AR: Ch 21

Suddenly, Ji Yi, who was pulled up by someone, was dumbfounded, and lazily opened his eyes, and found that his “tablemate” had finally come back, but there were some changes in appearance.

    She raised her finger, frowned, and said suspiciously: “Xu Yue, you? How did you become ugly…”


    The classmates at the back table didn’t recognize the smile.

    Song Yanting suddenly smoked with anger!

    Recognize him as someone else and scold him for his ugliness?

    Song Yanting squeezed her wrist and gritted her teeth and said, “Ji Yi, you? Keep your eyes open? Take a good look at who I am!”

    Ji Yi quickly rubbed her eyes. His eyes were dizzy with a cold. His head became sober all at once.

    “Song Yanting?” He cried out his name incredibly, and asked in confusion, “You? Why are you here?”

    Song Yanting sneered and knocked on the table in front of her, “Follow me to the office, the teacher is looking for you? . ” “

    Oh. “Ji Yi took two steps behind Song Yan Ting, not near distance.

    She reached out and held her forehead, still feeling groggy.

    I don’t know? Is Dao acting on his own heart or he really has a fever, and his forehead is hot.

    The teacher seemed very happy to see her, but she didn’t listen to what was said later?

    All I knew was that after Teacher Tao finished her explanation, she nodded numbly like a good student robot, turned and walked out of the office.

    But as soon as I came out without taking two steps, I felt my footsteps vacant. One second before I lost my strength, I tightly grasped the wristband on the side of the corridor, and my wrist scratched a mark on the edge of the sharp tile.

    She was caught by someone behind her a second before she fell.

    Song Yanting walked out following Ji Yi. Seeing that she started to sway without taking a few steps, the whole figure lost support? She fell along the guardrail. Before he could think, the body rushed to support her back and arms.

    When catching the fallen girl, he realized that Ji Yi’s petite body was light and light.

    “Hello, Ji Yi?”

    He reached out and touched Ji Yi’s forehead, the touch was obvious.

    Having a fever.

    Seeing the girl’s cheeks flushed against his arms, Song Yanting hesitated for a moment, his arms passed through her arms and crooked spirit, and easily hugged the person.

    Zhao Xinran? And Ji Xinmei arm in arm, chatting while walking?.

    She caught Song Yanting’s figure with sharp eyes, and took another look?

    “Hey, Xinfei, you? Isn’t that Song Yanting? He seems to be holding a girl?”

    Ji Xinfei looked for Zhao Xinran ? He looked at Zhao Xinran ? He looked at the direction of his fingers and fixed his eyes? A glance, even if the familiar figure only has a profile, she did. Know? That’s Ji Yi!

    Seeing that the distance was gradually getting closer, Song Yanting suddenly turned down the nearby stairs and headed straight to the infirmary with Ji Xinfei in his arms.

    Send Ji Yi to the infirmary. Song Yanting, a good student, hasn’t forgotten to call a friend and ask him to help explain the situation to the teacher.

    After explaining his own affairs, he glanced at Ji Yi again, held up his mobile phone and continued to tell, “You have to go to Class 8 to run, just say Ji Yi has a fever in the infirmary.” A

    surprised call came from the other end of the phone . The voice said, “Brother Ting, don’t you? You? Send Ji Yi to the infirmary?”

    “Don’t ask so much?, go and ask the teacher for leave.”

    After all, Ji Yi was taken out of the classroom. He can’t Leave directly.

    It would be even more unclear if something happened at that time.

    The friend replied: “Okay.”

    The school doctor took Ji Yi’s body temperature, and she cooperated in a daze.

    “There is a high fever of 39°.”

    Song Yanting saw the measurement result and believed that Ji Yi was really burnt.

    The doctor did some comprehensive examinations for her, and finally suggested that the injection should be combined with medication.

    Song Yanting didn’t mean anything? See, the doctor said that if you want to get an injection, do it.

    “Okay, give her an injection first.” The

    doctor showed the patient’s arm to facilitate the injection.

    When Ji Yi heard that he was going to have an injection, he was so frightened that he moved aside, “I don’t, no, I won’t get an injection!” When

    someone who is afraid of pain, thinks that a thin needle will be pierced through her skin? In that scene, she was so nervous and afraid that the hairs all over her body stood up!

    Song Yanting didn’t expect to see a doctor so troublesome, and immediately taught her righteously, “Ji Yi, you? You are a patient, obey the doctor’s treatment arrangements.” How can

    these high-sounding words convince Ji Yi that she still? He held his arm tightly and didn’t let go, for fear that he would be caught for an injection as soon as he let it go.

    “I can take medicine?”

    “Seeing that she is so repulsive, I want to give her some anti-fever medicine and observe the follow-up.” When the

    doctor changed his words, Ji Yi was relieved.

    No need for injections.

    But before she was completely relaxed, she heard another firm and steady voice coming in from the door, “Give her an injection.”

    “Xu Yue?”

    Seeing the figure approaching, Ji Yi suddenly became more dizzy.

    Xu Yue stood in front of her with a tense face, and righteously said: “If you are sick, you should get an injection.”

    She shook her head quickly, her head shaking like a rattle, “No, it hurts!”


    Cry when it hurts .” “…It will hurt when you cry.”

    Xu Yueke didn’t discuss with her slowly, he directly pressed the person on the seat, pressed his head against her ear, and held her arm with the hand deliberately ? I clicked on the general injection position through the clothes, “Do it yourself or I help you?”

    Seems to be molested suddenly?

