AR: Ch 14

   “Xu Yue, don’t be too much!” Song Yanting’s face was dark and solemn, and the fist in his hand was clenched.

    Xu Yue met his gaze without fear, and the arc of his mouth evoked indifferent and presumptuous, “I’m too much, so what?”

    Everyone knows that Xu Yue can’t fight for life.

    And Song Yanting’s such excellent school grassroots design cannot be collapsed.

    The squad leader was afraid of something wrong, so he bit his head and quietly dragged Song Yanting behind and “invited” people out of the classroom.

    A new post appeared on the Tieba forum: Xu Yue became an angry confidante, and Song Yanting’s love gambling agreement was invalidated.

    The post was deleted one minute after it was posted.

    The melon-eating crowd asked the insider of Class 8 about the situation, but no one dared to talk nonsense this time.

    Xu Yue returned to his position and only said one sentence to Ji Yi: “Stay away from him.”

    Ji Yi nodded hurriedly.

    She found that the boss seemed to be defending herself, but the boss was always uncertain, so he drove away Song Yanting and made a face at her.

    Ji Yi feels very innocent, thinking not only to stay away from the male lead, but also away from the villain.

    It’s a pity that her idea was broken before it could be implemented.

    When he saw Xu Yue again, there was a bloody hole on his face.

    Ji Yi was very worried, pointing to the wound and not daring to touch it randomly, “Why did your face hurt?”

    “You accidentally rubbed it while you were doing something.”

    “Are there any medicines? Did you bring band-aids”

    Xu Yue turned his head to She took a look, then silently reached out and took out a full set of wound treatment tools from the inside and outside of her schoolbag and placed them on her table.

    A simple and clear explanation: “I brought it, I didn’t wipe it.”

    Ji Yi: “…”

    Looking at this posture, are you waiting for her to help?

    Ji Yi consciously picked up the things to disinfect him and put on band-aids to prevent infection.

    But she was still a little worried, “You won’t leave scars in the future, will you? Pay attention to these two days, don’t leave scars.” What

    she likes most is Xu Yue’s handsome face!

    Xu Yue narrowed his eyes slightly.

    She finally started to care about herself again.


    was delayed in the dance studio for a long time today. By the end of the training, I had already had evening self-study.

    On the way out of the dance studio, the people next to him were walking and playing with their mobile phones.

    I didn’t know what I got, and suddenly screamed.

    Then the girl spoke with a little horror: “I heard that a wretched stalking man appeared near our school, which scared a female classmate in the first grade…”


    Many people watched the show with skepticism. , Took out their phones and started searching for messages.

    “Fortunately, run fast, otherwise you will suffer.”

    “Ah…what shall we do?”

    “I’ll call my parents to pick it up…” The timid girl has begun to ask for help.

    Those who are bold will not be rumored, and walk out of the campus gate with their heads high.

    This incident was so legendary that it caused panic.

    Ji Yi also saw the news on his mobile phone, and felt frustrated as he walked on the road.

    I remembered that I was on the same road as Ji Xinfei, but when he looked up, Ji Xinfei was no longer here.

    Ji’s family now lives not far from the school, and it’s only a ten-minute walk. In the past, I thought the distance was very short, but walking on this road today felt that the time was extraordinarily long.

    The street lights on the road were dim, drawing people’s shadows very long. Passing vehicles make noises, except for the sound of their own footsteps.

    Ji Yi walked a distance forward, always feeling that there was something behind, but when she looked back, there was not even a pedestrian behind her.

    “Ji An’an, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.” She said to herself to cheer herself up.

    An An is the nickname given to her by her biological parents, which means peace and safety and a smooth life.

    Sometimes she would pronounce her nickname, and she felt that she had another layer of invisible power.

    When he was about to enter the community, Ji Yi suddenly speeded up his pace and swiped the door card and rushed in. The security guards at the door were all taken aback by her.

    If it weren’t for getting in and out of knowing each other every day, I’m afraid I would be arrested and asked about it.

    The first thing I do when I get home is to drink a cup of hot water to suppress my shock.

    Ji Yi put his cup back to its original place, planning to go upstairs to the room, and saw Ji Guosheng sitting on the sofa.

    Ji Guosheng often goes out because of work, and Zhao Shuyi always accompanies him on business trips.

    Now it’s a bit strange to see Ji Guosheng at home at this point, but she said hello politely, “Dad, you’re back.”

    Ji Guosheng sternly yelled at her: “Ji Yi, come over here!”

    Suddenly The increased voice made Ji Yi’s heart beat with fright, and walked towards Ji Guosheng without knowing why.


    Ji Guosheng slapped the coffee table in front of him fiercely. “I thought you really grew up and changed for a while, but I didn’t expect you to be against your heart everywhere, even a cheerleader would do everything possible. Fight!”

    Ji Yi’s face changed slightly,

    and she quickly explained: “Dad, this matter is not what you think, I…” But before she could finish, Ji Guosheng interrupted impatiently.

    “I said that my heart is your sister, why can’t you tolerate her? Where is she sorry for you, huh?”

    “I always know that I am jealous when

    I am young, and I have a deep mind when I grow up?” “I.” I really regret that I found you back. Ji Guosheng doesn’t have a daughter like you!”

