AR: Ch 11

  “Found it!” Ji Yi saw the medicine box, and when he reached out to pick it up, his finger accidentally scratched the glass.

    She bends her fingers reflexively, without saying a word.

    As soon as I held the medicine I found in my hand and looked at the usage and dosage, I heard Xu Yue rush people: “Ji Yi, you go.” The

    hoarse voice caused by a cold sounded a bit painful, and his chapped lips were not bloody. , He seems to fall at any time.

    Ji Yi frowned, and prompted: “You are sick.”

    “What’s up with you?” Xu Yue glanced at her, seeming to sneer, “Even Zhuo Yihang doesn’t know my home, you actually looked for it accurately. Come to the door, maybe you are telling the news about the address exposure this time? Now you are pretending to pretend to be a good person?”

    “No!” Afraid of Xu Yue’s misunderstanding, she quickly explained: “I came from house to house by myself, because I was outside the door. I will call your name only when I find a potted mint plant and other things.”

    “Really? I don’t believe it.”

    A few simple words denied all her efforts.

    Rao Shi Ji Yi has a good temper and can’t stand the repeated doubts of others. What’s more, she is now not only worried about Xu Yue’s condition, but also not yet worried about whether she can participate in the election.

    She took a deep breath and tried to persuade Xu Yue to give her some trust, “Those who hurt you have nothing to do with me. After so long, I thought we were at least friends…”

    He looked over coldly, his eyes were fascinating. Liang, the words that he blurted out were harsh and harsh, “Friend? You can really be passionate!”

    The expression on Ji Yi’s face instantly froze, and the whole body shuddered.

    She tightly grasped the medicine box in her hand, pressing her fingertips so white that she could no longer be pleased with him, “You are too much! I am stupid to do these thankless things!”

    Ji Yi angrily took the medicine. The box was thrown on the sofa, unlocked, and strode out of the room.

    Hearing the fading footsteps, Xu Yue turned his head stiffly and looked towards the empty door.

    He knew that Ji Yi looked back at it many times since the mechanical clock reported on time.

    Obviously care about time, but has been dull.

    That girl is so stupid… What if he stays because of pity?

    It’s better to be like this, let him be alone and have nothing to do with anyone.

    Xu Yue closed his eyes tiredly, as if he had lost the strength to get up and close the door.

    Exposing his address, the culprit of “killing with a knife”, he knew clearly.


    Ji Yi rushed down the two floors angrily, seeing the remaining steps but couldn’t take any steps.

    Xu Yue’s pale face appeared in front of her eyes, and she stomped her feet in annoyance, then turned and climbed upstairs with light steps.

    The broken potted plant was still lying there, and the door was still open.

    Is it for the convenience of others to smash the door again?

    Ji Yi held a fire in her heart.

    She took out her mobile phone and glanced at the time. There were still seven minutes before the assembly. If she rushed downstairs to go back to school, maybe…maybe… there is still a glimmer of hope.

    But if you step into this door, it is tantamount to giving up a good opportunity to make yourself shameless.

    She clasped her fingers tangledly, and suddenly heard a low cough coming from the room, and couldn’t help stepping into the door again.

    Xu Yue was still lying on the sofa, where the medicine box she had thrown away was there.

    “You?” Xu Yue stared at the person standing at the door in surprise, unbelievable, unbelievable, and even suspected that he had a serious fever and had hallucinations.

    Ji Yi didn’t say a word, but with an angry face, he started looking for a drinking fountain and a kettle in the room.

    The house is not big, but it is messy now.

    The kettle was thrown on the ground, Ji Yi picked it up and rinsed it, and then re-boiled the water after it was wiped dry.

    Ji Yi was standing on the edge of the sofa holding a water cup, with a few pills in his clean palms, and squeezed out two words in a light tone: “Take it.” At this

    moment, Xu Yue had no trouble, and quickly swallowed the pills.

    He asked Ji Yi, “Why do you want to come back?”

    “I’m afraid you will die here.”

    “Ji An’an…”

    “Shut up and don’t want to listen to you now!” Ji Yi simply covered his ears with his hands and turned away.

    The villain was so awkward and harsh, he just didn’t listen.

    Today, she will do another good deed to write off her previous grievances. When Xu’s fever subsides, she will stay far away and live the life that belongs to Ji Yi well.

    After “serving” the boss took the medicine, Ji Yi sighed deeply when he saw the chaotic room.

    It’s because she, who doesn’t usually do housework, can’t stand it, so she started picking up things and putting them on the open space.

    There were a few sheets of white paper stuffed in the cardboard box. She pulled it out carefully and saw that they were all designed with mechanical drawings.

    She suddenly remembered that Xu Yue made a lot of profits by relying on mechanical design and manufacturing in the book, but unfortunately he took a wrong path later.

    “Ji An’an, don’t need to clean up.”

    Xu Yue’s voice suddenly came, and Ji Yi quickly pressed down the drawing.

    She didn’t bother to listen to Xu Yue, and didn’t turn her head back to continue her hand movements.

    Xu Yue stood up suddenly.

    Ji Yi: “Are you ready so soon?”

    Xu Yue: “…”

    After discovering that the house had been turned over, he went directly to the group of culprits, made a plan to fight in those nests, and even had a fight. As a result, I woke up and found that I had a cold and fever. I didn’t even bother to go to school, so I simply lay at home.

