AR: Ch 23

 Ji Yi’s test papers seem to have been taken out in a targeted manner, and she is the only one missing from the four sets of papers currently issued.

    Ji Yi secretly poked and tore away the blank scroll on Xu Yue’s desk, and subconsciously bit the cat’s pen, looking distressed, “You got all the blank scrolls? Why didn’t I?” A

    squeaky voice came to his ears, lying on his knees. Xu Yue on the table opened his eyes and suddenly turned to face her.

    Seeing her habitually biting the pen, Xu Yue stretched out his hand and twisted the penholder and said to her: “Let go.”

    She opened her mouth slightly, and the pink pen was taken away.

    “Ji An’an, do you know that this is a bad habit?”


    “You are not allowed to bite the pen again after?, have you heard? Didn’t you?”

    “Hmm…” She quietly reached for herself The cat pen answered very perfunctorily.

    With a twist of his finger, Xu Yue clenched the penholder tightly and put it in his pocket, “confiscate.”

    ” ?? ” Ji Yi widened his eyes and emphasized, “This is my pen for writing characters!”

    “Yeah.” Xu Yue calmly put the black signature pen he usually uses on her desk, “Use this for writing.”

    Ji Yi stared at the black signature pen, which is only ordinary? , There is no desire to make a mouthful at all.

    “Good? Ugly pen.”

    Hearing the girl’s disgusting tone, she curled her mouth when she was young.

    Finally found a way to let her consciously change her bad habits.

    When the class bell rang, the math teacher walked in with a teacup carrying the thin test papers, put the teacup on the podium, and separated the test papers with two hands.

    “Ji Yi, come up and get your test paper.”

    The distance from the seat to the podium was not long, but Ji Yi walked in a panic, because the issue of papers was too mysterious.

    When she got her own test paper, she looked at the three scores in red ink on it, and smiled suddenly.

    “The teacher is very happy today, because of this math test, our eighth class is the first one!” In the unbelievable eyes of the students, the math teacher pointed to Ji Yi’s cheerful praise, “Ji Yi, full math! Everyone! Applause encouragement!” The

    math teacher raised his hands and applauded, but no one else seemed to move.

    The math teacher stopped awkwardly.

    At this time, Xu Yue suddenly raised his hands.


    The clapping applause represented encouragement.

    Others finally reacted with continuous applause.

    Ji Yi returned to his seat and looked at the test paper with satisfaction.

    Xu Yue turned his head and looked over, and when he saw the neat test paper, there was something incredible in his eyes.

    But after the math class, Ji Yi was called directly to the office.

    The ones who got the grades? Several subject teachers gathered in the big office with serious faces.

    “Ji Yi, is it foolish to call you today? Tell you about the relevant situation of this exam.”

    “Teacher, please tell

    me .” “Do you know your score?”

    Ji Yi shook his head, “Except for the math test papers. He didn’t send it to me.”

    “We have records of your grades in the first year of high school. It is too different from the results of this test… We have to doubt the authenticity of your test.”

    “Teacher, the test paper is I made it myself.”

    “Ji Yi, the teacher knows that you are under a lot of study pressure, and sometimes you do bad things to deal with the exam? But as long as you have the courage to admit your mistakes, the teacher will give you a chance to correct it.”

    Ji Yi said frankly: “If you doubt it, you can     ask questions on the spot. This is the easiest way to prove yourself.”


Ji Yi was too calm, but the teachers were at a loss. .

    The geography teacher has a bad impression of her? Isn’t she foolish at the moment? Let her fool around, take out a USB flash drive and plug it into the computer on the spot, print out two test questions, “This is my new test question, except me No one else knows, you just do this right now.” The

    geography teacher put the test questions on the table and got the default of his teacher, Ji Yi began to answer the questions.

    She writes out the answer almost directly for the question of pure memory, and calculates the answer quickly for the questions that need to be calculated. When this set of test questions is half done, the geography teacher stops.

    Ji Yi obediently put down the pen and asked about it again? His teacher, “Is there any test paper to answer?”

    Several other teachers also randomly asked questions, and Ji Yi answered correctly.

    Now, no one doubted the authenticity of her exam anymore.

    The math teacher was pleased, “I said? Ji Yi has the ability, you must not believe it, are you slapped?” The

    math teacher is completely on Ji Yi’s side, and Ji Yi shows the most kindness to this teacher. Smile?

    “Student Ji Yi, since you have real talents, why did you get your results last year?…Ignore your stupidity?” The head teacher said euphemistically.

    “Hmm…” Ji Yi paused, and replied calmly: “This semester is stupid? Good? Good? I have studied.”

    Teachers: “?”

    So? After Xu Yue, their eighth class has followed Xu Yue, and they have another free learning. Shen Ji Yi?

    After the results of each subject came out, Ji Yi’s test scores refreshed? All the subject teachers and classmates thought of her. During the period, some people questioned her, and the teacher would personally testify.

    One class.

    Ji Xinfei got the test papers for each subject and was calculating the total score with Zhao Xinran.

    Zhao Xinran is considered to be below average in the first class, but Ji Xinfei is in the top three every time.

    To be precise, when Xu Yue took the exam seriously, Song Yanting and Ji Xinfei took the second and third place, respectively.

    In most cases, Xu Yue will pass the paper in vain, and Song Yanting is the first and Ji Xinfei is second.

