AR: Ch 18

   “Get dressed.” The young man lowered her voice, and the breath of the speech spilled over her cheeks, but her heart was a little hot.



    Ji Yi heard his heartbeat again, which became more and more obvious.

    She wrapped Xu Yue’s coat around her body in a daze, as if lingering with mint scent.

    Two fingers stopped at the zipper button, tightened slightly, “You gave me the coat? What do you do?”

    Xu Yue blinked and blurted out two words: “I’m hot.”

    “Really .” “Ji Yi gave him a suspicious look.

    The hand held by the zipper button moved away and touched his arm with the palm of his hand. The skin was still warm to the touch.

    But as soon as he touched it, Xu Yue quickly avoided it.

    It’s like hiding something.

    He didn’t even dare to look into the girl’s eyes.

    Ji Yi opened her mouth slightly, and was blocked by the youth’s clear voice before she made a sound.

    “Go back, the teacher should find someone in a while.”

    “Okay, I’ll pass first.” Ji Yi pointed to the clothes again, and smiled at him, “Thank you for your coat.”

    Watching that road gradually moved away. Xu Yue stood there for a long time.

    Seeing her straddling several positions before returning to her own seat, the boy’s eyebrows were dyed with a faint smile like a star.

    Exceptionally beautiful.

    He didn’t know that the girl who returned to the seat subconsciously tightened her coat, her blushing face was even more beautiful than the blush she applied on.


    A total of 7 schools participated in the joint sports meeting. The venue was in the largest gymnasium in Yancheng. The Director of the Education Bureau personally attended the opening ceremony, as well as reporters’ photos and videos.

    For the students who participated, winning the competition is an honor that can be seen throughout the city.

    The cheerleaders of the 7 schools wear different performance costumes, and the divisions are clear at a glance.

    The cheerleaders were so angry that they were almost on the court when the teacher shouted them all.

    Ji Yi took off her jacket and placed it on her seat. Without the protection of the jacket, the cold wind in the air instantly penetrated into her body, and she couldn’t help but shiver.

    Gritting his teeth and holding back.

    “There are a lot of people and there are videos, but I’m actually very nervous.”

    She heard some girls whispering in the back, which was normal.

    The leader of the team stood at the front, and the two behind the teacher were Ji Yi and Ji Xinfei.

    “Let’s relax when you perform, don’t you know?” The dance teacher reassures everyone a few words, and is called to the other side to review the music.

    After the teacher left, Zhao Xinran, who was standing in the back row, began to behave again, “Heart, I don’t think you are nervous at all.”

    Ji Xinfei turned his head and smiled, “Because I have participated in many dance performances, I have become accustomed to performing on stage. “

    Yes, we have experience in our hearts, but some people will definitely be nervous to death when they are on stage for the first time. Don’t make a fool of our teammates at that time.”

    Zhao Xinran’s mouth was so poisonous that he almost didn’t name his name.

    Ji Yi is not a soft persimmon that anyone can knead, and he went back indifferently, “If you have time to care about others, it is better to take care of your own words and deeds.”

    One middle school cheerleader came on stage, and the first middle school classmates applauded and congratulated.

    Zhuo Yi of the basketball team shot loudly, glanced at the big guy sitting next to him, and then a little converged.

    The girls on the stage were dressed in beautiful costumes, and they stood in a line of sight.

    “Brother Xu, don’t tell me, your little tablemate is standing with Ji Xinfei, it’s not bad at all.” Zhuo Yihang likes to see beautiful women, and now he touches his chin to appreciate it, “Ji Yi is better than Ji Xinfei.

    His legs are long…” As he said, he suddenly felt a forcing chill approaching him.

    A flash of light flashed in Zhuo Yihang’s mind and he changed his words abruptly, “I mean Ji Yi is higher than Ji’s heart, Brother Xu, you have a good vision!”

    Remembering Xu Yue’s last time he beat the person talking about Ji Yi into the hospital, Zhuo Yihang wanted to cry without tears to save, only boasting that he had better vision.

    The music started, the members of the cheerleading team trained for so long, and the movements were fully in place.

    The choreography of each school is different, but the level is almost the same. If you see more dance moves like this, you don’t have much interest. Most teenagers prefer which girl on the research platform is more beautiful.

    The double captain was selected in the first one, and the appearance and stature were good.

    Just when they appreciate the beauty, the music reaches its climax.

    The players dispersed backwards, and the two captains standing in the front row, one left and the other right.

    At the same time, they put their hands holding the flower ball together in front of them, tiptoes and moved forward slightly, their legs leaped back in the air, and the hands holding the flower ball opened to the sides with the jumping motion, and stepped on the ground. Turn over and rotate, and move your limbs flexibly.

    “Wow!” The audience was restless.

    This is not just ordinary la la fuck.

    They combined some of the jumping and flipping movements in Chinese dance, which are extremely difficult movements for laymen, graceful and vigorous.

    The combination of the slim figure and the smart dance of the young girls attracted everyone’s attention.

    Even the scoring referee nodded in satisfaction.

    This action aroused the interest of many people to look down, and when the music was approaching the end, it was usually a collective pose.

    Ji Xinfei led some of the team members to make fixed moves on both sides.

