AR: Ch 20


    Xu Yue grabbed the collar of Lu Yi. He pushed back and hit the car hard with his back.

    Then he punched him hard? Smash it down.

    Lu Yi bumped into it with his body, and the two of them fought into a ball, with bruises at the corners of their mouths and eyes.

    Lu Yi started to laugh. The laugh was terrifying. “Xu Yue, you are a lunatic! Wild! You are just like your gangster father! It’s rubbish!”

    “You fucking shut me up!” Xu The tighter he gritted his teeth, as if he was about to tear the person in front of him to pieces, his clenched fists kept slamming towards Lu Yi.

    The mobile phone also slipped from the bag and was injured on the ground. There were ice cracks on the screen.

    Seeing Xu Yue who was full of hostility, a huge panic rose in Lu Yi’s heart.

    But in the face of this humble lunatic, he will never? Will give up!

    Suddenly, he was pressed by Xu Yue on the ground and knocked on the cold and hard floor with a crisp sound. He grasped Xu Yue’s hand tightly, but was unable to pull the person away anyway.

    The shame of being oppressed prevented Lu Yi from bowing his head with Xu Yue.

    Bright red blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, and Lu Yi was pressed by Xu Yue on the ground, looking at him with scarlet eyes, “If you have the ability to kill me, anyway, your father has been in jail. You are his son.” , I should also go in and taste the hellish taste, hahaha!”

    The sulky smile in front of me coincides with some crazy person in his memory, and Xu Yue’s eyes burst with astonishing hatred and ruthlessness. Jue’s killing intent, “Then you go to die!”

    He lifted Lu Yi’s head, and he was about to hit the ground with his head in the next second… At the moment of his death

    , the phone next to him suddenly lit up. Lying on the ground makes a buzzing vibration.

    The caller ID note on the screen is particularly obvious: Ji An’an.

    The light from the phone screen pulled Xu Yue back a trace of reason.

    Lu Yi took the opportunity to turn over to press Xu Yue to the ground, and punched him in the face without mercy.

    The vibration from the mobile phone continued, and the two people who were fighting together were hurt all over.

    In the end, Xu Yue regained the master control. He pinched Lu Yi’s neck and his eyes were red, and he spit out a fierce “roll” word in his mouth to

    throw away the person.

    It’s like throwing away a disgusting garbage.

    Xu Yue bent over to retrieve the phone, and walked home without looking back.

    Lu Yi got up from the ground and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand.


    Ji Yi is lying on the bed, and can’t sleep over and over. Picking up the mobile phone to see that it was early, she hesitated for a long time, and unconsciously called Xu Yue.

    But no one answered the two calls in a row.

    Today? Xu Yue didn’t go back to school, and now I can’t get in touch with me. It reminded her of the last time, so she kept contacting Xu Yue and even got up and put on her coat.

    At the moment when she was going to leave the room, the phone suddenly got through!

    The hand holding the door lock was immediately released. She shifted the phone held in her left ear to the right, “Xu Yue.”

    “It’s me.”

    “What were you doing? Why did you take it so long?” She asked subconsciously and regretted it after she said it.

    It sounds like the girlfriend is in? Cha Gang?

    No? Yes, what a strange metaphor is this.

    After the game, she was always thinking wildly, and she couldn’t control her thinking, so Ji Yi despised herself again in her heart.

    The person over there answered after a long while, “I was taking a bath just now and didn’t hear the call.”

    “Oh.” She didn’t doubt Xu Yue’s explanation at all.

    “Call me, something?”

    “Um…no? It’s something, I just want to tell you thank you for your jacket.”

    “On the basketball court, you’ve been so thankful.”

    “That…” The brain was swiftly running, and the next reason was made up, “I just want to say that you played very well today, and competed for the first place in our school. It’s great!”

    “On the stage, you also said that. ? a. ” “

    …… “Ji Yi a slap shot? forehead, took a deep breath,” I just want to say I take your coat wash tomorrow? go back to school you can do? “

    Xu The more he pondered for a moment, he said to her: “Maybe I won’t go to school again for a week.”



    Xu Yue looked at his face in the mirror, and the corners of his eyes and mouth were bruised.

    On the phone, he simply replied: “

    Something needs to be dealt with.” Ji Yi is in a good mood today. At this moment, he is in a relaxed state, so he has no scruples. Then he asked: “What is so serious, does it take a week? “

    Her performance of investigating the roots caused Xu Yue a headache.

    Is he always good at explaining to people? Now his tone became blunt, “Ji An’an, you have asked too much!”

    “Okay.” The little girl didn’t ask any more, but the second half of the sentence was full of disappointment. “I thought we were friends…Don’t be fierce, don’t I? Ask.”


    He can’t hear her?

    Xu Yue frowned, but his tone slowed down a lot, “Ji An’an, I’m not here to kill you, some things are not convenient to tell.”

    He really wanted him to tell a complete lie, but he couldn’t make it up for a while, “In short,” …No? It’s what you think.”

    Ji Yi didn’t answer.

    Xu Yue kept repeating, “Ji An’an, I really didn’t mean you!”

    Hearing him more and more, he became more nervous, and he explained fiercely that she was not fierce, and the girl holding the mobile phone laughed happily.

