AR: Ch 12

 “Ji Yi!!!”

    Early in the morning, Song Yan almost rushed over when he saw Ji Yi walk into the classroom.

    Song Yanke held Ji Yi’s arm with both hands, and threw a series of questions like cannonballs, “Why didn’t you go to the training yesterday? Did you know that Ji Xinfei has been selected as the captain? You! I’m about to cry, I Bet them that you hold the captain securely.”

    Others refused to believe Ji Yi, only Song Yan thought she would do it.

    On an impulse, he took two hundred yuan to bet with others, and now the result came out, Song Yanke was bleeding in his heart.

    If the strength is really insufficient, it’s fine, but Ji Yi is absent!

    I really didn’t expect anyone to have such high hopes for himself. Ji Yi cleared his throat and explained: “Cough, Coco, sorry, I asked for leave yesterday for something.”


    “Coco, don’t be angry, it doesn’t matter if you missed it this time. , There will be a better chance in the future.”

    Song Yanke raised her eyes to see her calm and watery appearance, and couldn’t help but shook her head and sighed, “Hey…”

    Which one of the two products released Ji Yi’s explosiveness and acrimony in the first place? Rumors?

    Because of Ji Xinfei’s election as the captain, the few who had bet with Song Yanke stood there mockingly, “Maybe they’re scared, so just find an excuse to hide from the game.”

    “Why do your mouths smell so bad!” Song Yan Ke went back unconvinced.

    Fortunately, her angry feelings came and went quickly, and Ji Yi quickly calmed her up.

    However, when Ji Yi sat down quietly, she couldn’t help thinking that if she participated in training yesterday to win the captain…

    Forget it, there is no way to change what has happened, she can only work harder.


    Before Xu Yue came after the first get out of class, Ji Yi quietly took out the phone in his schoolbag, unlocked the screen lock, and began to hesitate to send Xu Yue a text message.

    Thinking of her decision last night, she resisted the urge to care about the patient again and pushed the phone back to the back of her schoolbag to hide it.

    I muttered silently in my heart: “Cherish life, stay away from the big villain.”

    “Boom—” It

    seemed like something was placed on the next desk.

    Ji Yi opened one eye and glanced over.

    Xu Yue threw the bulging schoolbag on the table, stepped on the side of the table leg with his long legs, leaned against the back table and took up his hands.

    In the past, the schoolbag he brought was as flat as empty, but today’s schoolbag is almost full. I don’t know what good stuff he has.

    Ji Yi was quite curious, and finally resisted it.

    If you say stay away, stay away!

    The two were at the same table, and no one made a sound, as if they were sitting quietly.

    When the class bell was about to ring, Xu Yue pulled his schoolbag under the desk and put it away.

    Because the two desks are connected, the bag is placed in the middle and takes up Ji Yi’s seat, even touching her leg.

    Ji Yi retracted his foot reflexively and hid in the direction of the wall.

    Seeing her such a bullying look, Xu Yue’s mouth raised an inexplicable smile, “Ji An’an.”

    “What’s the matter?”

    His hand crossed the desk demarcation line and then evacuated.

    Ji Yi opened his eyes wide and saw that it was a note.

    He twisted his fingers and spread them out slowly, and a line of address information was clearly written in black and white.

    Ji Yi was stunned. “What does this mean?”

    “My address.”

    Xu Yue’s fever subsided, and his energy was completely restored. At this moment, he looked leisurely, as if everything that happened yesterday was a dream.

    He didn’t seem to worry because his home was turned over, but moved quickly.

    Suddenly found that the boss is more powerful than the book, but I don’t know if the future will be black?


    Xu Yue clearly felt that his little tablemate was alienating himself.

    I felt a little blocked.

    But I don’t know why.

    At the corner of the corridor, I suddenly heard the two girls talking:

    “I said Ji Xinfei must be the captain.”

    “I heard that Ji Yi didn’t go, and the teacher is very optimistic about her.”

    “She must be ashamed. Disciplined heart…” When

    Xu Yue returned to the classroom, his face was full of chills.

    Others can’t provoke, I don’t know who provokes this big guy again.

    He entered the classroom and didn’t wait much, took Ji Yi’s arm directly, and the two left the classroom one after another.

    “Xu Yue, what are you doing? Class is about to start soon.” As soon as the

    voice fell, the class bell rang.

    Ji Yi released his hand to walk back, but was grabbed by Xu Yue and pressed against the corridor wall.

    He put his hands on both sides of Ji Yi’s shoulders, as if he was holding people in his arms.

    Ji Yi’s heart was beating “boom” and he felt like he was going to be touched by this wall-booming posture.

    She swallowed in her throat, “If you have something to say…”

    “Yesterday it was because you didn’t come to school, so you missed the selection of the captain?”

    “Okay…it seems so…”

    “Ji An’an! Which one is the most important? Can’t you divide lightly?”

    “I will.” Ji Yi squeezed her fingers tightly, “but I think you are more important than the position of the captain.”

    Her expression was too serious when she said this.

    Xu Yue found that the usual way of dealing with people and things was completely useless in front of Ji Yi.

    She always doesn’t play cards according to the routine, obviously everyone is selfish, isn’t it?

    “Xu Yue, we should go back to the classroom first, let’s talk about anything after class.” Ji Yi staggered, trying to lead him away.

    Xu Yue leaned forward again, locking her wrists with her wide palms.

