AR: Ch 13

   “Ji Xinfei, do you know what you are talking about?”

    Ji Yi suspected that he had heard it wrong.

    How could the hostess make such a strange request to a female partner.

    Ji Xinfei is very nervous. Recently, Ji Yi’s changes are too fast, and he is about to surpass her at once.

    The position of the team leader that was originally stable, suddenly one more, and…

    Ji Xinfei didn’t dare to tell the real reason. She took Ji Yi’s hand and said earnestly: “Xiao Yi, I know you always want to get what I have. If you have, I can give you everything else you want, but this time there can only be one position for the captain! Seeing that we are sisters, would you let me do it all at once?”

    Ji Yi’s mouth twitched.

    This family card was played too badly.

    Their relationship has broken up a long time ago, how about sisters?

    Ji Yi shook off her hand and reiterated plainly: “I told you last time that I will not target you again and will not deliberately fight with you. As for the captain’s affairs, the teacher decides, I didn’t. Reasons to give up what belongs to you.” The

    two entangled all the way until they reached the door of the house without any results.

    When Ji Yi got home, he went back to his room. After a while, there was a knock on the door.


    Ji Xinfei pushed the door in, surprised by the layout of the house.

    She rarely came to Ji Yi’s room, but she remembered that this room was messy, even if Aunt Su cleaned it up, there would still be a lot of weird things piled up.

    But now the room is clean, and the objects on the surface are nothing but the things and books that I usually use.

    Ji Yi sat on the computer chair and turned around, looking at the incoming person with his hands around.

    “May I ask what’s the matter?”

    Ji Xinfei hurriedly handed out the warm milk in the glass in his hand, “Xiao Yi, I’ll bring you milk, drink and sleep well at night.”

    “If you don’t go to the Sanbao Hall for everything , please tell me the elder sister.”

    Ji Yi’s attitude towards Ji Xinfei can be said to be a little cold.

    Because Ji Xinfei maintained an indifferent attitude to both the former “Ji Yi” and her now. Even if someone bullied or slandered her, Ji Xinfei never said a word for her as her sister.

    She doesn’t blame Ji Xinfei for not caring about the female partner, it’s just relative, she doesn’t need to be enthusiastic about Ji Xinfei.

    Ji Xinfei put the milk cup gently on the desk and started the topic casually like a gossip, “Actually, I recently heard at school that you and Xu Yue are very close, and some people say that you two are in love. “

    No, it’s a misinformation.”

    “Xiao Yi, don’t worry, I definitely didn’t mean to stop you. We are sisters. It doesn’t matter if you admit it in front of me. I won’t tell others.”

    “Really no, me .” The two are just at the same table.”


    Ji Yi’s attitude was too firm, making Ji Xinfei unable to sing in the next play.

    Clear eyes swept across the complex and unspeakable expressions on Ji Xinfei’s face, Ji Yi directly pointed out the key points, “You seem to be particularly concerned about me as the lead dancer? Why?”

    “Nothing.” The words seemed to touch. Ji Xinfei’s key point, stabbed her to leave the room quickly.

    After Ji Xinfei left, Ji Yi raised his head and leaned against the back of the computer chair, and all the doubts in his heart came out.

    The two will be the leader of the team together, and they won’t get in the way of anyone. Why do people like Ji Xinfei who have a reputation for being a cheerleader so important?

    It’s really weird.

    She asked Song Yanke tactfully, and Song Yanke sent her key gossip after half an hour.

    “Song Yanting of Class I lost a bet with his brother, saying that if anyone becomes the leader of the cheerleader, he will fall in love with him!”

    It turned out that Ji Xinfei was so concerned about fighting for his boyfriend…

    This is really a breaking news.

    ————The fact that the

    cheerleaders selected two captains spread around the school, and people in the know all held the attitude of watching the show.

    In the past, Ji Yi and Ji Xin fought, losing every time.

    This time it was on the bar!

    Ji Yi didn’t care about the betting, she was only happy for the chance she had lost.

    Xu Yue’s face was stinking all day, and he didn’t eat the breakfast that he handed him.

    Ji Yi took back the thermos, “If you don’t eat, I’ll give it to Xiao Ke.”

    “Huh!” The boss glared at her, then snatched the thermos back childishly.

    In the math class, Xu Yue returned to the original state. He drew up and refused to answer the questions, almost vomiting blood from the math teacher.

    When the math teacher returned to the office, he spit out Xu Yue, “That bastard, I thought he changed his evil and returned to righteousness, but he got back to the original in three days!” The

    geography teacher calmly raised his head, “I’ll just say it, Xu The more I correct evil and return to righteousness, I will live broadcast the handstand!”

    This very sure tone is almost nothing.

    Mathematics teacher has taught for many years and has never encountered such a difficult student!

    When I returned home in the evening, I couldn’t help but tell my wife, “This brat is really going to piss me off! Lawlessness is also controlled by everyone. I wouldn’t be too lazy to watch him take first place in every math contest he participated in. Say him!” The

    math teacher’s wife smiled, “You said that I also know the student, but in fact, I suddenly thought of a way, which is not sure whether it works.”

    “What way?”

    “I remember you said that he has a deskmate called Ji Yi, right?”

    “Yes, I like that kid Ji Yi. Every time I go to class 8, she is the most serious.”

