AR: Ch 19

Xu Yue tilted her head, the dark pupils seemed to be sandwiched with fine starlight, “Specially prepared for me?”


    Every time she asked her, she smiled and answered so calmly, as if everything should be the case.

    Xu Yue’s eyes flowed from her face to her body.

    His petite body was wearing his loose black jacket, obviously not the right size. He deliberately asked Zhuo Yihang to show up and hand him over, but she herself walked towards him in such a generous dress.

    She doesn’t know what the consequences of doing this will be?

    It is very likely that he will be entangled with Xu Yue’s name ever since.

    On the other side, Ji Xinfei also gave Song Yanting the brand new mineral water in his hand.

    She blushed when the people around her looked at her, with a completely shy posture, and some people “yoyo” twice, looking at them with ambiguous eyes.

    Song Yanting unscrewed the bottle cap firmly, held the bottle of water to his lips, raised his neck, and took a big sip.

    The water mark was halved before screwing on the bottle cap, holding the bottle neck with one hand, and looking at Ji Yi’s side.

    Seeing that she smiled softly at Xu Yue, the anger in her heart didn’t strike anymore!

    While everyone ridiculed the relationship between the three of them, Ji Yi gave the bottle of water to Xu Yue, didn’t he deliberately go against him!

    Ji Xinfei’s water was given to Song Yanting, and Ji Yi’s water was given to Xu Yue.

    Regarding Ji Yiming’s love for Song Yanting, everyone had another drama of polygamous love.

    Some said, “Ji Yi must be afraid of being rejected by the public, so he deliberately gave the water to Xu Yue.”

    Zhuo Yihang couldn’t help hearing this and knocked directly on the person’s head. “Shut up if you can’t speak!”

    He turned his head and glanced at the client…The

    client Xu Yue was chatting happily with the small classmate at the table.

    Ji Yi’s head was shorter than Xu Yue. She stood closer now, and she raised her neck slightly when she spoke.

    The loose coat covered both sides, and only Xu Yue, who was facing her, could see clearly. The sunlight fell on the girl’s white swan neck, forming a flawless beauty.

    “You played really well just now, and you have to go for the next game!”

    Xu Yue’s hand holding the water bottle tightened, “Did you see?”

    “Of course, if you didn’t bring your phone, I would definitely record it for you.

    ” Wait a while.”

    Xu Yue left for a while and came back, not knowing where he changed a mobile phone and handed it to her, “Mobile phone.”

    Ji Yi glanced at it, “What do I do with my mobile phone?”

    Xu Yue glanced at her and asked back. : “Isn’t it going to be a video?”

    “…” Big man, I just want to praise you politely! ! !

    The persuaded female partner chose to obey the boss and smiled cleverly while holding up her phone, and assured him: “Don’t worry, I will take a good shot!”

    “Yeah.” Xu Yue responded softly, and the smile on the corner of her mouth almost didn’t suppress it. .


    Rock City No. 1 Middle School stands out from other schools, and all competitions are divided into groups and ranked first.

    The principal and the teacher were happy, and asked the leader of the team to take the cheerleader and the representative of the school’s classmates to the stage to receive the award.

    Ji Yi thought she was going to take another smirk photo with Song Yanting, until she saw Xu Yue walking towards her, her eyes widened.

    But it is not convenient to communicate at this time, and I can only put down my curiosity for a while, and follow the leader of the team to come on stage, receive awards, give testimonials, and take photos. All the processes are the same as in the previous exercise.

    The only difference is that the person standing next to her has become Xu Yue.

    Xu Yue?

    That’s more pleasing to the eye than Song Yanting!

    Thinking about it this way, she naturally smiled when she looked at Xu Yue. This scene was captured by the photographer. The girl in the photo seemed to have stars hidden in her eyes.

    Walking off the stage, Ji Yi didn’t breathe a sigh of relief until behind the scenes.

    She told unexpected pace with the promise of more speed, just quietly questioning, “Xu Yue, how is it you?”

    Xu more stopped, leaned slightly toward her, “how? I am very disappointed to see it?”

    Speech The breath of Shi seemed to pass her ears, Ji Yi took a step back quickly, waved his hand and denied, “How come, I’m just surprised. Song Yanting arranged by the teacher before…”

    Xu Yue stood up straight, neither salty nor salty. “He lost.”


    “We bet that whoever gets the most points on the court will receive the prize.”

    “Oh… this way.”

    Hearing Xu Yue’s clear explanation , Ji Yi nodded, looking “understanding”.

    What she thought in her heart was: It turned out that the struggle between the male lead and the male partner inspired Xu Yue’s desire to win. The male lead is really too weak. It seems that the villain is the strongest!

    *After the

    sports meeting, the bus will return them to the same route.

    She had already changed Xu Yue’s coat and wanted to return it to him after school, but when she got out of the car, she didn’t see Xu Yue’s person.

    The school appreciates the hard work of their participants and allows them to go home and rest directly.

    Ji Yi didn’t wait for Xu Yue, she held the coat in her hands, and could still smell the faint mint fragrance on it.

