AR: Ch 10

 After one week of training, the dance teacher selected 18 people, including 2 substitutes.

    “The choreography movements are basically taught to everyone this time. The next step is to arrange the formation to step up the training, and then teach you some difficult special movements.”

    “Let’s come here today, and go to the training room on time tomorrow to choose the captain. “After the

    team disbanded, two or three students left in groups.

    Ji Yi was a bit miserable. Two people in the same class as her were wiped out, leaving her alone. No one was on the same road with her, she walked to the side one by one.

    However, a girl rubbed her while walking.

    Ji Yi stopped subconsciously to make way for her.

    The girl turned her head and greeted her, “Hey, you did a good job, and you are very likely to be selected as the captain.”

    Ji Yi was slightly surprised. This girl was standing behind her during training.

    She was isolated because of her bad reputation. She didn’t expect that from Song Yanke, someone had already taken the initiative to approach her one after another.

    “Thank you, but it depends on how the teacher chooses.” The

    girl quietly leaned into her ear and said: “Your biggest competitor is Ji Xinfei, but I think you dance better than her. The teacher teaches you to remember. I live, and the action is in place.”

    The meaning of these words…

    she couldn’t guess whether the words were pure praise or deliberately aimed at Ji Xinfei, so she could only reveal the topic with a smile, “Everyone is amazing, let’s see tomorrow. The result of it.” When I

    returned to the classroom, the classmates knew that only Ji Yi was selected for the cheerleading team, because the two students who were unsuccessful returned to the classroom early and couldn’t hide it.

    Ji Yi looked at the empty seats next to him and sighed softly.

    Staying in the cheerleading squad isn’t really a skill, but she still wants to tell Xu Yue.

    Probably because of his special reminder at the time and seeing his name on the crumpled paper ball.

    The young man didn’t talk much, but he did a lot of gentle things.

    No one can see, only she knows.

    Taking advantage of the break time, Song Yanke suddenly ran to Xu Yue’s position to congratulate her.

    Song Yan seemed to be more excited than Ji Yi, holding her hand with a face of trust: “I believe you, I must get the position of captain tomorrow!”

    Ji Yi followed her and nodded, “Okay, I will do my best.”

    See you Song Yanke stood here a little abruptly, Ji Yi tugged at her arm, “Sit down and talk.”

    Song Yan was agitated, “No, no, I dare not sit in the position of the boss. “

    Late self-study and it was a little late when I got home. Aunt Su prepared some food to fill my stomach when I was hungry.

    Ji Xinfei didn’t eat to keep in shape.

    Ji Yi didn’t mind these, and ate a small bowl contentedly.

    Aunt Su stared at her a few times when she came to collect the bowls.

    Ji Yi pointed to herself suspiciously: “Aunt Su, is there anything on my face?”

    Aunt Su shook her head quickly, “No, I was looking at the second lady, who seemed to have turned white and beautiful. The better it becomes.”

    “Yes, I’ll go and see.” That made her happy, and she hurried to the full-length mirror to observe her face carefully, and found that this face was really growing towards her previous appearance, and It was much faster than she had imagined.

    This is probably the only golden finger after wearing the book?

    Ji Yi touched his face, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

    Aunt Su remembered that Ji Yi “accidentally fell into the water” a month ago, she seemed to be a different person after waking up.

    The facial features are still the original facial features, but it just feels whiter and more beautiful, looking pleasing to the eye.

    Is the truth born from the heart?


    Ji Yi would bring up an insulator every day, and finally everyone found out that the contents of the insulator were prepared for Mr. Xu.

    Because of the scruples of Xu Yue, no one would dare to arrange the relationship between the two.

    The same is true today.

    Surprisingly, Xu Yue did not come.

    From morning study until noon, she didn’t see Xu Yue. She couldn’t help but went to the class teacher to hear the situation, but the class teacher shook her head, “He didn’t ask for leave, he skipped class again.” The

    head teacher frowned and was very unhappy, but Obviously this kind of situation is commonplace.

    Ji Yi ran to the locked top floor corner and made a quiet call, but no one answered.

    When I was about to go back, I suddenly heard a particularly violent voice, “Fuck, those grandsons who played yin, they slammed Xu Ge’s house! Don’t let me know which tortoise grandson leaked Xu Ge’s address, otherwise Lao Tzu Let him stay in Rock City!”

    Ji Yi shook his heart, peeking out of his head and took a look. It was Zhuo Yihang who called.

    Zhuo Yihang angrily put away his mobile phone and left. Ji Yi didn’t know where he was courageous and rushed out and stopped him. “Zhuo Yihang, do you know where Xu Yue is?”

    Zhuo Yihang frowned and went straight. Said: “I don’t know.”

    Ji Yi refused to let him go, and asked: “He didn’t come to class today, and the phone can’t get through. If you don’t want to say more, tell me how he is now? Is there any injury?”

    Zhuo Yihang was a little impatient, but thinking of Ji Yi’s previous stabbing for Xu Yue, he still replied: “I really don’t know. After Brother Xu said he went to the group of grandsons to settle the bill, he lost contact. “

    Then didn’t you go to his house to find it?”