    It didn’t seem to be too weak to stand up, but he felt…boring before.

    Nothing is interesting to him.

    But now it’s different, it’s not like letting a little girl deal with this pile of rubbish for him.

    “You’re still sick, take a good rest.”



    Xu Yue began to lift up all the heavier things, the two of them silently arranged the things in a tacit understanding, and then used the broom and trash. Shovel, clean up all the residue and dust and throw them out.

    The last two slumped on the sofa with exhaustion.

    Ji Yi felt that she had never done such a tiring job before, and now she leaned on the sofa and didn’t even bother to lift a finger.

    Unconsciously, she squinted and fell asleep.

    Xu Yue turned his head and stared at the girl in front of him quietly.

    Now she has changed a lot from when she first started school. Her dry and yellowish face gradually became shiny and moist. It only took a month for her to prove that she was not an ugly girl.

    Like a pearl covered with dust, when the dust is gone, it will emit a dazzling brilliance.

    He just didn’t understand why Ji Yi, who had been haunting Song Yanting’s struggling pursuit before, suddenly stared at him.

    Maybe it’s another purpose, but Ji Yi’s performance is so good that it can’t be dismantled.

    “Ji An’an…” The

    warm light shone on half of her cheek, and the other side cast a light gray.

    Xu Yue’s hand slowly lifted up and approached her as if uncontrollably, and he was about to touch that Yanfen’s lips between his fingers.

    “Da-” The mechanical clock chimed the hour on the hour.

    Xu Yue quickly retracted all his movements, returned to his original position and closed his eyes.

    Ji Yi was awakened by the sound and rubbed his eyes.

    She now looked up at the wall clock on the wall, it was already eight o’clock in the evening.

    Seeing Xu Yue still beside him, Ji Yi leaned out with one hand on the sofa cushion and touched his forehead with his hand, feeling the temperature.

    It seems normal.

    “Huh.” Ji Yi breathed a sigh of relief.

    Take a closer look, the villain’s face is really very high, and no dead spots are probably used to describe him.

    Ji Yi likes to appreciate all the beautiful things.

    It’s a pity, I’ll take a look tonight.

    When she wakes up tomorrow, she will be separated from Xu Yue, so as not to worry about being bored!

    Just when Ji Yi was staring at others, Xu Yue suddenly opened his eyes. The dark pupils were clear, and they were not in the state of waking up at all.

    Ji Yi was startled for a moment, and with a guilty conscience,

    she shrank back, “Why did you suddenly open your eyes and want to scare me!” “Ji An’an, obviously you are peeking at me.”

    “You, why did you fall asleep? Know I’m looking at you?”

    Xu Yue raised his eyebrows slightly, “Did I say I was asleep?”

    Ji Yi reacted, “Then you, you, you…you pretend to sleep?” I

    remembered staring at it like a idiot. Zhang Lian looked at it for a long time, really ashamed!

    Ji Yi quickly put aside his face and stood up.

    “I’m going home.”

    “Well, let’s go.” Xu Yue didn’t say anything else, just followed her up and walked behind her and sent her downstairs.

    Ji Yi said goodbye politely, as if he had forgotten that he was still angry.

    An empty car was about to drive over, Ji Yi wanted to wave, but was suddenly held down.

    Xu Yue pulled the person to the corner and asked, “Why are you coming back?”


    “I told you such excessive words, shouldn’t you be very angry?”

    “So you know those words too Excessive.” The

    young man snorted, “You came back to take care of me if I was fierce. You are really not very smart.”

    “…” Don’t worry, she will never be stupid again.

    “I know it wasn’t you about being overturned.”

    “Do you know that you still doubt me?”

    Xu Yue didn’t answer.

    Instead, she lost an inexplicable question to her, “You have been watching the time because of the cheerleading training?”

    Wait, she seems to have caught the point!

    Ji Yi’s brain turned fast and she spoke directly. He asked what he thought, “So you said those things on purpose to let me leave?”

    Big brother: “…”

    After Ji Yi got in the car, he was silent. Write down the license plate number.

    Soon after Ji Yi returned home, he received an unfamiliar text message: [Arrived? ]

    “!!!” What the hell is this?

    She took two steps, and suddenly a bold guess came up in her mind: Isn’t it Xu Yue?

    Ji Yi held the phone in both hands and replied: [Are you Xu Yue? ] The

    opposite is almost a second: [Hmm. 】

    Speaking less is the style of being a big boss.

    “Oh! Xu Yue actually sent me a message! I took the initiative to send a message!”

    Before, she tried every means to get the contact information of the boss, but she didn’t succeed. She didn’t expect the boss to take the initiative to send her a message tonight, and she was concerned about whether she got home safely!

    Happiness comes too suddenly.

    Ji Yi quickly saved the number and subconsciously entered the name of “Xu Yue”.

    I feel wrong after writing.

    Xu Yue doesn’t like others knowing about him. What if she leaks secrets on her phone? Will she be killed by the boss… After

    thinking about it, she changed the remark to-the villain boss.

    Ji Yi clicked on the screen and smiled triumphantly, “This way no one will know that this number is Xu Yue.”

    The author has something to say: If you

    are found out, you will be dead, classmate An An~

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