AR: Ch 16

Ji Xinfei’s injury aroused criticism. The cheerleaders said that Ji Yi was standing next to Ji Xinfei at the time, and many people took it for granted that the charges were on Ji Yi’s head.

    The toilet is not monitored, and it is impossible to truly review the process of Ji Xinfei’s injury.

    Ji Yi had a hard time arguing.

    I recalled that there were water stains on the floor of the sink at that time, and accidental falls were also possible. But in order to make herself feel more at ease, she still plans to go back to the toilet to have a look.

    The toilet next to the dance studio is usually no one came. At this time, everyone was walking from the playground and the dance studio was quiet.

    Ji Yi climbed upstairs and walked towards the toilet.

    At the same time, another stairwell also walked up to a person. The two turned around and saw each other.

    “Xu Yue?”

    “… ” Xu Yue glanced at her quietly, stepped away from her feet, and walked towards her.

    The familiar figure gradually approached, Ji Yi slowly raised the corner of his mouth, and asked: “Why are you here?”

    “Looking for clues.” Xu Yue glanced at the direction of the women’s toilet, intentionally or unintentionally.

    The smart Ji Yi can always capture important information from his short words, “You are going to the women’s bathroom? Is it because of Ji Xinfei’s fall?”

    Xu Yue frowned when she heard her words. It’s not because of her.”

    “Huh?” The girl reacted subconsciously, looking at him with clear eyes.

    Xu Yue’s heart jumped, pretending to inadvertently glance open his eyes, “I went to the infirmary just now and heard the woman said that when she fell, she felt something stepped on her feet.”

    “Did Ji Xinfei say that?”


    The two walked to the toilet at the same speed.

    The thought of the big villain wanting to follow her into the women’s bathroom to find clues, Ji Yi still feels a little guilty, “Or else are you waiting for me outside?”

    Xu Yueyuguang glanced at her, “Go inside and see if anyone is there.”

    “Oh.” Ji Yi quickly ran in and checked it again. The toilet doors were all open and the inside was empty.

    She relayed the situation to Xu Yue, and finally repeated it cautiously, “You really want to enter the women’s

    bathroom .” ” Keep away the messy thoughts in your mind.” Xu Yue can bend and stretch, and replied with the action of stepping into the toilet. Up her.

    Seeing the seriousness of the boss, she felt nervous in her heart, as if this matter had really become a conspiracy.

    The sink was outside the toilet, and the two looked around carefully. The water marks are almost dry, and the dust remains on the ground.

    Ji Yi looked down at the sink, “It doesn’t seem to be anything special.”

    “Wait.” Xu Yue crouched on the edge of the sink, leaned in, and touched a white bead in the deepest corner.

    The bead was round and smooth and fell on the ground with water. If you accidentally stepped on it…

    the bead Xu Yue picked up was a white pearl. Ji Yi twisted it between his fingers and turned it around, and found that one side was still carrying dried glue. .

    “I really want to see it somewhere.” She locked her eyes on the pearl, and suddenly two pictures flashed in her mind.

    There was a flash of inspiration, “I seem to know whose thing it is!”

    At that time, it was not only her who stood beside Ji Xinfei, but also Li Anqi. Because those people’s preconceived notions put the charge on her, but ignored that there was a suspect at that time.

    The two put away the pearls and left the toilet.

    When they went down the nearby stairs, a sneaky girl came up on the other side of the stairs, it was Angela Li.

    “If this thing really belongs to Li Anqi, why would she harm Ji Xinfei?” Ji Yi recalled the incident in the cheerleading team.

    Li Anqi’s temperament is neither happy nor introverted, and she has no sense of existence. But when Li Anqi took the initiative to talk to her, Ji Xinfei’s name was in it in all likelihood, which probably meant that she believed she was better than Ji Xinfei.

    It sounds like she is speaking on her side. Now that I think about it, Li Anqi may not want to encourage her, but want to use her to target Ji Xinfei!

    “I remember Li Anqi wore a pearl hairpin in the past two days, so I felt familiar just now. And you see there are traces of glue on the pearl. As long as we can find the hairpin, we will know the truth.”

    Ji Yi’s thinking is very clear, but it is also too simple.

    Xu Yue overturned her simple logic, “Have you ever thought about why Ji Xinfei refused to confess that she slipped on something and let you be innocent?”

    She didn’t think how kind Ji Xinfei was, but Subconsciously think that the heroine in the book should not be bad, but it seems that the development of many things has deviated from the development track of the original book.

    Is it because her female partner is not vicious in place, so she has developed a new male partner?

    Also, I don’t know if the matter of the captain last time was related to Ji Xinfei, Ji Guosheng still holds her living expenses.

    A lot of things make people feel headaches, which are all the darkness that she has never experienced in her previous life.

    “I’ll help you solve it.” Seeing Ji Yi’s little head hanging weakly, Xu Yue said these words unconsciously, taking the “troublesome matter” away.

    Ji Yi’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

    Unable to see her disappointed, Xu Yue nodded.

    He contacted Zhuo Yihang and quickly inquired about Li Anqi at school.

    Li Anqi’s other grades are average, and her English is particularly good. She is usually low-key and seems ordinary.

    The point is that she likes Song Yanting.

