AR: Ch 9

    “Shabu shabu -“

    bathing high overhead in the head, the cool water pouring from his head down over the body, bounce off the little drops of water on the ground.

    Ji Yi’s voice still echoed in his ears.

    She asked: “Xu Yue, have you ever thought about what kind of person you will become in the future?”

    What did he answer at that time?

    “A person like me has no future.”

    He was only holding this crippled life for a promise. When the deadline expires, he might…will leave happily.

    He had a dream that night in which a woman with a hideous face held him in the water and said the most vicious curse: dirty blood in your body makes people feel sick, and you never deserve to be loved. !

    From then on, no one near him had a good end.


    Half a month after school started, the head teacher brought them good news.

    “Autumn Games will be held in early October.” The

    students cheered loudly, because the three days of the Games are equivalent to a holiday from a certain angle, which is a luxury time for high school students.

    “However, this sports meeting is different from previous years. The school will select the first few outstanding athletes to represent the No. 1 Middle School to compete with other schools. And this time, additional cheerleaders will be formed to cheer for the students in the competition. Each class must first introduce 3 A female classmate went to cheer.”

    From the school’s autumn games, the best in each event was selected, and a cheerleading team was specially formed to cheer for them. It is conceivable how much the school attaches importance to this competition with other schools.

    The sports committee used the registration form for the students to fill out. Class 8 also has an advantage over Class 1, that is, there are more students in sports.

    There is no shortage of people for sports registration, and the only ones that need to be selected are cheerleaders.

    The school requires 3 students in each class, so you don’t have to worry about studying in the third year, and there are eight classes in the first year and second year, and there are 48 students in total.

    The name is not equal to being selected. The dance teacher will choose 18 from the 48 students. This is also a confrontation between the classes.

    Ji Yi held the registration form and hesitated.

    She bit the cat’s pen and thought seriously: What are the benefits of participating in a cheerleading team?

    “Xu Yue, have you signed up for the sports meeting?”



    Although Xu Yue usually exercises, but at that time he was free to do activities, and there was no bonus for the sports competition. Xu Yue would not be interested anymore. .

    Ji Yi wanted to understand, and simply put the registration form aside.

    Lala fuck is very simple, but training or something will definitely waste time. It’s better to memorize a few more words to raise your English score, and I don’t want to step on the passing line next time.

    “Ji An’an.”


    “If you are selected to get an award, you can eliminate the black list.”

    “Black list?”

    The black list in Xu Yue’s mouth refers to campus demerits.

    Ji Yi ran to the office after class, and tactfully asked the head teacher what he had remembered.

    The head teacher checked her disciplinary record and turned black at the end.

    Ji Yi became more embarrassed as she looked at it. It is estimated that if the Ji family had not invested more money in the school, she would have been expelled long ago.

    “Teacher, if I sign up for the cheerleading team, can I get rid of some penalties?”

    “Then I have to be selected as the captain.”

    Ji Yi blinked, nodded to the class teacher and thanked him, ran back to the classroom to fill in the registration form, and then taught To the monitor.

    In the end, the monitor had a total of eight registration forms, because the girls in their class who didn’t like to study wanted to take this opportunity to relax, so many people signed up.

    The monitor was worried when he got the registration form and didn’t know how to choose.

    Song Yanke held up her hand, “I support Ji Yi. She kicked and revolved after performing in public that day. It’s not a problem to take a captain with this technique.”

    Then someone took down the stage in public, “You are too fake, I listen. Said Ji Xinfei also signed up. She is the leader of the team.”

    Song Yan was not convinced, and Ji Yi went to comfort her, “Thank you, Xiao Ke, I will try my best to fight for it.”

    “Don’t talk about dancing, even if This face value is also a crushing level. It is better to be a self-awareness.”


    Xu Yue, who just walked into the classroom, kicked the stinky boy’s desk, “You fucking have the ability to say it again?” “The

    boy looked back at Xu Yue’s fierce and evil appearance, and said, “Yes, I’m sorry, Brother Xu…”

    Xu Yue added a kick on his desk in dissatisfaction, “Bring some brains? Who would apologize to?” The

    boy was aggrieved. Xiang Jiyi glanced at him, and whispered three words between his teeth: “I’m sorry.”

    Xu Yue lifted his desk directly this time, and stepped on the legs of the desk with agitation, repeating the sound change for the last time. Seriously, “Who-apology-apologize?”

    Xu Yue’s arrogant appearance reminded everyone of the rumor that he had beaten people to the head with his bare hands. His face bowed to Ji Yi, “Ji Yi, I’m sorry.”

    Ji Yi nodded slightly, whispered a few whispers in Song Yanke’s ear, and returned to his seat.

    After a while, I received a message from Song Yanke: [Xu Yue actually helped you! Ouch! This is a big gossip, does he like you? 】

    Ji Yi subconsciously avoided the people next to him, and quietly typed in reply: [No, just help each other at the same table. ]

    Song Yan can: [words that have no credibility, many more casual kind of man who would speak of it? 】

    Xu Yue’s reputation is so loud, everyone knows that he is bad.

