AR: Ch 15

 Ji Yi reacted to the circumstances and perfectly matched the performance. Her calmness and indifference were not like those who performed for the first time on stage.

    Then the teacher took them to a special rest area, and everyone could cheer for their classmates.

    “At that time, we will practice the same with other schools. After you perform, we will arrange a designated position for you. If we. The school’s comprehensive project score reaches the top three, then I will bring the cheerleader and the school’s award-winning classmates. Take a picture together.” After the

    teacher said, Zhao Ji Yi beckoned, “Ji Yi, you will come over to act with me in a while.”

    “Good teacher.” The

    teacher said that she would take a photo with the schoolmates appointed by the school, but she didn’t expect it to be! ! !

    Song Yanting?

    When the two met under the leadership of the teacher, they smirked at the same time.

    He smiled on the surface, only Yuanjia Luzhai was thinking in his heart.

    Ji Yi wanted to keep away from the hero while pleasing the villain, and didn’t want to get involved with Song Yanting. But now being “tied” together by the school, still want to take a photo?

    “Usually it is not convenient for training to call people over alone. I just want to go through the process now and be prepared for it.” The

    teacher froze as they stood together, and asked them to think about the time they needed to stand on the stage to receive the award. Said lines.

    Ji Yi has participated in many performances in his life, receiving a set of awards, and Song Yanting is also used to this kind of occasion, and the two of them are extremely tacit understanding on the spot.

    “Teacher, it’s not an exercise, so we don’t need to take a group photo.”

    “If we don’t delay the time, let’s find the angle or something. If we really accept the award, then the photos will be put on the school carousel.”

    Ji Yi: “…”

    Song Yanting: “…” In the

    middle of the two students, there are two teachers next to them.

    The teacher who took pictures with his mobile phone was probably a bit obsessive-compulsive, with the wrong posture and the wrong expression.

    “Good-looking kids, why don’t you laugh.”

    “Two classmates, smile. The classmates should be friendly. We should be happy when we accept the award.” The

    two were forced to smile.

    “Ka.” The smile froze on the phone.

    The dance teacher and the physical education teacher were very satisfied, and said they wanted to save the photos.

    These three teachers are relatively approachable, and they don’t put on airs when communicating with students. They even actively asked, “Two students, do you want the teacher to send you this picture?”

    “No need.” Ji Yi and Song Yanting said in unison.

    Song Yanting subconsciously cast a glance at Ji Yi.

    But after ten days, she seems to be beautiful again?

    Ji Yi was forced into a class when she was in the first year of high school. When they meet every day, they always feel that Ji Yi has a scent of earth on her body. Now when she looks at her, she has a good look.

    She has a typical goose-egg face, her face is delicate and soft, and her big black eyes are very bright, seeming to be shining, and it is more seductive when she smiles slightly.

    Short skirts are not allowed in school on weekdays, but Ji Yi has a very good figure, and there is no excess fat from waist to legs.

    This girl is growing at an extremely fast rate.

    She is becoming beautiful.

    Song Yanting didn’t know how words like “beauty” flashed in his mind to describe Ji Yi.

    He admires Ji Xinfei’s kind of excellent and kind girl, and he doesn’t like Ji Yi, who is so scheming!

    Seeing Ji Yi smile gently at the teacher, he suddenly remembered that Ji Yi took away the honor that belonged to Ji Xinfei and led the dance alone.

    Song Yanting’s heart made an alarm bell. After the teacher left, he gradually approached her and asked, “Why is you the only one leading the dancer? You are also the one who gave the awards? What did you do to Ji Xinfei?”


    Ji Yi felt amused again.

    Why do everyone think that Ji Xinfei’s accident is related to her?

    Even if the female partner was jealous in the past, but when the storyline went to the time she was wearing the book, the female partner did not cause any substantial harm to the female lead, and would not be sentenced to death by everyone?

    But then I think about it, there is a special magnetic field between the male and female protagonists, and her female partner is an obstacle.

    Accept your own supporting role.

    Ji Yi pointed his finger in the direction of the infirmary, and replied without delay: “Ji Xinfei fell down in the toilet. It is estimated that in the infirmary, if Song is worried, you can visit it.”

    Hearing Ji Xinfei fell. Injury, worry flashed in Song Yanting’s eyes. Before leaving, he gave her a stern look and said sharply: “You better pray that this matter has nothing to do with you!”

    Ji Yi spread his hands and ran away from him.

    Back on the seat, the girl behind handed her a bottle of water.

    “Thank you.”

    This girl was trained to stand behind her before, named Li Anqi.

    Anqi Li usually supports her during training. Just now in the toilet, when everyone doubted her, Anqi Li was still willing to speak nicely for her in front of the teacher.

    It stands to reason that she should have a good impression of Li Anqi, but there is always a weird feeling in her heart.

    Ji Yi unscrewed the water bottle and took a sip, pinching the cap with his fingers and twisting it tightly.

    Zhuo Yihang suddenly ran to the rest area of ​​the cheerleading team, stood on the side and waved at her, “Ji Yi.”

    Ji Yi put the water bottle on the seat and got up and left.

