AR: Ch 8

  Because of his right hand injury, Ji Yi was afraid of pain, so she tried not to toss her arm. The posture of holding the pen did not change when writing, but the movement was a bit awkward, and it would hurt after a long time.


    When the self-study was over, Ji Yi let go and put his right hand on his knee lightly.

    Xu Yue always walked into the classroom at this point, glanced at her calmly, and sat on the seat silently.

    Ji Yi habitually took out the thermos bucket from the drawer and handed it to him, although she was rejected all the time, but she never gave up.

    Xu Yue squinted his eyes and lifted the thermos bucket in her hand to the table.

    Ji Yi felt unbelievable, “You are finally willing to accept me!” As

    soon as she said this, the eyes of the people nearby fell on her and Xu Yue, as if the words “Gossip” were written in their eyes.

    “Hi…” Ji Yi patted his forehead annoyedly.

    See what kind of tiger and wolf talk she said?

    “I didn’t mean that, I mean you are finally willing to accept my things.”


    Someone is calm on the surface, and no one knows that his strength in holding the thermos suddenly deepened.

    When he lowered his head, the corners of his mouth cocked.

    Ji Yi couldn’t explain it clearly, and simply faced the window and scratched the wall.

    The students in Class 8 vaguely felt that the relationship between the two “Plague Gods” in their class had become very delicate, and found that Ji Yi was not as bad as the rumors.

    She finishes every assignment on time and writes neatly and beautifully. Every class takes notes carefully in the books, and sometimes the classmates at the front and back desks even borrow her notes to copy.

    Even the mathematics teacher regards Ji Yi as the new favorite of Class 8. She loves to answer questions by her name in class, and she can answer correctly every time.

    In this class, the math teacher has a few minutes left after finishing the lesson scheduled for today. The math teacher stood on the podium and glanced across all the students in the classroom.

    Although the grades of Class 8 were late, the teacher didn’t dare to make a second while staring at them quietly.

    The math teacher showed a “kind” smile on his face, patted the blackboard and said, “Next, I would like to invite two students to the podium to write formulas. Have you raised your hands voluntarily?”

    “…” The needle can be heard on the ground.

    Only Xu Yue’s voice was very peculiar, but the teacher did not intend to smoke him.

    From the first year of high school until now, the young man is arrogant and calm. Everyone knows that he has a genius brain, but he has a surly temperament, and the teacher almost ignores him.

    No one raised their hands, and the smile on the math teacher’s face gradually disappeared, and finally cast his gaze on his favorite student in Class 8.

    Ji Yi narrowed his neck, even trying to cover himself with a book.

    If she is willing to establish a good image in front of the teacher in normal times, but now her right hand is injured, it will definitely be painful to lift up and write.

    She was afraid of pain, so she didn’t want to go.

    The math teacher is not happy anymore, his good student actually doesn’t support him today…

    But he can’t show it, he can only bite the bullet and click on a student number.

    The female classmate who was drawn to the student number stood up with a drooping face.

    The mathematics teacher sighed invisible, and then read the name of a person: “Ji Yi.” Ji Yi

    tried to reduce her presence: “…”

    She had to look up from the book, just when she was about to get up. , The shoulder was suddenly pressed by a strong palm.

    Before the teacher urged him, Xu Yue stood up from his position leisurely, and said in a casual tone: “Teacher, I want to write a formula.”

    He said, he thought.

    The math teacher froze for a moment, and quickly let people come up.

    Xu Yueke has never taken the initiative to answer questions in any teacher’s class, let alone write on the podium… How much face he had when this happened!

    “Straight-line point oblique equation…”

    “Straight-line oblique equation…” The

    math teacher read the question, and Xu Yue took a white chalk on the blackboard and scribbled a neat list of formulas.

    The girl next to him took a peek at Xu Yue’s answer and wrote, but she didn’t understand a few letters, so she asked Xu Yue quietly.

    Xu Yue wrote down what should be written without squinting, and turned around and stepped off the stage decisively.

    The girl on the podium blushed with shame, but couldn’t write a formula. The math teacher waved her hand to let her go back to her seat.

    Xu Yue returned to his seat, and Ji Yi’s little head moved closer, “Xu Yue, what

    did you whisper on the podium just now?” “I didn’t say it.”

    “I obviously saw her talking to you. “

    I didn’t hear it.”

    Ji Yi was suffocated with a smile.

    The gangster is the gangster, and she is so arrogant who ignores people, but she suddenly feels a little smug. What’s the matter?

    When she was crying, the bell rang after class.

    Ji Yi was lying on the desk with one hand and poking his finger at the arm of the boy at the same table, “Xu Yue, did you take the initiative to come on stage just to help me?”


    “Oh, I don’t believe it either. “The

    girl flicked the edge of the book with a sly smile in her eyes.

    Xu Yue thought: This girl definitely bears grudges.



    Ji Yi was eating in the cafeteria, because the trays in the cafeteria were relatively wide, and it was really inconvenient to carry it with one hand.

    She was about to go up to the second floor with a dinner plate in one hand. When she was passing the stairwell, she was suddenly hit by her arm.