    Knowing the character of the villain, willing to explain to her at this moment proves that he still regards her as a friend.

    Ji Yi grinned and said happily?: “Then tell me what you need for help.”

    “Okay.” After

    the call ended, Ji Yicai? Satisfied he returned to the bed and fell asleep.

    What she didn’t know was that the teenager who was talking on the phone with her was standing in front of the mirror at the moment, skillfully using medicine to treat her wounds.

    Face?, body?.

    Is it an ordinary person? A few days of injury can be painful, but he is dull? He screamed and applied the medicine all over.

    Looking at himself in the mirror, his cold eyes were completely different from the helplessness he had before and Ji Yi on the phone.

    Lu Yi’s sinful voices seemed to be in his ears.

    He looked at himself with disgust in his eyes.

    Maybe Lu Yi didn’t say something wrong, he Xu Yue is indeed rubbish.

    ————One of the

    seven school sports games leagues returned with honors. The photo of Ji Yi and Xu Yue receiving the award was placed in the teaching building for a full week.

    They are labeled as the first place, and they are more famous in the school.

    Ji Yi, who is in the second grade of high school, seems to be reborn, her beauty is gradually unfolding, like a daytime goose that is constantly evolving.

    There are always people who make excuses to pass by the Eighth Class, just to see if Ji Yi has the same shocking changes as in the “Legend”.

    Someone even stuffed a love letter secretly under Ji Yi’s desk.

    When Song Yanke saw the love letter, he couldn’t hold back a laugh for a while, “Ji Yi, you are too powerful, you can beat Ji Xinfei!”

    Her voice was enough for someone next to her? Hear it.

    If there must have been a lot of people turning over to ridicule before, but after the game, most of them did not slander Ji Yi at will.

    For this reason, don’t they want to be slapped crazy!

    But there are still some Ji Xinfei’s iron fans who are about to come forward, “No? Just be the leader of the cheerleader, and stepped on shit luck?!”

    That person? He spoke vulgarly, Ji Yi did not remain silent this time, turned his head to look? Go , Leng? Ding asked back: “If you have the ability, you should step on one too?”

    “Hahahaha.” Song Yanke laughed a lot of face and laughed, seeming to be mocking that person?

    The class bell rang.

    The head teacher walked into the classroom with the textbook in his arms. The students in the class were not completely quiet. At this time, the head teacher directly picked up the chalk and wrote four characters on the blackboard: mid-term exam.

    Suddenly, the classroom was silent.

    The head teacher is very satisfied with the effect. Then he put the textbook on the podium and put his hands in front of the podium, “As you can see, the midterm exam is coming in early November.” The

    exam… is for all students. The nightmare is even more cruel to the eight classmates.

    Hearing this news, everyone began to sigh.

    The head teacher just told them the test time, but did not continue the topic.

    During the break, Ji Yi quietly sent a message to Xu Yue on his mobile phone: [Today? The teacher has notified the midterm exam time, November 5th-7th. 】It has

    n’t been? How long did Ji Yi receive a reply: 【Got it? ]

    This week promises more really did not come on? Class, but they are every day? Has links.

    Because the October monthly exam was cancelled for the time of the Seventh School Sports Day, the middle school exam was directly due.

    This is the first time she takes a big exam since she came to this world, and she wants to earnestly get good results.

    Will it take two weeks to review and consolidate other subjects, and the only thing that is difficult is English.

    She memorized the words and wrote a lot of English compositions.

    Obviously reciting is her strong point, but every time she has to do a question, the letters will become messy lines, which makes her a headache.

    Suddenly? Remembering that her deskmate was Xueshen, she took a photo of an English composition and sent it to Xu Yue, with a pitiful emoticon package: [Please translate! ]

    Soon, Xu Yue played a voice call and translated this English composition smoothly.

    The two began to communicate like this. During this period, Ji Yi was despised by the big guys several times with IQ.

    But she is a temperament not to admit defeat, staying up all night and fighting for three days? Finally succeeded… caught a cold!

    It’s the easiest to get sick during the change of seasons, but Ji Yi is not lucky enough to be recruited.

    During the speech, Xu Yue coughed twice, and Xu Yue found out, “You have a cold?”

    “It’s possible.” Ji Yi squeezed his breathless nose.

    “Today? No? Read, go to take medicine, and then rest.”

    “Oh, okay.” It’s

    almost twelve o’clock by now, it is indeed a bit late.

    Ji Yi went downstairs to find medicine and returned empty-handed. I thought it would be better to sleep, but I didn’t expect it to be worse the next day? In the morning?

    She asked Aunt Su to get the medicine, and Aunt Su looked for it, “Oh, the cold medicine at home seems to be used up.” It

    was early now, and the pharmacy outside was closed. Aunt Su asked her to buy some medicine when she went to school. Yi saw that she had only two dollars in cash left, so she could only choose to drink more hot water.

    When I went to study in the morning, I was not in good spirits.

    When I was resting, I was lying on the desk, and my head was dizzy.

    As if someone touched her hand, she subconsciously patted it away.

    Song Yanting stood in Xu Yue’s position with a dark face, and directly pulled her up.

    “Ji Yi!”

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