    Only Ji Yi would say that he is a good person.

    He is only good to Ji Yi.

    Song Yanke thought about it, suddenly realized something, and smiled happily.

    She is going to be the first one in Rock City No. 1 to have the two worst celebrities CP!


    Because of the large number of applicants in Class 8, the squad leader simply conducted a democratic vote for everyone to vote anonymously.

    Ji Yi is at a loss. Most of the people in the class are far away from her because of the past. What should I do if I don’t vote for her? Should she perform a stunt to canvass for votes live?

    Ji Yi rubbed his face anxiously, staring at the window in a daze.

    Coincidentally, Song Yanting passed by the window again at this time.

    Ji Yi’s heart is almost lying in a big groove!

    She is not a female partner, so please don’t dangle in front of me, the male lead. When there is a butterfly effect, her life will be over!

    Ji Yi carefully glanced at the same table, saw that he was not paying attention to the outside, and was relieved.

    The magnetic field between the male lead and the male two is not compatible, and she is mainly afraid of harming the pond fish.

    Anonymous ballots were handed in. The eight names on the blackboard were marked with “positive” respectively. In the end, Ji Yi and the other two girls in the class had the most votes, but the total number of all the “positive” characters above was one less than the class size.

    The squad leader stood in front of the blackboard and asked: “Who didn’t vote?”

    Someone said, “Whatever you do, no matter who votes, no one can change the result anyway.”

    Think about it too, no one will hold the vote which is worse.

    When the candidate was settled, Ji Yi’s heart also relaxed.

    I thought that the chance was slim, but I didn’t expect that I would have a lot of votes.

    Ji Yi grinned as he looked at the results on the blackboard.

    She is in a very good mood now, and even desires to chat with Xu Yue, “Xu Yue, did you vote for me just now?”

    Xu Yue snorted lightly, and his eyes fell on the table.

    Ji Yi saw a note there, with nothing written on it.

    Oh, it turned out that he was the one who didn’t vote.

    Xu Yue didn’t vote for others, nor did she vote for her, which fits well with the boss’s personality.

    But why did she get bored when she saw the blank note and his indifferent profile?

    Ji Yi didn’t dare to think again.

    In the evening of self-study, Ji Yi went to the dance studio with two other classmates, and the two teachers asked them to arrange their positions randomly.

    “You may think that it’s easy and requires no skills, but this time is different. There are 48 of you now, but in the end only 18 can represent the school to go out. This is not only to win honor for the class and the school, but also It’s a good time for you to show yourself in the best of your youth.” The

    teacher always knows how to catch people’s hearts, and a few passages aroused everyone’s fighting spirit.

    Maybe some people signed up for fun in the beginning and didn’t care about the result, but now the teacher says that, who doesn’t want to work hard to be selected and be recognized?

    “In short, I hope everyone will take this event seriously.”

    “But before teaching, we want to see if anyone has volunteered to be the leader of the captain?” The

    teacher felt that in addition to strength, courage is also very important.

    They can’t see everyone’s strength now, but they can know who has enough courage the fastest.

    In the crowd, everyone looked at each other, but some people focused on Ji Xinfei.

    Ji Xinfei is beautiful, can play the piano and dance, and learns very well. Many girls are jealous and envious.

    But sometimes I have to admit that they are excellent.

    Ji Xinfei raised his hand to live up to expectations.

    Ji Yi thought of seeing the black history made by the female partners in the office today, and raised his hand high.

    Several girls came forward one after another, and the teacher paid more attention to them.

    After that, the first grade of high school and the second grade of high school were separated, and the two teachers gave them some basic exercises first.

    The first day has not been so eager for quick success and instant benefits. The teacher drove the music to let them feel it, and put others back in the classroom when stuck. “Today’s training is here. After three trainings, we will select some people. I hope everyone will go back and practice on their own. .” When

    Ji Yi returned to the classroom, it was the last evening of self-study.

    The teacher left them a real self-study class today. Ji Yi was lucky to catch up.

    Xu Yue’s self-study never showed up in school. Ji Yi looked at the empty place next to him. Bored to play with the signature pen on his hand, he turned the penholder between his fingers, accidentally the penholder flew out and fell under Xu Yue’s bench.

    She bent over to pick it up, and when she lowered her head, she saw a small ball of paper stuffed in the edge of Xu Yue’s drawer.

    She had never seen something like “garbage” in Xu Yue’s drawer, and the ball of paper looked a lot like the white post-it notes just voted on.

    The ghost picked out the ball of paper and slowly unfolded it. The two black characters inside had become crumpled.

    But it can still be seen that the two words are-Ji Yi.

    The author has something to say:

    I’m thinking, can Ji Yi and Xu Yue form xxcp?

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