    Ji Guosheng gave her a crackling accusation as soon as he came, and stared at her with resentment when he finished.

    Ji Yi stood there blankly, her back straight, but a chill rose from the bottom of her heart and spread all over her body.

    How could there be such a father?

    Even Aunt Su could perceive her changes, but Ji Guosheng, as the biological father, never asked her the truth from beginning to end, and did not give her any opportunity to explain.

    She could even be sure that no matter what she said, Ji Guosheng would not believe it.

    This body, but his biological daughter, blood relative!

    Ji Yi took a deep breath, trying to control their emotions, really bright clear reiterated: “I have not done that kind of thing.” “Cheerleading

    is my ability to join their own, becoming captain of the teacher’s choice, that requires genuine Ability, I can’t do it with a word or two!”

    Ji Guosheng was not convinced, but even more disappointed and disgusted, “What are your skills? How many catties do you have, how can I be a dad? Know?”

    “I know that everything you are doing now is to destroy your heart, but Ji Yi, I warn you, if you dare to target your heart again, I would rather not have your daughter!”

    For Ji Guosheng, Ji Yi Just a daughter with a blood relationship, and then other aspects are very bad, it will only add to his obstacles.

    However, Ji Xinfei is beautiful and capable. When others mention it with envy, Ji Xinfei will be able to give him the greatest help no matter what.

    If the two have to choose one, Ji Guosheng will not hesitate to choose an adopted daughter!

    “Tomorrow you will tell the teacher that you are quitting. The captain’s position is only one heart.”

    “Sorry, I can’t do it.” Ji Yi squeezed his fist, his nails almost inserted into the palms of his hands to keep calm.

    “Mr. Ji, no matter who you have heard before, I have never done those things before, and I will never target your baby girl in the future. You can rest assured.”

    Ji Yi has a good temper, but it doesn’t mean he has no temper. .

    I thought Xu Yue said something unpleasant, but it turned out that the real harsh words were like this.

    She stopped arguing for herself, turned upstairs, and locked herself up when she returned to the room.

    Ji Guosheng stomped angrily downstairs, “It’s the opposite!”

    Of course, Ji Yi didn’t follow Ji Guosheng’s words, so she was quickly punished by Ji Guosheng.

    Her bank card was frozen.

    There is not much cash on her body, and the money is charged in the meal card. If it is just lunch at school, it will be enough for her to pass another month.


    After the National Day, there is the school sports meeting of No. 1 Middle School. In order to let the members of the cheerleading team find their feelings first, the school arranged for them to perform before the sports meeting.

    The teacher deliberately arranged for them to perform the simple movements in the previous part, saying that they wanted to preserve their strength.

    The 16 formal teammates of the cheerleading team went to the toilet to change clothes. The red short-sleeved tops and white pleated skirts showed the girls’ slender arms, slender waists, and slender legs.

    The long-haired girls uniformly tie up a single ponytail, standing neatly there is a pleasing scenery.

    “Can the people change clothes hurry up, there are still lines outside.”

    “Wait, it’s almost done.”

    As soon as a sound came from inside

    , she immediately remembered an exclamation of “Ah–” Ji Xinfei, who had just changed her dress , was about to go to the sink to wash his hands, but suddenly his body fell back to the ground.

    Two people who had just washed their hands were standing nearby.

    One of them is Ji Yi.

    Ji Xinfei’s friend Zhao Xinran hurriedly reached out to help her, but Ji Xinfei could not stand still, wailing with a pained expression, “My feet hurt.”

    Zhao Xinran immediately pointed to Ji Yi and asked loudly: “You are against your heart. What did you do!”

    Ji Innocent Back-Boiler Remembrance: “Zhao Xinran, he said that you need to show evidence for things to do. If you really care about her, you’d better inform the teacher to send her to the infirmary now.”

    “You wait, this We won’t let this matter go!”

    Zhao Xinran let go of a harsh word, and immediately ran out to call for the teacher.

    As soon as he was about to perform, Ji Xinfei sprained her foot, so he could only take a substitute and not lack a vacancy, but there were some actions that belonged to Ji Xinfei that could not be replaced.

    The teacher is a little worried.

    “Teacher, Ji Yi is so good, maybe she can do it alone.” It was the girl who was standing behind Ji Yi who was talking. She seemed to be the most Ji Yi person in the team.

    The teacher moved Ji Yi aside and asked her to react accordingly later.

    Ji Yi nodded repeatedly, feeling that these were not problems.

    When the members of the cheerleading team stood on the stage, the students who were used to school uniforms and pants stared at the dancing girls and felt that they were up and beautiful.

    “That dancer is not Ji Xinfei.”

    “It seems to be Ji Yi. How come she hasn’t found her figure so good before, with long waist and long legs, and her lordosis is raised~ Maybe it tastes better than Ji Xinfei…” Some boys said There was a mess.

    In the audience, a pair of deep black pupils locked their eyes on her.

    When hearing those disgusting words, Xu Yue walked silently behind the boy and knocked on the boy’s back.

    When the boy turned his head, his strong fist smashed over.

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