    Zhuo Yihang sighed, “Brother Xu hasn’t told anyone, even I don’t know where his house is. Bu knows which turtle grandson touched the road this time and led people to turn the house.”


    came back from the top floor. After that, Ji Yi was upset all afternoon.

    Even Zhuo Yihang didn’t know where Xu Yue’s home was, and the address in the roster was also fake.

    Ji Yi bit the cat’s pen in a daze.

    She tried to recall the text in the book. The author seems to have mentioned Xu’s high school address, not far from the school, what is it called?

    In the last class, Ji Yi asked for leave and went out of school, and took a taxi to the small clinic last time.

    The old doctor sits on the sofa and reads the newspaper.

    She hesitated and stepped into the clinic door, the old doctor looked at him for a while before recognizing him, “Isn’t this the little girl who came last time, she has become beautiful again after a few days.”

    Ke Jiyi was unwilling to listen to praise at this moment, and she was anxious. Want to find that person.

    “Uncle, do you know where Xu Yue lives?”

    “Xu Yue? Shouldn’t he be in school at this time?”

    “He didn’t come to school today. I’m a little worried, but the phone can’t get through.”

    “It’s okay. . ” “

    uncle! “

    she do not agree with that sentence, but do not like to hear other people will see many more lives so light.

    The old doctor pushed his reading glasses to look at her, “Little girl, what is your relationship with him? Do you know who he is? Your age is prone to hazy feelings, but he…”

    Ji Yi couldn’t help twisting. He frowned and said, “Sorry, although it is impolite to interrupt you, you can’t question him like that. No matter who he is, he is my friend.”

    “It’s really rare…” The old doctor put down the newspaper, not smiling. Sighed.

    Ji Yi didn’t want to waste any more time.

    The old doctor wrote a note and handed it to her, saying, “He lives in this area. As for where he is, it depends on whether you have the patience.”

    See if she has the patience to look for them one by one.

    Ji Yi held the note and thanked him.

    Over the years, nearby buildings have been undergoing renovations, including exquisite new housing areas, as well as dilapidated old houses. She ruled out those old houses that were renewed in new communities and narrowed down.

    The floors of the old houses were not high, and she ran away and couldn’t find two buildings.

    It’s already time for school in the afternoon.

    If she can’t find anyone anymore, she has to go back to school to study in the evening, and there is still a very important thing today-cheerleader selection captain.

    Climbing up and down all the time, at this time already exhausted and panting.

    There was the last floor left, and she stood at the door knocking a few times and no one answered.

    Ji Yi stood at the door and helped her lower legs. He inadvertently raised his head and saw two pots of broken potted plants coming out of the vent, like mint leaves.

    She took a closer look and found not only potted mint plants, but also some small mechanical parts.

    Seeing these things, hope suddenly came to her heart, and she continued to knock on the door.

    “Xu Yue.”

    “Xu Yue are you at home?”

    “I’m Ji Yi.”

    “Xu Yue–“

    Ji Yi knocked on the door intermittently, calling his name.

    She wasn’t sure if Xu Yue was at home, but if she couldn’t find it here, then she really couldn’t help it… A

    few minutes later, Ji Yi turned and stepped down the stairs with loss.

    Just as she was about to turn, she suddenly heard a “click” from the door.

    Ji Yi turned his head abruptly and saw the half of Xu Yue’s face exposed.

    She didn’t know where the energy came from and ran back upstairs and opened the door in surprise.

    Just about to ask him, the man in front of him who was taller than himself suddenly fell to the ground.

    “Xu Yue!”

    Ji Yi tried her best to pull him, but found that Xu Yue was still lying there motionless.

    “Xu Yue, wake up, don’t scare me.” She was almost anxious.

    As if hearing a soft voice with an eager call, Xu Yue slowly opened his eyes, stood up with her strength, moved to the sofa and sat down.

    “Why are you here?” His voice became hoarse.

    “I’m looking for you.” Ji Yi replied, but more concerned about his body, “How are you? Do you want to go to the hospital?”


    “Then you?”

    “It’s just a fever, you can’t die.”

    It’s not the first one. At this time, he has already had experience.

    Just lie down for two days, you can’t die.

    “You are not allowed to say that!” She really didn’t like these frustrating words.

    Xu Yue refused to go to the hospital anyway, and Ji Yi couldn’t handle it alone, so he had to ask if there was any medicine at home.

    Xu Yue lifted his eyelids and glanced at the chaotic room, and said in a perfunctory manner: “Maybe there is.”

    “Where? I’ll get it.”

    He raised his finger in a direction. The glass cabinet was originally a glass cabinet, but it has been smashed. It’s torn apart.

    Ji Yi didn’t think it was messy at all, so he searched carefully.

    Xu Yue watched the girl with a single ponytail bend over and stand there, moving her hands non-stop. When he turned his face sideways, his face was full of anxiety.

    He felt his heart warm.


    The mechanical clock hung on the wall tells the time on the hour.

    Ji Yi looked up subconsciously, there was still 15 minutes before the cheerleaders gathered.

    If you go downstairs and take a taxi back to school…it’s still too late.

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