    “I heard that there was an English speech contest held by the school. Her English manuscript was selected. She had the opportunity to be on stage with Song Yanting, but she was replaced by Ji Xinfei.” This is probably the thing that impressed the students the most about Li Anqi.

    But after that incident, Anqi Li remained silent. As time went by, everyone gradually forgot about it. Perhaps they couldn’t remember Anqi Li at all.

    Ji Yi first went to the infirmary to meet with Ji Xinfei.

    When Zhao Xinran saw her, he was so angry that he rushed forward, Ji Yi was too lazy to take care of her, and directly waved her aside.

    Ji Xinfei found a reason to leave Zhao Xinran, leaving only Ji Yi. She straightforwardly picked up the matter and said: “This matter has nothing to do with me.”

    “Xiao Yi, I believe you.” Ji Xinfei smiled softly at her.

    “I want to ask, did my sister have any special feeling when she fell? For example, someone accidentally hit you? Or she accidentally stepped on and slipped?”

    Ji Yi didn’t expect Ji Yi to ask this, Ji Xinfei was taken aback. , And then shook his head, “I couldn’t remember it either.”

    Ji Yi felt cold.

    It seems that Ji Xinfei really wanted to conceal that he slipped and stepped on something.

    “Sister can’t remember, just let others slander me?”

    “Sorry, I don’t know why those people are targeting you, I explained, but they…”

    “No one believes, right?”

    “Yeah. “

    Heh…” Ji Yi grinned and chuckled, “Okay!”

    She told her “sister” to take a good rest and walked out of the infirmary without looking back.

    At the door stood a slender boy.

    He leaned on the door frame, half facing the sun, and a diagonal shadow appeared on the ground. As if he knew she was coming, the young man turned slightly and turned his head to look over.

    When she approached, Ji Yi seemed to be sucked in by the faint eyes. She deliberately didn’t look at it. She turned her gaze a little, and was caught by the temptation tear in the corner of the boy’s eye, and her heartbeat seemed to slow for a while.

    I never knew my nympho attribute was so strong!

    I have seen all kinds of boys in my previous life, but none of them fits her like a big villain, and they just hit her little heart.

    It’s no wonder that she shed a lot of tears for Xu Yue before.

    “Ji An’an, why are you in a daze? Are you still going?”

    “Oh , I’m gone.”

    They are going to find Li Anqi next.

    Zhuo Yihang was too safe to do things. I heard that they were looking for Li Anqi and got people directly behind the small forest.

    A pavilion was built in the school’s grove, and occasionally people would pass by. When Li Anqi discovered that she was being targeted by a bad student, she was already frightened, “What do you want to do?”

    “Don’t worry, classmate, my buddy will ask you some questions later.”

    When Xu Yue and Ji Yi appeared, Li Anqi used Ji Yi as a life-saving straw and ran over and hugged her arm.

    Ji Yi turned the palm of her hand, took out the pearl and held it in front of Li Anqi, and asked, “Do you know this thing?”

    Li Anqi’s expression tightened, and then she shook her head abruptly.

    Ji Yi: “I remember that you wore a very beautiful pearl hairpin two days ago, so when I picked up this pearl, I thought it was yours.”

    “No, it’s not.” Li Anqi still denied it.

    Xu Yue asked harshly like an ice sword, “Don’t pretend, is this pearl you used to calculate your heart?”

    “Don’t talk nonsense!” Li Anqi reacted fiercely.

    Xu Yue let out a sneer, and said confidently: “Since I have worn a hairpin at school, I can check the surveillance video to know if it is yours.”

    Li Anqi didn’t expect the matter to be revealed so quickly, she begged several people not to tell the matter with a look of horror.

    Ji Yi squinted his eyes, “Anqi Li, you can admit your mistakes yourself.”

    Anqi Li kept pressing her head back with both hands, “No, it won’t work, I will be hated by them.”

    Ji Yi gradually approached, “Then I deserve it. Do you want

    to take the blame for you?” “Everyone knows that you Ji Yi hates Ji Xinfei, these words have no effect on you.” Li Anqi shamelessly asked her to take the responsibility, “Ji Yi, you will let me go with kindness. One time, huh?”

    “I have no reason to take the blame for you, you should pay the price if you make a mistake.” For some reason

    , when Ji Yi refused to go around her, Li Anqi simply tore her face, “You just got together just now. Come to lie to me? Even if the monitoring queues me to bring a hair clip, what if? I just have to lose the hair clip, and no one has any evidence.”

    Anqi Li pointed her nose and cursed, “Don’t blame me, Ji Yi, I But you have never deliberately wronged you, because you have done too many ugly things before, and others will think you are the culprit. In the final analysis, you are also deserved!”

    Xu Yue statured.

    Without waiting for his next move, Ji Yi grasped Li Anqi’s wrist tightly, and said a little

    harder , “Those who do wrong are not qualified to question me!” Xu Yue retracted his foot and pressed the phone to record and save. The complete recording of the beginning of their meeting.

    Xu Yue glanced disdainfully at the scared person standing aside, “You have a good idea, but you are too stupid and your reaction is too slow.”

    The author has something to say:

    Two silly children who have never been in love… Care about each other without knowing it

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