AR: Ch 17

After recording evidence of Li Anqi’s intentional harm, she finally panicked, crying and begging Ji Yi to give her a chance.

    With the mentality of “leave a thread in everything”, Ji Yi took a step back, “but you must solve this matter within today, otherwise the recording will appear in the director’s office tomorrow!”

    Li Anqi was so nervous that she trembled and hurriedly nodded and fled.

    Looking at that slender figure, Ji Yi sighed.

    Xu Yue raised the phone, tapped the screen with the bent joints of his fingers, and said to her: “I will pass the recording to you.”

    “Ok, thank you.” Ji Yi nodded and took out his mobile phone to receive it online.

    Halfway through the file transfer, the caller ID pops up on the screen.

    I flicked the green answer button with my finger. As soon as I connected, I heard Ji Guosheng’s cold voice, which seemed to be angrily, “Ji Yi, come to the infirmary immediately!”

    On the way to the infirmary, Ji Yi was ready to meet Ji Guosheng’s questioning, but she didn’t expect that she just went in and received a slap on her face.

    “Smack–” A

    sturdy slap fell on Ji Yi’s face, not even giving a chance to explain.

    After that, Xu Yue pulled her into his arms with one hand, turned his back to the person inside, and protected her in front of him.

    Seeing the obvious five finger prints on the girl’s delicate and white face, the boy’s eyes seemed to be condensed with frost.

    He glanced back, and it was a middle-aged man standing at the door.

    If he hadn’t heard the girl talk about the identity of a man on the road, he might not be able to help but smash that violent fist.

    Suddenly he felt the girl in his arms grasp his arm tightly.

    Xu Yue lowered her head and saw her raising her face in her arms, her eyes were unyielding and firm, “I’ll tell him.”

    Ji Yi got out of his embrace and stood in front of Ji Guosheng.

    Before she could speak, Ji Guosheng glared at her angrily, pointing to his nose and cursing, “What I told you before was treated as wind? How did you do such a vicious thing and designed to frame it? Did you ask your sister to break her leg? You are willing!”

    Ji Yi held back his anger, “Who told you that I framed Ji

    Xinfei ?” Ji Guosheng looked like he said, “Zhao Xinran told me, I just couldn’t believe it, so I personally asked your sister, she Let me not pursue this matter. Your sister defends you everywhere, but you target her everywhere!” The

    heart seemed to be pricked by a needle, and the tingling sensation flashed past.

    It’s probably sad for this body.

    “Mr. Ji is always so self-righteous, even if he is not willing to give me an opportunity to explain, in your eyes, I should bear all the faults without Ji

    Xinfei being outstanding?” “You…” Ji Guosheng has never been so self-conscious. Responsible, his face flushed suddenly, and he raised his hand again.

    This time Ji Yi firmly grasped his wrist, not letting the slap fall on his face.

    Ji Yi looked at him with clear eyes, “I did nothing wrong. If you hate your daughter’s father indiscriminately like you, you are not qualified to teach me.”

    “Since you like Ji Xinfei so much, then I will make this incompetent.

    Ji Guosheng’s body trembled at the moment when she let go of her father generously . This daughter who couldn’t support the wall seemed to have changed.

    But as a father, as an elder, he couldn’t shake his face anyway. He just gritted his teeth and threatened: “Ji Yi, if you don’t admit your mistakes, I won’t give you any more money in this life!”

    Ji Yi didn’t I didn’t look back when I left.

    I wanted to walk out of the infirmary handsomely, but Xu Yue was taken to the school doctor halfway through, aggressively as if he was going to fight with his enemy.

    “Check her.”

    Xu Yue was a frequent visitor to the infirmary. When he stopped there, the school doctor shuddered, “Are you beginning to bully female classmates?”

    Xu Yue was too lazy to answer.

    Ji Yi quickly explained for him.

    I don’t understand why Xu Yue has to ask a doctor to check it, but fortunately, there is no major problem, just use ice to prevent hematoma.

    Xu Yue quickly got her ice cubes and clean towels.

    I was planning to find a mirror and apply it to herself, but Xu Yue didn’t give it to her after putting the ice cubes in. He just said, “Without a mirror, I will apply it for you.”


    Is there no mirror?

    Ji Yi couldn’t help asking, the ice cube stuck to her cheek, and she couldn’t help hissing.

    Xu Yue said abruptly, “Why don’t you cry?”

    “…Why should I cry?” She was shocked.

    “Isn’t you afraid of pain?”

    “That would have to be distressed. Even if I cry to death here, that man thinks it’s my fault.”

    Ji Guosheng is really ruthless. This kind of man is far worse than her father. NS! She Ji An’an has never been slapped since she was a child. This is the first time that she will never recognize that father again!

    Ji Yi fell into the memory for a while, and was in a daze when he heard Xu Yue say a word in a low voice.

    “What did you just say?” She didn’t hear clearly.

    Xu Yue refused to answer any more, but his lips were tight.

    I feel distressed.


    Not long after, Li Anqi apologized to everyone, saying that her hairpin accidentally dropped a bead, causing Ji Xinfei to fall.

    The truth about Ji Xinfei’s injury finally came to light.

    Everyone suddenly realized that this matter had nothing to do with Ji Yi, but at this time no one stood up and took responsibility for his words and deeds. It probably felt that slandering someone was just a matter of one or two sentences.

