AR: Ch 24

 Ji Yi was stunned at the time, and could only watch Xu Yue calmly walk into the teaching room and sat down on her seat.

    Even the head teacher can’t control it, so he can only let him go.

    When the time came, both the front and rear doors were closed.

    Ji Yi hurried to the window and tapped on the glass window with his fingers bent.

    Xu Yue, who was by the window, turned his head and glanced at her, raised her index finger close to the corner of her mouth, right? After making a silent gesture, she closed the curtain directly.

    Ji Yi stomped on the corridor.

    Song Yanke, who just came up from the small shop downstairs, holding a bottle of water and two lollipops, handed her the lemon-flavored ones, “You look a little nervous, just eat a lollipop. . “

    ” Thank you, but …… “Ji Yi holding a lollipop, hesitantly.

    Song Yan stood up twice? A finger swayed in front of her, “You passed the second grade exam, and the second grade of the whole year. The teacher must be in it?

    She slammed you.” She peeled off the candy paper and stuffed the lollipop into her mouth. Inside?, grunting: “If I take so many exams, my mother would probably preach with gongs and drums.”

    “Coco…” Ji Yi held her forehead with one hand, and returned what Song Yanke had just said to her, “Forget it.” If you don’t have it, you’d better eat sweets and be shocked.”

    Until the parent meeting was over, the door opened, and Song Yanke saw Xu Yue sitting in Ji Yi’s seat, and the lollipop fell directly to the ground.

    Xu Yue walked out of the classroom with a face calmly under the name of “Parent of Ji Yi”, patted her on the shoulder, and said, “Going, go to the meeting room.”

    Ji Yi’s expression almost stretched. Can’t help.

    “No… you really want to go to the conference room to hold a parent meeting for me?”

    Xu Yue tilted his head slightly, looking at the open eyes of the young girl standing in front of him , and there was a trace of resistance under the surprised expression.

    He nodded solemnly

    “No way, no way.” Ji Yi didn’t even think about it, so she refused.

    The top ten parents are all going to the conference room, so Zhao Shuyi must be there. Although she has no affection for the two elders of the Ji family, she can’t be so arrogant in school, right?

    A good student, dare not make any trouble, she raised her hands towards the front door of the teaching room, “Study God, stay in the teaching room well, I’m going to the conference room first.”

    Xu Yue snorted. , Leaning on the side of the corridor guardrail, touching the ground with one foot, lazily embraced by both hands, in a casual posture.

    When the girl walked slowly away, he lifted his eyes slightly, and the dark pupils seemed to be lit up with sporadic light.

    People who really love you will take the initiative to give you candy without waiting for you to cry.


    Zhao Shuyi sitting in the meeting room with a face full of spring breeze? Talking to several other parents about their children.

    Song Yanting’s mother is a noble-dressed woman who looks very shrewd.

    Mrs. Song had a relationship with Zhao Shuyi on several occasions, because the two parties had excellent children and had the means to talk about.

    “Yanting, this kid is really good, first in grade.”

    “Your heart is also great.”

    Hearing their compliments, Ji Xinfei couldn’t be happy at all.

    She always couldn’t help but look at the row that was vacant in the middle, and couldn’t imagine Zhao Shuyi seeing Ji Yi appear here for a while? What kind of mood would it be like.

    The director of teaching and guidance began to count the number of people, “The classmates in this position have not come yet, let me see which class it is.”

    Just as he was about to take out the ranking list, there were two short knocks on the door in the conference room.

    A girl with a simple single ponytail stood at the door, and her loose school uniform couldn’t conceal her long and tall figure. She was tall and thin, and she was a visually good student? Type.

    When she walked in, everyone inside could see her face, with delicate features embedded in her white face, especially those bright big eyes that were unforgettable.

    Seeing Ji Yi sitting in the second vacant seat, Zhao Shuyi was shocked.

    The director of teaching and guidance is very demanding on time. Fortunately, the mathematics teacher came out in time to explain to her, “I asked classmate Ji Yi to do me a favor just now, and it took some time for it to affect her, so I will explain it specially.”

    Upon hearing this, the director of teaching would automatically regard her as a good obedient student.

    In the conference room? Only Ji Yi was alone. The director asked, “Classmate Ji Yi, are your parents not there?”

    Zhao Shuyi, who was sitting next to Ji Xinfei, almost couldn’t help raising her hand to stand up.

    Ji Xinfei clasped her fingers tightly, and when she saw Zhao Shuyi raising her hand, she impulsively stopped her.

    Zhao Shuyi looked at Ji Xinfei suspiciously.

    Ji Xinfei bit her lip, her expression tense.

    After a short silence, only Ji Yi’s soft and peaceful voice sounded in the conference room, “Sorry teacher, they are not convenient.” The

    director nodded and entered the study topic formally.

    Students who have maintained excellent grades are naturally praised. Ji Yi, who jumped up, is also highlighted, “Ji Yi’s performance this time really exceeded the expectations of the teachers, but it was jointly certified by many teachers in our school. The students have a solid grasp of knowledge, and I hope that they will continue to work hard next time and get better results. “

    Parents have all gotten a top ten ranking list with the scores of each subject written on it.

    Mrs. Song found that Ji Yi’s English subject was partial, and had an average grade, but the total score was actually only five points lower than her son’s.

    She couldn’t help but cast a look at Ji Yi.

    The girl is young, but she has a good temperament, and she always smiles when she hears something about herself, not surprised.