    When Zhuo Yihang saw her, he bluntly said: “Brother Xu is making trouble again.”

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Just now I was fighting with my classmates on the playground and was called to the office.”

    “Why is he fighting again!” ! Ji Yi frowned displeased, a bit hated that iron can’t make steel.

    “I’ve inquired about it, it seems it’s because of you.” Zhuo Yihang approached her, lowered his voice and said in her ear: “When you dance, there is a man whose speech is filthy or… This, Brother Xu directly rushed up and beat someone up!”

    Zhuo Yihang is also used to getting used to it, and he is more direct in front of Ji Yi.

    Ji Yi was ashamed of hearing, and worried about Xu Yue’s situation.

    He signaled to Zhuo Yihang, turned around and walked towards the teaching building, “Let’s go to the office to see.”


    At this moment, Xu Yue was on the second floor of the classroom office building.

    The dean of teaching had been muttering in front of him for ten minutes, but Xu Yue froze and refused to bow his head to admit his mistake.

    “You are beating your classmates in the

    crowds , it’s really lawless!” “Okay, next time I find a place where no one is there and then clean him up.”

    “Xu Yue! You are so stubborn! Do you know your family sent you to you? The purpose of the first one? They want you to study well in the future, not to let you waste your time in school in violation of school rules and regulations!” The teaching director was full of ink and reasoned. The more I can’t hear it.

    He can be half-dead with anger every time.

    Say a few more words and found that Xu Yue had been staring out the window, deaf to his words of comfort.

    “Oh!” The dean of instruction sighed heavily and added a cup of hot water to himself.

    I didn’t intend to reason with Xu Yue anymore, but started chatting, “If it wasn’t for your family to sign a three-year contract with the school, you would have been expelled.”

    Xu Yue retracted his gaze from the playground and sneered coldly, “The result is that you signed it, didn’t you?”

    This stinky boy was so arrogant after he hit someone!

    The instructor who has experienced many battles took a sip from the water cup, put it on it slowly, and then glanced at Xu Yue, “You kid is arrogant now, I tell you, one day you will suffer a big loss.”

    “Then. Don’t bother the teacher.” The

    dean of teaching has almost figured out the temperament of this young man. He doesn’t put anyone or anything in his eyes because he doesn’t care.

    Because there are no constraints, you can do whatever you want.

    Ji Yi and Zhuo Yihang came to the director’s office but found that the door was closed tightly, and they couldn’t hear the people inside.

    Good student Ji Yi has never been invited to the office for fighting, but she also knew she would be punished. She asked Zhuo Yihang for experience, “What should I do now?”

    Zhuo Yihang shook her head, “I remember it was a small child, was forced to leave school or expelled something. It’s troublesome.”

    Ji Yi bit his posterior molar and reached out and knocked on the door.

    The door was opened from the inside before the finger touched it.

    She and Xu Yue faced each other in such an awkward atmosphere.

    I heard the

    teacher ’s voice from behind, “Remember to go back and write a thousand-word review! This time I must remember a big mistake!” Ji·Good Student·Yi was a little bit embarrassed, she quietly glanced inside, and slid into hiding. On the side.

    Xu Yue closed the door, and Ji Yi and Zhuo Yihang stood beside her.

    “Brother Xu, just penalize you to write a review? Nothing else?”


    “Awesome, I heard that a buddy from the school next door was fired directly for a fight.”

    “Won’t be expelled.” Xu The less he explained the reason, he glanced at Ji Yi when he said this.

    Zhuo Yihang was noisy, and Xu Yue quickly sent him to do other things.

    When only the two of them were left, Ji Yi felt more relaxed.

    Xu Yue didn’t speak, and still walked forward.

    Ji Yi reached out and grabbed his arm.

    He stopped immediately and stood still.

    Ji Yi didn’t let go of his hand, but took a step closer to him, discussingly, “Can you not fight casually in the future?”

    “What? You want to educate me too?”

    “I know it all .” , You will beat someone if someone says bad things about me, right?”

    “You think too much.” Xu Yue’s words seemed extraordinarily mean and indifferent.

    “You always put everyone aside like this, and carry everything yourself. Do you think you are a copper wall and an iron wall?”

    Ji Yi stared at his face.

    The scratches on his face have scarred, and the marks are still visible.

    The ghost raised his hand and touched the scar.

    In the book, Xu Yue’s previous pains are mentioned in one stroke, but he only knows that he has suffered many injuries.

    Seeing it in person at this moment, she felt a little distressed.

    She said: “I grew up very painlessly, every time when the pain will shout out, shout out because I know I would have been distressed.”

    Every sore, guarding her father and mother would coax her to meet all her wishes . After I grow up, I can’t seem to change this squeamish habit, and I never endure it when it hurts.

    “Ji Yi, I am different from you.” Xu Yue’s indifferent eyes were full of cold light, and his tone was full of self-deprecating. ?”

    “I will!” The girl raised her head high and looked at him, poking his injured cheek with her finger, “Just like last time I would rather give up the election of the captain and take care of you. This is distressed.”

    He heard the girl’s voice. , Soft as cotton.

    The author has something to say:

    Classmate An An is really good at teasing! ! ! This Nima, who can stand it!

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