    Ji Yi was stunned for a moment, and then began to struggle to resist, “I don’t want to get an injection, you? Let go of me.” I

    couldn’t get any strength, the movement arc was small, and the voice of resistance sounded soft.

    Can Xu Yue’s strength? The energy is so great that she can’t push it anyway.

    The minds of people who were originally ill were sensitive and fragile. They hadn’t gotten an injection yet, and teardrops hung up in their eyes first.

    Xu Yue held her cheek with one hand, gently rubbed her finger twice against her ear, consciously softened her voice and coaxed: “An’an, obedient.”

    “…” Ji Yi suddenly gave up the struggle.

    She slowly raised her hand close to the collar, and suddenly she noticed several eyes staring at her, and her hand stopped.

    Ji Yi glanced up at the number of people in the room, staring at Song Yanting and said, “Thank you? Bring me to the infirmary, but you? Can you…cough…get out.”

    “What about him? “

    He?” Ji Yi reacted.’He’ meant Xu Yue.

    So she turned her gaze to Xu Yue again.

    Seeing that she agreed to the injection, Xu Yue released the hand that was pressing on her shoulder, intending to avoid it.

    But when he turned around, he was suddenly grabbed by two soft hands.

    I saw Ji Yi’s eyes staring at him, shaking his head again and again, “You? Can’t go, you? You have to stay and accompany me to get the injection!” The

    different treatment made the two boys have different moods.

    Song Yanting glared at Ji Yi, but he found that the girl didn’t look at him at all.

    Stare? Even stare in vain!

    Song Yanting waved his hand angrily and went out.

    And Xu Yue couldn’t restrain the heat rising in his heart, and he didn’t even dare to turn around immediately, for fear of exposing the hot gaze in his eyes.

    The school doctor acted swiftly to cooperate with the medicine, holding a cotton swab to disinfect the patient, and then holding the needle…

    Seeing the doctor picking up the needle, Ji Yi hurriedly turned away, not wanting to see the cruel scene.

    When the sharp pinhole penetrates the skin, the fear in the heart will instantly magnify the pain in the body several times.

    She gripped Xu Yue’s palm tightly, tears swirling in her eyes, and she couldn’t help shouting: “It hurts…” The

    delicate and soft voice seemed to be a painful cry from her throat.

    Xu Yue’s heart was broken.

    After the injection, the doctor took a cotton swab and pressed it on the place where it had been punctured. Xu Yue reached out to replace it and continued to press it for her.

    This illness brought out Ji Yi’s squeamish energy. She put aside her face unhappily, “I said no injections,     it hurts.”     “It’s all


“It still hurts!”

“It’s okay !” It’s okay,

    it’ll be fine in a while.” Xu Yue pressed her right hand in front of her, who would sit face to face with her diagonally in front of her, with her left hand just supporting her back, and lightly patted twice to show her comfort.

    From a different angle, it looks more like a hug.

    School doctor who has just prescribed good medicine: Are you too obvious in your premature love?

    “Cough, go get the medicine when you’re done.” After

    confirming that the pinhole was no longer bleeding, he threw the cotton swab away. Xu Yue turned his head and saw that in this direction, he just saw the slight bulge next to the creaking nest.

    A trace of panic flashed in his eyes, and he quickly opened his eyes.

    Ji Yi didn’t notice the change in his mood at all. He just pulled up the clothes sliding on his arm carefully, for fear of touching the pinhole.

    When Xu Yue went to the pharmacy, the doctor looked through it and remembered, “Oh, the medicine list I wrote just now was taken by another classmate.”

    Opening the door, I realized that Song Yanting was still standing outside.

    Ji Yi: “Well, the doctor just said to give you the prescription? Is it with you? Is it here?”

    Song Yanting didn’t answer, and directly raised his hand.

    At this moment, he was carrying a plastic bag with the logo of the infirmary in his hand.

    This is Ji Yi’s medicine.

    “Thank you, there are more medicines here? Less money, I…” Suddenly? I remembered my poor batch now!

    Ji Yi suddenly stopped, “I didn’t bring cash, otherwise? You? Leave Alipay or WeChat with me, and I will give you the hair back?”

    Song Yanting narrowed his eyes.

    Alipay and WeChat? Doesn’t it mean? His mobile phone number and WeChat ID?


    At the age of high school, I racked my brains to get relevant information about him, but now I changed the scene of “retreat as progress” and took the opportunity to get his news?

    This time he did have patience to play.

    So he quickly reported a series of numbers, “It’s Alipay.”

    Ji Yi nodded, “Okay, I wrote it down.”

    Song Yanting handed out the medicine bag, and the things fell directly into Xu Yue’s hands.

    The three walked out of the infirmary together.

    Song Yanting took out his mobile phone and took a look at it, and found that there was a transfer reminder.

    He clicked on Alipay and saw that it was an unfamiliar number that transferred a sum of money, and that money was the entire cost of Ji Yi’s injection and medicine. It was accurate to one decimal place, not much?, one cent. A lot.

    The surname of the transferor is Xu.

    What happened unexpectedly? While the two of them were still around, Song Yanting directly put the transfer page in front of them and asked: “Xu Yue, what do you mean by transferring money to me?”

    Xu Yue Glancing at him? A trace of emotion crossed the dark pupils, “I didn’t see it? Medical expenses.”

    “Heh.” Song Yanting sneered, “Ji Yi’s medical expenses, what’s the matter?”

    was named. Ji Yi glanced at the left and right.

    The author has something to say: In the

    end, it was a war between men…

    Off-topic: I

    finally saw more readers’ comments recently, happy~ Thank you very, very, very much for giving away

    red envelopes to the familiar little cuteness during the Chinese New Year. ~

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