    Two other people stood in the middle, with arms outstretched relative to each other.

    Ji Yi took the ball with both hands raised, soft-soled dance shoes set foot on leveraging their arms, as if a light butterfly in the air in a circle, the music stopped –

    . “Ah ah ah ah”

    applause and cheers at games An endless stream.

    This is definitely the most exciting performance today.

    Xu Yue’s eyes followed the energetic girl on the stage. Even if he couldn’t see the specific face in this position, he knew it.

    When she laughed, she looked forward to her posture.

    There is no doubt that the cheerleading team in No. 1 got the highest score.

    Athletes from various schools have also entered into fierce competitions, several events can be carried out at the same time, and the competition time is not long.

    The most time-consuming highlight is basketball.

    Because basketball is time-consuming, as early as today, 7 schools had already competed in strength, and only 4 schools were left to compete in public.

    Xu Yue and Song Yanting are teammates, but before going on the field, the others obviously felt that the atmosphere of the two was not right. Although they didn’t speak, their eyes were full of “murderous”, as if they were not teammates but the enemy.

    Xu Yue never participates in such competitions without bonuses, only this time his request is to take a photo on stage.

    Between him and Song Yanting, whoever gets more points for the team will stand on the stage to receive the award on behalf of the school.

    On the court, the referee blew his whistle, and the two sides began a fierce fight.

    Zhao Xinran took Ji Xinfei’s hand and was very excited, “Hey, you look so handsome. Our No. 1 High School will definitely be able to make the top three. Then you can go up and take a picture with Song Yanting, everyone can see it.”

    When mentioning this, Ji Xinfei’s face didn’t look good.

    But Zhao Xinran didn’t notice it for a while.

    She spoke with excitement and did not control the volume for a while.

    At this time someone whispered, “It seems that the teacher just called Ji Yi to come to the stage to accept the award. I don’t know what they are proud of.”

    Many people can’t understand the arrogant Zhao Xinran, and Ji Xinfei was even complained at this moment.

    After this competition, everyone has a new understanding of Ji Yi. Although it is impossible to erase the stupid things she did before, at least everyone can no longer deny her dancing ability.

    The secret fight did not affect Ji Yi.

    She was seriously looking at the sassy and heroic posture on the court.

    Xu Yue dribbled the ball close to the defensive player, grabbed the basketball with both hands, turned quickly and broke through the line of defense, and jumped up below the basket. The basketball drew a beautiful arc in the air and dropped it into the basket with unparalleled accuracy.

    His figure running on the court is like a vigorous and swift lion. As long as the basketball is in his hands, he will not give others a chance to take it away.

    The sharp whistle sounded-


    The score of No. 1 Middle School dropped a lot of other schools, but Song Yanting’s face was cold.

    When coming off the court, everyone was dripping with sweat.

    Someone took a water bottle and a towel, and at this time Ji Yi also pulled a bottle of water and stood up.

    When Zhao Xinran saw this scene, he quickly stuffed a bottle of mineral water into Ji Xinfei’s hand and pushed her on her back. “My heart is going to give Song Yanting water.”

    Ji Xinran hesitated, and Zhao Xinran pointed to Ji Yi next to him. .

    Both thought that Ji Yi was going to send water to Song Yanting.

    So Ji Xinfei quickly picked up the water bottle and went down to the same position as Ji Yi, looking like they had gone together.

    The two looked at one side at the same time, and the scene was a bit awkward.

    Seeing that he was about to reach the rest area of ​​the basketball player’s station, Zhuo Yihang had already reacted and handed Xu Yue a bottle of water.

    Xu Yue’s excellent performance on the court just now has won the hearts of the basketball team members. Everyone called him to Brother Xu.

    Ji Yi slowly stopped, and sighed slightly: What is she worried about…He won’t be short of water to drink.

    “The two captains of our cheerleading team are here to give people water? Who are you going to give it to?” Some people are always curious.

    Just now Ji Yi and Ji Xinfei’s performance on stage is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and some people are even talking about making Ji Yi a new goddess.

    At this moment, the two heroines took the initiative to send it to the door, not wanting to let it go easily.

    In the first grade, everyone knew that Ji Yiming loved Song Yanting.

    In the past, I thought that the school flower Ji Xinfei and Song Yanting’s golden boy and jade girl, but now Ji Yi also looks very right. With Ji Yi’s current appearance, there is still a chance to give it a try.

    “Hahaha, I’m afraid it’s not all here to bring water to Captain Song.”

    Zhuo Yihang quickly reached out and grabbed the talking boy’s back.

    Didn’t you see that Captain Ji Yi is still wearing our brother Xu’s clothes?

    Why are you so unsightly? !

    When the voice fell, Ji Yi had already walked in the direction of Xu Yue.

    “For you.” She handed the water bottle in her hand to Xu Yue, acting frankly and uncompromisingly.

    Under everyone’s surprised eyes, Xu Yue calmly took it.

    Everyone took a breath.

    Ji Yi clasped his hands in front of him, and seemed to take a step forward inadvertently, and whispered in his ear: “This is the boiled water that I have installed before. It is better to drink this after exercise.”

    Xu Yue tilted his head, the dark pupils seemed to be sandwiched with fine starlight, “Specially prepared for me?”

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