AR: Ch 22

“Xu Yue is at the same table with me, so it is more convenient for me to pay him back.” Ji Yi chose to stand on Xu Yue’s side without hesitation.

    But Song Yanting didn’t intend to end this matter easily. He clicked on the transfer box and directly transferred back all the money he had just received.

    Then she looked at Ji Yi and said: “You owe me? You should pay it back.”

    Ji Yi: “???”

    She tried to stretch her mouth and raised a fake smile, polite? Explained: “You received it. The money is enough. Who transferred the account? It doesn’t

    matter .” Song Yanting clicked to exit the software, put the phone in his pocket directly, stubborn? Asked, “You owe me? You should pay it back.”

    Ji Yi’s mouth corner The arc is flattened all at once.

    She seriously suspects that the hero is? Deliberately find fault!

    I took a deep breath and quickly adjusted my emotions, and I was about to nod perfunctorily.

    Xu Yue put one hand on her shoulder, and gently pulled the person to her side. Do not have meaning of? North Korea Song Yan Ting look at the past, pointing to the side of the? Female? Child oath sovereignty, “she said, I’m in charge.”

    Overbearing? Let it be?, In turn just? The amount transferred to Song Yan tribunal? Account, Pulling Ji Yi to speed up the pace and move forward.

    Ji Yi trot to follow behind.

    Realizing that Ji Yi couldn’t keep up, Xu Yue deliberately slowed down his pace, letting the distance between the two of them approached synchronization.

    “Ji An’an.”

    “Ah? Right?”

    “What you just transferred? Medical bills…”

    “I’ll pay you back as soon as possible?!” Ji Yi subconsciously raised his hand to assure him, for fear of him now? Beg for.

    Xu Yue was stunned for a moment, “Don’t you blame me for making my own opinions?”

    He has always been doing his own way, arrogant, and caring about other people’s ideas for the first time.

    However, Ji Yi’s reaction was completely beyond his expectations.

    Ji Yi didn’t care about his question, and instead asked: “You helped me, why am I? Blame you?” He did

    n’t have the money to pay it back, so he wanted to go back to the classroom and ask Song Yanke? Borrowing some money, now Xu Yue has given it to her for help, and she saves trouble.

    It is better to owe Xu Yue than to Song Yanting.

    But now? Song Yanting insists on being right with her, and he gets angry when he thinks of it.

    “What do you think of Song Yanting? What’s the matter? He is still in the first grade. I don’t know how to work. It’s a bit annoying.” The

    young man mentioned that the heart fell again, following the female? The child? The words quietly echoed. “Well, he’s very annoying.”


    As a good student? Ji Yi is still ill even if he is sick? He insists on listening to the class, but his spirit is very bad.

    Xu Yue handed the draft paper to her desk, and Ji Yi unfolded it. It said: Sleep on your stomach when you feel uncomfortable.

    Ji Yi shook his head, and quickly added a line of words on the top, pushing back the same way: Notes are very important, and there is no way to do it when sleeping.

    The lesson PPT produced by the teacher in Dili has many key points, most of which are related to the mid-term exam, and she doesn’t want to miss it.

    As soon as she pushed the draft paper back, she stretched out a hand next to her and snatched her book.

    Xu Yue lowered his head, leaned his head close to his ear, and said softly: “I write.”

    Perhaps because his voice had magical powers, Ji Yi really fell asleep on the table.

    The teacher in Dili has been staring at him for a long time, but these two people are always late in class, so they are right?

    Really could not bear it, picked up the blackboard eraser and threw it at the person lying on the table.

    When the blackboard eraser flew into the air, it was firmly caught by one hand, and some chalk dust was sprinkled.

    When Teacher Dili saw it, he cut off the chalk brush? Not only did Xu Yue not repent, but stared at him with that kind of fierce? eyes, almost getting angry!

    But sleepy? Ji Yi hasn’t noticed all these dangers.

    Song Yanke showed her admiring face behind her.

    I knocked it? Is this really true for the cult CP? Sweet!


    Ji Yi’s fever took the whole morning to relieve.

    When it was time to take medicine at noon, Ji Yi touched the cup, and found that the water in the cup was replaced with warm water.

    Song Yanke? Moved a stool? Sit over, “Ji Yi, are you better?”

    “I got the injection and took the medicine. It’s better.”

    “That’s good.” Song Yanke? Relieved.

    Seeing the medicine box that Ji Yi put on the table, Song Yanke’s eyes began to peek at Xu Yue’s drawer.

    Ji Yi noticed her weird behavior and asked: “Are you here? What are you doing?”

    Song Yanke sneaked at Xu Yue’s desk, “You haven’t come back this morning, I just stared at it. , And then discovered that Xu Yue had brought a bag? Come in, now? I think of it like your medicine box?”

    “He asked about your whereabouts as soon as he came, and later learned that you were sent to the infirmary, so he skipped class and left. a. “

    Ji Yi:”? “

    so Gangster come to school today to give her medicine?

    After Xu Yue came back, Ji Yi mentioned the medical expenses, “Well, I’m a bit poor recently, can I pay it back in a few days?”

    “No need to

    pay .” Life also needs money.” Ji Yi said? Euphemistically.

    “Heh…” Xu Yue suddenly laughed, “Do you think I lack that little money?”

    Ji Yi sluggishly declared: “Isn’t that much? The problem, I can’t take advantage of you.”

    “I said. If you don’t need it, you don’t need it.”

    “Why are you? Don’t let me pay it back?”

    Xu Yue stared at her sideways, dark? Pupils stole in from the window? Sunlight? Refraction shone, “I have I can’t finish spending money, so

    I’m idle, okay?” Ji Yi’s? Hands shook: “Ah? Do you have money…”

    She found the broken house last time? It’s old and doesn’t look like it. Is it rich? Looks like?.