    At the same time, I heard the crashing sound of the dinner plate landing, “Kang Dang–“

    Ji Yi firmly grasped her dinner plate and turned to look. The overturned dinner plate contains all the white rice and meaty vegetables on the ground.

    This scene is very like the heroine and the female partner tore the scene.

    Ji Xinfei looked at her aggrievedly, as if daring not to speak up at her, the “culprit.”

    However, the short-haired girl next to Ji Xinfei gave her an unceremonious push, “Hey, Ji Yi, did you deliberately?”

    Suddenly he was put on such a hat, Ji Yi was suffocated, and calmly confronted them. , “I walked in the front. You ran into it yourself. What is my business?”

    She knew very well that someone else ran into her just now, not that she ran into someone else.

    The girl with short hair doesn’t want to be forgiving, “Everyone knows that you are jealous, and now you’re transferred to Class 8 and don’t forget to make trouble, Ji Yi, why are you so vicious?”

    Ji Xinfei pulled the girl with short hair softly. Forget it.”

    Of course, Zhao Xinran won’t stop there. With Ji Xinfei’s trust, she grew a little bit more courageous, “Ji Yi, you must apologize to Xinfei today!”

    The classmates watching the show pointed to her. Ji Yi heard that those words were all bad words against him.

    She argued, and others thought she was arguing; she explained that others thought she was lying.

    In short, everyone believed in Ji Xinfei, and no one was on her side.

    Ji Yi raised her chin, her back straightened, and confidently let out, “We know who did the wrong thing, we know that it is really boring to use this nasty method to ruin my reputation.”

    She looked at Ji Xinfei. With that innocent appearance, I can’t help but remember that the heroine in the original book is also a virgin white lotus character. If it weren’t for the female protagonist’s halo possession, and the male protagonist escorted her, I don’t know how many times she would be killed by the female protagonist.

    Thinking of being in the story and feeling funny, I had a showdown with Ji Xinfei for the first time, “Ji Xinfei, I don’t have any opinion on you now, and I don’t want to trouble you. I hope you can take care of your friends and don’t bother me.”

    She still believes that the world is very gentle, but for those with malicious intent, she smiles stingly.

    The people present were quite surprised. Every time Ji Yi and Ji Xinfei confronted each other like the outbreak of the World War, they made a mess, but this time they said coldly and quietly, without arguing.

    Ji Yi stepped up the stairs.

    Zhao Xinran suddenly felt that something was out of control, and she went to Ji Yi’s hand when she was unconscious for a while.

    “Ah – hiss -“

    “bang when -“

    This time the dish is really Ji Yi knocked over.

    The arm that Zhao Xinran grabbed was exactly where her right hand was injured!

    Ji Yi couldn’t bear the pain, and stretched out his hand to push Zhao Xinran.

    Zhao Xinran was unwilling to do so, and held Ji Yi tightly.

    She had already stepped on the steps with both feet, and now she was dragged back by Zhao Xinran, her weight was unstable and her body leaned back.

    She hooked her feet to the railing at the moment of her death. She wanted to use her strength to stabilize her body, but she suddenly fell into a comfortable embrace.

    She smelled a cool mint scent again.

    Xu Yue pulled the person into her arms and lifted up her sleeves for the first time, and found that the originally wrapped bandage had oozes a light red.

    Xu Yue’s face was dark and unclear.

    Zhao Xinran, who fell on the ground, was completely stunned!

    When Xu Yue pulled her away just now, he showed no mercy, almost broke her arm, and finally pushed her to the ground fiercely.

    When Ji Yi stood firm, Xu Yue let go.

    He turned to look at Zhao Xinran, his eyes full of anger.

    Rolling up his sleeves and stepping towards Zhao Xinran, “You fucking—”

    Ji Yi reacted instantly, holding Xu Yue with his left hand, trying to stop his next violent behavior.

    When Xu Yue turned her head, she lowered her tone, “Xu Yue, I hurt.”

    In Xu Yue’s view, Ji Yi spoiled him pitifully again, a squeamish bag that couldn’t bear the pain.

    Frowning, he still pulled Ji Yi’s left hand and left the cafeteria. As they walked away from the back, Zhao Xinran suddenly felt like he was left behind.

    Xu Yue directly took the person to the infirmary and asked the school doctor for something, and changed her dressing by himself.

    “Ji An’an, do you have a brain drain? You are bullied like this and dare to stop Lao Tzu from beating someone?”

    “You can’t beat someone in public, you will be remembered!”

    “…chi.” Xu Yue lightly scoffed He said nonchalantly: “I just remembered it, I

    am not afraid.” “But I don’t want you to make mistakes for me.”

    Zhao Xinran targeted her, and she would use other methods to seek justice.

    But you can’t let Xu Yue beat people, it will leave a handle.

    Xu Yue lightly mocked, “Who said it was for you.”

    Ji Yi opened his mouth and didn’t argue with him.

    Ji Yi didn’t shed a tear during the treatment of the wound this time, nor did he call any pain.

    When everyone didn’t believe her, that daunting villain stood up at a critical moment.

    She silently watched Xu Yue’s skillful movements when dealing with the wound, and she was very unhappy in her heart.

    “Xu Yue, have you ever thought about what kind of person you will become in the future?”

    The author has something to say:

    inadvertent sultry is the most deadly.

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