    “Yanting, the girl named Ji Yi sitting next to us just now is also a classmate in your class?”

    Speaking of Ji Yi, Song Yanting’s expression changed slightly, “No.”

    Mrs. Song patted her son on the shoulder, “My side? I just saw her results, she will be your strongest opponent.” But

    Mrs. Song didn’t know at this time, Song Yanting had more than one strongest opponent.

    Parents and children walked out of the office in an orderly manner. Ji Yi came alone and returned alone.

    Zhao Shuyi chased up, “Xiao? Yi, wait for your mother.”

    “Ms. Zhao, your daughter is behind.”

    “You listened to your mother’s explanation, I didn’t expect you to do so well this time… Your heart is always in the top three. Name…”

    “So, right? For you, whether the child gets attention depends on the test score.”

    Zhao Shuyi deliberately turned her head to avoid someone passing by.

    Ji Yi’s movement fell into the trap, and he started to move forward.

    Zhao Shuyi was afraid of her leaving, and grabbed her hand anxiously.

    Ji Yi’s expression did not change, but she stubbornly flicked her away, “Don’t let people see it, your daughter is Ji Xinfei from Class I, not Ji Yi from Class 8.”

    Because of a parent meeting, she did well in the exam. The mood of achievement is disturbed.

    Walking towards the stairs, I saw a familiar figure leaning in the corridor.

    Ji Yi’s mood improved somehow.

    Jumping down the stairs in three steps in one step, I didn’t expect to overestimate my operating ability, and I fell on my arm.

    He lazily raised his arms, showing a gesture of embracing him again, “Tsk, Ji An’an, you like to hit my arms so much?”

    She didn’t know where the courage came from, and pulled his arm.

    It’s soft, it doesn’t hurt at all.

    Now that the estrangement with Ji’s family is getting deeper and deeper, she thinks of the part-time job to make money, and she is very envious of being at the same table, “I also don’t want to study morning and evening like you.”

    Xu Yue raised her eyebrows, ” Want to mess with me?

    ” No… if you spare time, you can do a part-time job or something.”


    “So is there any way to not go to morning and evening self-study like you?”

    “No way.”

    “Then when you are not in school? What to do?”

    “Make money.”

    “Big brother! I want to mix with you!” Her eyes were bright.

    The young lady’s fingers fell into his palm inadvertently.

    The corners of Xu Yue’s lips were slightly bent, and he pulled out a brand new English book from the drawer. “After translating it, I will take you to mix it with you.” The

    dark black textured cover highlights the quality and… profoundness of this book.

    Ji Yi held this thick book, his eyes turned up, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he smashed the book in his arms, “I don’t want to fight anymore, can I just sit back and enjoy it?”

    “As long as you want…” Young? The voice is getting lower.

    “What?” Ji Yi didn’t hear clearly.

    He inadvertently reversed the subject, “Is the money transferred to you last time used up?”

    Ji Yi shook his head, “Nothing.”

    Now she has three meals? Bring her own, walk to school every day, and never go anywhere on vacation. , Resolutely not spend a penny?

    Of course, she still insists on bringing Xu Yue a breakfast, which seems to have become a habit.

    Xu Yue nodded, as if he had expected it.

    “Your learning ability is very good. No surprises. You will earn more profits in the future. I am just investing in you. I suggest that you be flexible and make good use of that money.”

    He dealt with things this time. To be clear, but Ji Yi feels…makes sense.

    Just as borrowing money?

    Ji Yi never thought about why she used to try to please the big villain, why is she right? She is so good.

    In the next two monthly exams, Ji Yi remained firmly in the second place in the grade. The reason for not being able to go up was all in English.

    Probably because of the performance, Zhao Shuyi and Ji Guosheng “cared” a lot about her, and even doubled the cost of living and living expenses, but Ji Yi didn’t move any more money.

    At the end of the year, the dance teacher invited a photography team to shoot promotional videos and pictures for the training room, and specially selected some students with high body and high value to record the dance.

    In the past six months, Ji Yi’s appearance has changed like a squad, and now he is almost exactly the same as himself in his previous life.

    Ji Yi stood in front of the full-length mirror in the dance studio and patted her cheek, very satisfied with what she looked like now.

    The photographer walked with a camera in his hand? “Hello classmate, your name is Ji Yi, right?”

    “Hello, this is Ji Yi.”

    “That’s it, I wonder if you are interested in taking pictures? ……” The photographer handed her a business card and explained some relevant information to her.

    Ji Yi listened carefully.

    This photographer is called Zhao Yingfeng, and what he means is that she hopes that she can be a model for him and take some creative photos.

    Restoring such a good appearance naturally cannot be wasted. After confirming that they are a legitimate team, Ji Yi agreed to the photographer’s invitation.

    Ji Yi found their studio according to the location.

    Zhao Yingfeng, the photographer who left her business card, enthusiastically led her in, “You take a rest and sit as you please.”

    Ji Yi chose to sit down on the nearest sofa.

    At this time, a man with glasses passed by with a camera, and Zhao Yingfeng greeted him, “Lu Yi, I found a very photogenic model this time, absolutely? Let us innovate!”

    Lu Yi followed what he pointed out. Xiang looked over and saw the single ponytail girl sitting on the sofa.

    Dressed in ordinary, but very temperamental.

    Ji Yi raised his head when he heard the words, and ran into Lu Yi’s sight.

    The author has something to say:

    People who really love you will give you sugar before you cry.

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