    The two were so close, they seemed to be able to hear each other’s breathing.

    Xu Yue stared at the face that was close at hand.

    Her face was slightly flushed, which was different from the hue under the warm light last night. The natural sun light made her bright.

    The color of the lips is more delicate and gorgeous, there is no need for lipstick to add color, it is already shiny.

    It makes people feel a desire to get close.

    The atmosphere seemed to become subtle, and the boy who had always been calm and composed shook his hand.

    “What are you doing?” The dean passing by here let out an angry roar.

    Ji Yi was taken aback.

    Suddenly I heard Xu Yue say in her ear: “Run!”

    She was led by Xu Yue and rushed down the two floors, and then went back to the class floor again.

    Ji Yi panted, wondering how things suddenly became like this.

    She looked up at Xu Yue and saw that he was still refreshed.

    “You…we…what shall we do now?”

    As a Miyoshi student, she has no experience in dealing with this situation at all.

    The little girl yanked at his hand anxiously, Xu Yue glanced down at the palms of the hands between the two, suddenly playful, and asked her, “Ji An’an, do you know if you skip class?” The

    little girl’s eyes brows. He wrinkled and said, “But, you pulled me out!”

    Xu Yue pointed at himself, then pointed at her, with a faint smile: “The teacher doesn’t care about me, but he will definitely not let you go.”

    Xu Yue The appearance that it didn’t matter to her was completely annoying her.

    Ji Yi threw away his hand angrily, and pushed the person back like a vent, “Blame you! I’m going back to class.”

    “Are you going back now, aren’t you afraid that the teacher will let you stop?”

    “I’ll just go.

    Go to the toilet…” “Oh, it turns out that classmate

    Ji An’an would lie too.” Ji Yi lowered his head and whimpered softly, feeling that he was going to be taken away by Xu Yue.

    Xu Yue narrowed his eyes and continued to pull up the little girl, and the two walked to the door of the classroom together.

    The whole class looked at them with gossiping eyes. Whenever the teacher on the podium saw Xu Yue, he was so angry, “It’s you again!”

    “It’s me.”

    “Xu Yue, don’t come if you don’t want to study!

    ” I really didn’t want to come, but a little student was embarrassed to enter the classroom because he was late for class. I helped the teacher bring people back.”

    Ji Yi stood up from behind Xu Yue, and the teacher realized that there was another one of her.

    “What’s the matter with you, classmate? Why are you late for class?”

    “Teacher, I, I, I went to the bathroom…” She could only find this reason.

    Xu Yue didn’t expect that she would really use this reason, and was amused.

    Seeing the little girl’s nervousness, the teacher waved her hand to let her into the classroom without too much embarrassment.

    As for Xu Yue, he didn’t bother to watch it!

    But Xu Yue had a thick-skinned face, sitting next to Ji Yi like a okay person.

    In the afternoon math class, Xu Yue sat and listened to the lecture for an unprecedented time. Whenever the math teacher asked him a question, he would take the initiative to answer the question.

    The math teacher was so happy that he couldn’t find Bei, and even advertised it in the office as a chat capital, “Xu Yue, that kid really likes mathematics, he listened very carefully to these two classes, and took the initiative to answer the questions!”

    Mathematics teacher The more he blew, the more energetic he said, “Could it be that the kid is going to change his character and study hard?”

    “Come on, if he becomes a good student someday, I will broadcast the handstand!” The geography teacher who had just been slapped by Xu Yue said with a grunt today. dissatisfied.


    On the third day of the cheerleading team’s formal rehearsal, the dance teacher took advantage of the gathering time to shout Ji Yi aside, in a chatty tone, “Ji Yi, I think you have good dancing skills and talents. Can you do special movements?”

    “Yes, it’s not difficult.” Her teacher in the last life taught them some amazing postures, and the movements of cheerleading are really not difficult.

    “That’s the case, I discussed with Teacher Li, I want to choose two people to lead the dance, with different movements. As long as you can do the movements of Ji Xinfei, the others will be fine.”

    “Really? Thank you teacher!”

    “Don’t thank me, in fact, you really should be grateful…” The teacher stopped halfway through his words.

    Ji Yi was puzzled, “What?” The

    teacher smiled and patted her on the shoulder, “Nothing, we only see your strength before revising the plan, you have to

    work hard .” “Okay! I will definitely work hard!”

    Suddenly she woke up. The good news made Ji Yi full of energy.

    In order to prove her ability, she demonstrated Ji Xinfei’s individual actions in front of everyone, and the teachers and classmates couldn’t help applauding her.

    “Very well, we didn’t choose the wrong person.”

    Standing in the front row, Ji Xinfei bit her lower lip silently, and followed everyone up and applauded, but she was not happy in her heart.

    Obviously you are the captain? Why is there a Ji Yi suddenly?


    Recently, the training has been stepped up, and the cheerleading training is over and self-study is over.

    Ji Yi left the training room and walked directly to the school gate.

    Ji Xinfei suddenly chased after him.

    “Ji Yi, wait a minute, I have something to tell you.”

    “What’s the matter?”

    Ji Xinfei looked at her, eyes flickering, and said embarrassingly: “You…can you not be the captain?”

    The author has something to say. To say:

    1. An An will not stay away from Brother Xu.

    2. Brother Xu is pleasing the math teacher.

    3. Wait for the geography teacher to broadcast the handstand.

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