    Song Yanke ran over to comfort her, Ji Yi thought very clearly, “I can’t control my mouth on someone else, as long as I know what I should do.”

    Song Yanke showed admiration, “I always feel like you said it. Every sentence makes sense, much like a counterattack written in a novel!”

    In short, Song Yan was inexplicably confident in Ji Yi.

    During the day, sports meets are held, and at night they still have to stay in school for evening study, and the training of cheerleaders continues.

    Li Anqi’s position has been replaced, Ji Xinfei is temporarily absent due to injury.

    “Hey, do you still remember the obscene stalking men near the campus some time ago?”

    “Remember, what, there is a follow-up? Caught?”

    “No, my friend sent me a message that the bad guys were again nearby!” “

    Because it was exploded some time ago, the surroundings increased their guard, and the bad guys hid themselves.

    After a while, everyone relaxes, and the stalker comes out to commit the crime again. This time it was not just a rumor, but also a vague surveillance video. Although it was quickly deleted, Ji Yi still saw it.

    She didn’t want to use her safety to gamble. She wanted to take a taxi, but found that she had no more than a dozen dollars left in her pocket… In the

    end , she could only be strong and calm on the way home.

    She held her mobile phone along the way, ready to call the police at any time.

    She didn’t know if it was a psychological effect or what, she seemed to hear the sound of footsteps behind, and pretending to look back inadvertently as she walked, she found a dark figure about five meters away from her.

    Ji Yi picked up the phone and pretended to make a call, “You’re almost there, aren’t you?

    Okay , I’m nearby.” The person behind seemed to be in sync with her, and couldn’t get rid of it.

    Ji Yi gritted his teeth tightly and was so nervous that he called 110 to call the police. The footsteps behind suddenly accelerated and came to her side, “Ji An’an, it’s me.”

    “…” The familiar voice made her tense. The string broke suddenly.

    Ji Yi’s mood suddenly changed, and he took the phone and thumped him on the shoulder, “You scared me to death!”

    She roared, and her eyes were moist.

    The whole brain is in a tight state, and the whole body trembles with panic. You can never feel the same without experiencing it yourself.

    Xu Yue never thought that it was the first time that he protected a girl like this.

    Ji Yi cried and cried and even hung his legs softly on him, crying while scolding him.

    Xu Yue thought her reaction was funny and a little distressed.

    It turns out that she was really scared—

    the girl beside her was tender and soft, and Xu Yue, who has always been violent, couldn’t help but say soft words, “Don’t be afraid, I will take you home.”


    With Xu With the more protection, Ji Yi feels at ease on the way from school every day.

    She decided to hug the big villain’s thigh again, and all the things she said before will go to hell!

    In mid-November, the sports meeting between No. 1 Middle School and other schools officially kicked off.

    The school has arranged two buses to pick up cheerleaders and students in various competitions. In addition to students participating in track and field, high jump, long jump, table tennis, and volleyball competitions, there are also basketball competitions.

    The total number of students and teachers on the cheerleading team is no more than 20, and the students of the basketball team ride in the same car with them.

    Ji Yi was more casual, and went in for the other cheerleaders before she sat down next to her.

    In the back of the car is the basketball team.

    At this time an unexpected person appeared.

    “Xu Yue…” Ji Yi’s eyes widened.

    After Xu Yue came in, he swept his eyes and sat down directly in the back row of Ji Yi.

    Wherever the boss sat, no one dared to go next to him.

    Zhuo Yihang, who got into the car later, squeezed in happily and was grateful to Xu Yue, “I actually reserved a seat for me, thank you Brother Xu.”

    “Puff…” Ji Yi in the front row couldn’t help but smile. Fingers cover lips subconsciously.

    The girl next to the memory pushed her vigilantly, and whispered in her ear, “Be careful, Xu Yue sits behind, don’t disturb him.”

    “Well, good.” Ji Yi smiled and responded. .

    But no one saw it, Ji Yi quietly handed a candy to the big guy in the back seat.

    Later, Zhuo Yihang saw the pink candy paper in Xu Yue’s hand with a look of horror, “Brother, don’t you not eat candy?”


    Xu Yue raised his eyebrows slightly, obviously in a good mood.


    entering the stadium of the competition, the dance teacher led the cheerleaders to change clothes. It also reminds everyone to pay attention to safety and don’t drop the chain at critical moments.

    Everyone unanimously glanced at Ji Xinfei. Ji Xinfei gritted his teeth and picked up his clothes and went first.

    There were no surprises this time.

    After changing into short T and pleated skirts for dancing, everyone simply left their original clothes in the dressing room.

    Ji Yi had forgotten that this body suffered from a cold when he was a child, and felt a little cold after coming out with his classmates.

    The teacher took them to the designated area to sit down, Ji Yi rubbed his arms around each other.

    Someone behind patted her on the shoulder and pointed to another place and said: “Someone is looking for you behind.”

    Ji Yi turned and saw Zhuo Yihang, but when she walked over, the person was dressed in the familiar mint fragrance.

    The black coat was put on her back, Xu Yue pulled the collars on both sides, and directly drove Ji Yi to hit him.

    “Dress well.”

    The author has something to say:

    Every time after writing a chapter, Luo Luo will enter a state: So I am so good at teasing?

    Either, An An inadvertently sultry,

    or Xu brother’s various sorrows have warmed up to the violence of the soul

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