    Moreover, Xu Yuecong did not come to study late at night, I heard that he was working part-time outside to make money, but it was hard work.

    Xu Yue’s decision could not be rejected, and soon a new question was raised, “After the last school sports meeting, did you and your family? Reconciled?”

    Ji Yi understood what? The incident was referring to, and slowly shook his head. “No.” The

    last time I had a quarrel with Ji Guosheng, the relationship between the father and daughter? The two? Did not say a word? Plus Ji Guosheng rarely went home, I am afraid that she will be “unconvinced.” “” The girl was thrown out of the clouds.

    October and January are about to end, and her living expenses have not yet been settled. I even plan to find a part-time job, but high school students have too little time to find a suitable part-time job.

    If Xu Yue said something, he took out his mobile phone and transferred a five-digit amount to her account in front of her.

    Ji Yi was stunned. It was too late to reach out to stop him, “What are you doing?”

    Xu Yue stared at her straightforwardly, and seriously? Answered two words: “Take care of you.”

    Ji Yi suddenly Stared wide-eyed.

    Black and white? Clear? Big eyes are always attractive.

    Xu Yue raised his hand to just change the vacuum flask and put it on her desk.

    “Ji An’an, I’m not short of money.”

    “So, you spend whatever you want.” The

    young man ‘s voice deliberately lowered his voice, deep and beautiful.

    Ji Yi dropped his head mechanically, buried his face between his arms, and refused to lift it up again.

    It’s just that the ears that can’t be concealed outside are hot and red.


    Three days of mid-term exam, Ji Yi used the best mental state to face the challenge.

    The school assigns the examination rooms according to the last final exam results. Ji Yi is placed in the last class. Coincidentally, Xu Yue is also there.

    Except for Xu Yue deliberately handing in vain papers, the students here all rely on blindfolding.

    Ji Yi sits in the middle, and Xu Yue sits in the last one in the classroom.

    Ji Yi was holding a book racing against time to review, the boy at the back table poked her back with a pen, “Hey, classmate, do you have an answer?”

    Ji Yi shook his head.

    Anticipating such a result, the boy did not give up and asked for support from all directions.

    At the beginning of the exam, Ji Yi seriously filled in the name, class and other information, and began to answer the questions.

    In addition to the previous life, she has already been in high school. In her fifth year, she was very fluent in doing the questions. Isn’t it difficult for her?

    She wrote more than 800 words in her first Chinese exam.

    In the second math class, Ji Yi wrote all the answers in less than an hour.

    The man at the back table grew tall and looked at her selection and filling in the blanks in various strange poses, no matter whether it was right or not, just copy it on the paper.

    After the math test was over, after the invigilator took the test papers and left the classroom, how many boys gathered around Ji Yi’s back table? Boys, they seemed to be a small group.


    I didn’t receive the answer until I handed in the paper.” “I was just blindfolded?.”

    “I also filled in randomly?.”

    Those on the back table talked about plagiarism.

    Ji Yi is not in a hurry? Put the pen in the pencil case.

    She just stood up, and heard the guy at the back table laugh again, “Hey…I copied it? The classmate in front?.”

    Ji Yi: “…” The

    chicken guy : “Hey, this is passed on? The answer is the same as that made by Miss Sister? The answer is almost the same?”

    Ji Yi: “…” In the

    afternoon, Ji Yi mentioned reading in the examination room. He didn’t expect that the guy at the back table also came very early. At this time, there were only two or three in the classroom. personal?.

    I don’t know if Mr. Chicken went to verify the answer later, but now he actually started pestering her.

    “Classmate, did you do the math problems yourself? Or copy it?”

    “Did it?”

    “Awesome! I got the answer right. You will do it, and you will copy it for me later in the exam?”

    Of course Ji Yi refused.

    For their kind of exams, if students produce two similar exam papers, they will definitely be troubled.

    She tactfully expressed her refusal, but the male cock obviously didn’t give up, either he would poke her back with a pen or kick her stool with his foot.

    Ji Yi was upset and was about to get up. Someone moved faster than her, and directly pressed the male chicken head on the table.

    “Copy your mb!” The

    male chicken’s head was pinched from behind his neck, his head was pressed on the table, his face was squeezed and deformed.

    Xu Yue leaned over in his ear and sternly warned, “Dare to harass her again!”

    Ji Yi stood beside Xu Yue in fear, and pulled his arm to let him let go.

    When Xu Yue turned his head to face her, he narrowed all the hostility between his eyebrows, and talked to her in a soothing tone, “It’s okay, go back to read.” In the

    subsequent exams, no one would dare to disturb Ji Yi anymore.

    The mid-term exam ended smoothly.

    The teachers made corrections overnight. After the exam, there will be papers on the next day? One after another.

    The math class representative handed out the papers and called out the names of many people.

    A paper was placed on Xu Yue’s table, Ji Yi looked up…

    “White paper?”

    Xu Yue didn’t lift his eyes.

    The test papers were issued one after another. The math class representative returned to his seat and asked who hadn’t got it. At this time, Ji Yi slowly raised his hand, “Well, I haven’t got the paper yet?.”

    After that, the representative of the ground class Also holding the paper? To send out, Ji Yi is still missing.

    “What? What’s the matter, I don’t have any papers?.” Ji Yi frowned in distress.

    The person who was stunned last time took the opportunity to ridicule, “Isn’t it because the test was too bad and was detained by the teacher, hahaha.”

    The author has something to say:

    Ji An’an and Xu Yue are both double-standards.

    Ji Yi: The boss is good-looking, and everything he says is right.

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