    “That’s it, you might as well try Try to find Ji Yi and ask her to persuade Xu Yue to listen to the class.” The

    math teacher waved his hand immediately, “I don’t think it would work.”

    He felt that this suggestion was unreliable, and was even afraid that Xu Yue would ruin his good students.

    The wife insisted, “Don’t you know, the kid went to the dance studio to see me and Teacher Li a few days ago. In order for us to give Ji Yi a chance, I worked hard in the dance studio for three days!”

    Mathematics teacher It suddenly dawned on me: this TM! A few days ago, the lecture was to save the country and please his wife?

    If Ji Yi is here, I must be surprised, it turns out that the math teacher and the dance teacher are husband and wife!


    Not long after the fact that the cheerleaders selected two captains came out, the Tieba forum exploded.

    The post on the town building is a separate photo of Ji Xinfei and Ji Yi, and the theme is a love triangle.

    2nd floor: “Song Xiaocao is betting with someone to fall in love with the cheerleader. I’m afraid that I don’t want to sit and enjoy the blessing of the people.”

    3rd floor: “Wake up upstairs, how can Ting Shao watch Shang Ji Yi that little bitch smashed? Of course, Ji Xinfei’s little white lotus, I also want to vomit [vomit].”

    4th floor: “The third floor absolutely has a crush on Song Yanting, Ji Xinfei is still a school girl at any rate.”

    5th floor: “I just quietly People who

    eat melons.” 6th floor: “Don’t you find that Ji Yi has become more beautiful, smarter and more talented?”

    7th floor: … the

    post was quickly topped and deleted by the administrator, Xiao Black room warning.

    Song Yanting sat in the classroom with an unhappy expression on his face.

    After Ji Yi threatened to commit suicide by diving in the summer vacation, he disgusted Ji Yi extremely.

    In the first month of school, there were no nasty people dangling in front of him, and the mood was much better.

    The willingness of the brothers to make that bet this time was because he believed that Ji Xinfei would definitely become the captain. Why did Ji Yi suddenly appear?

    It must be that scheming woman deliberately picking up things and wanting to take the opportunity to take the lead!

    Song Yanting gritted his teeth with anger.

    When I saw the post, I couldn’t help but go directly to Baban.

    “Ji Yi, come out!”

    Everyone saw Song Yanting angrily standing at the door of Class 8 classroom, naming his surname to find Ji Yi.

    Ji Yi looked up from the English book and glanced next to him subconsciously.

    Not at the same table.

    She glanced at the front door of the classroom leisurely, then… calmly withdrew her gaze, picked up the pen and wrote two words silently on the draft paper.

    People who eat melon:? ? ?

    What’s the matter? Is the story development different from what they imagined?

    Song Yanting was full of anger at first, and now he gritted his teeth even more anger. As people couldn’t attack, he had to patiently shout again, “Student Ji Yi, come out!”

    Ji Yi heard it clearly now.

    She pointed her finger at herself, and asked uncertainly: “Are you calling me?”

    “Is there anyone with the same name as you!” This is definitely not a rhetorical tone.

    “Oh, that’s not the case.” Ji Yi shook his head, and asked, “Is there anything you want to do with me?”

    “You come out first…” Song Yanting felt that he couldn’t help it anymore, but he couldn’t take those words in front of him. So many students said in person.

    Ji Yi saw his eyebrows full of impatience, and felt amused in his heart, but on the outside, he put on a serious look, “That’s not good, I’m not familiar with you. If you say it, just go out, then I Very shameless?”

    She knew that it was nothing good for Song Yanting to call her out.

    She’s not stupid, isn’t she going out for scolding now?

    Song Yanting frowned displeased.

    Can’t help thinking: This Ji Yi no longer stalks and fights, but starts to play with him in a desperate manner?

    But the situation is wrong now.

    Song Yanting reacted, and was shocked to realize that Ji Yi was not giving him face in public, and wanted him to be unable to get off the stage!

    Song Yanting didn’t pretend to be a gentleman anymore, and broke into the classroom of Class 8, jammed by Ji Yi’s seat.

    Just when he was about to occupy Xu Yue’s seat, Ji Yi suddenly reached out and called to stop.

    Before Song Yanting approached, Ji Yi smiled politely at him.

    Pointing to the aisle, deliberately prompting: “This is Xu Yue’s position. He doesn’t like others touching his things. Classmate, stand outside and say something.”


    Few people at this age don’t know Song Yanting, now Ji Yi actually calls his classmates?

    On purpose!

    After being so tossed by Ji Yi, Song Yanting almost forgot that he was here to find someone to settle the accounts.

    Ji Yi repeatedly slapped his face so that he couldn’t get off the stage, and he didn’t need to be a good person.

    Song Yanting solemnly warned: “The bet about the cheerleader is just a rumor. I hope that classmate Ji Yi will not hold it tightly, otherwise no one will look good at that time.”

    Ji Yi raised his eyelids lazily and was about to answer.

    Suddenly Xu Yue, who returned to the classroom, kicked Song Yanting’s leg unceremoniously.

    Song Yanting was unprepared for a while, almost kneeling down reflexively.

    Fortunately, he held the desk and didn’t let his knee fall.

    But as soon as I stood firmly, my finger was smashed with the textbook.

    Xu Yue’s deep eyes seemed to be hostile, and they were approaching Song Yanting.

    “Get away.”


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