    “Xin Fei, I just found out Song Yanting’s score for you. Your total score is ten less than him. This time you are second in grade again.”

    Ji Xin Fei smiled and said, “Then? Me? You should work harder to get back the tenth difference.”

    Zhao Xinran: “Oh, the second grade is already great, don’t you? People can’t envy him.”

    Song Yanting just happened to pass by, and Zhao Xinran stopped him with a pen. “Song Xiaocao, this time you are number one again.”

    Song Yanting stopped and turned around? Looking towards? Ji Xinfei asked, “What is your total score?”

    Ji Xinfei’s two fingers compared to one. “Ten”, “Ten less than you.”

    Two people tacitly agreed.

    In the next class, the head teacher of the first class will bring the grade ranking table just compiled into the classroom.

    “Students should all get the exam papers for their own subjects. Those who do well in the exams should keep up their efforts, and those who lose temporarily should strive for the next improvement.” The head teacher pushed his glasses, “This time our class is admitted to the top ten. There are 5 classmates in total, and the top three account for two.”

    “Song Yanting and Ji Xinfei’s grades are very good, very good.”

    Hearing what the head teacher said, everyone knows. It is estimated that these two people won first and second places.

    “One more thing? Please go back and inform their parents, come to school next Monday to hold a parent meeting, try not to be absent.”

    After class, Ji Xinfei and Song Yanting consciously went to the teacher to ask about the ranking.

    The teacher directly put the grade list in front of them, smiling kindly, “Song Yanting is still the first in grade? Ji Xinfei’s grades are still good, this time he is third.” At

    this time, the two people have already seen clearly. The numbers on the list.

    The two of them were separated by a name, and the name turned out to be… Ji Yi?

    Song Yanting wondered: “Is the name of the second place wrong?”

    “How come, Ji Yi from Class 8, that’s right.”

    This class teacher is new this year? I have no impression of Ji Yi, can’t Understand it? How surprised his classmates saw this name!

    After the total score came out, Ji Yi jumped from the bottom to the second in grade.

    When everyone admired her, I held the English test paper and shook his head again and again, “What is this…” It’s

    too difficult!

    English is really too difficult!

    Just because of the subject of English, she missed the first throne and hit the wall with anger.

    ? That one next to a quiz has a look of calm and promised two more Gee sound:? “I did not stupid, that you still hidden??.”

    Ji Yi innocent blink of an eye, “before learning God not rash.”

    She Suddenly stupid? What? I held the test paper in both hands and handed it in front of Xu Yue, behaved, “Study God, okay? Could you help me save my English?

    ” Xueshen: “Heh!” After a

    sneer? .

    Xue Shen picked up the English test paper and read the translation in pure Chinese.


    In the evening, Ji Yi and Ji Xinfei said to Zhao Shuyi about the parent meeting held by the school: This is the parent meeting for the grade level, which means that parents must be there at the same time.

    Zhao Shuyi and Ji Guosheng mentioned two things about a parent meeting for their children.

    Ji Guosheng turned over?: “I will be on a business trip next Monday.”

    Zhao Shuyi: “Then? Two? What will the parents of the child do?”

    Ji Guosheng: “You can go.”

    Zhao Shuyi shook her head, “Their teachers are different, and they are both different. You didn’t recognize the sisterhood at school.”

    “That? Isn’t it your daughter’s cause?” Ji Guosheng became more dissatisfied with Ji Yi, and now he said directly to his wife: “You go to give your heart a parent meeting. , She did well in the exam? I can’t help but go.”

    “So? What about Xiao Yi?”

    “You care about her, that’s it? There’s nothing good about breaking grades? Listen!”

    “But…” Zhao Shuyi is still stupid? What? Ji Guosheng was too lazy to listen, and went to sleep with his eyes closed.

    Zhao Shuyi was sitting on the bed, and she asked her two daughters

    to tell her what they looked like when they had a parent meeting… Xin Fei took the initiative to tell her that she ranked third in her grade. And Ji Yi didn’t say?, she didn’t dare to ask.

    In the end, Zhao Shuyi’s balance was still tilted.

    on Monday.

    In the second grade parent conference, parents of students enter the classroom, while students are scattered outside the classroom.

    The parents of the classmates entered the classroom one after another, but Ji Yi was only waiting for a text message from her mother: “Xiao Yi, I’m sorry that my mother can’t rush over at the first time. I will call your teacher as soon as possible after your sister’s parents’ meeting is over? Mingqing Condition.” After

    reading the text message, Ji Yi was expressionless? Turn off the phone.

    Xu Yue grows tall, this angle is just right?…accidentally… I finished reading the text message with a glance and ten lines.

    He suddenly said: “Your parents didn’t come?”

    Ji Yi twitched the corner of his mouth, “Aren’t you?”

    “Huh huh.” Xu Yue did not refute.

    Wait? Teacher to? Students to confirm? Field when parents specifically asked to? Ji Yi, “Ji Yi classmates, your parents?”

    “Sorry teacher, something they can not come.”

    “It can be supposed, while year ago Ten’s parents and classmates have to go to the conference room for a small meeting alone.” The

    voice fell.

    Suddenly Xu Yue raised his right hand high, pointed to Ji Yi, and strode towards the classroom, “Her parent meeting, I will hold it.”

    The author has something to say:

    My brother Xu is really awesome, the top ten parents I have to meet~

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