    Smells good.


    ‘d better take it back and wash it before returning it to him.” She took Xu Yue’s coat home, avoiding Aunt Su, washed the coat by herself, and then took it back to the room and hung it.

    So the man’s black jacket was hung with the white nightdress she changed yesterday. This scene made her feel weird inexplicably, and a tingling feeling arose in her heart.

    She simply closed the curtains, and didn’t think too much if she couldn’t see it.

    But after a long time, my cheeks are still hot.


    Don’t think about it anymore!

    Why are Xu Yue all in my head!


    sports meeting held in the gymnasium was broadcast live on a certain channel.

    After the games ended, Xu Yue did not return to the team. After he took the stage to accept the award, he asked his teacher for leave.

    This teenager is a special existence in their school, and can’t restrain his behavior. The teacher feels very gratified to remember to ask for leave.

    When Xu Yue left the stadium, he took a taxi on the side of the road and got on the bus and reported the location directly.

    After half an hour, arrived at home.

    He went back to his room to play around with mechanical parts, and then began to fill in supplements on a drawing.

    When night fell, he carried a big backpack to a remote bar in an urban area.

    There are two floors in the bar area, not too big, and you can hear the noisy noises standing at the door.

    Seeing the feasting scene, Xu Yue narrowed his eyes and stepped into the bar lobby. He ran straight upstairs as he was familiar with the road, and found the person he wanted to see in the corner.

    A fatter man patted the tabletop and motioned for Xu Yue to go over.

    “It’s finally here, so I can wait.”

    Xu Yue didn’t answer the gossip, took off the backpack from his shoulder and put it on the table.

    When the backpack was placed on the desktop, there was a crashing sound.

    “It’s in the bag.”

    The fat man’s eyes were falling on his bulging backpack, and he wanted to reach for it.

    Xu Yue raised his hand, his slender fingers were slightly bent, and the tough joints hit the desktop. The

    fat man sighed slightly , retracted his fingers, picked up the phone, dialed a series of numbers, and faced the phone. The person at the other end said: “The things have been delivered, pay the money.”

    Xu Yue pushed the backpack forward.

    If the transaction is successful, the backpack and its contents belong to the fat man.

    The fat man couldn’t wait to open the zipper and carefully took out a mini mechanical model inside, as well as the unique design drawing.

    The fat man was ecstatic when he saw two things, “Okay, you are indeed a genius! How can you make such a good thing at a young age.” The

    fat man’s compliment to Xu Yu came just past a moment.

    He stood there tall and straight, his expression still cold.

    The fat man once again threw an olive branch to this arrogant and genius boy, “Xu Yue, do you really not consider signing an agreement with us? I, Qin Shan, assure you, as long as you promise, we can advance your high remuneration in one lump sum, and in the future you We will give you higher rewards for the effective design drawings drawn!”

    High rewards can seduce many people.

    But Xu Yue stayed unmoved, “No need.”

    “That’s okay.” Qin Shan regrets and feels disappointed, but in the end he still has to say: “As long as you change your attention, any suitable agreement will take effect!”

    Soon after Xu Yue left, he again A man came and sat across from Qin Shan, “He still refuses to agree?”

    Qin Shan didn’t see the thirsty smile just now on Qin Shan’s face, and the whole person looked a little sinister. The remuneration was indifferent. If it weren’t for his talent that surpasses ordinary people, I Qin Shan would have led people to tame him!”

    “Don’t act rashly, he is of great use to us.” If

    they want to get Xu Yue’s design talent, they can’t directly force him, and so far they haven’t found the boy’s weakness.

    Once Xu Yue was disturbed, he didn’t know what the kid would do.


    Xu Yue walked down from the second floor and crossed the stage. A bold girl stopped him, “Handsome guy, drink?”


    He waved away the person in front of him indifferently, with a cold temperament. It seems incompatible with the noisy bar.

    No one knows how much pain he has experienced in such a dirty place during the years he desperately wanted to live.

    After leaving the bar, Xu Yue directly took a taxi back home.

    He had just got out of the car and was about to step up the stairs when the door of a black car next to him suddenly opened, and a boy with glasses walked down inside, tall and thin, looking gentle and gentle.

    “Xu Yue.” The boy called out his name.

    Then he said: “The last time my home was turned over, I moved to a new house without a word. It’s really patience.”

    “It took me a long time to find you here.”

    Xu Yue finally glanced at him and said with a cold voice. “Lu Yi, are you sick?”

    Lu Yi pushed the frame of his glasses, his eyes flashed a terrifying light, “You forgot, I warned you back then, stay in Yancheng to study in peace. You just want to get ahead? Thank you for the live sports game today, otherwise I won’t be standing here now.”

    Seeing this clown-like person, Xu Yue did not respond, and went straight up the stairs.

    Lu Yi was disgusted with his careless look, and pointed at him impulsively, “Huh! A son who is a violent criminal, what qualifications is there to be praised! Everyone will know tomorrow, you Xu Yue is flowing in your body.” Dirty blood, humble to the bone!”

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