did Xu Yue talk to her on purpose just now to distract her?

    The villain should not be so caring…

    Ji Yi didn’t dare to think about it anymore, gently raised the arm on his hand and said to him, “Thank you.”

    She turned her head and saw the blood-stained bandage in the trash bin next to her. She remembered the scene when Xu Yue took out the bandage and temporarily hugged her wound. She was suddenly curious, “Why do you carry the bandage with you?”

    Xu Yue frowned. Wrinkle, obviously reluctant to bring up this topic.

    Ji Yi was a little helpless.

    The big villain is really unlovable, cold and fierce, and scares people at every turn.

    When leaving the clinic since childhood, Xu Yue stood in front of the cash register and said something to the old doctor. The old doctor saw that Ji Yi was dressed as a good student, so he couldn’t help but mention Xu Yue: “Don’t cause trouble in the future. Even if you can’t hide, it won’t harm the little girl.”

    Is this old doctor teaching Xu Yue?

    Ji Yi looked at the old doctor curiously. There were white silver threads in his hair, reading glasses, and his bones looked quite vigorous.

    Looking at the old doctor’s sight, Ji Yi smiled friendly at him.

    The old doctor looked at him kindly, and slowly said: “Little girl, don’t look at him well and be stupid. If you want to be safe, stay away from him in the future, otherwise you will be offended.”


    Ji Yi I really didn’t understand why the old doctor said those words to her.

    Xu Yue returned to her and issued the next instruction in her ear, “Go.”

    There was a taxi on the side of the road. The last passenger opened the door and came down, and Xu Yue pushed her up.

    After sitting firmly, Xu Yue’s voice came from the front passenger’s position, “Address.”


    “Your home address.”

    “I’m not going back now.”

    Xu Yue looked over.

    Ji Yi quickly explained: “I have to go to the dance class. Today is the first day of the report, but I didn’t make it. The teacher must have a bad impression of me.”


    “Sunshine Road No. 23.”

    Reaching the destination, Ji Yi stood in front of the tall building, looking up at the surrounding buildings, unable to tell the direction for a while.

    She wanted to search the map with her mobile phone, but it was not convenient to even put down her schoolbag because of her right hand injury.

    He simply bent his left hand and fumbled towards the backpack behind. The zipper didn’t listen to her control, and it didn’t open after two pulls.

    A fresh mint scent approached.

    The schoolbag was lifted up.

    Xu Yue opened the zipper of her schoolbag completely as soon as he reached out.

    “Help me take out the cell phone inside, thank you.”


    The stupid girl was not at all polite to instruct him to do something.

    Xu Yue reached into the light purple schoolbag, which seemed to contain a lot of gadgets.

    The phone seemed to be entangled by the phone cord, he picked out the lump of things in one go, and also covered several different flavors of candies by the way.

    “Tsk.” Xu Yue picked up the candies one by one and threw them back into the schoolbag, finally got the phone out, and handed it straight forward from her shoulder based on his height.

    Ji Yi firmly grasped the phone, awkwardly operating with his left hand, and searched for the general direction of the dance studio.

    Xu Yue stood beside her, glanced at it casually, and put the black text with the destination in his eyes.

    Ji Yi circled the downstairs indicated by the map but couldn’t find the elevator that went up. He was planning to go up a corridor to look for it, but suddenly he felt that his back was empty.

    Xu Yue carried the hanging hole on her schoolbag and violently pulled her in another direction.

    Seeing the name of the dance studio marked on the elevator floor, Ji Yi was overjoyed, “It’s great and I finally found it.”

    Fortunately, Xu Yue was there, otherwise she would have to circle here.

    “Thank you Xu Yue, you are such a good person!” When

    she is happy to praise people, she likes to blow hard and say some good things to the other party.

    Xu Ye was driven by people’s joyful and joyous voices, and even the villain could not help but hook his lips.

    She is so easy to be satisfied, just finding a place can show such a bright smile.

    He badly wanted to destroy it.

    “I’m a good person? Didn’t you hear the man warn you? Tell you to stay away from me?”

    Ji Yi didn’t agree with him and retorted: “Everyone has their own thinking ability, why should I listen to others?”

    Feeling that this sentence was not strong enough, she added: “Xu Yue, don’t understand me from others, I am different to everyone.” On

    the surface, Ji Yi is calm as a Wang Qingquan, but she is not calm in her heart. To reverse Xu Yue’s view of her, it is best to erase the mistakes he made before.

    Xu Yue looked directly at those piercing eyes, and every word she said seemed to be serious and telling him: I treat you differently from others.

    Suddenly, he couldn’t tell which Ji Yi from the past and the current Ji Yi was true.

    However, for the sake of that knife, he could barely be the “good person” she called it.

    Xu Yue lowered his head slightly, his eyes fell heavily on her face, and his thin lips lightly opened: “Ji Yi.”


    “What he said is true.”

    “So, don’t come close to me.” The

    boy’s voice He was a little dumb, and he didn’t know what affected his mood, and his face was a little gloomier than before.

    He was so close that Ji Yi could even hear his heavy breathing.

    “Ding—” The

    elevator door opened slowly.

    Xu Yue stretched out his hand to push her, drove her into the elevator and turned away.

    Standing in the elevator, Ji Yi seemed to have Xu Yue’s world-weary look in his eyes, just like when they first met, the lifeless feeling went from the inside to the outside, and there was no fresh vitality.

    The elevator door gradually closed, and she suddenly reached out and pressed the door open symbol outside the triangle, and when the elevator was halfway open, she rushed out.

    Ji Yi ran out at the speed of a long-distance sprint, but did not see Xu Yue.

    There are roads in all directions here, and I don’t know which direction Xu Yue left from.

    She stood in the center, clearly surrounded by people coming and going, the focus in her eyes seemed to disappear, and everything became a virtual blurry picture.

    Happy people use their childhood to heal their lives, and unfortunate people use their lives to heal their childhood.

    Xu Yue experienced the most miserable childhood, but he did not have a lifetime.

    His only short life was full of pain, and his life was so dark that there was no light.

    My previous friends said that she is a flower that lives in a greenhouse, or the most delicate kind raised by her parents. She has read about Xu Yue’s whole life from the book, and she will cry because of the unreasonable plot, but far away The feeling after contact is far from real.

    Xu Yue… is obviously a very kind person!

    “Ji An’an, who are you looking for?” A

    familiar voice struck her heart.

    Ji Yi suddenly opened his eyes wide, and turned stiffly to look back, only to see the young man leaning against the corner of the wall lazily, with a cigarette in his hand.

    “Xu Yue!”

    Ji Yi trot towards him.

    “Cough cough.”

    The smell of rushing smoke stopped her.

    Xu Yue pinched his cigarette butt and threw it into the trash can next to it.

    He remembered that the petite figure rushed out from the side just now, standing in the middle of the hall looking around, completely confused and at a loss.

    Quite interesting.

    It’s just that I love to shed tears.

    “Tsk, I cried again.”

    Xu Yue raised his hand and gently pressed her fingertips on the corners of her eyes, wiping away the tears for her.

    He lowered his head and approached her ears, “You still say you like me?”

    The author has something to say:

    The name of the heroine to the heroine is different in different situations~ it’s not a mess.

    Brother Xu: “Don’t you still like me?”

    An An: I’m just a supporting actress who is struggling to survive in the cracks…

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